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BOTTOMS; Picky about who fucks you?

Picky about who fucks you?  

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  1. 1. Picky about who fucks you?

    • Yes - I only go for my ideal type(s)
    • Yes - But occasionally I'll compromise
    • No - Any cock will do
    • No - My ideal type is disgusting / nasty looking tops
    • No - But usually being drunk / high helps
    • No - Because I'm forced by my Master / Boss / Sir / Daddy to take any dick he wants me too
    • No - It's my purpose to serve any top no matter what they look like
    • No - Other reason (state below)
    • N/A - Get fucked through glory hole so don't know what they look like
    • N/A - I usually get fucked anon / blindfolded so have no idea what they look like

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I’m not picky but use my own dick as a measure, which is not big at all. Anyone who is smaller than me I feel I have to fuck them. Erectile dysfunction is so bad, if they can’t get hard, I feel I have to fuck them since they aren’t going to be able to enter my tight hole. 

I don’t care what a guy looks as long as he produces a hard dick bigger than me. 

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If I have any control over it, yes, I will be picky.  My husband screens guys for me if he wants me to be used.  I would not always pick the guys he does.  If I am looking on my own, I tend to be picky.  If I am in a compromising position that turns into a situation I can't control, I go with it, even if I would not have picked the guy necessarily.

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As long as a Top has a hard dick and the will to breed me I am good to go.  Some of the best fucks are from guys that I didn't particularly find attractive.  And of course when its dark and I'm faced the other way who cares.  Hard Dick and Cum belongs in any bottom hole.

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I was more so in first yr of college, that went away the more of a hoe I became.  I still have a type though that I perfer (Aggressive Doms, Mil, Daddy Type, Thugged Out) sometimes, but I have def refused dyck or nut from men that don't fit that type or that attractive.  Have been on several no load refused type of weekends.

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On 8/11/2019 at 4:39 AM, truepig said:

The only reason I would turn a cock down is if the man is so big I have to lift his belly up to give him a blowjob. Prefer older, usually don't go for someone in their 20's are younger. Daddy fetish.

By coincidence I ended up at CCBC guest house the same weekend as a Bear Fest.  I usually don't go for extremely overweight guys but was horny so got fucked by quite a few big dudes.  Must say they were great fucks and I got some big loads.  

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Heavily overweight and / or very out of shape guys just don't do it for me and I try and screen them out. I take care of my body as best I can and very overweight guys just disgust me, no self esteem. The last guy had such a big paunch that he could hardly get his disappointingly small cock in me. And besides, when a heavy guy fucks me it can be hard on my back as i'm small framed and they tend to really push me around or pin me down (literally). But if i'm face down in a dark room i'll generally take any cock and wouldn't care how butt ugly they are as long as they've got a hard cock and cum in me. And in a dark room you focus on the sensation and what you imagine they look like than the usual reality. A slimmish guy I thought might be in 40's turned out to maybe be in his mid 70's, he spoke to me later in the shower. 

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7 minutes ago, SFSloppyAznBottom said:

Not picky, tho I couldn't get turned on with feminine tops.

Same here. I prefer butch men. But if I am bent over, a top unloads in my ass and someone else takes his place I am not turning around to see if he matches my preference.

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