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  1. Part 3 After all the teasing Chris felt like he was in heaven, finally being able to stick his dick in the boy ontop him. Mere minutes ago he tried to talk his way out of Miles hole, now he couldn´t think of a better feeling in the world. After all this was his first time getting laid where he didn´t wear a condom since he became poz. No, finally just skin-to-skin fucking and from the looks of it the boy who was impaled on his poz dick was in paradise as well. Moaning filled the room until Chris was fully hilted inside the hungry hole with his 8 inches. "You are fucking tight..." Chris said as they seperated their tounges. It wasn´t something he just usually says to make the bottom feel good, it really was true. Miles hole hugged his cock like it was meant to be there and without the annoying rubber it felt like it was surrounded by velvet. Miles blushed a little at that comment, although it wasn´t the first time he heared a guy say that to him, it made him aware of what he was doing, which in turn only made the situation that much more meaningful. He was here to collect his first big poz load and he was intend on enjoying the process. Miles still hadn´t move, he was still completly saddled on the tops poz dick, which without a doubt was leaking plenty of toxic pre cum in his already lubbed up ass. "Such a big dick in my tight ass, I bet you like it, don`t you? I mean you already helped me to make it all slippery." Miles smiled at the handcuffed guy. He began to slowly raise up until only the very end of the toxic prick was still inside his ass, just to decent on the pole just as slowly, savoring every moment, and droplet pre, he could. "God it feels good to finally have a big poisenouse cock in me. What do you say, cutie, feeling alright? I hope i didn´t tease you too much and you won´t cum early in my tight ass, after all, I want a big load from you." Chris couldn´t really think anymore, it was just all way too much. A hot guy riding him, while being cuffed to the bed, without a condom in sight and being activly asked to cum as much as possible just left his mind blank and made him do what he really wanted to do all this time, thrusting his hip upwards, meeting the demanding boy. Miles once again graped behind his back and began playing with Chris balls again. "Man I bet these must be boiling with poz cum. And we both know a good load musn´t go to waste. Do you know where we can store that load safely. Somewhere where not a drop would go to waste?" he teased. Dirty talk always got to Chris in a good way, but this somehow hit diffrent. He really didn´t have a say in where he would cum, but still he responded with an almost inaudible "inside". Miles beamed from ear to ear and asked "What did you say?" After not getting an answer for a few seconds stopped dead in his tracks with the head of the cock barely still inside him, threatening to fall out. Chris almost whimpered and was in no condition to think and just said, this time louder "Inside". The boy riding him cound´t let that pass and responded "But I thought you are poz. You said you have a really high viral load and it´s dangerouse. You are a dangeouse guy, aren´t you?" "Yes" Chris said, maddned that the fuck stopped. "And you still want to fuck your load in my tight hole? That could have real consequences, you know? Maybe I shouldn´t let you do that, I mean I could just blow you until you cum, how about that cutie?" Miles teased, already knowing what Chris really wants, but he wanted him to admit it, to really want it so he would later have no doubt about what really got him going on this fatefull night for them both. Chris panicked at that suggestion, surprising himself with his reaction. "No!" he practically cried out. The feeling, the risk and above all the thrill was just to good to make it end in a blowjob. "I-I mean you wanted me to cum inside you all this time, right?" he asked. Miles began to lower himself again, ever so slowly, and said "Yeah, but you were kind of against the idea in the beginning, so if you don´t want to, we can settle for a quick blowjob and be done with it..." With that Chris thrusted up as far as he could into the velvet hole and finally said "I want to... please let me cum inside you?" With that statement Miles increased his speed and finally began to really ride the guy beneath him and continued "Yeah, you wanna shoot your poz load in my neg ass?" to which Chris only nodded. "You wanna dump that toxic load in me, breed my hole nice and deep?" Chris nodded again and moaned a soft "Yes". Miles was now really going at it and rode that cock with enthusiasm, knowing that both of them were now working to the same goal, breeding his ass. But he also recognized that all the teasing and talking had Chris faster on the edge than he hoped, so he slowed down his pace, much to Chris relieve, because he wanted this to last just as Miles. "I hope you are up for round two after this, I wanna make sure your gift really takes a hold in me" the bottom said to which Chris answered with a strong "Yes". After a couple of minutes both of them began to pick up speed again, ready to head to the much wanted finish line. Miles was here to collect, but that didn´t mean he couldn´t enjoy himself, and so he began to make out with the trapped guy again, their breathing increasing with every second that passed, this time with no intention of slowing down. Both boys met each others thrust, both moaned, knowing what was coming and where it was going. Chris swam in pleasure, knwoing what was about to happen, and steadily increased his thrusts, until he pulled away from the hungry boys mouth and said "I´m-I`m gonna cum!" which was quickly answered by a fast "Do it! Breed me, fuck my neg ass and give me that toxic load". It all was just to much for Chris and with a final thrust into the 20 year old he came, shooting his poisenoise load like a firehose in the velvet ass he became so addicted to.
  2. Hey, I just wanted to ask if stories with a heavy alcohol intake in combination with poz contwntt are meant to be put in the chem forum or the default poz bareback forum
  3. Negative, once this pandemic is over I intend to change that
  4. Part 2 This whole situation evolved into something Chris had never thought about. He was down with being on his back and tied to the bed, it wasn´t even the first time he fucked like that. Being the more submissive partner wasn´t something he was used to, but he´d never complain about a little spice in bed. This here though was something else. A attractive young guy fingering himself, starring into his eyes, while using is precum as lube for hole. This was so wrong and danferouse, but somehow extremly exciting for him. He shouldn´t be turned on by this, yet he was. It was terring him apart, knowing this was something he should prevent at all costs, while at the same time wanting to go through with Miles plan of potentially infecting himself with HIV. Not that he had any say in it really, being tied down, at the mercy of that stud who was straddiling him. "You look cute when you are thinking, did you know that?" Miles said, while collecting another drop of pre on his finger. He pressed his finger in his hole once again, moaning lowly while doing so. "Man, you are leaking so much I could do this all day long. But I think we both want to take this to the next step don´t we?" he said, finger knuckle deep in himself. He pulled out and sat down on Chris´s lap again, hand behind his back and slowly stroking the tops balls. "Just imagine how that big cock of yours would feel in my ass. Wet with my spit and your pre, we wouldn´t even need lube now, you know." He grapped his balls a bit more forcefully, making Chris gasp. "You know, I´ve heared not using condoms increases the sensation for the top, you know, skin-to-skin and nothing in-between. You can´t tell me you haven´t thought about it." And they both knew he was right about that. Almost mad with lust the tied down stud gave him a short nod, not knowing what else to do. He hadn´t shot inside another guy in so long, the idea by itself was so tempting. "I haven´t done that in a while" Chris panted. Miles had him exactly where he wanted him to be. Unable to move, conflicted about the idea, but ever so slightly giving in. But he didn´t want to do the first step, it just wasn´t fun to do that. No, he wanted Chris to initiate. He could just take his dick, ride him until he cums inside him and be done with it, but where is the fun in that? Still with his hand on his nuts he spoke again "They are so big and heavy, I bet you have a big load in there for me, don´t you stud? I´d love to feel it all inside my hole, I wouldn´t let it leak out. Maybe you even have more than one load in there." He lowered himself down a bit more, just enough so that the head of Chris cock felt the heat of his hole. "Fuck..." the guy beneath Chris murmured. Lightly stroking the abs of the top, the tied down guy began to realize that Miles would eventually get from him what he wanted. "I wanna fuck you but..." he began, only to lose his train of thought immediately. "But what?" the bottom asked slowly. Chris didn´t answer. Miles leaned forward, almost in kissing distance of Chris, who was trying to connect their lips but failed due to to the handcuffs. "Maybe we can meet each other half way?" he said seductively. The stud beneath him only nodded slowly. Miles began to lower himself further while grabbing Chris dick and lining it up with his inviting hole. Chris pushed up a little, coming into contact with that desired hole for the first time. Both starring into each others eyes when the cock met the holes resistence, but neither stopping in their motion, both intended to finally fuck. Miles hole gave way to Chris dick and Chris entered him, both moaning simultaneously.
  5. Finding guys to fuck on Grindr wasn´t difficult for Miles. He was only 20, slim, with a few muscles here and there and generally attractive. On the outside he was a nice young man, always smiling and being friendly to others. But on the inside he had a secret desire that nobody knew about... It was a hook up like any other for Chris. Small talk on Grindr, exchanging pictures and then meeting up to fuck. And he got lucky this time with a cute twinkish kid who almost looked too innocent to fuck. Though being rather muscular and big in stature he did have some trouble finding partners because of his poz status. Medication was not an option for him personally and condoms were a big nuisance for. Still he used them because most guys insist on using them and he didn´t want to spread what he had. They were in a heavy make out session, Miles on top of Chris, both only in boxers, shirts and pants long abandond. The 20 year old had planed for this day a long time and so far everything was going according to plan. While french kissing he moved his hand down over his abs bit-by-bit, ever slowly rubbing his ass over the big bulge beneath him, causing Chris to moan into the kiss and grabing his tight ass harder. Teasing guys always came easy for the twink. After a few minutes he brought both of his hands up and grabed the tops wrists and within seconds restraint him to the bed in with his handcuffs, which were conveniently placed under the pillow. "Hey, what ar-" Chris tried to protest, but was almost immediately silenced by another kiss. Miles had a plan every intention on going through with it. This was not something Chris agreed to, but he had to admit that he liked the aggressive bottom. He soon calmed down and Miles pulled back. "Hope you don´t mind, I thought maybe it would add a certain thrill to it" the kid said. Before he could answer the twink began to crawl lower, kissing and licking on his way to the already leaking bulge in the tops boxers. For Chris it felt like hours until the twink finally got to his dick. The piece of cloth hiding his poz stick got pulled down and it sprang free, almost hitting Miles in the face. With no time to lose he began to decent down the tops dick, sucking and slurping as best as he could while Chris was just a moaning mess. He wasn´t used to be restraint, being unable to do anything, completely exposed. Like a river the pre cum flowed into the willing and eager mouth of the bottom. With the top handcuffed and at his mercy, Miles sucked that big dick infron of him like there was no tomorrow but he had to be carefully not to bring the top too close to the edge, or worse, over it. He knew that Chris wouldn´t last long if he would keep this up, so after a short period of time he looked up, straight into the eyes of the man bound to his bed, and pulled hos own boxers down. The look in Miles eyes was one of hunger as he crawled up and began kissing Chris again. "We need a condom cutie..." Chris panted, pulling back from the hungry bottom. "Why´s that, raw feels way better, doesn´t it?" the kid said with an evil grin. He knew about his status, afterall this was the whole reason why he even did all this. "I´m poz dude, we really shouldn´t be doing it raw!" Chris said, however his eyes betrayed his true desire. "What was your viral load again...?" the bottom asked while shifting a bit lower and grabbing the poz dick again. The handcuffed man had trouble thinking clearly. Being restraint, dominated and the opportunity to fuck a cute twink raw made him almost dizzy. "600000, that´s really toxic. It´s extremly dangerouse!" he tried to explain. "Extremly dangerouse you say? So I shouldn´t be doing this...?" Miles said while collecting a large amount of toxic pre cum and slowly inserting it deep into his tight hole, looking into Chris eyes the entire time.
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