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[Not particularly bareback, though there is some bb sex in the story, but hot nonetheless...]

When I started on my first cycle I was about nineteen. I had just entered college the year before but had already decided that I wasn't going to try for any teams as I didn't have time for it, but I wanted to keep working out and keep in shape. My desire to grow larger soon turned into an obsession as I became a serious, albeit young, bodybuilder and worked out six days a week.

I had hit a plateau and been stuck there for months. I tried everything - varying my workout, vitamins, pills from magazines and such, but nothing really worked. This guy in the gym I was talking to one day then offered me roids.

I thought about it for a bit - I knew the side effects, of course, but figured if I was only on them for a little while it wouldn't be a problem, right?

I don't drink or do any drugs, so my kidneys and liver seemed okay. It wasn't until I'd been on the roids for two years that anybody ever mentioned it.

Taylor, my boyfriend for the last four months or so, asked if I ever thought about the side effects. I told him of the kidney and liver stuff and how I always checked out okay. "Not that," he said. "Look at your balls, man."

My balls had always been a little small. I have small genitals and will admit it; it's never really mattered as I've always been a bottom. I'm okay with it, and never thought anybody really cared until Taylor said something.

"That can't be good for you," he said. "Have you ever tried injecting natural testosterone?"

"You need a prescription for it. I'll try to cut back, though." I meant it, too - I really liked Taylor, and if he wanted me to cut back then I would at least make the effort.

The problem was, when I did I started losing mass. I'm 6'1", and went from 240 to 230 in just a week. I went back on them. Taylor said he understood, but still wished I could give them up.

Once my attention had been brought to my balls I started paying more to them. The longer I was on the roids the more they shrivelled. I wasn't really sure how I felt about it, but Taylor seemed to actually enjoy that particular effect - he liked having a huge lover with a small cock, and not much in the way of balls.

We lay in bed one night, him fonding me, and he brought the topic up again. "I've been thinking," he said. "We could get you a prescription for testosterone patches."

"Yeah? How?"

"Well, we'd simply need to prove a medical need for it. You would have to stop producing it otherwise."

"I doubt I produce it now."

"So do I, but we would need to guarantee it, and there's only one way we could do that."

"What?" I asked the question already knowing the answer.

"Castrate you."

He let that soak in for a bit and then continued. "You've already essentially done it to yourself, and you've said before that they didn't do much. If you actually didn't have testicles, then you could get the prescription."

"I don't know..." Castration seemed a little severe.

"Ah, it's just a though. No big deal." He rolled over.

I thought about it that night, and the next, and for some time. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea, but I wanted to go further. I wanted all of my more or less useless genitals gone, just smoothed over.

So, one day I told Taylor. "Remember how you said I should just have myself castrated?"


"What would you think about me having a smooth groin, no cock, no balls, no nothing?"

A lump grew in his jeans, and I knew he needed no convincing.

The real problem now was finding someone capable of doing the operation safely. At the time we were just looking for someone to cut my balls out - we knew my cock would be harder to get rid of so figured we'd wait on it.

It took two months, but we found somebody. The guy used to be a medic in the Marines. We talked to him a bit on the phone and told him about me. He seemed excited by the prospect of castrating a guy like me.

We drove down to see him. He met us at the door wearing just shorts. The guy was about 35, pretty well built. He shaved his head bare and looked like he did his body too. He invited us in and looked me over, seeming pleased. "Why don't you get naked and we'll get started?"

I stripped down and he gave me a quick exam to make sure I wasn't going to have a coronary or anything when my balls came off. While he did, Taylor and I talked to him a bit.

"So how did you get into this, anyway?" Taylor asked him.

"Cough," he told me, and I wondered why he cared about my shriveled nuts. "When I was in the service I had to do one once on a boy who got shot through his balls. I was in him, cutting the things out, and as I did it got more and more horny. This kid was about to lose his manhood, and I was taking it from him.

"Got me thinking. This kid was a Marine, the best of the best, supposedly the manliest of men, and he had no balls. Thinking about it got me horny, and I wanted to do it again.

"I got lucky as hell about it nearly a year later when some boys got into a fight over something; I never knew what. My guess was a woman because one of them tried to slash at the other boys' groin with a bayonet. He got him square in the scrotum but the other kid still stood - that boy was an ox, he was - and started beating the other boy in. Got so pissed he started kicking the other boy in the crotch so hard he crushed both of his balls.

"So here I come in. The boy who get kicked was treated first, and his both had to go. I was almost so horny after finishing him that I couldn't do the other boy.

"I examined him and saw that he would be fine - he got cut, and you bleed a lot there," he looked up at me, "Bend over son," then just continued as he probed my prostate. "I'm ashamed to say it, but even though the boy's testicles were fine I told him they were gangrenous and had to go.

"The kid took it like a man, though. I cut his suckers out and nearly came when I did it. When I left the first thing I did was go to the showers and jack off. When I got out I looked at my underwear; they were soaked in precum."

He stood up. "You're good enough, boy. Come on." We followed him into the room he did this stuff in. "After that I was an addict. Anytime a kid had anything wrong with his balls, I used every excuse I could to nut him, even if I could only take one. Pretty soon, my desires changed a little."

We walked into the room. It was a miniature operating room with a table in the middle, sink, cabinets, and a tray with some instruments and such on it. He yanked off his shorts to reveal his groin. Taylor and I both noted with some surprise that he had been castrated as well, but more...his cock had been mostly cut off too, leaving just a stub about an inch long, and currently as erect as a stub can get. "As you can see, I decided that I wanted to be cut a bit as well."

He lay me on the table and put my feet into stirrups hanging from the ceiling, then strapped me down to the table. He stuck my cock with an anesthetic and while it went numb kept talking.

"Castrating other guys was still a thrill, but I wanted more. As time went on I realized that what I was doing to these other guys was what I wanted to have done to myself. So,after getting up the courage," he was now putting disinfectant all over my cock, "I castrated myself. It wasn't the smartest idea, but I managed it and nobody found out. I took two days sick, as I was still a Marine at the time, but afterwards managed to recover quickly. I was back on my feet in a day or so, although, I don't recommend working out for at least a week." He washed his own hands and put on rubber gloves, laying out his tools while he waited for the disinfectant to dry.

"The thing was, even after castrating myself I wanted more. I prescribed myself testosterone shots, and it was like nothing had really changed. I wanted more.

"It took a long time, but eventually I managed to find someone willing to do it. He said he knew how to do this sort of thing, and that he had done them before. I believed him.

"He put a catheter in my cock anesthitized it, then cut all the way around the base. It seemed like all was going well until I started bleeding big time. He didn't seem to know exactly what to do, and as he started to panic I had to talk him through it as I lost consciousness.

"I found out later he had ended up calling a hospital. They fixed me up okay but I never saw my 'cutter' again...good thing to; I would have killed him. They asked what happened, and I told him the last thing I remembered was being hit over the head with something heavy. They seemed to buy that.

"It took a few weeks to recover. I was transferred to a military hospital to recuperate and offered a medical discharge, I think just out of pity. I faked remorse - I was pretty pissed off about it, but secretly happy that most of my cock had been removed.

"I took the discharge, and here I am. I still get off on this stuff, and like gelding men willing to let me."

"So how many have you done?" I asked him. "I'm numb, by the way."

"Twenty, maybe twenty-five. All manly men."

"We are looking for someone to take his cock, by the way," Taylor mentioned. "You want us to let you know if we find anybody reliable?"

"Hell yes - I want all of this," he motioned toward his mutilated groin, "off! You ready, son?" he asked me.

I nodded.

He started slowly with the scalpel. It hurt a little - enough to be annoying, but not really painful. The first incisions were vertical, down the length of my rather small scrotum. Once the cuts had been made, he worked out the balls with his hands. They looked so naked - like little raisins. Once the first was out, he snipped it off and tied off all the blood vessels and the vas deferens, then did the same with the other. After some quick cleanup work with blood vessels, and removing as much of my scrotum as he could safely do, he stitched me up and wrapped a tight bandage about my cock.

Afterwards we sat around and talked some. Taylor got naked as well and they fooled around a little. Later, after I felt like walking, I downed a plate of aspirin and we headed out to get some dinner - I had been told not to eat beforehand and was starving.

We all seemed to get along really well together, actually, and ended up making plans for a threesome whenever I healed.

Heal I did, and quickly. I went on the testosterone patches Tom prescribed for me almost immediately. Within a week my cock didn't hurt any more, even when I got erect, and there was no blood in my cum. I was still a little nervous about sex, though, so waited a few more days, about to burst - no sex in a week and a half; I was about to explode. About two days later I pretty much tackled Taylor.

He fucked my brains out. It felt like his cock was hitting the base of my brain, and I remembered that he hadn't had sex in a week and a half either. I even fucked him a little, just to make sure everything really was okay. It felt fine; a little sore later but no other problems.

We invited Tom over for the promised threesome, and it was okay. He was really into dildos, so my ass hurt a bit after he gave me a working over. He also like to get fucked himself, so we settled on Taylor working his ass and me playing with his stub in my mouth. He really seemed to get off on the muscle trip, and when we went to standing position would have me flex while he felt it and I sucked.

The testosterone patches weren't quite as good as the normal roids but worked, albeit slowly. I wore three or four at a time when Taylor wasn't looking; he only wanted me on one or two, max. What happened was that the steroid muscle slowly turned into more lasting tissue - normally when you go off them, you lose the extra muscle pretty quick. I did lose some, but with the huge testosterone boost I was getting it helped pick up some of the slack.

The first time I went back to the gym after my castration I worked out as normal, in fairly snug shorts and a tank, which quickly ended up in my bag. I had shaved my body before coming and hadn't gotten to show off to anybody but Tom in the last week or so.

I got the reaction I look for - smaller guys looking at me with awe, larger ones with envy, and the truly huge with more understanding. After stretching/preening a bit, I went into my set as usual. I'd lost a little from the week off, but my energy level was high so overall did well.

When done I dropped my shorts and walked in the showers as usual, not even thinking about my recent alteration. I soaped up and watched the guys come into the shower after me, and gave them the usual show. I did notice more of my hair coming out on top, which took my attention for a moment. I turned around to wash my hair and then remembered: I had no balls - these guys could see that, easily, especially with my small cock! I turned back around and washed, worried that somebody had noticed. I didn't hear anything, though, so when done I wrapped my towel about myself loosely and got dressed quickly. Some of the guys I usually saw bullshitted with me, and I was pretty sure nobody noticed.

As the weeks passed, I started taking more chances - showering the old way, back towards the wall for longer periods, wondering if anybody would notice or even care. I still got looks at my body but nobode seemed to see it. I figured they were too entranced by the muscle. I heard a comment about my small cock once but still they didn't say anything about the absence of testicles.

When Taylor found a guy who said he could do a penectomy, I thought all that was over with. The guy turned out to be a fake, so I won a small reprieve. About a month later he contacted a guy who seemed to be for real, though. He could do the whole deal, he claimed - urethral relocation, total penile tissue removal, the whole bit. We decided to have it done in about a month, when the guy could take a vacation.

I got even more bold showing off my genitals, and finally one guy seemed to notice. His name was Andy. Nice guy, probably gay, nearly as well built as me - better chest, worse legs, hot. We were dressing at adjacent lockers and he asked me if I was on roids.

"Sorta," I told him. "Got patches."

"Just thought I'd point it out, man," his voice got lower, "Your balls are tiny, dude."

"No, they're not," I told him, smiling.

"Man, I can hardly see 'em...some guys have been talking about it."

"They're not small, man, they're gone."

He snorted at this and then looked at me wide-eyed. "You're kidding me. You don't have balls?"

"Had 'em removed about two months ago so I could get patches and go off the roids. Liver damage n' all. Here..." I whipped it out. "Feel it."

He wrapped his hand around my cock and tried to feel for them. It got me hard, of course. "So you can still get a hard on?"

"Yeah, the patches are testosterone so everything still works. Cum's a little weird - clear, and not much of it. Otherwise it's all the same, at least, for another two weeks."

"What happens then?"

"I'm getting my cock cut off."

He just stood there for a second, and looked at my cock in his hand. He looked me over for a second or two, then back down, his own cock slowly becoming hard.

"Holy shit." We both got dressed in silence, me wondering what he would say and silently cursing myself for letting it spill. I had kind of wanted to and kind of didn't, but now it was done. I kept glancing at him, trying to make out an expression. "Totally smooth, huh?" he finally spoke.


Another pause. "Can I get a friend the same deal?"

Andy wanted his lover cut as well. He told me they both had some fantasies about it for awhile but had never taken them seriously because they didn't think that sort of thing was possible. Andy didn't have much in the way of balls either but his cock was nice. His lover was about average as well in the ball department, but like me, had a tiny cock. He was even worse off, though - even erect it looked like all he really had was a head poking out of some skin. Andy wanted to be castrated as well but liked his cock, and actually was looking into enlargement. We contacted the surgeon and he said he could do three, just not all on the same day.

The two weeks passed all too slowly. When the weekend came for it to happen we were all pretty nervous. Tom and I were sititting on our couch. Andy was pacing and his boyfriend, a guy named Curtis, was playing Solitaire on the computer. Taylor had gone to pick up the cutter from the airport we flew him into. With his two seater he had to go alone, leaving the rest of us here to get nervous as hell.

Tom spoke up. "Any of you want to use those cocks of yours one last time? I'm fuckin' horny as hell." All three of us spoke up, so ended up pairing off. Curtis and Tom made it on the couch while Andy and I took each other on the floor. Andy was usually a top and I a bottom, but since it was my cock that was about to get cut off we switched, at first anyway.

It was only the second time I'd fucked anybody since I'd been castrated myself. It still felt a little weird; I kept expecting to feel my balls swinging at least a little bit. When I came it felt different too - without the cum to be forced out of my testicles, the only spew came from my prostate. I'd always been aware of that feeling before, but never noticed it what with the cum spurting out. Now that I did, it felt like the orgasm came from not just my balls, but my whole midsection. It was definitely different.

We swapped places and went at it again. As he kept pounding into me I decided that having my cock gone would easily be the best thing for me - much as I liked using it, being on the receiving end was so much better.

Right as Andy came in me I looked up to see the door open and Taylor walk in with the cutter. When I saw the cutter, I came - not because of what he looked like but what he was going to do to me. "Looks like I've got my work cut out for me," he jibed. He introduced himself as Eric.

Andy and I finished up and washed off, and Tom and Curtis soon followed. Once we were all clean, dry, and naked, the cutter had most of his stuff set up in the bathroom. We figured that it was the best place since the blood would be easier to clean.

Eric was a pretty good looking guy with slender, compact muscles. Tom was going first, so as he prepped him we talked a little. He had done four penectomies so far and two straight castrations. Turned out he was a med school student. He had gotten started when a transsexual he'd met offered him $500 to emasculate him/her. He ended up getting a real thrill out of it, and afterwards the transsexual made sure he had more business. Still, he wasn't really into effeminate men and said the chance to nullify real men was way more of a turn on.

I didn't get to watch as Tom's stub got removed. The bathroom was too small to fit in an observer as well as Tom, Eric, and Taylor, who was acting as surgeon's assisstant since he was the only one not getting something removed. The rest of us just watched TV naked, jacking off or being jacked as we got horny.

After two hours or so Tom was done. He was way groggy from the painkillers, so we put him on my bed with a towel between his legs. He was conscious enough to know to stay there and not play with his crotch, anyway.

I was next. Eric dabbed on the disinfectant and I watched his erection grow as he looked at my body. Within minutes I was lying in the tub with my legs spread, groggy and barely conscious from the drugs and trying nto to squirm from the catheter being inserted down my pisshole. I watched as the scalpel dug into my cock for the first time.

It hurt, but it was an odd kind of hurt, like somebody else was the one being cut or it was my cock but far away. Within minutes I was watching Eric slide it off of the catheter and dropping it into the tray Taylor held. Taylor looked like he could have supported the tray himself with his erection. Maybe it was just the drugs, but it looked as big as I'd ever seen it.

After that the drugs really kicked in hard and I drifted. I was vaguely aware of Eric poking a new pisshole out lower down but it wasn't as clear or intense a feeling as the cuts into my groin had been.

Then, it was all over. Taylor washed me off while Eric left, and then he and Andy carried me in next to Tom, who was passed out.

I didn't wake up until the next day. I felt like I'd had the worst hangover of my life - my head was pounding, my muscles aching, and every time I moved my groin screamed at me.

Tom was still next to me. "Hey...you awake?" I muttered.


"Did they leave us any painkillers?"

"Yeah. Just a second." He leaned way to the right and grabbed a bottle of pills and a thermos. "Here. Don't take more than two."

The water was warm, but it helped me get them down. After half an hour or so they kicked in. I felt nauseous but better. A glance at the clock told me it was 7.

Taylor walked in. "I thought I heard voices in here. How are you two feeling?"

We both groaned in unison. "You two hungry at all? Curtis and I were going to run out and get some pancake mix or something for breakfast before he and Andy get cut." I wasn't hungry, so just nodded my head.

"You guys want a TV in here?" Neither of us seemed to. "Okay. We'll be back in a bit. Andy'll check on you every few minutes or so."

Andy did so about ten minutes later, and that was the last time I saw him as a man with testicles. I dozed off until that afternoon, and by the time I was awake he was a eunuch and Curtis a smooth as me and Tom. We felt okay to watch TV by that point and eat a little bit. Eric was staying until Sunday. He came in and changed the dressings and hung out a little bit. I wanted to walk some but he wouldn't let me.

The most embarrassing part of the whole deal was that I couldn't even piss freely. Even with the new pisshole there was still the catheter since I couldn't walk. I had to pity Taylor as he was the one to empty them all.

By Sunday Andy was up and about, albeit slowly. We said our goodbyes to Eric and he made us promise to send pictures. After that Tom and I dosed up and spend the next day in a daze.

Around Tuesday I was able to walk slowly. Anytime my legs rubbed against my catheter it hurt like a bitch, so I had to waddle with them slightly apart. I had enought muscle control to keep from pissing myself, though, and Wednesday the catheter came out. My whole midsection was black and blue, and Eric had left strict instructions that I was not to work out for at eleast two weeks. Andy and Curtis went home then but said they'd give us a call in a week or so if we wanted to get together. Tom stayed at our place all week until we were both moving again, then took off himself.

That Saturday I could wear pants again. As weird as not having a dick was, it was weirder having the cotton of my underwear rub against it.

Taylor and I fucked like crazy as soon as I felt up to it. It was really weird - I would get a very slight tightness in my groin when I should have had an erection, and then when I managed to cum, there was an orgasm but, without a prostate, nothing came out, not even the slight dribble I had become used to.

My nipples got a lot more sensitive without the comparatively more powerful stimulation my cock used to give. For that matter, my whole skin seemed more sensitive. The orgasm came from deeper inside me now, instead of just my cock or absent balls.

I started back at the gym as soon as I could - I had a lot to make up, what with not doing anything for two weeks. My muscles were straining for a workout.

My usual admirers were there too, as was Andy. I kept noticing surprised looks when they glanced at my crotch, now totally empty. There was still a nasty yellowish bruise, but it was healing quickly. Andy seemed to enjoy teasing them, and eventually showed off his groin, with its nice cock and no testicles. Once my bruise was gone, I tried working out one day in tight briefs, showing without doubt that there was nothing down there.

It was weird - when I had been castrated I worried about people finding out. Now that I was totally nullified, I enjoyed showing it off - I wanted people to know. There was the occaisional nervous comment about it, and I'm sure people talked, but this time I didn't care.

Taylor seemed to be really enjoying it, too. He didn't have to bother with reacharounds if I couldn't cum before him any more, and even though I was taking the testosterone like crazy, my sex drive had decreased. Sometimes I didn't cum but didn't want to, and well, sometimes I pretty much had to attack him.

Andy told me about Curtis every once in awhile. Apparently he had a hard time at first but was better now. Curtis didn't want hormones and was planning on slimming down anyway - he just wanted to be Andy's tool, used when necessary. Andy said he had been having hot flashes pretty badly and night sweats, but they had mostly disappeared at this point, and he was happy being for the most part asexual.

Andy himself hadn't had any problems at all. He was still on megadoses of hormone and loving it.

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I am not going to have my cock cut off, but it is my plan to have my balls removed, the scrotum gone and I am already on anti-androgens and estrogen.


The E makes me want cock so badly I drip in my panties all day.

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Bottom sluts like me like to feel those balls slapping my ass or face while bing furiously fucked. I love having those big fucking balls in my face while swallowing a fat cock.

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I'm competitive bodybuilder, very manly, but secretly like too push my balls into body and tightly bind cock between legs and then pretend I'm sissy boy in panties and become effeminate acting.  Need breeding

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Last night was amazing.  Dom Top forced me to be effeminate, dress up like a Drag Queen and use a gaff to squeeze and hide all signs of manhood.  He said he's basically straight and doesnt get turned on by men.  By end of play, it actually looked like I had a pussy with big swollen lips.

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we bottoms/ trans would be far better without both penis and testicles that way we have to concentrate in making sure we give as much pleasure as possible whilst being used 

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I really do not know how I came across tis story or why it interested me, but I was hard and dripping all the way to the end. I must be like the Marine because I enjoyed reading about men losing everything between their legs.

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Wow, this was a big surprise to me too. I'm not attracted to women or effeminate guys at all. But the idea of fucking and breeding a stud with a real cunt instead of a cock makes my dick rock hard!

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      "I'm Terry.  I might want to train with you someday if it's okay.  Maybe I could pick up a few pointers from a pro like you," Terry smiled, and, as if spontaneously suggested "Say, listen, I just picked up some great post workout protein.  Why don't you stop over and we could chat and you can try some?  I live near the beach, about a mile from here.  Maybe we could go for a quick swim."

      "Sounds good," Jeff answered. "I'm off today, but I gotta pick up my partner around 1:00 PM.  He can wait though."  He pulled off his jock strap, giving Terry a look at that thick piece of meat.  Shit, soft it was six or seven inches.  And nice and thick.  What a powerhouse body it was attached to!  Terry was more than ready, even if he wasn't sure Jeff was actually up for fucking him.

      'I'll find a way', Terry thought.  'Either I'll get a hard cock down my throat, or just a mate with whom to work out, so there's no harm'.  As Jeff leaned over into his locker, Terry caught a glimpse of a tattoo across Jeff's lower back.  The tattoo vaguely resembled a biohazard symbol but Jeff turned before Terry could get
      a decent look.  An hour later Jeff's legs, in sexy short pants, were sprawled across the coffee table.

      While they chatted and enjoyed their post workout protein Terry became hornier and hornier.  He could smell the fresh sweat coming off Jeff after his workout and longed to lick it off him. "You got some big muscles, you're probably a good poser.  Why don't I watch you hit some poses?" Terry suggested.

      "I would, but I didn't bring any posing tights," Jeff responded, adding as an after thought "You think I'm pretty well built, huh?"

      "I sure do," Terry answered. "You don't need posing tights, just take off your shorts and let's see you flex." 
      Jeff complied without a word, stripping naked, and commencing to flex his arms, chest, torso and legs. The more Terry appreciated it, the harder Jeff got.  "What a great body! Yeah, those are some big muscles," Terry said, reaching out and squeezing Jeff's arm.  Terry was into body worship with bodybuilders, and Jeff dug having his body admired.  As he turned around Terry saw something that made his stomach drop.  He worst suspicions were confirmed.  A giant biohazard tattoo emblazoned across Jeff's lower back and right ass
      cheek.  But, Terry quickly decided, given a chance he would still be more than willing to suck and perve Jeff, although Terry promised himself there was no way Jeff would pop his cock into Terry's ass.

      Then they started horsing around. "I'm pretty strong, too. I bet I could take you in a wrestling match," Terry suggested.  Instantly Jeff was on him, tackling him to the ground and wrapping his legs around Terry's waist.  They wrestled for a few minutes, with Terry getting off on the feel of Jeff's smooth muscles pinning him down.  By this point Jeff had sprouted a full-on erection, which swayed in the air as he pinned Terry down.  The sweat between the two bodies made a sure grip difficult, so inevitably the two were sliding about.  The aroma of their sweat was utterly intoxicating.  Terry couldn't believe he was wrestling and sweaty with this gorgeous guy, asking himself 'Why does he have to be so dangerous?'

      Just then Jeff twisted Terry's arm in a hammerlock, commanding "Open your mouth.  Suck my cock."
      Caught by surprise, Terry still managed to reply "You ain't that tough, you can't make me."
      Jeff wrapped his legs around Terry's throat and choked him. "C'mon, open your mouth, you know you want it, cocksucker.  You know you dig being a slave to a bodybuilder.  Open your mouth so I can shove my big poz dick in it and choke you.  I know you saw my tatt."
      Terry felt like he was really going to choke from the pressure of Jeff's muscular legs on his throat, so far from unwillingly, he followed Jeff's command, whereupon Jeff rammed his throbbing cock between Terry's lips. "You bite it once and you'll be sorry."  Terry obeyed, sucking it and licking it, pleasing~his powerful master.  "I've seen you checking out my body at the gym before," Jeff said, shoving his giant meat down his victim's throat.  "You thought I never noticed.  Shit, I can tell when a dude digs my body.  You want to eat my cock and balls, you'd probably even suck on my dirty asshole.  Well, now's your chance, slave, I'm really gonna shove it to you."
      Jeff climbed on top of Terry and began fucking his mouth, shoving his hard dick over the tongue and far into the throat.  The giant piece of meat was stretching his throat creating a a horrible, but admittedly familiar pain.  Terry loved it rough but was he willing to take everything that Jeff wanted to give him?  Jeff grabbed Terry's arm and turned him over, pulling both arms behind his back and forcing Terry over his stomach.  Terry tried to struggle free, but the bodybuilder's powerful arms and legs kept him down.

      "When's the last time a bodybuilder like me fucked you good and hard, huh, boy?  You like taking a man's big poz load?" Jeff asked him, twisting his arm harder. 
      "Hey, man," Terry yelled.  "I'm not into all this; I don't want take your poz cum.  I only fuck neg guys."

      "Well, problem is I'm horny and I need somewhere to blow my load.  I think your tight little ass looks damn good, neg or not."  Jeff pinned Terry to the bed and slowly shoved his cock into his tight asshole.  Terry yelled as the thick meat entered him.

      "Ohhh, no, please, not so hard, not so fast, please.  You'll tear me."  Slowly Jeff shoved more of his cock into Terry's butt.  The combination of sweat and spit was the only lube Terry got until his hole tore a bit, after which Terry's blood supplemented the lubrication available to the giant cock.  Jeff's pace increased, and before long his entire nine inch cock was balls-deep in Terry's hole.  Terry thought he was going to faint from the pain, but Jeff continued pumping.

      "Ohh, yeah, feels good, yeah, your ass is nice and tight.  You dig this big poz cock up your asshole, don't you?  You know you like it.  Tell me you like it.  I want to hear it," Jeff said as he fucked away.  He wanted to hear Terry beg for his load, but begging wasn't critical.  His balls wouldn't be denied for a formality.  Terry's tight ass deserved to be seeded.

      A minute or so later Jeff withdrew into himself, closed his eyes as he licked his lips; he anticipated the surge of power.  He was about to come, and ever the gentleman he delicately let Terry know saying "I'm gonna shoot this toxic load up you.  Ohhhh, take it, yeah.  Take my fucking babies!," as his balls ejected his poz load deep into Terry's ass, spurt after spurt after spurt of viscous cum coating the inside of Terry's hole.
      After laying on Terry's back for a few minutes, at which time each man struggled to catch his breath, Jeff withdrew his cock from Terry's ass, rose, and stepped into the bathroom for a cursory shower.  Terry, meanwhile, was uncertain what to do or how to act, rose, pulled on his short pants and t-shirt, and stepped into the next room.  A few minutes later Jeff, now dressed, presentable, and carrying his gym bag, stepped into the front room where he found Terry was sitting in his living room smoking a cigarette, still aching from the rape/fuck.

      "See you around, kid," Jeff said, winking. "I won't say anything to the guys at the gym if you won't."  With that he left, slamming the door closed. 
      Terry, meanwhile, although unsure of the best course of action, was aware of at least one unresolved matter, namely, he hadn't gotten off.  Sliding his shorts down, he began jacking his rigid cock, the memory of Jeff's powerful body, and Jeff's thick cock as mental stimulation.  Terry had had rape fantasies before, but they had never come true.  But this was for real--a real rape from a real man.  Nothing fake about this, he thought, as he lay back on the couch and jerked off.  Suddenly four or five gobs of white cum shot from his cock onto his legs and hand, and onto the couch.

      "I want to get raped again," he thought as the cum oozed from his dick.  But he was poz?  Was that what made it so hot?  He hopped in the shower, wiped the cum from his legs, showered and dressed.  Fuck it, he thought, time for another trick.  He kept the hot cum deep inside his bruised torn ass.  Hopefully it would act as a salve for the next big cock to pound him.  He pulled on his yellow tank top, a pair of jeans, and his tennis shoes, and headed out the door.

      Quickly hopping in his car, he decided to cruise along ocean road for a while.  It was a warm summer evening.  Fifteen minutes later, he noticed a hitchhiker who, from a distance, looked damned good.  Terry slowed down and pulled over.  "Shit," he thought, "what a hunk."  The hitchhiker leaned in the car.
      "Where ya headed?" Terry asked.
      "Just goin' to Burleigh Heads," he answered with a smile.
      "Hop in, man.  You got a great tan.  You must have gotten a head start on it," Terry said as they drove along the coast.

      "Yeah, I spent some time in Florida.  Anyway, all this sunshine makes me horny."
      Terry looked at him and smiled.  The hitchhiker reached over and groped Terry's crotch. "Let's go back to my pad," Terry suggested.

      In ten minutes they were at Terry's, pulling off their clothes and hopping into bed.  His name was Scott, he was 25, and he was spending the summer hitching around Australia before returning to work in the fall.  Scott knew how to kiss.  They licked each other's teeth, tongue and mouth.  Then Terry went down on him, licking his cock and sucking his balls.  Scott's tight ass looked good.  It was clean and salty; Terry sucked it out good.  Scott moaned in pleasure, then turned around, grabbed Terry by the hips and sucked his cock.  Terry closed his eyes and rubbed Scott's head and shoulders, enjoying the expert service he was getting.  Scott began sucking frantically, and it drove Terry to ecstasy.

      He shot off in Scott's mouth, sending gobs of thick cum down his throat. "Eat out my ass, that felt good," Scott ordered.  Terry was ready for more.  He licked Scott's ass, sucked and kissed it until Scott told him to replace his tongue with his cock.  No arguments.  Terry reached over the headboard for the KY, and greased his cock and Scott's asshole.  He slid his dick in and they immediately developed a perfect fuck rhythm.

      They continued fucking and kissing until they were both ready to come.  Terry relaxed when his sperm shot out of his cock and into Scott's asshole. "Ohhh, yeah, I'm coming; it feels great, ohhhh, yeah, it's shootin' out," Terry moaned.  Terry had now come twice, and it was time to get his partner off.  Scott sat on Terry's face with his cock sticking out and Terry sucked it for a while.  "Oh, I'm so hot, I've got to shoot."  Scott clenched his fists as his cream shot into Terry's mouth.  Gobs and gobs of warm, thick juice filled Terry's mouth.  He tasted it in his mouth, then slowly and sensuously swallowed the thick load, enjoying every drop of it.

      They got dressed and headed out.  Scott wanted to be dropped off at a friend's place in Santa Monica; Terry was tired and sexually fulfilled.  He was going home.  He dropped Scott off, gave him a good-bye kiss, then headed back to his apartment.

      On the way, he passed the gym and glanced over.  He saw a stud with bulging arms in a tank top, a nice smile on his good-looking face; he was sticking out his thumb for a ride.  Terry could hardly believe it.  He had seen the guy in the gym before and wanted to meet him, but had never had the chance.  Like a reflex action, Terry made a U-turn, pulled over and stopped.

      'How could I possibly be horny after all this?' Terry asked himself.  Still, he opened the window and the stud peeked in and announced "I'm headed down the street."
      That was enough for Terry.  "Sounds good to me," he replied, thinking to himself as the man stepped into the car realized he had seen him at the gym, although he knew nothing beyond that detail, so he commented "You look familiar, I've seen you working out at the gym."
      "Yeah, you have.  I've seen you too, in fact I saw you today.  You left at the same time my partner did," he explained. "He's well known here, his name is Jeff." 
      'It never stops', Terry thought as he drove off into the night with his new fuck buddy.
    • By muscledpigbttm
      I had one of those days were productivity was seriously hindered by horniness.  I found myself constantly browsing Grindr and Scruff, and was woofed on the latter by a huge muscled hairy older guy with a big dick looking for a hole to breed after work.  Holy shit, I hadn't had a good lay in a while, so we agreed to meet.
      I got to his hotel right after work, using his bathroom to get prepped.  The preparations took a little while, but when I stepped out of the bathroom, we immediately began an intense, wet make-out session.  Thinking to myself 'He must like to spit', I extended my tongue and sure enough he gave me a couple of big drips from him - mid kiss.  After a couple more slaps I went down to blow him.
      His dick was really nice, thick and veiny, with a big head.  Oh, and it was really hard.  I sucked it all the way to the base and he pulled it out and showed me how he was lubricating a lot.
      "Suck it," he ordered, which I did, deep-throating it again and again and again.  I pulled off his cock, pressuring it from the base up to his head, and a big ass drop of pre-cum welled-out.  Scooping the pre-cum  with my index finger, I slid the slick cum into my hole.  He gave me a sick horny look, forcing he to again choke on his big cock.
      I blew him for several minutes, and then gestured for him to lay back on his bed.  When he was comfortable, I took a hit of poppers and went down on him some more, but blowing him was not enough.  I needed more, so crouching over his cock, I centered his head on my hole, and allowed his cock to slide into my hole.  His cock head entered my ass very slowly, as I worked my ass muscles, alternately giving it gentle squeezes, followed by relaxing and letting it go.  Holy shit.  Having all that man inside was the best feeling in the world.
      I rode his cock for a while while leaning on his huge hairy pecs, squeezing them hard, working to remember the details of the experience for future reminiscences.  Initially we made out and I rode his cock, at which time I bounced up and down on his crotch, but at some point he took charge and fucked me as he wished:  he lifted me with ease, positioned me on my back, and placing my legs on his shoulders, he unceremoniously slid into my hole.  I had never before not have I since ever been fucked so hard.  He didn't, however, maintain a regular tempo, but used a rough pounding in which the entire purpose seemed to be that of plowing his cock into my ass.  I found myself groaning deeply, which seemed to motive him to intensify his thrusts.  
      His hotel room had a couple of furniture pieces so we switched onto a big cushioned chair and, as I crouched on the chair on all fours, he drove his cock into my ass balls-deep, over and over.  Returning to the bed, he positioned me on my stomach, and lay on top of me, pounding away, but this time his grunts and moans were deeper, louder and rougher.  Sure enough, I could feel his shaft getting harder and harder, and when the loudest moan came I felt his stream push its way into my ass.  He fucking came a lot as he lay on my back for several minutes, shot after shot of cum blowing into my ass, most definitely more than the average orgasm, shooting cum into me, moaning and groaning.  I had also cum, but I focused on squeezing and releasing his dick, making sure every last fucking drop of cum was milked out of his balls and into my ass.
      After the last drop of cum had made its way into my ass, his cock softened and slid out of my hole, at which time he remarked "I cum a lot, boy."
      When I had caught my breath I thanked him for one of the best lays I had had in quite some time, dressed and left.

    • By Grayjoy
      My last load came from a fellow nullo.  Contrary to popular opinion, the loss of your man bits doesn't preclude you ever cumming.  
      We have no idea what his HIV status is, and I frankly didn't care.  It was nice to get together with him and nibble and suck his load out of his crotch.  Delicious!
      I enjoy taking loads from all cummers.  Now to find some locally.

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