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  1. Body Modifications

    being a eunuch for 8 years, I can say castration was the right choice for me
  2. Visiting - Midtown

    Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. Do you think they are ready for an older eunuch who is looking to be a slut?
  3. Visiting - Midtown

    Looking for some kinky fun. Would like to bring home a souvenir of my playtime. Near Times Square 3/1 - 3/4
  4. IML 2018 Who's going

    I haven't been to IML in many years. I am now more interested in bringing home souvenirs , like syphilis or gono than I was 15 years ago. Should I make another trip?
  5. I log on - different computers. All I can see are recent posts - everything prior in stories to forums is blank.
  6. can't see old posts

    Finally discovered the issue. For whatever reason, this site does not work right with Safari. I tried Crome and it is fine.
  7. I could be in Toronto next week
  8. Thanks for the rep!

  9. Anyone have experience with hypnotism?

    Therapists have told me that hypnosis can not make you do anything you don't want to do.
  10. Biting cheeks before sucking cock

    Sounds like a good way to be receptive to bugs. Isn't that where are interests are?
  11. I would treat it before very long. It is curable, but would give me more confidence to pursue more STDs
  12. I would be happy to travel and bring home a case of syph
  13. I hooked up with a guy I used to play with many years ago. He wanted me to suck him off while his boyfriend fucked me. It was my first BB load in my hole in at least 10 years. As I was cleaning up after, the boyfriend asked me if I was trying to keep his load in me. We had no discussion about HIV status, but I am wondering if he is poz. It seemed like a strange question - or maybe I am being too hopeful.
  14. thanks for following me

  15. Have had crabs several times - many years ago. Would like them again, as well as syphilis for the first time
  16. thanks for following me

  17. Why Do Republicans Hate Gay People?

    I am a recovering Republican. Both parties have problems but the right wingers are the ones who say I am second class because I am gay.
  18. Castration question

    I was surgically castrated 7 years ago. The burdizzo is "iffy" - meant for livestock - the chords are more brittle than a human. I had a top try it a couple of times. It was like a kick in the balls and some bruising after, but did not destroy my nuts.
  19. I am looking to get syphilis.  Where are you?

  20. Do You Have Any Gay Relatives?

    gay cousin. Dead from AIDS
  21. What Was Your First Std ?

    That is so great. I am still looking for syphillis.
  22. How does one get or give reputation to another member?
  23. Eunuch or Nullo?

    As a castrated man, I still have a sex drive. I use testosterone replacement. I don't cum as often but when I do it is more intense. I have found that most guys don't care - they fuck me or I suck them.
  24. Raw Vikings - Barebackers From The Nordic Countries

    My father was born in Finland and I have many distant cousins who want me to visit. Would enjoy meeting some new friends
  25. I like your experience and that you have a potential source for STD donor.   I keep looking and will succeed in getting syph, etc.

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