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  1. William here from Cali. From big o’ gay LB. love piggy sex parties. Got a huge kink for rape fantasies, feet/boots/sneakers worship. Married but open. Love to chat with like minded [banned word] man on here. Love out door fun. Under-stall action gets me moaning. WS/piss stank/man pit stink/dirty well worn jock, leather, metal chains all gets me in a submissive mode. let’s all get piggy! If anyone know where is the best place for public fun here in SoCal, I am all ears.
  2. Mmmm agreed that as naked as possible is hot. But when doing under stall action, I like seeing the various state of undress. Shirt pulled over head, jeans and jock around the ankles, a dress shirt wide open ties pulled around, boots on. Mmmmm like them all
  3. That is a damn hot experience. I bet the cum tasted good from the condoms.
  4. but you are so damn hot, guys should be lining out at the door for you. woof.
  5. I got hit on by a hot daddy in his early 40s. I drove up to a parking lot where his rig was parked. Met him in there. I remembered that he was absolutely the rough trucker type that I was looking for. The only downside was that he smelled like he just showered. I got down to business right away by servicing his big white cock. it was all hot and heavy till another dude showed up. The new guy got territorial as fuck with the Hot Daddy Trucker. So, I took my leave. Jerked off in the car then drove home.
  6. Mmmm got me hard AF! Keep going!
  7. Anyone ever found any porn with the sub getting anally wrecked by a dom’s booted feet? I enjoy watching fisting, and foot fisting. But I always fantasized about taking a winged tip boot or a cow boy boot up my ass. Want to see if anyone else have done it or have seen porn with this.
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