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Graduation Night


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Part 1


It was going to be a great day!  I had just turned 18 two days ago, I was graduating from high school in the afternoon and I was going to a huge party that night with my girlfriend Emily, my best friend Paul, and his girlfriend Linda. 


First let me tell you about myself.  My name is Caleb.  I’m the youngest of four boys in a very religious and close family.  I was home schooled until high school and then went to a high school operated by our church.  I guess you could call me the nerdy type.  I am 5’11’’, I weigh about 160 pounds, . My hair was blond and shaggy. I loved to swim so I guess I had what you would call a ”swimmers build”. My girlfriend Emily said most girls thought I was cute, in a “nerdy” way.


Emily was my age and we had been seeing each other all through high school. Emily was very pretty.  We both were religious and never took our relationship beyond the handholding and occasional kiss phase.  We both believed that any sexual contact should remain off limits until we married. We were very naïve about the real world.


Paul was my best friend. We had known each other since we were little kids and were inseparable.  If I was a nerd, Paul was a “super nerd”.  He is about 5’6’’ and weighs 130 pounds. He has a pale complexion with shaggy red hair. Paul even wears the typical thick rimmed glasses. Paul could easily be mistaken for being 13 or 14 years old. Paul’s girlfriend Linda is very shy.  I don’t think they had even held hands let alone kiss. They both are even more naive than Emily and me, if that is possible.


I have always considered myself total straight and never even thought about "fooling around" with a guy.  It was against what I believed and besides I was saving myself for Emily. Tonight was going to change our lives in so many ways and I we were completely unaware.


All four of us were graduating together, so after our graduation ceremony, Emily and I met up with Paul and Linda and we attended receptions put on by our parents and by 9:00 pm it was time to head to the party.


We were all nervous but excited about the party.  Many kids from our class were attending and we knew there would probably be alcohol and maybe more available there. Paul and I had only snuck a few beers in our life and both of the girls had never tried alcohol.  Linda said she would go but would not drink but the rest of us had decided to have fun and celebrate our “big accomplishment”.


The party was taking place at a remote farm about ten miles from town. When we arrived there were dozens of kids already partying, many from our school and many I didn’t recognize.  The farmhouse was huge and there was a very large swimming pool and hot tub in the backyard along with many picnic tables.  There was a huge bonfire in a fire pit. Everybody had contributed money to attend so there was beer, liquor, soft drinks and food.


All four of us had packed bathing suits and we noticed nearly everyone there was already in their suits and enjoying the pool and hot tub on a very warm night.  We went inside to change and were directed to two bedrooms in the back. 


The house was beautiful and I was surprised anyone would let such a party take place in it. When we got outside after changing I asked around about who owned the home.  I was told it was two former graduates from another local school who were great football players and had even played in the NFL before getting hurt.  They were now successful businessmen and agreed each year to allow the party on their property.  Their only stipulation was that no one leave drunk and that they be allowed to join the party later in the evening.  A friend of Emily’s led us back into the house and showed us a picture of the two owners.  They were both stunningly handsome shirtless black men appearing to be in their early-forties. They were both about 250 pounds of solid rippling muscle. They looked like Greek gods. I heard Emily gasp when she saw the picture. “They are beautiful”, she whispered. I thought it odd that these two men would own the house together, but I didn’t pursue the matter further.


We went outside and found the beer and alcohol and the three of us grabbed a beer and headed to the pool.  The beer was flowing fast and furious and Paul and I matched each other drink for drink.  We were definitely feeling the effects


About an hour had passed when we heard the owners had arrived along with a nephew of one of the guys.   A few minutes later they appeared:  all three were shirtless and wore basketball shorts.  Their photographs didn't do them justice.  My school didn’t have any African American students, so we had little exposure to black men.  They were the most beautiful men I had ever seen.  Jordan was the biggest and appeared to be in his early forties.  His muscles seemed to pop from his body.  Emily commented that his thighs were bigger than my waist.  He had closely cut hair and an incredibly handsome face.  He had only one tattoo I could see.  It was an odd design around his navel.  James appeared to be about the same age but wasn’t as big but he had a perfectly defined chest with an eight pack of abs and the same odd tattoo.  He had his hair in dreadlocks.   Aaron, who turned out to be Jordan’s nephew was about in his early 20’s, swimmers build like me and the face of a model.  He too had the same tattoo.


We were introduced to them and they seemed very interested in us. Jordan put his arm around me and James put his arm around Paul and asked if we were having fun.  We looked so small next to them but they really seemed to like us and we talked for a while.  Aaron meanwhile seemed to really be interested in Emily which was making me jealous but I knew she was not going to screw up our relationship.  Linda just stood and watched as we all talked.


After a few minutes, Jordan suggested we all go to the hot tub.  We all grabbed beer and headed over. The hot tub was huge. It could easily handle 20 people and there were about 10 people in there. We climbed in and Jordan made sure to sit next to me and James next to Paul.  Aaron got there a few minutes later and maneuvered himself in next Emily. Linda said she didn’t feel good and said she was going to lie down in the car.


After a few minutes somebody brought out a bong, a device of which I had heard, but never actually before seen.  Everybody in the tub started passing it around and taking “hits” off it.  When it came to me, Jordan showed me and Paul and Emily how to do it.  I took two hits and suddenly I was feeling pretty relaxed.  The marijuana and the beer were really making me feel good.  I leaned back and suddenly felt Jordan put his hand on my leg.  I couldn’t see it because of the foam in the tub but it felt massive and he slowly began rubbing my upper thigh.  I looked over at Paul and could tell by the look on his face that James was doing the same to him.  Jordan then reached under the water and grabbed my hand and placed it on his massive thigh. You could feel the muscles under his smooth skin and I began to rub him.


I saw Jordan look at James and wink.   get his backpack from the house.   Aaron asked Emily to go so they could bring back more beer and she agreed.   As soon as they left, Jordan yelled “It’s time to party!”  He shifted in the water and then next thing I knew he was holding his shorts in his hand and tossing them out on the grass.   James removed his shorts immediately as did several other guys and girls in the pool.  James turned to Paul and me and said “What about you two?”  Neither of us made a move so they took action.  They reached down and grabbed us by our waist and lifted us with one hand while stripping our suit with the others.  The next thing I knew I was back in the tub totally naked with Jordan’s massive arm around me.  I looked over at Paul who looked totally in shock and appeared to be sitting on James’s lap.


Aaron showed up at that moment, but Emily had remained back at the house to use the bathroom. Jordan reached in to the pack and pulled out two bottles and tossed one to James.  They took the covers off and put it up to our nose and said breath it in.   I did twice and felt like I was flying.   I felt Jordan put his hand on my stomach and slowly rub me.  He moved his hand down to my penis and took it in his hand. I realized then that I was getting hard.   He pressed his face against my neck and began nipping it with his teeth.  I moaned slightly and when I did he turned my face to his and I kissed a man for the first time in my young life.  His tongue played with my tongue and without thinking I reached up and wrapped my arms around him.


I heard a moan from behind and saw Paul lying with his head on James’s shoulder.  It was obvious that Paul was being touched under the water and was enjoying it.


Suddenly I felt something brush my leg.  I reached and felt his penis for the first time. It was massive. I couldn’t imagine a man having a penis that large. Jordan smiled and stood up. I was face to face with penis at least 10 inches long but its width was stunning.  There was a large metal ring piercing the tip of it. I didn’t think such a thing was possible.  I heard several people in the tub as well as some people who were now watching the four of us, gasp when they saw it.  “Taste it!” he told me.  I obeyed and opened my mouth.   It was so big I could barely get it in but Jordan slowly helped me taste my first penis.


“Your turn baby” I heard James say and I turned around to see Paul licking the tip of James’s penis.  James was not as massive as Jordan but was longer.  He had to be at least 13 to 14 inches long. Paul was mesmerized by it all.


They both grabbed the poppers bottles again and took a hit of their own. Then they shoved the bottle under our nose and we both inhaled.  I knew then that I was really starting to enjoy this and wasn’t going to try and stop whatever was happening.  Suddenly we were both picked up by our two Greek gods and carried to a picnic table.  I felt so small in his huge arms as he carried me. His body felt warm against mine and I reached and rubbed his muscled chest.  He pulled me tight against him and began to kiss me again. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in.  Aaron, who was also now naked, was there at the table spreading a blanket on it.  We were both placed gently on table next to each other.

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Part 2


I looked around and realized we were attracting quite a crowd. Probably 20 people, both guys and girls had gathered, many with cell phones recording what was about to happen.  Many of the people I saw there were from school and church and now I was lying naked in front of them with my best friend next to me being seduced by two powerful men. 


Jordan came close to us and whispered “Don’t be afraid baby you will enjoy what’s about to happen and it will change you forever”.  James came up to the table and told us that we had the two sweetest asses he’d ever seen and it would be a pleasure to have the chance to 'breed' us.  Paul, who looked very frightened asked timidly what  'breeding' meant.   Jordan chuckled and said “We are going to fuck you baby and both of us are going to fill your sweet virgin asses with our hot cum.”


I heard Paul whimper “Oh dear god no” as he reached out and grabbed my arm. I was not expecting to hear Jordan's explanation, and I, like Paul, was frightened.


James flipped Paul on to his stomach and Jordan did the same to me, remarking “Goddamn those asses are perfect.  Time to open them up.”


I felt Jordan’s hands on each cheek of my ass pulling the crack open. I felt something warm and wet and realized he had just spat on my hole. I looked over to see James bury his face in Paul’s ass.  Paul threw his head back and moaned. The next think I felt was Jordan’s tongue lapping at my hole.  Then suddenly the tongue penetrated the rim.  The feeling was exquisite and I involuntarily pushed back to feel more. Jordan started to laugh and said “You're going to be hot little slut, baby.”


Suddenly I felt Paul grab my hand and whimper “Oh my god.”


James had stopped tonguing his hole and was now burying a finger into him.  He pushed in a second and said “Fuck he is tight! It’s going to be fun tearing him open.”  Paul arched his back and moaned and squeezed my hand tightly.  Jordan’s tongue was now replaced by two fingers in my hole and I let out a long moan as he shoved them into me and worked them around.


I turned my head towards the crowd that had gathered and saw Emily standing there next to Aaron who was rock hard with his own huge penis and rubbing her shoulders.  Jordan saw me looking at her and he shoved his fingers deeper into me with one hand and pulled me back up towards him with the other and began kissing me passionately. I could feel the metal ring and his massive penis pushed against my back and I realized everyone could see how hard my penis was.  I moaned loudly and uncontrollably.


“Time to breed this one” I heard James say as he turned Paul on his back. He pulled Paul’s small body up to his and kissed him. Paul at first resisted but slowly his mouth opened and he willingly allowed James’s tongue, which moments ago had explored his ass, to enter his mouth and play with his tongue.  Paul wrapped his arms around James’s beautiful body and I watched Paul’s penis harden too.


James laid Paul back down and then pulled him so his ass was at the edge of the table.  James took a step back and I could now see his rock hard penis. I gasped as did many in the crowd. It had looked long before but now fully engorged it seemed to have grown even longer.  He turned to Aaron and asked for lube.  Aaron handed him a container and he handed it to me.  “Get my cock ready to fuck your friend” he said to me.  I squirted some of the liquid on his penis and rubbed it up and down the shaft.  “Get it all covered because this is all going in his body” James said.



I got a closer look at the tattoo on his navel and finally recognized it.  The tattoo was the symbol for 'biohazard', a symbol I had seen in the chemistry lab at school.  I thought it was a bit strange thing to sport such a tattoo, but then looking back I was so naive.


James’s penis was just throbbing as I put more liquid on it.  There was some fluid oozing from the tip that Jordan told me was called 'pre cum'.


Jordan pushed my head down by Paul’s ass and told me to lick it to get it wet.  I put my tongue in and heard Paul moan. I pulled my head back as James positioned his penis up against Paul’s tiny hole. There was no way that massive body part could fit into that tiny area.  Jordan leaned down next to me and whispered, "Watch how his hole will accept his cock.  Your ass will shortly accept mine."


Only inches away, I watched the huge tip begin pushing against the hole.  James pushed and pushed some more and nothing happened.  Suddenly, he pushed harder and the head disappeared inside Paul.  I felt Paul’s body stiffen and he screamed “Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Please, no!”  James pulled back slightly then forward and another two inches went in and Paul screamed again.  He pulled back almost all the way out and pushed forward again.  There was about four inches still not inside of Paul. “Take it out! Take it out! It hurts so badly” Paul cried as he tried to squirm away from the onslaught.  


Jordan pulled me up and remarked "You need to hold your friend in place so James can fuck the rest of his cock into him. It’s going to hurt him for a while but once James gets him open he will love it.”


I climbed up and took Paul in my arms.  He was crying. “Please Caleb stop him, he’s so deep in me, I can’t take any more!” he begged.  I lied to Paul and told him it was only a little more to go.  I held Paul tight as James pulled his penis almost all the way out.  He slid back in again but still had over two inches to go.


This time James pulled all the way out and spit on the head of his penis, and turning to Jordan remarked "It's time to open that second ring.”


Jordan smiled and James pushed into Paul forcefully and did not stop until his scrotum was pressing against Paul’s ass.  Paul’s entire body stiffened, his head snapped back with his mouth open to scream but nothing was coming out and his legs shot straight up with his toes curled like fists. J ames pulled back and pushed in again and again.  He grabbed Paul by the ankles and spread him wide open.  Slowly James picked up the pace.  His long penis pulling nearly out before taking the long trip back deep into Paul’s small body.  Paul’s head snapped from side to side with each stoke, his hands digging into the blanket covering the table and his eyes wide open and full of fear.


"You're going too deep!  You're gonna kill him” I yelled.  James’s just smiled and continued

the pounding.  Suddenly, Paul looked back up at me and his eyes appeared to roll up in their sockets.  His body relaxed and his legs tried to wrap around James’s massive body. The contrast of Paul’s thin pale white body being pummeled by the massive dark muscled body of James was stunning.  Screams of pain were being replaced by moans of ecstasy with each trust of the long black penis he was impaled on.


I looked around the yard to see the crowd had grown.  Jordan pulled me over towards him and I looked at his massive cock with the metal ring.  There was a long string of precum dripping from it.  I suddenly realized that in a matter of minutes it would be inside of me and I would be experiencing the agony and the ecstasy that Paul was now feeling.  I heard a scream from the crowd and looked over to realize that Linda had returned to find us and was witnessing her boyfriend being ravaged by a man.  Paul saw Linda too but turned back to James and reached up and wrapped his fingers in James’s dreadlocks and pulled him forward and they locked in a deep kiss. 


James looked into Paul’s eyes and said “Are you ready for me to breed you, do you want me to fill your body with my hot cum and knock you up?” 


As James picked up the pace Paul screamed “Please breed me, I want to feel your cum inside me.”


Suddenly Jordan grabbed me and pushed my head down by Paul’s ass ordering “Watch your friend get filled, kid.  Your turn is next.” 


I could feel Jordan’s tongue back on my ass and I moaned again, even as I saw James’s cock was pounding harder now and I could hear Paul keep screaming “Oh god yes!”  James began to moan loudly.  He arched his back and every muscle on his beautiful glistening body seemed to tighten as he pushed every inch of his penis deep up into Paul.  James’s scrotum began to pulse as he exploded inside of Paul, who exclaimed "I can feel you!  I can feel you filling me!”  


At the same moment Paul's hard penis erupted in three shots of semen which shot involuntarily across his chest, face and into his hair.  James collapsed onto Paul’s small body and laid there for a minute.  He kissed Paul and slowly began pulling out of him.  As he pulled out a large amount of semen came with it. The semen was tinged in red, which I knew must be Paul’s blood coming from the rips inside him caused by the pounding he had just received.  James climbed up next to Paul’s head and fed him his now softening penis and Paul willingly licked off the cum, blood and whatever remained of his once virgin ass.


Jordan’s fingers were now back in me and he kissed me softly.  “I’m a lot bigger than James, so this is going to really hurt at first and tear you up inside.  Do you want me to be the first to breed you?”  he whispered to me.  


I looked in his eyes and looked down at the gigantic penis between his legs and answered “Hell, yeah.  I want you inside of me.”


I was flipped on my back and Jordan grabbed me by the ankles.  My heart was pounding as I looked around me. James was holding Paul in his arms as they prepared to watch me lose my virginity.  The crowd around the table of spectators had to be more than thirty.  Cellphone cameras were everywhere. Emily stood there with Aaron who was holding her from behind as she watched her boyfriend give himself to this gorgeous black man. 


Aaron approached and applied some lube to the head and metal ring on Jordan’s penis saying "Fuck his brains out, Uncle Jordan.”


Jordan’s penis pressed against my hole and I could feel the coldness of the ring.  Jordan leaned forward and kissed me and said “Give me your ass baby.”  I could feel my hole resisting the pressure and then suddenly it felt a flash of burning hot pain.  My hole was opening and the pain was blinding.  Jordan kept pushing slowly ever deeper.


“Please take it out” I begged but the pressure continued.


“Oh god James, this one is so tight.  You can feel his little hole slowly stretch and open.”  


Suddenly I felt a painful popping followed by the sensation of being completely filled.  His penis head and ring had won the battle.  He was in.  He continued to push and I tried to squirm away from the huge monster that was invading my body.  “Don’t run baby, let me in.”


He pulled back a little and pushed in again and I could feel him slowly moving deeper inch by inch.  My body was tense and he grabbed my nipples and twisted and I screamed and he pushed in more.  “Fuck I need somebody to hold his legs apart so I can spread his ass and get it all in,” Jordan commented.


James laughed and said “You’ve never gotten all that thing into anybody.” 


“I’m getting it all inside this little slut,” Jordan grunted as he pressed ever deeper.


The pain was so intense that I just closed my eyes and pleaded with him not to tear me in half.  I suddenly felt activity around me and realized there were new hands griping my legs and spreading me wide open.  It was Aaron who was holding my right leg and then glanced to my left and, to my amazement, Emily was holding the left.  Aaron’s hard penis was inches from my lips.  Emily smiled and pushed my head toward the shaft and Aaron moaned as it slid into my mouth.  As Aaron slid into my throat he leaned over and kissed Emily.


With my legs split wide open, Jordan spit on the part of his penis still not in me and then he grabbed my ass cheeks pulled them apart and lunged forward.  His penis pushed through what felt like another opening inside of me.  I screamed but it was muffled by Aaron’s penis deep in my throat.  I felt Jordan’s balls slap against my ass.  He pulled all the way out and straight back in.  His ring dragged across something inside me which sent waves of pleasure through my body.  The pain was horrible but the ecstasy was mind blowing. 


“You’ve got him now Uncle Jordan” Aaron gleefully remarked.


Jordan pulled all the way out again and slammed back in as Aaron pulled his penis out of my mouth.  I moaned “Oh my god, it’s so big!!”  I could feel him filling places in my body I didn’t know existed. 


“Holy shit you got it all in his tiny little ass” James laughed, adding “that’s got to fucking hurt.”


Aaron told Emily to take her hand and place it at the bottom of my abdomen right below by navel.  She did and Jordan pulled back and drove himself deep twice.  Emily looked stunned and turned to me and said “Oh dear Jesus Caleb, I can feel him inside of you.”


After a few more slams deep into me Jordan pulled his penis out.  I felt so empty without his body inside of mine.


He rolled me over and told me to get up on my knees.  I knelt with my ass up in the air facing him. Aaron stood up in front of me and pulled Emily to her feet. He kissed her passionately and untied her swimsuit which fell to the table.  I was seeing Emily naked for the first time and she was beautiful, but I knew I wanted Jordan back in my ass.  I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me and I wanted to feel the cum from his body shooting into mine and experience the same ecstasy Paul had just experienced.  Looking back at him, I saw his totally engorged penis and generous traces of blood on the metal ring - my blood.



I bent down keeping my ass up and rested my head on the table. I was breathing heavily anticipating the pain that was about to return.  He grabbed me by my shaggy hair and pulled it back so I was looking at Emily.  “Tell her what you are feeling” he said and he pushed the head inside me. 

I screamed “Oh my god it burns like fire.”


He pulled out and pushed back in slowly “I can feel every inch, I feel the ring moving in me.  I don’t want it to ever stop!”  I could feel those beautiful muscled thighs slam up against me and I reached back to feel his muscles tensing as he began to pound me hard.  I was falling forward so he grabbed my hair with one hand and put the other around my throat and started to jack hammer me.  All I could do was moan and scream as wave after wave of pain and pleasure swept through me.  Emily grabbed Aaron’s penis and directed into my open mouth again.  It tasted so good and I sucked and licked it.  Aaron began to pound my mouth and throat while Jordan hammered me from behind.  I reached up to touch the smooth contours of Aaron’s beautiful body and reached around to grab his firm ass and pull him deeper into my throat.  Aaron looked into my upturned eyes and said “I’m going to fuck your girlfriend before this night is over. “  Emily was moaning and I realized Aaron had shoved several fingers into her vagina.


Aaron was breathing hard and grabbed my head with both hands, I could feel the wetness from Emily’s vagina on his fingers and I felt his penis growing harder in my mouth. “Fuck!! I’m cumming” he yelled and exploded.  Jet after jet of hot semen shot into my mouth and throat.  It was so salty and I swallowed as fast as I could.  He pulled his softening penis out of my mouth and put his arm around Emily saying “Get me hard bitch so I can fuck you.”  Emily knelt down and started sucking his penis.


With that Jordan pulled out and flipped me back on my back. “It’s breeding time."


This time he pulled his body up on top of mine. The warmth and wetness of his skin and muscles felt incredible pressed against my body.  His penis was pressing up against my tingling hole. He looked in my eyes and said “I’m going to fuck you now and breed you baby.  I want you to know my cum is poison to you.  All three of us have HIV and your friend Paul was probably infected when James fucked him.  Now I’m going to infect you, are you ready?” 


I was stunned by what he had just told me but my desire for him was overwhelming.   I looked over at Paul and James and saw that they were both hard and kissing intensely.  I glanced at Emily who was sucking and licking Aaron’s penis which was again hardening.  I turned to Jordan and answered softly "Please do whatever you want to me.  I need you to breed me.”


Jordan kissed me as he slid his penis slowly back into me.  I could feel every pulsing vein in it as slid inch by inch deep into my body.  When is balls touched my ass I involuntarily exclaimed "Oh, dear god!”


I wrapped my arms tightly around his back and he slid his strong arms around my small body and pulled me tightly to him.  We kissed and then it began.  He gradually picked up the tempo.  His balls slapped hard against me.  The pain I had felt before was gone.  Only wave after wave of pleasure each time the penis made its trip back and forth.  Something strange started happening inside of me, feelings I had never imagined grew stronger.  My penis was so hard it felt like it would rip open.  We both were in total ecstasy and we were moaning and screaming uncontrollably.  Everyone watching the scene were mesmerized by the passion we were experiencing.  I wanted it to go on forever.  I could feel his muscles rippling as I watched his perfect firm ass going up and down as he ravaged me. “It’s time baby!  Time to make you mine!” Jordan grunted as his penis seemed to expand and become even harder.


“Oh God!! You’re so big!!” I yelled.  


Jordan pushed in me as deep as he could and I knew what was about to happen.  He arched his back.  His eyes were rolling back in his head.  I felt a slight throb from his scrotum which was pressed against my ass.  Then his whole penis throbbed and throbbed again.  I could feel hot jets of cum coating me inside.   He pulled back slightly and throbbed again.  The warmth and the throbbing in that spot put me over the edge.  I could feel my own cum rushing toward my penis.  I reached for it but Jordan was on top of me with my penis trapped between our bodies.  I erupted with shot after shot of semen.  “Fuck yeah,” Jordan commented, adding “My baby just blew his last negative load."


Jordan slowly withdrew his penis from my ravaged ass.  I could feel the still warm cum leaking from my open hole.  His penis was dripping with red tinged cum.  He dragged his penis through the puddle of my cum pooled on my stomach, and climbing up to my head and told me to lick him clean.  I opened my mouth and cleaned off the remains of his cum, my blood, my cum and the remnants of my once virgin hole. 



As I lay dazed I could hear and feel activity next to me and heard a female scream.  I turned to see Emily lying next to me as Aaron drove his penis into her virgin vagina.  His body was so perfect and I was jealous, not that she was giving herself to him first, but because I wanted his beautiful body on top of and inside me.  Kissing her to try and keep her from screaming Aaron pounded her mercilessly.  When she started to moan with pleasure he knew he had her.  She looked at him and began pleading “Please don’t cum in me!  I don’t want to be pregnant, I don’t want AIDS!”


Aaron was not stopping and even picked up his tempo as he replied “Here’s my seed, bitch!”


Aaron began moaning and I knew the flood of cum like he had just fed me was about to blow into Emily, and sure enough, Aaron grunted “I’m cumming!”  


As he did so, Emily’s body convulsed in total orgasm as Aaron’s sperm shot into her womb.   Afterwards Aaron pulled out and, having crawled over to me, he fed me his penis to tongue-clean.  I complied without hesitation.


Jordan and James then picked Paul and me, and carrying us in their arms, carried us back towards the house.  "What are we going to do?" I asked, my head resting against Jordan’s chest.  


"We're gonna clean you up, get some sleep and then we have more plans for you both tomorrow."

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  • Moderators

Hey Everybody! This is my first run at writing a story. So far only one person has commented.  Did you like it or not? I've got more ideas but I need feedback. Thanks

You also got 4 likes on your posts one of which was from me. I like your story.

In my experience writing and posting stories on here, 6 hours is not enough time for people to comment. Give it at least 24.

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      My most recent trip was for work, to Portland, OR. Workdays were short so I had lots of time to explore. I like the city of Portland, but since I was alone, I was thinking I might want to check-out this gay sex club I saw on the web. I don’t know what came over me, as I not usually this brazen. But I was really horny, and the idea of this place really turned me on. Besides, there’s no harm in just going in, watching what’s happening, and jacking off.
      The club was easy to find and get to – making myself go in…not so much. As a married man, it’s just not something one does. But my hardening dick said otherwise. I told myself, a step at a time. I opened the door, and the music came pumping out and a strange smell…it all lured me in. When I got to the counter, the guy there asked me if I wanted a locker or a room. I was confused at first. Then I thought, in case I needed a safe place to hide, I’d better get a room. After checking-in and getting my towel, I sat in my room a while wondering what I was doing there and what I expected to get out of coming. But I was there so I should join the party and check the place out. When it comes to gay sex, I’m only turned-on by the totality of raw, bareback fucking. So, I’m just here to stand on the sidelines and watch. Being a weeknight, I’m thinking it might not be too busy anyway.
      So, I finally take off my clothes, wrap the towel around my waist, and step outside my door. The music is pumping, and I did hear some very distinctive “sex” noises. I take a quick walk around, to get the lay of the land. There are spaces with no one, but others (like the steam room), that seem to have a good number of guys. Upstairs, in the cage room is where I see my first “action”. A middle-aged guy, kind of rough and sexy looking is getting his dick sucked by an older guy. The rough guy noticed me and made direct eye contact. I felt conspicuous just standing here so I beat feet and left. Guess I was more nervous than I thought. I told myself I’ll never see any action if I run away from it.
      Some time goes by, and I’ve seen some blow jobs at the glory holes, fucking in the video room (with a rubber – buzz kill). But now that the place was getting busier, and after hitting my brown bottle, I got less shy. And the place seemed a bit darker. So, as I made my way back to the lounge/cage area there were two guys in the lower section. And from the sound of things, I was sure they were fucking. There was this area behind a half-wall and rail where I could spy on the action. Sure enough, they were fucking hot and heavy. From this angle I couldn’t see the dick going in the ass, but soon enough, they changed positions and I saw the Top reinsert his RAW cock back in that hole.
      “Fucking A.” I thought. Finally, some real, gay sex. I was rubbing my bone under my towel when across the room I see this guy watching me. He couldn’t see the action, only me.
      “SHIT!” It’s the Rough Top I saw getting the BJ. Again, I got nervous and dashed away just as I heard the Top saying he was going to breed that bottom. DAMN! I missed it.
      Since they were nearby, I checked-out the glory holes. Always some raw cock sucking there. As luck would have it, I walked by and heard some “familiar” sounds coming from inside one of the cubes. I looked thru the glory hole itself and sure enough, someone was getting nailed. Could see if it was raw, but WTF, someone was getting fucked. I was on a less traveled section of the area, so I just leaned on the panel and watched thru the hole. The Top was getting close, and I almost lost it when he said, “You want my seed?” And the bottom said, “Fuck yeah.”
      I was about to cum with him when I felt uncomfortable. I looked over my shoulder and there he was, about 20 feet away. Mr. Rough. I could see he had his dick out from under his towel and was stroking it. It was about 8.5 inches, tapered head and shaft that got thicker at the base. And it had a slight upward curve. I stopped watching the scene below me and turned to check him out. He was far enough away that I didn’t feel the need to flee. He'd had an average body with some hair, and was about six feet in height. He was sexy and each time I'd seen him, he was watching me and not the other action.  
      I then noticed I was still stroking my dick under my towel. I look-up again and he was gone. I thought it was odd, but I turned just in time to see the Top in the GH cube inject the bottom with his sperm. This whole time I didn’t touch anyone else. I just watched from a distance and stroke my dripping dick.
      Now I figured it was time to check-out the slings. I walked down a hallway and stopped at the corner of the wall going from the hall into the room. It was dark there and no one could see me - it was perfect. There is this young stud in the sling, legs up the chain and strapped in place. He was rubbing his dick while the top was on his knees licking and tongue fucking that hot bottom. The top was stroking his cock with warm oil. I could see clearly the oil bottle, so I knew they weren't going to be using a rubber.  The site of this and the idea of some bare fucking got me really turned on. I started stroking my leaking boner under my towel. Soon thereafter the top stood-up and started rubbing his bare, oiled dick head over the moaning bottom's wet hole.
      "Can I just slip the head in a bit? I want to feel how good your hole is."
       "Okay." The bottom answered.
      With that the top pushed his head in and danced it around in that bottom's hot hole. Without another word, his whole dick slid into the bottom all the way to his balls. "OH, FUCK YEAH! That feels good," the bottom mutters.
      "I knew you'd like it," the top replies, adding "I'm going to fuck you good, then give you my hot load in your cunt. You want that don’t you, boy?"
       "Yes Sir," the boy answered.
      Oh my God! My dick is so hard and it's dripping a full stream of pre-cum down my shaft.  I soooo wish I was that bottom boy. And, before I could complete that thought, I hear it whispered in my ear.
      "I know you're standing here wishing you were in that sling.”
      You think I would have jumped from being startled...but the voice was so sexy...and right, I just stood there, totally turned-on, and excited. Without notice, I feel a tongue licking the back of my ear and down my neck. I stopped breathing.
      “Here! Feel this." His hand grabbed my right wrist and pulled it back. I feel it contact a firm, solid cock. My hand wraps around it and I know in a moment it's the man that had been watching me. FUCK! I start to shake and panic.
      "SHHHH...just be calm, I know what you want, and I want to give it to you." He's now pulling me tightly into him. I'm pressed against his warm, bare chest. I feel his fur. My hand is still wrapped around that amazing cock. He whispers to me to slowly stroke it. I'm thinking to myself, "I'm not supposed to be with anyone here. I shouldn't be doing this."  But I can't stop. His dick feels so damn good. Plus, it is my favorite type and shape.  I then feel his left arm wrap around me.
      "I want to make you feel better than you ever have. I want to really fuck you like you've never been fucked. Will you let me do that?"
      "I shouldn't," I tell him. "I'm supposed to just stay alone, not be with anyone." I say.
       "Who says?" he replies.
       "No one...I mean, me. I know it's best if I don't get involved with anyone."
      “Well, too late now. You've got me too hot and hard, I can't just walk-away. Besides, you know what you want, and I know what you want. Now tell me boy, what is it you REALLY want?"
       "I can't say," I mumble.
      "Yes, you can, and you will say it. But first, let me make it easier." With that he drops my towel to the floor and holds a bottle of poppers under my nose. “Take a deep breathe through your nose and hole it, then let it out real slow.” I do so, and in moments my head is spinning. Fuck! I’m flying and feeling real horny. "Bend over a bit. You’re going to like this. I just want to feel your hole with my finger." I'm reluctant, so he pushes me a bit. I bend over and he instructs, "Now, spread your cheeks for me."
      I can’t help myself; I’m so horny I obey. I feel an oily finger push into my hole. He pushes it rather fast and deep. I pull away a bit because it stings a little because my ring is so tight, almost virgin. He rubs his finger around a bit, and I pull away his finger slips out as he comments "You have a hot, tight little pussy there boy.  When were you last fucked?"
      "I don't remember. I mean, never…it's been a while."
       "Well, I think you're really going to like this fuck. Have you got a room?"
      Without waiting for an answer, he pushes me down the hall urging "Let's go."  I lead him to the room where, once inside, all I want is to be fucked...actually fucked, not just pretend. I know this is not right. I can’t do this. Then this hot man looks me in the eyes and says, “Feeling really horny, aren't you?  You ready for some real cock?"
       I can't answer but I was thinking to myself 'Fuck YES! I want HIS cock, but I'm not supposed to.
      "Come-on boy. Take another hit, on both sides this time, then get on your knees, on the bed, and show me that pussy. That hot, tight pussy. I want to fuck you."
      I inhale deeply in both nostrils and hold the hit as long as I can. Once I let it out, without thinking I get on my knees - I so want to be fucked. I want this man's dick so bad I can't think of anything else. He puts some oil over his head and shaft and starts rubbing that amazing head over my hole. FUCK! I want him in there, and as if reading my mind, he casually remarks "I'm going to push my dick head in you."
      "You got a rubber on?" I ask.
       "What do you think?" he asks.
      With that his head is in my hole.
       "FUCK MAN! You gotta put on a rubber!"
       "That's not what you want now is it?"
      He's fucking right. I’m so high from the poppers all I want is his bare cock. I want him to fuck me like men are supposed to fuck. I want his seed, I gotta have his cum in me.
      Without thinking anymore, my ass takes over. I push back and am met by his forward thrust. We both simultaneously exclaim "Fuck yeah!" as his unprotected shaft goes deep into my hole. It hits some resistance.
       "You feel that boy? You feel what's stopping me?"
       "Yeah, kinda. What is it?"
       "It's your second ring. Ever been fucked past your second ring?"
       "Don't think so, sir. Didn't even know I had one."
      "Oh, you do. But I guess you’re a virgin there, too. Guess I get to take that cherry. It's even tighter than your first one. You have to try hard to relax…better hit the bottle again…here goes.  
      Oh fuck, here I go. What the hell am I doing? I'm getting something I’ve wanted for a long time. And before I know it, he shoves. His dick head is the perfect shape, and he pops past my second ring without pain, with help from the poppers I imagine. Involuntarily I exclaim "OH MAN! That's fuckin' awesome. I love the feeling."
      "Yeah, it's pretty damn good at my end too."
      “You're so fucking hot and tight I don't know how much longer I can hold-off."
      The poppers have me so high and horny I just say, "Don't hold it, man. I’m so fucking horny...I need your load in me. Shoot it man, inject me with that juice you know I need."  I can't fucking help myself anymore. A complete stranger is barebacking me, and I want his sperm so bad.
      "Oh, you fucking hot bitch! I'm going to fucking seed you deep. I'm going to give you a load where no man has ever left one before."
      "Fuck yeah man, seed my cunt deep. Own it, make it yours. You've known all along what I wanted - what I needed."
      With that he dives deep; holds it; and I can feel his dick surge and pump. He's fucking shooting his hot seed in me. I'm in fucking heaven! I'm feeling every moment. He's jabbing my cunt and spitting his seed as he grunts "OH FUCK YOU, you hot bitch. I knew you'd be a hot fuck."
      He's now slowly pumping my ass as I stroke my dick, within seconds I announce. "Oh, fuck man, keep pumping me. I'm gonna cum.  Oh, fuck yeah, here it cums!  Fuck the cum out of me! Fuck your cum deeper in me."  With that, my dick blasts my pent-up load all over the bed and shortly we fall to the mattress, Mr. Rough resting on my back.
       "Fucking amazing, boy. But then I knew your pussy would drain my balls."
       "I never thought I'd do something like that. I'm glad I did. You were the best fuck I ever had, just as you said. Thanks!"
    • By Treehugger
      If you have read some of my posts you know I work for a gay couple and one of them fucks me regularly. When we first started fucking I was very uncomfortable with it for several reasons, he was married and I have a boyfriend being the big ones. Long story how it all started. If you are interested I can tell that story in another post.
           So at first I made him come to me if he wanted sex. Again it was me trying to control things, dealing with my guilt, not wanting to let go. I live with them when working and have my own room. He would come down to my room at night and slip into bed. I didn't always give in, just pretended to be sleeping.
            That slowly changed. Being the cock hungry cumdump that I am I could not resist having such a delicious cock so close at hand. His cock is the beer can type, so fucking hot. Feels amazing stretching my hole. He fucks raw and plants his seed in my guts. As all you dedicated bottoms know when you get that need to be mounted and bred there is no ignoring it.
           One night I had to have some cock. It was very late, probably two or three in the morning. I went up to his room and started blowing him with his husband snoring away right next to him. I could tell when he woke up but he never said a word.
           His cock is so thick I have trouble sucking for very long. My jaw aches, my teeth start getting in the way. I powered through though until I got his load. Then I went back to my room and jacked off savoring the taste of his cum.
           That was the beginning of the end for my resolve not to ask him for sex. Slowly over the next few months I gave in to my needs, mainly the need to back up on that fine cock and rub one out while he seeded my hole. Eventually he bought poppers because sometimes I had a hard time working that fat rod up my chute. Being the popper pig I am it just made me want his cock even more.
           He has huge balls too so his fully packed crotch looks like two chipmunks fighting over a sausage. You can't take your eyes off it. He is a total tease as well. If we go anywhere for a drive he unzips and lets his half hard cock peek out. 
           This summer I gave in completely and asked to be fucked. He has not said no once. He is often on the farm during the day so is available to breed me. One time I went to find him to get fucked and his son showed up and would not go away. I needed cock and wasn't about to wait any longer. I typed 'wanna fuck' on my phone and showed it to him. Very quickly he got rid of his son and five minutes later he was balls deep in my hole and I was begging for his load.
           I finally realized how lucky I was to have a willing top on call. Being very rural my options are limited. I don't work on the farm in the winter and am missing his dick. Next summer I plan making sure I quit wasting time and back onto his cock every chance I can. I am sure that will be almost daily. Every time I have snuck into his bed at night his cock is always hard before I touch it. I wait until his husband is asleep, the man sleeps like the dead, then I get what I need which is a thorough fucking and breeding.
           Anybody else in a situation like this or have a top always available to take care of your greedy hole?
    • By HairyJake
      I was ordered to do 30 days in jail for a violation with a city ordinance. 
      I am a white, muscular hairy guy - mainly bottom. I had three cell mates. And from day one to day 30 - Every night they rammed and pounded their huge Black Cocks in me. By the third  night , I was begging  for it. 
      When I got home my partner and I were upstairs and I stripped naked and he gasped at the 8 tattoos , but when I laid on my back and showed him my gaping ruined hole he started freaking out. 
      An hour later we were both naked  he had been cucked and his arrogant ass watched 4 BBC’s breed me. He almost cried when I rode the last one and already leaking cum he shot a flood in me that fished back out covering my  thighs and legs. 
       But after he spent a couple hours eating my ass and slurping up the cum, while I told him , his small white dick would never satisfy me - that I was a whore for Black Cock and only would take Black Raw Loads and his job would be to clean up my ass and hole - 
      the following week we went to a bathhouse and he whimpered near me as I was gang bred on a fuck bench, in a sling on the floor in the maze and even on all fours in the showers - Then we went to the fuck bench and he ate my wrecked hole and licked it clean.
      last night at the eagle he watched 5 Bulls breed me with their monster Black Cocks then they forced him to suck them clean and he loved it ! 
      so after eating me out , we showers and lubed up and by nights end he was a stretched out  moaning for more whore for BBC like me and  on all fours , glassy eyed and drooling through open mouths we kissed as two bulls pounded  the hell out of our white asses. 

    • By sundevil5
      On my way home one night, i had been jogging at the high school track to try and burn off stress and energy, i was driving slowly through my neighborhood in Philly with the windows down cooling off as i drove. 
      I saw a sexy pair of legs in high heels attached to a fine looking ass. She was walking on one side of the street, strutting like the hookers on Broad street. I slowed down and drank in her sexy ebony body and she suddenly stumbled. I stopped my car. I dont know why i got out to see if she was ok, but i did. “Are you ok?” As i bent over her to help her up. She looked up at me with her pretty green eyes and smiled, “yes baby, im ok. Just a little buzzed from a party.” Let me help you up i said as i averted my eyes from hers, and as i grabbed her hands my eyes went to the top of her legs. She had perfect legs and as i helped her up her skirt jacked up even higher and i wasnt sure what i saw in a quick flash. “Whats your name sexy man?” She said. Bobby i said. “Can you give me a ride home? I thought i could walk home from the party but after that I shouldn’t.” Her eyes drank me in, her hands still held mine and as she teetered over me in her stilletos, her essence washed over me. Her breath smelled like booze and cigarettes and she was close enough to stick her tongue out and lick my forehead.  “I’d love to give you a ride, what your name baby?” Chen-Chen she said in a sexy kind of growl.   I walked her to the car, opened the door for her and before she got in she touched my cheek and said, “ i love sexy gentlemen who know how to treat a lady”. And she sat down and swung one leg at a time in the car, giving me a glimpse way up her thigh. I thought i saw a cock swing into my car before the second leg and as i shut the door her eyes met mine and then she saw that i was hard in my running shorts.
      i got in, and asked her “where to baby?” Chen-Chen said she lived near the train station. So i put the car in gear as she leaned over and changed the radio to a jazz channel. She lit a cigarette and blew the smoke out of her nose as she scooted across the seat to put her hand on my hard on. “Ooooh Bobby baby what do you got for Chen-Chen?” She rubbed and i moved to give her more access. We stopped at a stop sign and she pulled my dick out and as she blew smoke out of her nose she kissed me. She smiled and said “drive honey”, then she dropped her head to my cock and started licking and sucking. She worked my cock and balls and at another stop sign she pulled my shorts off. I moaned loudly as she sucked my balls into her mouth and she squeezed my dick in her hand. She moaned back and said she loved sweaty balls and ass like mine. She dove deeper and lifted my ass off the seat ass her tongue dug into my ass. I moaned and writhed. I pulled over by the train station when she stuck a finger into my ass. She sensed we had stopped and looked up. She sat up and squeezed my hardon and told me where to go as she slowly jacked me. She directed me into an alley and we parked by a dumpster and a fence. I turned the car off and she pulled my head down to her lap and then i sucked that beautiful brown dick into my mouth. She leaned back against her door and put her legs on my shoulders and as she stroked my hair she encouraged and directed me as i devoured her cock and balls. She arched her back and her slick hole met my tongue. “Eat Me baby!, get my pussy ready for that big dick of yours”. Her hole was wet and smelled like cum, her cheeks were sticky and i was in heaven! I could hear her mumbling and mewing from between her thighs and then she pulled me up, turned around and said “FUCK ME BOBBY”!!!  She slammed back onto my cock and i fucked her as hard as i could. I grabbed her hips and pounded her hole for all i was worth. She moaned and moaned and bucked and squeezed and finally i burst and came with a primal yell! My dick was pumping on every heartbeat, my eyes saw stars, and i collapsed and her back in a sweaty grinding moaning being. Her ass was milking me and after what seemed like an hour my cock plopped out like a champagne cork. Chen-Chen leaned back and sat in my lap and reached an arm around and pulled me in for a kiss. My hands began to roam her body, i pinched her nipples and one hand stroked her wet sticky cock.  When she broke the kiss she purred, “Damn Bobby! I need some more of that!” I mumbled sure and she said let’s continue this at my place around the corner. As i pulled away and we headed in that direction she lit a cigarette and as i slowed under a streetlight she scooped some cum from under her package and raised her fingers to my mouth to lick….
    • By dendnadrop
      My good sirs, my first time being with a man was with a man in his late 70's and I was mid 20's. It was also the first time I got spun. Leave there I never thought Id go back, I was so ashamed...But 2 months later there I was having a 77 year old man blow meth down my throat. We ended up becoming more and more frequent. He is one of the biggest reasons I am who I am. We decided that I would serve in no better way than by allowing any and every older man to breed me whenever they wanted. So far nothing makes me feel more satisfied that having an older man fuck his seed into me. I almost like it better when we had just met. When I moved to Denver (bobs last request of me was to let dogs knot me, which i have not done yet) the first older man who asked to fuck me was a massive junkie living in such a disgusting apartment, in an awful part of town. but he got me spun up and fucked me because I was made for him to fuck. He would bring neighbors and friends in to watch and then pass me off to them. He would play hard into incest roll play. I loved both the feeling of being passed on and passed off to anyone, and i loved that sometimes they were my uncles. One of the last times I saw this guy, he wouldn't fuck me until I was loaded, and he told me to go sell my self on the street or get raped in an ally but dont comeback not loaded. Instead What i started doing was ordering Boner pills in mass so, no older man would feel embarrassed or angry for not getting it up. I was too frightened to go sell myself on the street or get raped in an alley. I Would do it now if I was drugged up and told to by a daddy that wants me to. The last time I saw this man He told me I should be having "family reunions" so all of my older family can a be gangbreeding me with all of their cum. (i still have not had one and it makes me very sad, I've gotten decently close a couple times in an porn theater where 3-4 old men are all groping me and using me and then they all loose their nerve. 
      After a year of knowing what my calling was an not achieving it. I recently created a new goal. I want to make it my life mission to become such a well known Cum-dump for older men that they know me walking around town. I want to film myself being a free use hole for these men and I hope to get older men who want me to come to their town and cities. If I could create a non profit that let me go into retirement homes I would! and my end goal, of being such a slut for older men. I would love it a couple of my favorite daddies took me to palm springs and pimped me out there every now and again. I am literally So proud and so honored to have any of these men use me that I would film it, or do it in front of a crowd. I also do mean all older men. I would feel only pride and thankful if it were older homeless junkies (has not happened). I was made for older men.
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