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Never before has there walke, a black man so perverted and proud. When I say no limits, that's what it means. No limits. I am highly marketable and mankind loves me. In the depths of my black nigger balls, there's a beautiful and sweet gift. A freedom that mankind has not cherished with its heart the way it should. They key to everlasting life- the breaker of conformity. Poz and charged, free at last. 

Some say I'm twisted because I worship the toxic seed, but I say- freedom is it's own reward. What greater joy is there than an room full of slammed up, poz pigs- worshiping and loving heir toxic bodies. Enjoying sharing strains with one another. Plotting on there next twisted deeds. Stealth. Stealth. Stealth. That's what the fire is saying. Free them , Free them all. Slammed up with each other's toxic blood; needles shared- they swap poz loads from hole to hole. Abuse each other's holes with chem piss and fisting. Double penetration, frozen poz nut, nut and chem piss smoothies, and all. They are disgusting and perverted creatures living in the beauty of their depravity.

Alone, I am , the Black Twisted Pig. In a see of beautiful white pussy, worshiping my glorious black body and dick. I am a God and I decree freedom and perversion. I escort the new shy pigs into the gates of sin and show them the glorious light that is worship. Worship my Dick! And you will be rewarded! In unison, all slammed up and chemmed up, they speak, " Yes Daddy." For there obedience they are tied down, collar to collar connected. Their glorious holes up in the are, on there backs- legs up. Chained together in twisted brotherhood. There reward- a night of endless pounding and anonymous dicks. As each one is pounded they look in the devious eyes of there attackers; proudly stamped with their biohazards. Each load they receive is a gift; and each dick they receive is a rewards. Filled with toxic piss and huge booty bumps. Each one slammed again! Corrupted and full, used and fulfilled. Each one, now a true brother; charged and ready to be free... 

( if liked, I'll make a part two) 


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Amen!!! Would love to worship at the altar of Your cock. From Your words and Your attitude, You are truly an Alpha Stud Black God that white fag pig bottoms like me should worship. Thank You for writing and sharing this, if You are in the Philadelphia area I'd love to serve You in person. If not, please feel free to message/email me so I may serve online. (That offer goes for any and all black Gods) Email: Kik: pensivemaniac. Thank You in advance.


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Hung Niggers with AIDS should be celebrated as the Gods of the gay community!  I'd marry one in a minute and be happy to support him.

Love your story (other than the drug references.  Just not my thing.)  


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    • By irlchaser
      I had been lurking on bbrt, getting hard to bug chasing fiction on here and jerking off to verbal poz porn on tumblr for a couple of years before I finally took my first toxic plunge. It was just before my 30th birthday and I was in my prime, 6ft, boy next door good looks, tight gym body with a round peach of an ass covered in soft fair bum fluff. I was turning heads in the bar and clubs but I was finding safe and vanilla hook ups didn't do it for me anymore. The sight of a condom in person or in porn was an instant boner killer. I started spending more and more time fantasizing about getting knocked up and began chatting to guys on bbrt.
      I lived in a small city with an even smaller and discreet bareback scene, at the time there weren't many open bug chasers even on bbrt. I'd already been through a couple of profiles and chickened out on few meets and was finding it difficult to find verbal gift givers, most guys were undetectable and looking for the same.
      It was a Friday night and work had been a bitch that week.  I picked up some weed and beers and settled in for a night of cruising for raw cock.  I don't know what clicked in my mind that night, whether it was my looming 30th birthday, the shitty week in work or the disappointing sex of late but I knew that night I would finally let my neg hole be flooded with a toxic load.  I was getting a nice buzz from the weed and beer and had some filthy porn on in the back round.  It was the kind where the guys were all obviously poz and even implied in some scenes that Toxic tops were pozzing neg bottoms without outright saying it, it gave me an idea to take a different approach online. 
      Logging onto BBRT, I edited my profile, taking out any overt references to being a bug chaser and changing my status to "ask me" instead of "don't know, don't care."  If tops could stealth then I could be a stealth bottom and steal the strain I craved.  Before I saw what I wanted.
      His profile described a hung top in his 50s, status "poz" not "undetectable" which really got my attention, and seemed to be close by.  Perfect!  I messaged him and unlocked all my pics.  He got back to me straight away, turns out he was a stoner and was at home high and horny too.   We got though all the online pleasantries quickly, he could host and was only a short walk from my place, we were sexually compatible and both up for meeting now.  Neither of us asked or disclosed our status in the messages.  I supposed he assumed I was poz and, like many others on the site, was being discreet.
      I asked him to unlock his pics, it was a formality on my part I knew I was ready to give up my hole to him from our brief exchange but it would be nice to get a look first.  The notification came through and I nearly came there and then.  I was greeted by pics of an obviously wasted body and what once would have been a handsome face but was now sunken and had lined cheeks, mouth and eyes that gave him the appearance of cheeky chappy who would rough me up.  Hanging between his skin and bone legs was a veiny flaccid monster, there was more meat on his poz cock than any of his other limbs.  He didn't have any fully erect pics but I didn't need to see any more.   We swapped numbers, he texted his address and we arranged to meet.  I hit the shower and while douching had precum dripping from the semi I had since seeing his pics.
      It was always at this point before where I would text with some lame excuse to cancel and go have a wank thinking about what could have been. This night was different, although my heart was pounding out of my chest it was with pure excitement not anxiety.  My cock was hard the whole 15 minute walk to his place, my hole was twitching with anticipation and instead of any conflicted thoughts I was filled with a focused, frenzied desire to take this strangers poz, hopefully unmedicated cum in my neg cunt.
      I arrived at the address and text to let him know I was outside, minutes later he was opening the door and leading me to his "flat" at the top of the house.  It was more of a efficiency, containing little more than a couch facing a TV, a small bed in the corner, and a kitchen alcove, and what at first glance appeared to be a closet was actually an en suite bathroom.  As soon as we were in the door we embraced and kissed.  He was somewhat shorter than my height, but the kiss we shared ignited something it both of us and we could both tell we were in for a good night.  His frail, small body felt so warm in my arms and instantly put me at ease.  We moved to the couch were a joint was waiting, from the first kiss we were never not touching one another, a hand on a knee, a stolen kiss, caressing our hard-ons through our jeans.
      We were obviously from different worlds but had an instant connection.  We made some easy small talk and finished the joint while watching some porn which would not be needed to get me going. I moved off the couch onto my knees and unleashed his hard cock from his jeans.  The virus might have done a number on his body and his face but his cock was pristine, a good nine inches with a slight upwards curve, a wet purple head covered in the softest foreskin.  When I took it in my mouth I could feel the veins pumping, filled with the poison I was here to take home with me. 
      I didn't take long for us to get naked and onto his bed, his skinny smooth body felt amazing on top of my muscled frame.  We were wild for each other, I hadn't been this hard since I was a teenager.  I knew it wouldn't be long before I had his toxic cum pumping deep in my hole.  I lay back and began to finger my hole giving him a little show, the look on his face was priceless.  He was the cat who got the cream, I imagined he couldn't believe his luck having a hot young guy ready to be fucked raw.  How was he to know I was the one in absolute awe of him and the poz gift he was going to unknowingly give me.  Soon I was flipped onto all fours with his tongue in my sweaty hole, I was moaning like a bitch in heat.  He pulled me back to him and I kissed him from behind tasting my ass in his mouth.  While we were making out he lined up that perfect poz cock with my neg boy pussy.
      I fell back into doggie style as he pushed into my wet hole.  I was in heaven, I finally had a toxic cock inside me.  I arched my back and backed up fully onto that monster, wordlessly letting him know there was no need to be gentle and he got the message and went to town on my greedy cunt.  We bucked and fucked in perfect unison.  I had a raging boner which I never normally had when getting fucked before, I was feeling new levels pleasure in my mind, hole and dick I had never felt before.  I begged him to "breed my hole" and "give me his load" and he responded likewise.  Amazingly in my state of bug chaser ecstasy I managed not to let out the usual poz buzz words and give away he was knocking me up, I doubt he would have cared at that stage but I wasn't taking any chances he would pull out.
      I began to feel his cock getting even harder in me and those tell tale pulses, he was about to cum.  I started to squeeze my now loosened hole around his beautiful poz prick.  I turned my head and met his eyes, gave him a cheeky smile and told him to "give it to me."  He didn't need telling twice and started to slam into my neg cunt.  I almost couldn't believe it - his more-than-likely toxic poz cum was going to flood my guts!  Additionally, for the first time fucking had never before felt so right and free.  I reached for my for my fully erect cock and with one stroke let loose the hardest longest orgasm I had ever felt, spurts and spurts of useless neg jizz landing on the bed spread.  This set off a chain reaction in my cunt, he seemed to have an equal orgasm to mine.  I felt spasm after spasm inside me, the precious gift deposited deep in me that I was going to try and hold onto, hopefully to regift if it took.
      He pulled out and I turned around to clean off his cock, licking his sweaty balls, taking in the smell of him, moving my tongue up his torso to his lips and fell back onto the bed in a euphoric embrace.  We lay there in after glow bliss kissing and caressing each other, running our hands up our spines inducing those after cum shivers I love.  I felt reborn anew lying there, a new clarity had come over me, gone was the indecisiveness and the shame.  I had made fantasy reality and it was more than I could have imagined.  There was no going back.  I knew now for certain I was meant to convert, it was my destiny to be free, to be a poz cum dump.  
      The whole hook up had seemed to fly by but I checked my phone and a couple of hours had passed by, we were both spent and called it a night, agreeing to do it again soon.  I was overjoyed leaving and now I was grinning like the cat who got the poison cream.  I left my unwitting gifter with a passionate kiss on the doorstep and practically skipped home with his dirty load inside my ass.
      Several weeks later I came down with a nasty flu.  I had to take a sick day from work it was so bad.  Still being a horny bastard and bored at home I logged into bbrt and saw him online.  He must have noticed me online as I got a text message from him looking for a hook up.  I told him I was sick and decided to bring up the fact that I was neg, I asked if he thought there might be a change he could have pozzed me.  He text back that there could be, he had health complications and wasn't always 100% with his meds, hence his "poz" status on bbrt.  He seemed to worry then and responded with apologies, I told him not to worry that it was what I wanted I knew what I was doing.  He replied by text that he presumed I was poz because "Poz guys are always amazing in bed."
      Turns out he was right.
    • By bbbriguy
      Will be staying in Syd for a few nights. Love to meet some local guys, unmedicated gifters, to poz me.

    • By anonpighole
      I am visiting Minneapolis for the first time in July and I am looking for a hotel recommendation where I can host an anon pig party.  I prefer something between the airport and Golden Valley or even downtown.   
    • By Bugchasertabooperv
      Hey fellow pigs!! Sick twisted dad here looking for genuine taboo Perv for meets n porn trade. Looking to be pozzed n willing to pay. 
      K9, Yng, scat some of stuff love.
    • By GeorgiaBoy
      NOTE: This is fiction. It did not and has not happened. All characters are fictional, except maybe myself. I think I am real.  I hope  that this is how my neg bottom will be pozzed some day, soon. This is my first story and i sincerely hope that i do not accidentally violate any rules. I have read the rules and I think it is OK. This story has some graphic language and personal slurs.
      The door to my hotel room was ajar, just as he directed. The room was dark and I was naked with my ass up on the bed. A lamp was on in one corner of the room with a towel over it to diffuse the light. My hole was as clean as i could make it and ready for the expected gift. My breeder had texted me from the hotel lobby that he was on his way up to my room. I was ready, but I was nervous. Yet I was excited too.
      How did I get here? We connected on BZ.  It was clear that this was the high viral load, med resistant HIV+ and full blown AIDS breeder that I had been seeking. He was willing to gift me. We exchanged medical reports, he wanted to ensure that I was truly NEG and I wanted proof of his claimed 2.1 million viral load. I traveled just to be bred by his toxic cock. I had seen pictures of him and I wanted to worship his death stick before it plunged deep into my most private places seeding me with his toxic death. He was my executioner. I had no plans to go on meds. I wanted AIDS. I wanted to share it widely once I was fully toxic. But first, I needed him to breed me deeply.
      I heard the door slowly open and then close. I snapped back into the present. I wanted to look, but knew I shouldn’t. He said, “Good faggot! I hope you are ready because I have not cum in five days and you are going to get the most toxic load I have ever shot.” I heard him take off his clothes. and shuffle over to me. He roughly stuck a finger into my hole and spun it around. I could feel his fingernail cutting into my tissue. I stopped breathing and held my breath knowing that this would make the virus he carried more likely to infect and then ultimately kill me.
      “Say it,” he said.
      “Give me AIDS,” I quickly replied. I had been prepared for him to ask that question.
      With that he stooped over and began to rim my clean ass deeply. “MMMM, perfect. You are clean and properly prepared to receive my gift,” he uttered. It felt good to have his tongue so deeply inside of me. I knew his cock would soon be delivering its special load of death to me. He grabbed my cock and balls and gave them a nasty twist. My precum was flowing copiously. He took some of my precum and wiped it on my hole. 
      “Suck me,” he commanded. I had been waiting. I wanted to worship the instrument that was going to infuse death into my body. It was the executioner’s tool, as lethal as the guillotine, the axe blade or the scimitar; only this death would take longer to consummate. I would have a lot of time to reflect upon my decision and the chain of events which led me here.  
      I eagerly took all 8 inches of his uncut cock into my mouth. He was already semi-erect and I knew that I was to bring him to full hardness. It was then that he would be ready to gift me as we had planned. I wanted this. His balls and pubes were shaved. It was very exciting for me to feel the bare skin against my nose as I took him deep. I gave him the best blow-job of my life, fully worshiping his cock and balls and the seed that was within. I lost track of time while preparing the instrument of my ultimate destruction. I became aware that he was beginning a slow in and out motion as he became more excited. 
      He started to pull his cock from my warm mouth. “Turn around faggot, it is time.” I was jolted back into reality and realized the moment had arrived. This beautiful cock that i had been deep throating was about to become the instrument of my ultimate demise. I slid my mouth off the heavily veined shaft of his cock, lingering for a moment to run my tongue under his foreskin. I love uncut cock and the sensitive glans protected by the foreskin. I savored the flavor of his precum and I knew in a few moments this hard instrument of sex and enjoyment would be deep inside of me. And he was hard, like a piece of steel. 
      Once I had relinquished his cock from my mouth I got back onto the bed and and presented my ass for his use and enjoyment. He had previously told me he only bred doggie, so there was no question what position I needed to assume. He bent over and licked my hole one last time.  “This is your last chance you sick fuck,” he said. “Once my cock head is in your bottom there is no turning back. I will fuck you and give you AIDS and you will die from it. You will get sick, you will have terrible diarrhea, and my strain is med resistant. Meds will not help you nor will they save you. And just so you know, I may have some other bugs that I will be sharing with you too. It is a complete package of sickness and death.”
      My own cock started to get hard as he was telling me about what he was going to do to me. I wanted it so badly. I relaxed to allow his steel hard cock easy entry even though I knew it was going to hurt like hell. He told me there would be no mercy. I was being bred like a mare and this stallion had infected over 100 men and some women and almost all of them had developed AIDS within a year and many had died. He was very proud of his toxicity.  
      I felt his cockhead brush my hole. No lube was going to be used, just the little bit of precum that dribbled from his cock. I was both scared shitless and excited beyond belief at the same time. After weeks of planning he was finally going to breed me.
      “Last chance,” he said. “If you are ready, you know what to say.”
      I knew the magic words, but  I was enjoying his cock playing across my hole. I backed up a bit to try and entice him to enter me and he playfully pushed in a bit. But then withdrew. 
      I relented, for some reason I didn’t want to say the words and actually give him permission to fill me with AIDS and almost certain death. I wanted him to take it from me. But I was willingly going to my own execution and I had known that from the beginning.
      I knew he was a fully experienced breeder and understood there needed to be a moment before the willing victim agrees to sentence being imposed.
      “Give me AIDS,” I finally uttered.
      Instantaneously his steel hard cock slammed past my sphincter and drove into the deepest part of my inner self tearing past my second sphincter. He held his cock deep inside of me for a few moments for me to adjust to the pain. This was not supposed to be enjoyable. And it wasn’t! He started roughly fucking me to tear my insides up as much as possible. Then he put all of his weight on me and grabbed each of my nipples and twisted them hard. I loved it. It was stimulating and helped me get past the pain from his rock hard cock which had found its rhythm. I felt some lubrication and knew it was a mixture of blood and my naturally wet ass. 
      “OMG,” he said, “you have an awesome ass, faggot. I am enjoying wrecking it and giving you AIDS.” 
      “I’m tearing you up and my bugs are preparing to thrive inside of you,” he continued.
      He twisted my nipples extra hard and that almost caused me to shoot my last neg load onto the bed. 
      “I’m going to give you AIDS,” he muttered. “You are gonna be sick and you are gonna die from fucking me today. My AIDS is the worst and no meds in the world can save you now.” I backed up onto his cock too take it deeper into my ass. My second sphincter no longer hurt, it was probably totally destroyed. I looked down between my legs to see what I could see and I saw what was probably blood dripping onto the bed. I reached down with one hand and felt his steel-hard cock as it plunged in and then came out of my bottom.
      “Your ass is awesome and soon it is going to be a toxic waste dump.”
      His full weight was on me as he fucked me deeply and twisted my nipples. 
      I felt his already hard cock begin to grow thicker. “Faggot, it is almost time for you to become pregnant with my toxic seed, I hope you are ready for it because you don’t have a choice.” I knew that. I was here because I wanted to be here. I wanted him to infect me. I wanted his AIDS to destroy me. I wanted to share his HIV and AIDS with as many other chasers as I could. I wanted, no I need him to fill me with his cum.
      His cock continued to slide in and out of my now bloody ass. He stopped deep inside of me and held his cock still. I felt it quiver. I knew he was close. He pulled it all the way out of me and despite the pain, I felt empty. I needed his cock in me and I needed his cum. He looked at his cock and announced, “It is covered with blood, I am about to shoot my five day toxic load into you. I hope you’re ready.” As he finished speaking he rammed his cock back into my ass so hard that it took my breath away. He fell back onto me and twisted my nipples some more. The thrusting began to increase in intensity and speed. 
      “I am about to get pozzed,” I realized. My chase was going to be over, my dream was cumming true.
      “Give me AIDS,” I said to him. It excited him and his thrusting reached a feverish pitch. 
      “Fuck,” he cried out. “I am giving you my AIDS and you are gonna die you worthless fuck slut,” he screamed as he came deeply inside of me. He held his cock in place for a long time. I felt it spasm eight times with each one shooting poison deep into me. I relished each shot. He was giving me the gift I sought for so long. He was giving me the gift of death.
      He held his cock in me for a while as the excitement of the moment subsided. It had felt each shot of cum. I was ecstatic, it was done now. We hadn’t talked about what would happen next, but I was not surprised as he pulled his cock from my ass with an audible plop and he instructed me to clean it off. I love the taste of cum and ass juice mixed with blood. 
      I took the executioners tool into my mouth and greedily cleaned it. It tasted good. There was a lot of my blood on it, but there was also a generous amount of his cum with my natural ass juice. It was a tasty mixture. I took my time to ensure his cock was completely clean.
      Once his cock was clean I asked him, “Do you want to go again?” 
      He smiled at me as said, “No, I don’t need to and you are now poz, bet on it. You are fucked and you have the gift you desired. It only takes once with my 2.1 million VL.” 
      I pointed the open bottle of wine that I had prepositioned on the desk with two glasses. “Do you want a drink to celebrate?” i asked. 
      He smiled and said, “Yes, you did really well. I fucked you harder than anyone else just to make sure. I am happy to celebrate your conversion and soon to develop AIDS.”
      We drank a small drink of wine in silence in the still darkened room. I was naked and he got dressed pulling on some jeans without underwear and a t-shirt. He had no socks either, just shoes. 
      We finished the drink and he said, “In about two weeks you are gonna get so sick that you will think you are dying. My strains are very strong. And, O by the way I also left you with some herpes and chlamydia. Enjoy them. I was trying to get syph for you too, but couldn’t. I wanted to fuck you up real well. Call me when you test poz and stay in touch as you develop AIDS.”
      He put his glass down and walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, but I knew he would never be out of my life. 

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