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  1. My favourite cocksucker moment and also my favourite cum tasting moment, was the 2nd time in my life I went to a cruising area, and I was still a teen. There is a cruising area near Amsterdam where you can ‘legally’ cruise. I was taken there a week before by some good ‘friends’. I managed to find the place again on my bike and started walking around figuring out how it worked. It was middle-of-summer, quite hot, and a lot of guys where sunbathing but most were walking around. I did feel a bit awkward as this was the first time I was by myself in a situation like this, so out in public. I
  2. Looking at these stories, a lot of us have experienced this. Talking for me personally i don't regret anything. I Had loads of fun and enjoyed every miute of it 😋.
  3. Writing some post responses, I noticed I enjoyed describing my story, so decided to post a blog see if it’s something I like. To start with something that happened about 5 years ago (2016). I went on my weekly duty trip to Paris (CDG) airport and checked into my regular hotel. This hotel is also very popular with my coworkers as well and we usually have dinner together as a group in a mall nearby the airport (after basically spending >300 nights in the airport I’m quite fed up with the ‘local’ (hotel) restaurants). At some point, I was super horny and decided to look in my planetr
  4. I haven’t been ‘caught’ myself, but I did find 2 coworkers on the planetromeo app, I’m using most, and knew one of them quite well (apart from him being bisexual). I'm new to this site, so no experiences there (yet) At first, I didn't know it was him until I noticed the same user was in close proximity on the app even when I was abroad on my duty trips (our company has a large volume of people travelling back and forth between The Netherlands & France). It took me quite some time before I had the nerve to contact him and take the initiative (large portion of our friends work within th
  5. That's one heck of a story. Got hard reading it. Was fortunate to have a threesome with 2 t-girls in Pattaya (so the paying kind), but nothing like this story.
  6. So counting ‘unique’ cocks I think I can categorize it based on my relationship status Between 11-13: 1 cock Between 13-15: Maybe 30 cocks Between 15-25: Maybe 400 cocks (first long-term relationship, with a participating girlfriend) Between 25-38: Maybe 50 cocks (second long-term relationship, ‘sort-of’ cheating, she knew I was ‘practising’ bisexual but didn’t want to be involved in the end) Between 38-40: Maybe 100 cocks (enjoyed being single) Between 40-42: Around 4 cocks (now married, ‘sort-of’ cheating, she knows I’m bisexual, however, doesn’t want to b
  7. Giving, or receiving, I prefer a combination of both. Receiving, I not only want to have a taste of cum, but also want it messy on my face, as it makes me feel extra slutty. Giving, I like the look of cum on the face, but also find it horny to see someone play around with and swallow my load. I do notice a little difference between bi & gay guys (to my opinion, so-called hetero guys that want to have their dick sucked by guys are at minimum bisexual) I think bi guys are more visually oriented (maybe because of the porn?), so tend to want to ‘see’ the cum. Gay guys mostly prefer t
  8. For me it's similar as for most others, I would not call my first experience(s) with adult guys molesting as it was more consensual I guess. I am sexually active since I was 11, which mostly comes down to mutual sucking and hand play with friends (male and female). At around 13 I became more interested in sex with adults through sex magazines that also contained adverts from (bisexual) couples and bi/gay guys. One of them offered a bunch of older sex magazines for almost no money, so I contacted the guy as I wanted some magazines in my room (not at a friends place) to jerk off to. So o
  9. I've been filmed a few times by my former fuckbuddy. Mostly in his home (he had a nice sling) of us together and sometimes with a third guy, and a few times in a cinema where more guys where involved. I guess i found it very honry being filmed, at least it makes my much hornier. I also filmed myself fucking a few times, but didn't get much out of that to be honest. I'm thinking of hiding a cam and film myself having sex (feels exiting... but also not nice to the guy/girl if he/she doesn't know it i guess), haven't dared yet.
  10. First time i stealthed was with a tranny prostitue. I think technically it wasn't really stealthing (in the sense of this forum) as it was an option to go bare, however for quite some extra money. It was more from being cheap 🙂, but doing this ignited something in me, and have stealthed 2 more times after that. One time with a tinder date and one time with a grindr date. I was stealthed myself but the guy was undetectable (i found out afterwards when he left). To be honest that was also a very horny experience, feeling the cum ooze out when you don't expect it. I thought 'fuck it' and we
  11. I guess my first taste of cum (not being mine) was when i was about 11 years old. His mom had a bookstore and they sold sex magazines. We used to play together in the basement where all the books where hidden and at some point he shown me what he found. This basically started a whole experimentational phase for us both and after some time, we started sucking each other (to mimic the picture) and found out if was thrilling. Not before long we were also swallowing each others cum. I guess allthogether this put me on a different path then his. At some point he lost interest and didn't want to co
  12. Had a good fuck in a cruising area near my place (nieuwe meer) in Amsterdam two weeks ago. Noticed a hot bottom on his knees with his ass up. There was a condom on his ass, but i figured it was optional :). When i got on my knees behind him i noticed soon that it was indeed optional as his cunt was leaking a little bit of cum. I shoved my dick in his ass and felt the warm natural lube of guys before me. While i was fucking him i winked at a guy to join who was looking. I started to suck him off while i was fucking. It didn't take long for the guy to blow his load in my mouth. This was very hor
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