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newboy1689 , I don't want to catch anything and don't take loads bareback from guys that I don't trust enough to not give me some disease.  Luckily, I have a steady fuckbuddy who breeds me all the time.  For me, it's not really the real thing if I don't get to take the guy's load up my ass when getting fucked.

  That being said, I do have fantasies about a forced gang bang.  I'm not into bondage, but I

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newboy1689 , I don't want to catch anything and don't take loads bareback from guys that I don't trust enough to not give me some disease.  Luckily, I have a steady fuckbuddy who breeds me all the time.  For me, it's not really the real thing if I don't get to take the guy's load up my ass when getting fucked.

  That being said, I do have fantasies about a forced gang bang.  I'm not into bondage, but I don't mind being tied up and fucked if it's something that turns a partner on.

  I imagine going home with a guy that wanted to fuck me, he puts on a condom and asks me if he can tie my hands and feet to the bedposts.  After he gets me secured, he takes the condom off, opens the bedroom door and a whole group of naked strangers walks in and they tell me they are all going to breed me!

  It's not a rape fantasy.  It's more like doing something that I want but, too cautious to do on my own.  The decision is taken out of my control and I have no choice  but to do what I really want anyway.  I have been gangbanged before and I know that there is no such thing as too many loads up my butt!

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Back in my car I sent a quick text to Jeff saying “Thanks for sending Tom and Robert my way” and then one to my friend Matt “You will never believe what just happened to me.” Then I dove home.


Both of their replies came just as I got back in my apartment.


Jeff: “They’re fun I hope you got two big loads rom them.”


Me: “Far more than that.


Matt: “You get some more loads dumped in you slut?”


I stripped off my clothes and took a picture of my caged cock and sent it to Matt, along with a video of Tom sliding a massive toy inside me that they had sent me.


Jeff: “They stretch you out?”


Me: “Sure did” I sent him the video and then I sent him the picture of my caged cock.


Jeff: “Fuck, they’ve been saying they need a new cunt for ages. Guess they chose you.”


Me: “It feels fucking amazing. My cunt is so open.”


Jeff: “Now that’s something I need to see. Up for another load?”


Me: “Fuck yes, you know the address.”


Jeff: “Be there in 20.”


How could I still be horny, I had just quite literally had my guys rearranged, and yet I was excited for yet another man to come breed me.


While I was waiting for Jeff Matt responded again.

“Fuck! Now your cock is caged up and you’re getting stretched out. That’s so fucking hot. I may have to come back and breed your cunt again.”


“Yes, do it! A guy is coming over in a few minutes, but come over whenever!”


“How did I not know you’re a cum dump?”


“I wasn’t before today.”


“Well you took to it like a fish to water. Lol. Who locked your cock?”


“The couple that just bred me… they want me to be their pig.”


“Fuck that’s hot. Ok I’ll come by and breed you after class.”


“Can’t wait.”


With another breeding lined up I moved to check my computer when a knock came at the door.


I opened the door and there was the same tall blond in a polo from this morning. I had forgot that I was completely naked in a cock cage, but Jeff pushed me inside and growled. “Fuck yes, I hope Tom and Robert keep you, I love breeding their boys.” He moved me towards the bedroom, then knocked me face first onto the bed. I shifted my knees under myself and presented my hole to him “They really did a number on you. This is not the same hole I bred this morning.” I heard him strip off quickly and then his cock was pressing against my hole. It took no force for him to enter me. He just slid inside. We both groaned. “Im not going to last long in this sloppy cunt. Fuck you feel so good pig.”


“Yes, add your load to my hole. Breed me!”


“Take that fucking load boy,” he practically yelled and slammed inside me. His cock pulsed in my cunt, and I let out a sigh. “I’m going to be breeding this cunt often I think. I’m going back to work now boy.”


As Jeff got dressed I was already back on my phone texting Matt that I had another load in me and was waiting for him. I also noticed several new emails from Craigslist. I was almost so distracted that I didn’t realize Jeff was dressed and about to leave until he smacked me on the ass.


“Have fun pig,” he winked.


“Thank you ,Sir!” I called after him as he left, and turned back to my phone.


Matt texted back saying he wouldn’t be done with class for a little while, but that he wouldn’t be mad if I made him wait to take more loads. So, I turned my attention back to the new emails.


Two seemed pretty bland, or fake. I deleted those. The first one I responded to said “Looking to breed a pig cunt,” and included a picture of a short but fat cock, a pair of low hanging balls, and a little bit of a furry gut. I responded to whoever it was with my phone number, and moved onto the next. “Free all afternoon and horny as fuck,” read this one followed by a torso photo of hairless well-built man, and then a hefty looking cock with close cropped blonde pubes. He also got my phone number. A guy who looked old enough to be my father with a long but thin looking dick, along with a young otter with a fairly average cock, also both were sent my number.


I turned Ian Jay back on while I checked A4A and waited to hear from any of the guys who had just emailed me. Ian was now getting gang banged by a room full of fat dicks, I was envious. A4A was pretty boring this time of day, and I resigned myself to waiting for Matt.


Then my phone chirped, “Just got your Craigslist email, free now?”


“Fuck yes, I’ve got nine loads in my cunt,” I sent him my address and a pic of my caged cock.


“On my way pig.”


I texted Matt, “Got another top on the way.”


“Fuck yes cunt! Who?”


“Random from Craigslist, I gave my number to several responses so it could be any of them.”


“I fucking love this!”


“Me too!”


“Class gets out in an hour, see you after.”


Killing time I sent a text to Tom, “Just took another load from Jeff, some random from Craigslist is on his way, and my friend Matt is coming over after class! I hope they all like my ruined cunt.”


“Good job boy! How many is that now? 9 with 11 planned?”


“Yes Sir!”


“Try and get at least 15 today, and 15 tomorrow.”


“Yes Sir! I think I can do that.”


“I know you can boy.”


“Parking.” A text came from the Craigstlist guy.


I stuck my phone by the bed and went to wait by the front door. He knocked, and completely naked I opened the door. None of the guys had sent faces but this had to be the well-built guy with the blonde pubes. He was about 6’-2” blonde hair, maybe 45, and looked to be fresh from the gym.


“Come on in,” I said, stepping back and letting him in.


“Thank pig.” He came in and closed the door, then promptly took his shirt off. He must have just come from the gym, I could smell the sweat on him. He didn’t waste time and took off his clothes, and once he was in just his briefs I led him into my bedroom. I got on my knees and pulled his hardening cock out of his underwear. His cock tasted salty, but not like sweat, I looked up at him, and he grinned. “Can you taste the last pig I bred on my cock?”




“Does that turn you on pig?”


“Yes Sir!”




I thought about it for a moment and answered, “I makes me feel even more sub to know I’m not your first. I’m just some hole.” It was remarkably honest in that moment, but I knew it was true. Much like the guy who had bred me after taking loads himself all night, this put me further down the rungs and I enjoyed that feeling.


“Good answer boy, now finish getting me hard.”


I swallowed his cock, and savored the taste of old cum and ass juice. It continued to harden in my mouth. When I came up for air his cock looked even bigger than it had in his photos. I devoured it. This guy hadn’t come for a blow job though, and he eventually got me up on the bed on my back and took his place between my legs.


He started to rub his cock against my hole, picking up cum from my crack as he did.


“Fuck you don’t even need spit to open up,” he pressed his cock into me. I took a breath and he sunk into me. “Oh shit,” he groaned, “Your pussy’s been wrecked!”


“About an hour ago there was a fist in my cunt,” I said, reaching up and pulling his face close to mine, “Two bears stretched my cunt wide and then filled it with cum. And then… they caged my cock.”


He started to fuck me slowly, “Is this your first day in the cage then boy?”


“Yes, Sir.”


The fucking picked up a little faster, “Does that mean you’ve just given in to being a sub?”


“Yes.” He was fucking me harder now. “I didn’t know I was a cumpig till… well… today.”


“A fresh cunt. But damn, you are so full of cum, and you’ve been fisted,” he was starting to sweat as he slammed into me. I was shocked he was still talking, “You are a natural born cunt!”


“Yes, Sir and I need your load.”


He held onto my shoulders and slammed into me as hard as he could. His thighs slapped against my ass cheeks. I was whimpering, and he was growling. He fucked me with long strokes, he hammered me deep, he jackhammered away at me, he abused the fuck out of my cunt. He wasn’t deterred by my slack hole which I had been worried about, he seemed to love it.


“Fuck me, please, fuck me.”


“God this cunt feels so good.”


“Please! Give me your load!”


“Fuck yes boy!”


“Fill me up.”


“I’m going to breed this cunt.”


“Breed my pussy!”


“Fucking take my load faggot!”




He slammed into me and throbbed well past my second ring. I moaned in satisfaction, and he reared back, hands behind his head. As he exposed his furry pits his sent washed over me and I felt a heavy glob of precum drip from my caged cock. I loved it, his sent was intoxicating.


Slowly he pulled out. “Fuck that felt good, fa…” he stopped mid-sentence. My front door had opened. We both looked over worried.


“Don’t stop on my account, please, finish up.” Matt had arrived. 

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He pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants as the guy stepped away from my worn out cunt.


“Fuck pig, you ready for another cock already?”


“Yes Sir!”


“I had his hole earlier, before he got caged up and wrecked, I had to come back and try out the cunt now.”


“It’s fucking beautiful man.”


“Fuck yes,” Matt, already hard stepped up between my legs and slid inside me. I groaned. It was so much hotter this time looking into his eyes, knowing that my friend now knew what a whore I was and wanted to breed me again. He bottomed out no problem and gave me a quick unexpected kiss before he started to fuck me.


The blonde hadn’t left, he moved over to my head and started to slap his dick on my lips. I put my hands behind my head, and opened me mouth. I tasted my cunt on his dick, I tasted his load. It was delicious. Matt lent forward and kissed me around the cock in my mouth. He groaned.


“Your cunt tastes so fucking good on his dick.”


“You like the taste of my load boy?” The blonde asked Matt.


“Fuck yeah I do.”


“Suck it off my dick then,” he moved so that he was kneeling higher and Matt could get his dick completely in his mouth. It was so hot watching Matt swallow the fat cock that had just bred me. Matt, who until a few hours ago I had thought of as a rather straight-laced guy, was a fucking pig. It also turned me on seeing the guy who was breeding me service someone else, cementing my place in the world.


“Good job boy, get my dick nice and wet.” Matt was slobbering all over the guys dick, I could see the spit collecting at the sides of his mouth. As he fucked me Matt was basically now getting face-fucked. “Fuck after a blow job like that I’m ready to go again.”


Matt moved like he was going to pull out but the blonde stopped him, “No, stay in your little friend, I’ve already bred his cunt once.” Did he mean what he thought he meant, was he going to fuck Matt now?” He got off the bed, and got behind Matt. Holy shit he was. He pushed matt forward on top of me, and I wrapped my arms around him. Matt looked me in the eyes, smiled, then he kissed me deeply. I felt him moan as the blonde started to eat his ass. Matt seemed to melt on top of me. His chest hair ground into mine, and he moaned deeply in an open mouthed kiss.


“Fuck,” he whimpered.


“Fuck is right, I expected a tight hole, but you’ve got a well-used cunt too pig. Tastes like I’m not even your first top today boy.”


“No Sir, you’re not. My master bred my cunt this morning.”


“Master?” I said shocked.


“Yeah,” he laughed as the blonde started to rub his cock on Matt’s apparently prelubed hole.


“This daddy in town has owned my hole since Freshman year. He loves to hear stories of me going out and breeding other boys,” he gasped as the blond slid inside of him, and finding that I have warm cum in my cunt when I come home to him.” He continued to talk as he got fucked, his breath coming in little gasps sometimes, and occasionally stopping to kiss me. “I met him second semester Freshmen year, and he started breeding me regularly. I spent all of last summer with him, and he kept my cock caged like you, I was so horny I let just about anyone breed me. Once school started he unlocked me and set me loose using other college sluts, but I knew my place by then. I belonged to him.”


“A sub pig, breeding a sub pig. Fucking hot.” The blonde started to buck, and I could tell he was deep inside Matt. With each thrust of his cock he was forcing Matt inside me again, essentially fucking both of us. “Im gonna fill this cunt up for your Master. Take my load boy.” The blonde shot his second load in less than a half hour inside of Matt, who for a minute seemed to be lost in bliss. His eyes slid closed, his mouth turned up a little at the sides, and he held perfectly still taking the load.


“Fuck, now breed your little friend pig.”


Matt’s eyes snapped open and he looked down at me with animal lust. That had been an order and he intended to follow it. He hammered me, even rougher than he had the first time. Fucking himself back on the blonde’s cock which was still in his ass, Matt slammed into my hole. He grunted and bucked, sweat slipping down his chest. He looked so fucking sexy, lost in the fuck lust. My cock for the first time that day was hard and leaking inside the cage. The pressure just made me more horny.


“Breed my cunt! Add your load! Give me another,” I encouraged.


“Fucking faggot cunt! Take my fucking load!” Matt roared and shot his load past my second hole. He collapsed forward and lay on me panting for a moment.


“Thank you for the load Sir,” Matt said to the blonde, who had just pulled out of him.


“You’re welcome faggot.”


His hole now free Matt jumped up, tore his cock out of me, and fell to his knees, cleaning the blonde’s cock. The blonde face fucked him again for a few minutes before pulling out, slapping his dick on Matt’s cheek and then moving to get dressed.


“You boys have fun.” He said before he left.


Matt came back to the bed where I was still laying, and collapsed next to me.


“Fuck, Sir will love that, he shot a huge load in me.”

“And me right before that.”


Matt looked at me and laughed, then he kissed me.

“I can’t believe youre a fucking cumdump,” he said.


“Well,” I said, “I wasn’t till this morning.” I told him about the twink breeding me last night, and the hunger I had woken up with, and how it had all escalated from there. I told him more about Tom and Robert, and that they wanted me to collect 15 loads today and tomorrow and then go back to them over the weekend.


“Fuck! This is so hot,” his cock was hard again, “You’re taking to being a pig like I did. I loved my time locked. Sir still does it to me when he wants me to become nothing more than a mindless hole.”


“Honestly, that’s how I feel right now.”


“This is day one, you just wait. Look,” he moved to get up, “I have another class soon that I can’t miss, but why don’t I come by after. I can help you get to 15, and I bet Sir might want a turn too.”


“For sure! You mind if I have some guys over in the mean time?”


“I would be offended if you didn’t.”

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I kissed Matt at the door, breathed for a moment, and then ran for my phone. There was an exciting collection of new messages. One was a picture of a cock that I thought had to belong to the young otter from Craigslist, followed by “you want this cock?”; another simply read “free now, address”; another “got your message on Craigslist whats your address”; and lastly “Got your number from Matt, when are you free?”


I responded to all of them in roughly the same way. “I’m free now, taking loads all day. Come over whenever, though I can’t promise you’ll be the only top here,” and I included my address. Then I laid back and turned on porn again. I did not, however have long to wait. The guy Matt had apparently given my number to responded, “Be there in 5,” and he was true to his word. Not five minutes later there came a knock on my door, and still completely naked I opened it to a massively built frat guy. He was almost a full head taller than me, broad as my door frame, and wearing his Greek letters.


“Come on in,” I said.


“Thanks,” he smiled, “I texted Matt and told him I needed to unload,” he grabbed his crotch. “He said he’s busy but that you’d happily take my load.”


“Fuck yeah I will.”


“I’ve never used a faggot with a locked up cock before, this is gonna be fucking hot.” He pulled his shirt off. Fuck he was hot. Probably 23 but furry as hell with heavy muscles like a football player. He kicked of his shoes and dropped his shorts. “I don’t have a lot of time between classes but I’m horny as fuck. Get me hard boy.”


I practically tore this straight seeming boy’s boxers off revealing a fat slab of uncut meat. Without hesitation I swallowed his stiffening cock as far as I could. Even mostly soft it was impossibly thick. I struggled to get him into my mouth as he hardened, but I kept slathering spit all over him, knowing that soon it would be deep inside me. He really didn’t take long to get hard, and soon it was basically just him face fucking me. He had a hand on either side of my head, and held me in place as he slid his cock as deep as he could in my mouth. I think he eventually got tired of me gagging and pulled out saying “time to breed your cunt, where’s the bed.”


I led him into my bedroom, and lay flat on my back with my legs in the air.

“Sure you can take this cock boy,” he asked, having not yet seen my ruined hole.


“I’m sure,” I replied, and pulled my legs back exposing my cunt to him.


“Fuck!” he growled, and rubbed his fat head on my lips. He sunk his cock into me, “none of the girls I pick up can take my cock, but Matt’s always been able to and fuck so can you.”


He was balls deep inside me. “No need to go slow man,” I replied, “Pound my cunt.”


“Oh, I’m going to,” and he did. He pulled almost completely out and started long dicking me, knocking the breath out of me with each stroke. I whimpered as he slammed away at me, and sweat started to shine on his big flat pecs.


He pulled my legs up so that my ankles were resting on his shoulders and lent forward to drive even harder into me. Then he did something totally unexpected, he kissed me. I had expected him to be some ‘no-kissing’ straight guy, but no, his tongue slithered seductively into my mouth and I returned the kiss. He pulled me closer, bending my legs up more and ground his cock into me as his tongue explored mine.


The guy broke out kiss and reared back so that he could ram harder into me. His hands on my thighs and my ankles locked behind his neck he owned my hole. I couldn’t hear anything but the sound of skin slapping against skin, but I suddenly became aware of someone else being in the room. The guy fucking me looked over his shoulder and said “I’ll be done in a bit if you wanna get hard and watch me breed this fag cunt.”


“Sounds good,” replied the new guy. He stepped to the side and I could now see him. He had to be the older guy from Craigslist with the long but thin looking cock. He stripped off. His body was alright, though nothing astounding. He had some light gray hair across his chest, but his cock was impressive enough to make my mouth water. His cock looked thicker than it had in the photos, but it was easily the longest I’d had all day. He stroked it slowly, his balls swinging lightly as he got hard.


As this new guy got hard Matt’s friend continued to use my ruined hole. “I’m gonna add my seed to this wet cunt. You want this load boy?”


“Yes! Please breed me.”


“Wanna feel my spunk in you.”


“Yes, cum inside me. Add your load.”


“You fucking cum dump.”


“That’s all I am, a cumdump.”


“Yes, you fucking are. Take my goddamn load!” He bottomed out in me and his cock throbbed deep inside my hole.


“Fuck yes, breed that faggot’s cunt. You’re so fucking nasty boy, taking random strangers loads.”


“Yeah his pussy was leaking fresh cum when I slid in.”


“I’m gonna add my load right after you.”


“You like that boy?”


“Yes! I need your cum.”


“Let me in that cunt.”


Matt’s friend pulled out and got on the bed so I could lick his cock clean while Craigslist daddy slid into me. I grunted and he pushed past my second hole in one stroke and started to fuck me. For the second time that day I was being face fucked while my ass got used. If this wasn’t the lot of a faggot cumdump I don’t know what would be. I was no longer the boy I was when I started that day. My caged cock dripped, and my hole pulsed around the cock that invaded me. My whole mind had been given over to dreams of cock and cum. All that I wanted from the world was to be full of more and more cum. As load 13 of the day started to be shot deep within me I felt a sense of calm and peace wash over me.


“Fuck this hole feels good, fucking swallowed my load.”


“Here, let him clean that cock off for you.”


Matts friend pulled out of my mouth, and directed me to the dick that had just come out of my hole. I swallowed it down tasting all of the loads from my cunt on its shaft. When He was satisfied the I had cleaned his cock, the daddy slid from my mouth and patted me on my cheek.


“Good job pig.”


The daddy left, and Matts friend knelt down on the floor next to me. “That was fucking hot. I’ll text you next time I have to dump a load. I’ve got to get back to class boy. Have fun.” Then he too was gone, and I was once again left alone, naked with fresh cum leaking out of me.


I texted Tom and Robert, “Just took two more loads.”


Tom responded, “Damn! You’re already at 13!”


Robert, “Fuck the 15 loads then, your new goal is 20 loads today and at least 15 tomorrow, you might need a little bit of a break after all the cock you’ve taken today. Lol.”


“Yes Sir!” I responded, and started trolling A4A again.

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Almost three hours later it was late into the afternoon and I lay on the living room floor with cum drying on my chest. Four more Craigslist guys had come over and fucked me making my count 17 and the last one had shot a second load over my body while he made me eat his hole. In all honesty they had started to blend together in the best way. Apart from Tom and Robert, Matt, and a little bit Jeff I had no interest in who these men were. They had become as much a means to an end for me as I was to them. I was just a hole and they were just a way to get more cum inside me.


I lay on the floor for a long time. I was exhausted, still horny as hell, but my hole was sore and my body felt spent. Eventually I moved to the bed and snoozed for a little bit, my phone next to me incase another guy messaged me. About a half hour later I got a text from Matt at last, “Hey pig, be there soon!”


My cock strained in the cage thinking about taking another load from Matt’s cock, and I was suddenly wide awake.


Not five minutes passed before Matt knocked at my door. I rushed to open it without putting anything on. He grinned at my nakedness and walked in. As soon as the door closed he kissed me, his mouth open and inviting. He held the back of my head, pulling me to him and I felt myself melting. I ran my hands down his chest, then held his waist for a minute before slipping down the waistband of his pants. This time thought I didn’t find his hard cock waiting for me, I felt hard plastic.


I broke the kiss and looked at Matt questioningly. He grinned, his smile boyish and lopsided, “Sir decided after I told him my friend had just become a caged cumslut, and he decided we should go through that journey together. You’re not upset right?”


“Fuck no! It’s so hot that you’re owned, I wanna see you in this cage!”


Matt’s body was incongruous with the cage, and that somehow made it even more hot. His well-built body, hairy chest, and half sleeve of tattoos just didn’t seem to fit with the black plastic cage that now surrounded his fat uncut cock. His balls looked even fatter now with the cage ring pushing them forward, and he was already leaking pre-cum.


“God, you look fucking hot,” I said, kissing Matt again.


“So, do you. I wish I’d have known you were a fucking pig a long time ago, we could have been having so much fun. How many more loads before your goal?” I had told him about Tom and Robert’s goal for me.




“That’s perfect. I’ve got two guys on their way here now, they’re going to fuck us both but I told them you get all the cum, and then…” he paused and grinned again, “Sir would like to breed your wet cunt as well.”




“Yeah, he loves college boy pussy, especially when its full of cum.”


“He knows that I have a pair of Sir’s right?”


“Yeah, actually about that, he knows Tom and Robert apparently.”




“When I told him I had found out my friend was a pig and he was newly caged, he said that his friend Robert had just said they had started training a new pig. That pig, turns out, is you.”


I closed the space between us and kissed him hard, our cages pressed together.


“What was that for,” he said with another small smile.


“I don’t know, I’m just glad that you’re here to go on this journey with me. And…” I paused, “You’re really cute, and nice, and I just wanted to kiss you.”


Matt laughed lightly, “I’ve always thought you were cute, but didn’t think that things would go well between us… what with me being suck a slut. Now though…” he trailed off too and kissed me again. We tumbled around until we were on the bed, grinding against each other and smearing precum from our caged. I really liked kissing Matt. I liked feeling his weight against me. I felt the same peace that I felt discovering how much I liked being a sub for Tom and Robert. Matt was feeding some other part of my soul.


We rolled around like that for a while before there was a knock on the door and Matt broke our kiss. His face had changed, a wicked light shone in his eyes and he looked hungry.


“Our tops are here.” He ran to the door, leaving me naked on my back laying in bed. He opened the door still naked, and let in two men in their mid-thirties walked in the apartment. They each kissed Matt and then looked at me.


“This your new friend Mattie?”


“Yep, it’s his first day as a cumdump, first day in the cage, first day with a Master.”


“You Master take him on too?”


“No, Tom and Robert, if you know them.”


They both laughed, “Yeah we know Tom and Robert.”


“If they’ve claimed you you’ve got to have a good cunt boy.”


This was the first time they had addressed me directly and I felt myself blush.


Neither one of the men was exceedingly attractive but they were both fit, slightly hairy and I was certain had big fat cocks. As Matt led them into the bathroom they pulled off their clothes and finally, dropping their underwear proved me right. They both were half hard but clearly had thick meaty cocks. My mouth watered.


“So here’s the deal,” Matt said, “Get on all fours with your ass next to the end of the bed.” I did as instructed. “Good,” he patted my ass, “Now both of these guys are going to breed each of us. You don’t need to know their names, you are just a cumdump for them. Got it?”


I nodded.


“Perfect, and after they’re done we’re going to see Sir.” The wicked grin was back across his face as he got onto the bed facing me. We were both mounded on the bed with our asses in the air and our faces inches from each other. The guys got behind us and as Matt kissed me forced their cocks inside of our holes. Matt groaned into my mouth, but didn’t seem to be struggling. I was so full of cum that my top just slid right in.


“How many loads you got in your cunt Matty?”


“Just two today, but my friend here has seventeen though. His Masters told him he has to take 20 by the end of the day.”

“Fucking hot. We’ll get you to 19 don’t worry boy.”


With that they started to pound us. Matt would kiss me occasionally or we’d hold onto each other as we got slammed over and over. He was moaning loudly, it was so hot to see him turned into a sub like me. Bucking back on his top Matt was milking that dick for all its worth. I was grinding and tightening up my blown-out hole as much as I could. My top seemed to be enjoying it. He grunted and held on to my hips to fuck me harder and deeper.


“God this cunt is fucking wet,” my top grunted, as he leaned forward over my back. I flexed my hole around his shaft and he groaned. “I’m getting close are you?”


“Fuck yes, lets breed these cunts.”


The both picked up their pace and started breathing heavy, I could feel the guys cock pulsing slightly inside me and then he put his hand on my neck, pushed me forward and shouted. A few seconds later the guy inside of Matt reared back and growled and he bottomed out inside of my friend. As soon as Matt’s top pulled out of him he spun around and started to suck on his cock. I did the same.


I tasted all of the loads from my hole on this man’s cock and I licked at it hungrily. His cock softened a little but then as I sucked quickly grew back to its full size. He held my head in place and fucked me a little before saying, “Ok on your backs fags, both this side of the bed.”


Matt and I lay down next to each other, he grabbed my hand and held it with our fingers laced, as the tops switched and each lifted our legs onto their shoulders. These men were machines. They were already hard and ready to fuck again. The lined up their cock and sunk into us. My eyes rolled back and I was lost.


I felt drops of sweat falling on me. From far away I heard the sounds of sex, and grunts of appreciations from the tops, but I wasn’t there. I had left my body and been lost in the fuck. Tom would later describe this a cum-drunk. I didn’t really return to the moment until I felt me top gab my shoulders and stuff his cock deep inside of me. I moaned, and he flooded me yet again. Load 19 was pumped deep in my cunt.


Again we cleaned off their cocks, and then we were left there kneeling on the floor of my apartment, cum dripping from both our holes and smeared all over our faces. Matt kissed me.

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“Where’s your phone?” Matt broke our kiss. I pointed to the nightstand and he jumped up. “Pull your legs back and show me that hole.”


I presented my cunt to him and he took several pictures.


“Text these to me and you new owners, I’ll send it on to Sir.”


“Yes Sir,” I responded instinctually.


“Sir? I like that. You’re my sub, and I’m not even a top. How perfect.”


“Just a cunt Sir.”


“Fuck! I love this new you.”


“Honestly I do too!”


We laughed and I set Tom and Robert the pics of my wet, cum covered cunt.


“Fuck boy,” Robert’s response came back almost immediately, “Your cunt looks amazing. How many loads?”


“One away from my goal Sir. My friend Matt’s Master apparently wants to use me next”


“Oh. We know.”


“He told you?”


“We’re good friends. Have fun boy.”


“Thank you, Sir!”


“See you in two days.”


“What did they say,” Matt asked.


“To have fun with your Master and that they would see me in two days.”


“They’re gonna make you wait two days?”


“Day after tomorrow. They want me to spend tomorrow getting bred too… another fifteen loads.”

“Between Sir and I we can make sure that happens.”


“Thanks,” I kissed him.



Matt broke our kiss quickly, “We can’t get distracted. I’m supposed to take you to Sir now. Just grab some shorts and a t-shirt. You only need cloths for the car. I’ll drive.”


He started getting dressed. I found the cloths I had worn to meet Tom and Robert earlier and dressed. I walked with my ass clenched trying not to let any of the cum leak out. Matt looked at me and laughed, “You’re gonna leak, just embrace it boy.”


“Sir wont be mad?”


“Not at all, he loves seeing a wet spot in a boy’s shorts and making them wear it proudly. You’re a cum slut and everyone should know.”


“Fuck, ok. Well…. Let’s go.”


We left the apartment and got into Matt’s car. I felt self-conscious, I could feel my ass was wet. I kept my hole clenched as Matt drove us off campus and into a small neighborhood. After about fifteen minutes we pulled into the driveway of a rather nice looking brick, two story house.


After parking in the drive Matt turned to me, “Ok. Here are the rules. We don’t get clothes in the house so we’ll strip off as soon as we’re in. You only speak to Sir when spoken to, and you always refer to him as Sir. I don’t know exactly what he has planned but, I know he’ll use your cunt good if you give in and let him.”


I took a deep breath, “Lets go.”


“Good pig.” He kissed me and we got out of the car.


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    • By Rawboipussy
      This happened this last summer when everything was locked down for Covid. My husband used to drive for Lyft, and was friendly with a group of homeless people in certain areas of metro Detroit. We were bored, so we decided to take a drive and see if we could get into some trouble. 
      He had me wear a jockstrap, and some short shorts, sitting in the backseat fucking my hole with a dildo while we drove around. We went to the neighborhood, and spoke to some of his the homeless people he’s friendly with to see if they wanted to fuck me.
      Tommy, this 20 something straight guy decided he’d let me suck his dick, and if it felt good he’d fuck me. He’s got a semi hairy chest, and a big full bush, which absolutely turns me on. He’s about 5’7”, and 150 lbs, which is a frame that is a lot smaller than mine. (I’m 5’10, and 196). He’s cute, but this is not my type, but I’m a slut, and here we are. 
      So I get on my knees in the dark alley behind this dilapidated bank, where they’ve been sleeping, and start sucking his dick. I thought it would smell and taste horrible, but it was surprisingly sweet tasting. His cut dick got hard almost instantly, and was at least 8” long, and about 5” around, he kept whispering “fuck”, and “holy shit. You really know how to suck a dick”. After a few minutes he said “alright, let me see that pussy.” 

      We head over to where this huge bank door where I can lean over and get my balance. I pull my shorts down, and Tommy blurted out “god damn. That’s a nice fucking ass.” I could feel myself blushing, because this straight guy, who despite being homeless, was incredibly attractive. He takes my ass and spits on my hole, putting a finger up in me to see what it feels like. He liked that it was already loosened up because of the dildo, and creamy. He said “this feels as smooth and tight as a pussy”, and I responded “make it your pussy tonight”. Me saying that kinda turned him on, and he spit on his dick. 
      He plays with my hole with the tip, and asked if I was ready, which I responded “always”. He slowly inches it in, and fucks a little deeper with every stroke, until finally he gets it all the way in. He stops. His breathing is strained, and he just keeps muttering “fuck, fuck, fuck. This feels so good”. His strokes are uneven, and awkward, and you clearly tell he’s very awkward. 
      He finally gets his bearings, and gets his stroke to a very steady rhythm. He mutters “ I’m gonna make you my bitch. You’re gonna let me nut in you, aren’t you slut”, with me moaning “yes, baby, yes. Give me all that cum”. I’m leaking precum so bad at this point. He keeps pumping my hole harder and faster, making me moan so loudly, and I knew it was almost time. He grunts this primal, throaty noise, and pulls my ass so he’s balls deep in me. He starts to cum, and just keeps saying over and over again “oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhhh fuuuuuck”, and I can feel him throbbing inside of me. I reach between my legs and cup his hairy balls, feeling them pulse with every contraction. He pulls out, and I turn around to suck his dick clean. Which isn’t something straight people do lol. 
      Anyway, this was my first experience with a homeless man, but not my last. 
      to be continued...

    • By gaypigbb
      I got in contact with him on Grindr. At first he seemed like a normal guy, just looking for a  hookup. He was not particularily good looking, so didnt catch my attantion. That day I was in mood for both cock and face. But waiting for potential  breeders to respond, I continued chatting with him. He was in his early forties, average build and rather tall. After sharing pics and some stories, he writes to me:
      "You know, sometimes I organize cumdump-sessions. Have an arsenal of tops I can gather for particularily hungry and deserving btms."
      My heart stopped for a small second, and when it started again, it went in a slightly higher rate. In a matter of seconds, my mind had already served me piles of kinky fantasies, starring me. Insecurely I responded a simple "wow, sounds fun.", adding "those lucky btms" a few moments later. Some nervewracking minutes passed before he read my replies, and I could se he was writing back to me. "You seem just like the type of boy. Horny, cum-craving, good looking, dirty minded, verbal, fit for long sessions - just like my other whores."
      I couldnt believe i matched all his criteria, but the more i thought about it, i realized that i actually did. It was basically a description of me. So I said that if he was interested in investing in me, i was willing to be in his stable of mares. Then I asked him how an evening as his rent-out-property would look like. He said it was too late for him to explain that day, but that he could send me an email the next day. So I gave him my address, and repeated that I would love to be whored out in one of his sessions. 
      I was satisfied for the night. Usually, when I first start cruising Grindr in the evening, i dont go to sleep before I have fucked at least one guy, or been fucked by at least one man. If its a really bad Grindr night, then I can accept having a cloudy popperbate to some filthy porn. Since the pandemic, the popperbate-nights had become more and more frequent. So having all my favourite popperbating-videos removed from PH in december really turned the 2020-nightmare into a fucking 2020-hell. This particular night however, I was satisfied only by talking to this mysterious - not good looking but still intriguing - guy that had made some vague promise to whore me out. So I went excited to sleep.
      The next day I woke up to a new email in my inbox. It was from a custom made sleazy-sexy-only-if-you-know-your-gay-kink-language-email adress, and the whole thing looked impressively serious and professional.
      I really didn't know what to do. The whole concept seemed surreal, did this really happen to me? In real life? Part of me just wanted to reply a giant YES!, while another part wanted to stay calm - just in case it was a dream I didn't wanna wake up. All I knew was that my cock was rock hard, throbbing in precum.
    • By Cockdumb&Cute
      I wanna be used for days as a Bareback Cumdump/ChemSlut...COLLAR ME, LEASH ME, CHAIN ME, USE ME, TOUCH ME, FUCK ME, BREED ME!!!!!!
      I am party friendly- I especially love being on g h b...I will be used however you decide, by whoever you decide and as often as you decide ect...limits will be discussed ahead so I will only be able to answer with "Yes" and "No" will most definitely NOT be an option. 
      Ideally a regular thing to happen at least once(or more, ideally) every month.
      Looking even further ahead, should you choose to pursue this direction(I.e. relationship/dating me..Ect..)it could eventually ecome a PERMANENT thing(i.e. - I relocate/move in with you as your FUCK-PET/MAID/SEX-SLAVE.
      I live in Cambridge Ontario, 5'11"-6', 163lbs, toned/slim, Poz-Undetectable, BB ONLY, BOTTOM ONLY, Power Bottom/Cockslut, Chem Friendly, Party Friendly....Let me know.  You can pick me up asap.   Hmu & ask for my number to txt.
    • By KindaBasic
      It has been said that smell is the last memory to go. I am not sure if that is true or not, but one of the first things that I remember arousing me is the slight musty scent of old basements. When I was a kid, one of the earliest places I messed around and got fucked was an old, unfinished basement. Even now in my 50’s, I find myself getting hard at the earthy smell of a cellar or old basement. Though I am pretty versatile, the smell really puts me into the mood to top hard. One ex-boyfriend, once he figured this out, found all sorts of reasons to get me into various basements. Of course there are others scents, such as certain fragrances, that turn me on. 

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