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    Bareback Sub Masochist Btm. Cum always in my ass: no condoms, no pulling out, no fear, no regrets.
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    Triga DVD, a few pay-per-views for porn startups, various photo shoots in the past few years, but nothing major.
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    Looking for Dom Top/Vers guys for NSA fucks, anonymous sauna fucks, group fucks and more. Toned/athletic/slim guys preferred but not overly fussy, just be attitude-free.

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  1. I was 14 and he was 21. We met at the swimming pool where I was training - I was in the swim team back then. Hit on me in the showers and I responded hard. Took me to a group of trees near the pool and showed me how good being fucked could feel. Saw him quite a few times after that - we pretty much fucked every time we both happened to be at the pool.
  2. I met a guy in a cruise bar in London a few months back who couldn't take PrEP because of kidney problems. He'd got so many bad side effects. Felt really bad for him, because he didn't really want to be poz, but seemed resigned to it happening eventually. I felt doubly bad because I was starting to chase just then, and I get no side effects from PrEP at all, so I really felt like I would've swapped situations with him in a heartbeat if I could. Tried to console him that if he did get poz there were a lot more effective meds around than just Truvada, so hopefully at least one would be kinder to his kidneys than Truvada. His short- to mid-term solution was that he was only going to be top, as that reduced the risk, but like me he hated the idea of using condoms, and was hanging out for someone to breed him. Really felt for him.
  3. Who's Will Robinson?! And why's he in danger?! Sorry, appreciate what you're saying but I don't get the reference. In all seriousness, it's good to point this out, and I forget to qualify this every time I mention about the fibre-optic cable whip-flail - the fibre optics were inside the plastic sheathing rather than as bare needle-thin glass-like whips. Being hit with them was more like being hit with a blunt cane - or a set of five blunt, flexible canes - than being cut with glass. He had also carefully melted over the ends so there was no danger of any glass going flying. He showed me all this before I agreed. I certainly would not have agreed if the fibre optics had indeed been the bare needle-like threads my initial comment seemed. The broken rib, well, I'll be honest here that was my fault and my responsibility. We had both been drinking, and as such my hyperactive nature was elevated and my pain threshold was suppressed. I was egging him on basically, very much not in distress, playing to the crowd I guess, and the Dom was, in hindsight, less experienced than me. And I knew this, and thus should've tempered my responses. We both learned at least one lesson that night which was - don't drink and kink! Thank you for saying these things, and thanks for not judging too. We can all go too far but so long as we learn, then such experiences are ultimately positive.
  4. I am often free during the day yeah. Where are you based? MasochistJack on Recon if you're on there...
  5. I love being tied up, suspended or occasionally crucified and taking a good hard beating, especially across the chest, abs, ass and legs. Single tail whiplashes are always agonisingly brilliant, but I prefer flails or a cane. I've also been whipped by a home-made flail made of fibre-optic cables, and a good belt-lashing is always welcome too. One of my major recent achievements was taking such a hard beating from a Dom in public that he cracked one of my ribs.
  6. Hi, enjoyed some of your poz chasing stories :) - hot profile pic but was looking for more pics of you? :) - I've posted some in the gallery and have one 'seed em and breed em' album so far. More to come :) - never got too much into the whole 'bug chasing' scene, but learning more about it, the 'psychology' involved. I just enjoy raw bareback and breeding, just natural, primal - regardless of status, but still exploring this area. I find any hot bottom hungry for a nice cock and big load, enough for me. Looking forward .......

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    1. barejackbro3


      Hey, thanks. Glad you liked and I hope to post more! Hot pic, I will have to post some more too ;)

  7. Thanks, man. Fingers crossed ;) 

  8. When I'm being fucked, particularly in a sauna or cruise bar, I don't like it when either the top or some other guy reaches round to grab my cock. That's not where the action is. So I very often wear a jock to signal that my ass should be your focus, as well as your cock's pleasure and to hell with my cock. But it doesn't always work, and guys still reach into my jock sometimes to cop a feel. My cock goes flaccid when I being fucked anyway - I'm proud of that, feels like the sign of a true bottom bitch fag! - so they soon get the message, but when I'm concentrating on taking the cock in my ass and maximising his pleasure from it, it's distracting. I've experimented with both a cock cage and a proper chastity device. Both feel very satisfying to wear, like it's totally the right thing for me, but the problem is I have quite a large perineum muscle, so it's hard to get a big enough cock ring that will sit fairly comfortably so I can wear this thing for days and weeks at a time. The most I've managed is a few hours, or overnight once, but it gets so painful round my perineum when the ring starts to bite - and I've bought the biggest ring you can get for these too - that I have to stop. If anyone has any good experience in this area, I'd love to get advice here, because I'd love to go to saunas and cruise bars with my cock locked up. I just need to solve this problem. Or is it just that I have to get used to this discomfort and pain, that it will go away eventually, and simply need to accept it as part of my ongoing bitch fag existence...?
  9. (Because the 'Your Last Load' section is moderated, my other post - the prequel to this one - might not appear there just yet!)
  10. So I was at Vault 139 in London Last Thursday and Friday trying to get as many loads in my ass as I could. I posted much of the story in the 'Last Load' section, but there was one guy who deserves a post all of his own. One wonderful Alpha Dom guy who was so true, so natural, so brilliant at making submissive guys like me submit completely that he deserves his own post. And the load went down my throat not my ass, but it doesn’t matter, because it was pure Dom Alpha Man Seed to me. A fucking sacrament to a sub bitch like me. He was fit, lean, muscular, in a vest top and by the way he grabbed the back of my neck as I walked past, nicely dominant. I kneeled, as a good sub bitchboy should before an Alhpa Dom like this, and he pulled his cock out and slapped it against my face. Now I was going to get a great skullfucking. Instead thought, he clenched his fist in front of my face and pressed it against my cheek. I knew what to do, and began kissing his fist, licking his dominant Alpha knuckles and wondered if he was going to punch me. I’m good with that. He opened his hand like some kind of blessing, lifted it up and spat into the palm of his hand. I licked it up eagerly, before licking his hand all over like a dog. He slipped his fingers into my mouth and started exploring – under my tongue, into my cheeks, pushing his fingers down the back of my throat to test my gag reflex – I opened wide and gave him every part of me that he wanted. A beautiful moment of submission. He pulled out, clenched his fist again and I began to worship that manly Alpha fist with my mouth, my tongue and my fucking soul. I slipped my hands under his vest top and raised them up to feel his abs, and work his nipples with my fingers. In a perfect pose of pure worshipful submission, him standing with his fist in my mouth now, looking strong, manly, upright – and me, kneeling, licking, worshipping, with my arms up in an almost religious posture. Kneeling before my new god. Well he began now to skullfuck me, with one hand on the back of my head and the other with fingers in my mouth as he fucked. I began to taste precum but there was no space, no room for my usually trick of looking up and offering my ass. This alpha god will take whatever he wants and I trust him. After a few minutes of skullfucking, he pulled out and started jacking off. ‘Lick my fist’ he said at this point, the only words he said to me during the entire encounter. I licked his fist hard, the fist he was using to jack off with, licking his knuckles like my life depended on it, his other hand still on the back of my head, directing me. I was ready, and when he started to cum, he slammed my head back onto his cock to take a full throatful of his alpha cum. It tasted like fucking ambrosia from the gods, I am not kidding. I was so deep into a subspace feeling by this point – and all really just from his demeanour – he had to do so very little to make me submit completely, a mark of a true confident and brilliant Alpha – and this subspace meant his cum wasn’t just cum, but fucking nectar! I heard his moans of pleasure, and felt so happy I had given him this feeling. I worked his cock slowly, keeping it in my mouth, making sure I received every drop of his seed, trying to prolong his pleasure with my work for as long as I could. He eventually pulled out of my mouth, and slapped his wet cock around my face, marking me with his scent. I was in a kind of ecstasy by this point, and he just rested a while with his hands on my shoulders, looking down at me with a smile on his face like a man looking approvingly at a boy who’d done a good job, his cock hanging by my cheek. No words needed. He ran his hands up from my shoulder to my neck and played with my throat. At this, I brought my hands up to hold his, to press them against my throat, and he took my invitation, choking me gently for a little while, lightly squeezing and controlling my airflow. Then he bent down with his hands around my throat and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into me. And the spell was broken. He released my neck, smiled down at me like some blessing god one more time, and then moved to walk away. ‘Thank you sir’ I said quietly, and he quickly slid his fingers into my mouth one last time as he passed, bring my head backwards as he walked around me. I watched him leave, being sure not to get up off my knees while I could still see him. He disappeared, leaving me feeling so grateful for the encounter. Normally I will feel horny and brilliant about feeling used or abused by a Dom but this was nothing like that. With hardly any words, with just his hands, his fist, his smile, his stance, his cock and his whole being, he left me feeling blessed. What a Man! What a true Alpha Dom Man to find a god-worshipping space within me like that.
  11. I was in London last weekend and I decided to go to Vault 139, a cruise bar where I always have a good time. I went two nights in a row, I’d put ads up on BBRT, Squirt and here to let people know I’d be there and I hoped to see a lot of action. I ended up getting fucked by around 40 or 50 guys across the two days, which is a pretty big achievement even for me. I also planned something fun – I brought a marker with me to keep a load tally on my chest. I thought chest would be better than ass, then everyone can see I’m broadcasting what a proud slut I am. Thursday. I turned up at about 5.30pm, which is always a good time to catch the evening crowd starting up but also the afternoon crowd as well as the guys who are just popping in on their way home from work. Thursday nights are stripped nights, but I was a couple of hours early for that. I decided to get naked anyway, as I love CMNM situations, being surrounded by clothed guys while I am stark bollock naked. My first port of call was one of the dark corners at the back that is always good for immediate, anonymous bareback. I get nervy when I turn up at a place like this, so I always look for a raw cock in my ass within the first 10 minutes or so, because that totally chills me out, and flips me into a happy, horny state of mind. I tucked my marker into my trainer, and went hunting. The dark corner turned out to be fucking productive! It was filled with clothed guys and me walking in naked, openly lubing my ass up in front of everyone, let them know I was available. I had a guy inside me within a minute, surrounded by others who felt me up, held me or supported me while the first guy fucked me. It wasn’t long before I felt him shoot his load in my ass – I thought this was the time to shout ‘oh yeah cum in me, fucking cum in my ass’ to broadcast, as if guys didn’t already know, exactly what I was after. Really hit the point home! Guy #1 slipped out, in cums guy #2, more fucking and… well after 20 minutes in that dark corner I had 5 loads in my ass and a sixth guy enjoying the sloppy hole they had all created. I was kinda stunned. Usually you can get two or three loads at Vault like this from the afternoon crowd, but five?! Awesome. If I’d been a bit doubting about using the marker, I totally wasn’t now. Guy #6 pulled out, said he hadn’t cum cos he was staying for the night, but I got him to mark up the 5 loads on my chest for me. I was in for a hot night, and definitely wanted to get into double figures. It slowed down a bit as the afternoon and work crowds thinned out and more people got naked, so I got a drink. I only stayed for three hours, as I had to meet a friend at 10pm, but as the naked crowd filled up – Thursday nights are jammed at Vault – I was getting fucked left, right and centre… Someone on squirt got in contact and said he was Guy #1, said he stayed afterwards and saw me getting fucked by countless guys… to be honest it was all a blur… But I only marked my chest – or got the guy to do it, if there was time between being passed around – with loads that I was sure I got, that I felt shooting in me or the guy made it obvious that he was loading me up. Marker total by 9pm – 10 loads… there may have been more, but I was being strict with the numbers! Friday. I thought, wow after Thursday, Friday would be truly wild, as I’ve never had a tame Friday night at Vault. One time in November I got talking to an Alpha Dom, who ended up belt-whipping me in the bar area for half an hour before turning me over to the watching crowd who gang fucked me while he continued to hit me. I walked out covered in scars that night. I arrived wearing a jock under my jeans, and got shirtless… Friday nights aren’t naked, but it’s definitely better to be more undressed than anyone else. As it happened, the weather was terrible, so the Friday crowd wasn’t that big, but still up for it. Again I had the marker, and walked to the dark corner to get my first load and chill out my nerviness. You shouldn’t have high expectations, but it’s hard not to after a night of being loaded 5 times in 20 minutes, but I still got a couple of loads in me there. The first guy was this smily blondish top (I saw him properly in the bar area afterwards as he was leaving) who was obviously just in on his way home from work and just needed to load someone and leave. A nice good hard fuck to start the night, and when I turned around and told him to mark me, he didn’t understand and instead put a big cross across my chest! Fine, I added his mark properly anyway, and told him the first load of the night is always the best. Another guy in the dark corner loaded me right after and while I offered my ass around to a few other guys, there were no takers, so I went and got a drink. I stayed late this time but the smaller crowd meant less loads – I can be a total cum junkie sometimes, and I realise not all tops want this from a bottom, so I was just giving my ass away to anyone in the hope that the cum would eventually flow…. into me One very hot clothed guy fucked me about three times. The last time I got naked for him in a public area as it turns me on to be naked and on my back while the only thing he’s exposing is his bare cock. Shame in a way, as I’d have loved to see him naked, but he’s the top, it’s his choice completely. My role is to give as much of myself away as I can. A nice gang fuck with a few guys in by the barrels in a public area went well, the last guy was a hot bearded guy, short and mid-50s maybe but fucked like a dream. We started on my back but pretty quickly he spun me round cos he wanted to get in me deep, and wow, he tripped every orgasm thrill in me, blew the top of my head off with his fast fucking that somehow managed not to feel like a pounding. His cock seemed to fit inside me perfectly, like every contour matched. And when he shot his load inside me, I felt the pumping of his cock as the load went deep into me. I howled like some bitch in heat. He was Guy #5. After a few hours and still with only five loads in my ass, I decided to resort to the glory holes to speed this night up. Now there had been this hot chavvy guy dressed in a white tracksuit. I was really into him but he didn’t really pay anyone any attention. I walked into the glory hole and looked through, and it was him. I put my fingers through the hole, opened my mouth and he slipped his cock deep into my mouth and throat. Now sometimes I can take a good skull fucking, but it’s definitely easier if his hands are pressed behind my head and my face isn’t pressed into some sharp-edged glory hole. But I did my best like a trooper. Now a good trick here is to take the skull fuck until you taste precum, then look up at a guy and ask, almost begging, do you want to fuck me? Almost always works. And despite the anonymity, and not seeing his eyes obviously, it worked here too. But not quite the way I wanted. I spun round, pressed my cum-filled and re-lubed ass against the hole and I felt his fingers go inside me. Awesome, a good prelude. He stopped for a moment, then I thought he slipped more fingers inside me and I thought wow, not often I let someone put more than two in… I think he’s got four in there, maybe he’s gonna fist me? I’ve been curious about FF recently so I thought okay, go ahead, but again he stopped. Then he seemed to put his four fingers back in, but when I reached round it was his cock… hang on, why didn’t I feel that? I reached round again to confirm my suspicions and yes, felt the condom. What the fuck?! I tried to pull the condom off a little bit but he just pulled away. Take the condom off, I called through the hole, but when I turned around, he just slipped his rubbered cock in me again. No. I am not doing this. Pulled myself away, and without another word left the glory hole and him unsatisfied. Not my ass, boy. No rubbers in there. I went back to the clothed guy who’d fucked me three times already and he commented very appropriately ‘Oh, how boring!’ He turned me round to fuck me properly as neither of us wanted to think that the last cock inside me had not been bareback. Such a shame about the chavvy guy, but indeed… how boring! Well I managed to get two more loads in my ass that night… for a total of seven that I definitely knew of. As well as several loads down my throat that I was tempted to mark on my chest, but thought better to keep it strict. One Dom Alpha guy bears mentioning, towards the end of the night, but it’s a beautiful story of its own so I’ll put it in a new thread in the Cocksucking section. Also the last load in my ass that night was really special, but you’ll have to go to the Backroom to read about that
  12. You didn't consent, and they didn't give you any space to negotiate so it does sound like rape to me. I've been in the same situation on a number of occasions and considered myself to have fallen into a Non-Consensual Non-Rape space, which works if you are submissive. I've also been raped too, but that was a whole other space for me. If you're not traumatized by it, that's great, maybe you want to consider this experience in terms of that non-consensual non-rape space. You say at one point you relented. I connect with that. Maybe it might be worth re-thinking that as 'submitted' if you are of that mindset. I don;t mean to manipulate or change your thoughts of the experience, but to give you different creative options as to how you'd remember it for the future. As I say, if you're not traumatized by it, then you have the freedom to re-interpret it any way you wish, including to decide, after the fact, that yes, it was rape after all. You're right to call them out though - I've had non-consensual non-rape experiences where afterwards I thought 'well I'm glad they did that to me and not some poor innocent kid who'd be broken and in floods of tears right now' - and who knows who else, much less worldly than you they might be doing that to. For me, these occasional experiences I accept as part of being a slutty submissive bottom. Not that I take it as my fault, but that some people are too stupid, or too selfish, to see the difference between dominance/submission/voluntary power exchange and just taking something. Explore lots of thoughts, including the idea that they were just two dumb idiots!
  13. I always say thank you for the load. If I've just turned up to offer my ass or my mouth so he can get off, I always text back to say thanks, and my favourite response is when he just says 'youre welcome'. I love that!
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