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What Is A Fuck Buddy To You?


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10 hours ago, analluv27 said:

For me the difference is whether you fucked first or was friends first 

That's a reasonable distinction to make as well. Though I think if I made friends with someone who'd fucked me casually, and he continued to do so, I'd move him from the "fuckbuddy" category to the "friend with benefits" category. 

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    • By TigerMilner
      I have gotten a little bit too casual lately I guess when it comes to my fuckbuddies. One of my most regular buds has been around a lot lately. We've started hanging out as well as having sex, which is all we used to do. My kids have known him and seen him around for about 7 years and it has always been kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" type of thing. I never lied about who he is but never volunteered information either. The age difference is such that he is only six years older than my son and seven older than my daughter. She came right out and asked me "Who is he to you?" the other day. I was kind of shocked and stalled for time by asking the classic line "What do you mean?" She responded with "Is he your friend, your boyfriend, a hook-up? I responded by using her words. "He is my friend, he's not my boyfriend, and he started out as a hook-up".  She said "Oh Ok". 
      It makes me wonder, how much do you tell your kids about your activities? I realized that lately they have seen several men in my place either when they would come home or wake up. It is probably why she felt she had to ask. I felt like it was important to be upfront and truthful, since that is what I have taught them is the right way to be.
    • By CumSlutandProud
      Back in August, I had one of those weekends - the type where I get really horny, go online, plan on a couple of fucks but end up getting fucked by a few dozen.  It was great, and among the many great (and not so great) fucks of that weekend was a black dude with a thick dick and an amazing fuck technique. Unlike most other anon pump-dumps, BBC (what we'll call him for this write-up) was a nice guy, I stayed in touch with him, and he has continued to fuck me over the course of the past months probably about ten times.
      Two days ago, BBC gave me one helluvva fuck.  BBC has a great ability to mix it up: fast then slow motions, soft then hard motions -- he does it really well and you feel really fufilled as a bottom at the end because 1) he dumps multiple loads and 2) you've been fucked at all speeds and intensities and in many different positions.
      Monday's fuck was a "pray to God I make it through this" fuck -- rapid fire fucking, deep dicking  over and over, BBCs BBC constantly and rhythmically pulling completely out of my cunt then shoving back in.  It was one of those fucks where I thought my body was going to split when he thrusted in again.  He shot a giant load of cum after about 30 minutes of solid fucking and I had to lay there for about 30 minutes more to regain composure.
      And that was my last load (well, I've had three since then, but this was noteworthy).
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