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    Whore for Dick....which leads me to want to take cock anywhere and everywhere. Love when my hole has been used and loaded by as many men as possible. Sex in public places like clubs or parks is hot hot hot!
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  1. Definitely over 1000 between all the sex parties, dark rooms, parks, and back rooms where I’ve offered my ass up.
  2. Two weeks ago on the beach in San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. Followed up with a couple more loads at a park in Berkeley.
  3. My pig side is definitely returning despite the COVID-19 risk. After my escapades at the beach I’ve definitely been hungry for more. Sunday evening I texted one of my fuck buds to see if he was available. He’s what I call my preloader. He’s always desirous and willing to fuck my ass so I used to take advantage of him to preload my ass before going to communion or other sex parties. It was great to arrive already with a load up my ass. Sunday night I just wanted raw, dirty, anonymous sex. After I got my load from him I headed to cruise the park. With the virus I’ve defin
  4. Been hungering for loads after months of doing nothing so recently I decided that I’ve been a good COVID-19 quarantine boy for long enough! Took my first load last week from a regular that had aching balls and needed a long overdue release. His loads sparked my latent desire to go back to my whorish cumdump ways. With hot weather over the three day weekend, I headed to the gay beach in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate Bridge. I had prepped and cleaned my hole out ready for the action that happens at the end of the beach among the rocks and boulders. First up was a chubby bear
  5. Nice! Love being used in back rooms! Can I ask what bar this was in New York City?
  6. Next up was Hamburg where I checked out the back rooms of TOM’s Saloon. It was a Thursday night and the crowds seem to be dying down a bit, so I was thinking “damn, I should’ve came earlier “. I ordered a beer and started to walk around the place getting to where the dark rooms were in the back of the bar. I started walking down the narrow hallway which had cubbies on one side. Leaning against the wall was an older bear with a full beard and rounded stomach. I barely had time to make eye contact with him before he grabbed me and shoved me into the nearest cubby. He pushed me into the corner wh
  7. Took advantage of cheap airfare to bounce around Europe during the holiday season. Had a great time getting my ass used in lots of places but there seem to be a common theme! I was used hard! It’s always fun to be the new guy in town that everyone wants to use. While in Munich, I went out one night to camp. I had a lot of use and fun in the cubbies that make up a part of the bar and even got fucked and loaded in the bathroom. After my hole was loose and dripping, I had a couple that commandeered me in one of the cubbies. Both guys had a nice German sized dicks which means they were thick
  8. Thanks for asking. I really appreciate your thoughts on this. I know I would submit again if he wanted to slap me again. Reading the responses, I realize how much pleasure slapping can provide a top. I do find a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that I have pleased a top. I think I am learning that there can be pleasure in submission. Perhaps that’s what my Dom is interested in teaching me.
  9. I have an ongoing connection with a dominant black top who likes to be in complete control. Recently, during one of our hook ups, he slapped me hard repeatedly across the face. It got him super hard and very dominant and we ended up having some of the best sex that we’ve ever had. Later he told me that he was very pleased that I submitted so well to his slaps. Being slapped was a new experience for me and I have mixed feelings about it. I liked submitting to his physical control but the actual slaps were not a turn on for me. I’m curious to know about other guy‘s experiences and their though
  10. I was in New York City for pride last year. Had a great time and was thrilled to see Grace Jones perform! Had some nice use of my ass especially while hanging out at the Eagle but I did also attend one of the Cumunion events. I arrived a bit late due to other pride activities, so there was the feeling of arriving at a party when everyone’s already drunk and things are winding down. I could tell many of the men were feeling a bit spend. While walking through the dark room, I noticed this white guy getting his dick sucked by a slender black guy. I stopped to
  11. A friend and I had entered an underwear contest during the Folsom weekend and we got a free pass to Steamworks. We decided to use it for lights out on Monday night this week. We got there kind of early because I couldn’t stay out too late with it being a work night. Most of the evening was pretty mellow with not much action or much of a crowd. There was a very handsome black man with a trimmed beard and nicely defined chest who was sitting frequently on a bench in the back near the dark rooms. When I commented on his appearance to my friend (who’s a top), he stated “oh he’s
  12. Aquatic Park in Berkeley. Thanks for your interest! Surprisingly I haven’t been to Buena Vista yet… But it is on my to do list!
  13. Spent last evening with a friend of mine who’s turned into a fuck bud, then turned into an “I don’t know what” over the years. Lately we’ve started to explore a Dom sub relationship. After having a glass of wine, we headed into the bedroom. My friend told me to go down on his dick and as I shifted over on the bed to position myself to suck him, he slapped me hard several times across the face and told me to gag on his dick. Shocked with my face stinging, I followed his command deep throating his already hard dick. Those slaps must of brought out his dominant side as he fucked me t
  14. I love the feeling of being a whore and offering my ass up to anyone who will take it. So with the recent warm weather in the bay area I decided to cruise the park one night. The first one up was the skinny biracial guy who looked to be of Arab heritage. I’ve seen him over the years and we played before. Usually he only wants his dick sucked. Once time he fucked me but used a condom. I guess he’s progressed to bareback because this time he fucked me with no condom. He has a skinny narrow pencil-like dick which stays very hard. He fucked me like a rabbit and embraced me in a hug while he
  15. Received a text from a big dicked top friend of mine asking when I was available. He’s always a great fuck with that huge 10 inch dick of his that always stretches my whole hole open as he endeavors to go balls deep with his 10. It was another great session with him in charge; placing me into the positions that he wanted. He’s tender yet aggressive which I like! He tells me when to relax and breathe so I can take all 10. While fucking, he’ll cuff me on the side of the head, pull my hair, and shove my face into the pillow. After 45 minutes, he pumped hard and came deep in my hole. I
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