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  1. Hooked up with 3 guys. First thing they did was piss all over me. Spit on me and down my throat, and face fuck me until i was gagging. Spent a couple hours fucking both my holes and pushing on and in me. 3 loads in my ass, plugged with piss, i walked a mile home shirtless. It was fucking hot!
  2. I usually call it home or pussy. Cunt just sounds lazy to me
  3. The guy i lost my v card to started fingering me after i had been sucking him a while. He open enough to eventually fuck me. I fell in love with it that first time.
  4. I actually got my first chance a few days ago. Hooked up with a trucker daddy. Met him at a rest stop about 45 minutes away. It was hot. I wouldn't mind doing it again.
  5. That's the kind of fuck i love.
  6. Just got loaded up by a hung black guy. At least 9in and thick. Met him at his place. Walked in, stripped, and got to sucking. He never got naked, fucked me with his clothes on. I swear it was dripping down my leg.
  7. I was the bottom, guy used piss and spit. I guess basic, but a start to the thread.
  8. I'll absorb unless the guy wants me to push it out.
  9. Right now, I'm averaging about 2 or 3 times a day
  10. I don't really care either way, I'm naturally smooth most everywhere. I do shave my pubes tho
  11. As long a the top changes things up and dosent just have me on my back the whole time. I'm ok with it
  12. Went to a usual hook up. Got tired to the bed. Then he goes. I have a surprise... opens the door and 3 more guys walk in and start working me over. It was one of the hottest experiences I've had.
  13. One guy i hooked up with kept saying things like, " i might just lock you in a closet and keep you. " " I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll be bruised for a week. " "I'll throat fuck you until you pass out. "
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