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    market harborough leicestershire
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    water sports bondage light exstreme cbt spanking caning bb with poz men no meds being raped and used and abused and kidnapped
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    am 50 bi not had much exspeariance with blokes so still got nice tight cute virgin bum I don't work health problems
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    kindness polite gsoh loving caring

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  1. espaceman

    Rape Fantasy Gone Wrong

    wish I could get raped but no 1 willing to lol
  2. hello  nice pictures   am just down road from you  in market harborough leic  like to  get kno you better if  that ok with you  


    1. got2getit


      Hi Vic, thanks for post. Always good to know the profile and pics are getting interest on here. Definitely up for getting to know you better. Hope hear back from you and see about getting to know more about you too. 

    2. espaceman


      glad u want  to get know  me  better   send  me private  message and  tell me  more bout your  self   as  am really  interested in you  hppe to hear from you soon  tc  vic x


  3. hello  wow thats a great  cock  i got a  nice tight virgin arse  i would love you ramming  ur cock  in me dry and braking  me in good and propper  if  your interester where in uk are you  ?

  4. hello  are you in the uk  / am neg with a tight virgin arse that need to be pozzed up with toxic seed you interested ?

  5. hello   I just down road from you  in market Harborough am  neg looking for  poz  guys  to  breed me  you interested let me  know 

  6. love ur profile and picture  I not had any exsperiance yet with bb guys  but I really want to  I do have a tight virgin arse thou  are you interested ? am in Leicestershire  let me know please

  7. hello trudat   I have a nice tight virgin  arse that really needs to be well and truly braking in  esp by a  a bloke that poz and not on meds  bb of cause I really want to be filled  with loads of poz cum   would u be interested and give me that gift  message me and let me know  thanks  hope to hear from youy soon

  8. I have a very tight virgin arse that needs braking in with 2 4 6 or more well hung black blokes neg or poz but must be b thou so who want to fuck me hard and shoot your toxic cum in me am in the uk send me pvt message if interested
  9. i love to be your  white slave and serve you  are you in the uk  ?

  10. hi am looking to have  a big load or more  poz cum filling up my  tight virgin  neg arse   am in  the uk

  11. I want to be poz  big time  am in the uk


  12. hello  nice cock pic  see ur in the uk  where in uk ?  am in uk as well

    1. badpenny72


      Hi there,just read your message.two and a half months after you sent it right enough but I haven't been on the site for ages so for me I'm responding almost straight after reading it :)

      You know 'nice cock' is about the 2nd best start to a message after the all time no.1 which is 'Hello' lol.

      I live in Scotland but I will say that I get about the UK a lot so.....



    2. espaceman


      hello  nice  cock  lol  thanks for replying you are quite far away form me I live in Leicestershire  so if u ever in the area  let me know and i see if i can meet you  that's if you want to of cause  my name is victor or vic for short xxx

  13. thanks for following  me  like your  pic

    1. evilqueerpig


      Glad to have you, m8!

  14. hello nice  cock pic love you to have bb with me

    1. rublthlad
    2. espaceman


      your very welcome  where in uk  are  you  ?  am in the uk


  15. hi   nice cock pic  I love to  be  your dbsm retrain  sub   where London are you 

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