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    Cock sucking
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    Typical buttoned up, shy IT guy most of the time.
    Cock loving whore in the bedroom/kitchen/public toilet/forest
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    I've been told/threatened that videos have been posted online to expose me.
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    Dominant men.

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  1. My first proper drink out piss was a cam session on the old Recon video chat with a regular Dom, he made me fill a pint glass on cam then. He made me worship the glass with my tongue. He told me all I existed for was for men to use and that to be a toilet was all I was good good for on cam. Made me do fucking horny. He then made me join the watersport group chat and tell everyone what a whore I was and take my first drink piss. It took about two weeks before I finally gave in to my desires and met another Dom for a piss date. On my knees fully clothed I managed one mouthful straight from the cock before I chocked it up over myself. After the session he sent me home in my still piss soaked clothes.
  2. Yea, I'm all about the end game. Whatever the size I'm fag he's the man with the cock I'll want it inside me. I want his load.
  3. 'Gag', 'bitch', 'whore' or good old fashioned 'cocksucker' are all good. But, based on recent experiences, being completely ignored other than having their beautiful cock forced down my throat is the best.

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