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    Lost my virginity to my best friends mom on my 18th birthday.
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    Looking for anyone interested in talking to a bisexual guy.

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  1. I eat my cum when I eat out my girlfriend’s pussy after I fuck her. I also eat my own cum when I kiss her with a mouthful of my cum after she gives me blowjobs.
  2. Given. I sucked his cock as he secretly watched my mom and sister sunbathing.
  3. I work in retail. Not very glamorous,but I’m considered essential during COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Licking and sucking at it finest. Talking about you package. Delicious.

  5. I don’t know. I do know I felt some nausea the first time I swallowed. Not sure if it was physical or mental.
  6. I’ve tried to deepthroat my friend a few times but I can’t,but I’m not giving up. Practice makes perfect.
  7. What can I say except  your new pictures of you perfect cock are beautiful. I would suck your cock 24 hours a day, So good.

  8. I have looked at all the different cocks that are shown on this site. You have the most perfect and most beautiful, right sized cock of all of them.

  9. Yes, start thinking about married guys. I have 6 married guys that are regulars. I suck them every week and sometime twice a week. I have discovered that most of them are BI curious but they all act straight. I have sucked them, and fucked them. And after a while some of them have ate my cum. But no one else but you and him will ever know that he is being serviced by you. They are very tight lipped. You must remember to not notice them when you see one anywhere in town. Act like you don't recognize them or know them.

  10. Lost my virginity to my best friend’s mom. I had just turned 18 the day before Valentines day and she took it the next day. She initiated it.
  11. I have to say girth. My friend’s cock is thick enough to enjoy but not so thick my jaws hurt while sucking him.
  12. To me your Pictures show a perfect mouth full.

  13. I want to try it with the guy I’m with but I don’t know how to bring it up. I was thinking the next time I’m blowing him in the shower tell him he can pee on me. Maybe try it in the shower a few times to get used to it then try it without the shower on.
  14. I agree. For me his was salty and thick. From me the consistency was a problem not the taste.

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