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Never before has there walke, a black man so perverted and proud. When I say no limits, that's what it means. No limits. I am highly marketable and mankind loves me. In the depths of my black nigger balls, there's a beautiful and sweet gift. A freedom that mankind has not cherished with its heart the way it should. They key to everlasting life- the breaker of conformity. Poz and charged, free at last. 

Some say I'm twisted because I worship the toxic seed, but I say- freedom is it's own reward. What greater joy is there than an room full of slammed up, poz pigs- worshiping and loving heir toxic bodies. Enjoying sharing strains with one another. Plotting on there next twisted deeds. Stealth. Stealth. Stealth. That's what the fire is saying. Free them , Free them all. Slammed up with each other's toxic blood; needles shared- they swap poz loads from hole to hole. Abuse each other's holes with chem piss and fisting. Double penetration, frozen poz nut, nut and chem piss smoothies, and all. They are disgusting and perverted creatures living in the beauty of their depravity.

Alone, I am , the Black Twisted Pig. In a see of beautiful white pussy, worshiping my glorious black body and dick. I am a God and I decree freedom and perversion. I escort the new shy pigs into the gates of sin and show them the glorious light that is worship. Worship my Dick! And you will be rewarded! In unison, all slammed up and chemmed up, they speak, " Yes Daddy." For there obedience they are tied down, collar to collar connected. Their glorious holes up in the are, on there backs- legs up. Chained together in twisted brotherhood. There reward- a night of endless pounding and anonymous dicks. As each one is pounded they look in the devious eyes of there attackers; proudly stamped with their biohazards. Each load they receive is a gift; and each dick they receive is a rewards. Filled with toxic piss and huge booty bumps. Each one slammed again! Corrupted and full, used and fulfilled. Each one, now a true brother; charged and ready to be free... 

( if liked, I'll make a part two) 

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Amen!!! Would love to worship at the altar of Your cock. From Your words and Your attitude, You are truly an Alpha Stud Black God that white fag pig bottoms like me should worship. Thank You for writing and sharing this, if You are in the Philadelphia area I'd love to serve You in person. If not, please feel free to message/email me so I may serve online. (That offer goes for any and all black Gods) Email: bottomslutbear@gmail.com. Kik: pensivemaniac. Thank You in advance.

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Hung Niggers with AIDS should be celebrated as the Gods of the gay community!  I'd marry one in a minute and be happy to support him.

Love your story (other than the drug references.  Just not my thing.)  

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Fuck dude you are so hot. I am a professional guy with fit body and mind. I don't do drugs but love big black Poz dick. I would do anything to have you knock me up including slams, booty bumps, etc. Your the Dom and i will follow your lead. 

BBRT- fucknfeedme 

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Fucking hot!!! Luv it all ... to be used just as you describe ... slammed, bumped, and used ... hours, days ... no limits nasty!!!

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    • By shinelover
      After the scene at the bistro, Pat’s relationship with his bitch wife was officially over.  In an effort to end things quickly, he actually convinced the cunt to take the house (including the majority of the contents) and her shiny sports car as her settlement.  No alimony to hold over his head for years to come, just a clean break.  And trust me, she’s the kind of parasite who would milk him for alimony until the day he died.
      Pat continued to stay at the cheap motel he’d been checked into the night he came to me, even though we spent most of our free time together now.  He blocked out all of his buddies who tried calling him to ask him, “What the fuck?” when they heard about his divorce.
      Not to mention the fact that his skank ex-wife felt no shame in spreading the word that he was a faggot now.  Little did she know how bad that made her look.  She could have had the sexiest man in town all her own, but she couldn’t keep him happy.  In fact, I made sure that word spread that she practically pushed him into my arms.  And bed.  It took so little effort to let everyone know that she was a shrill, frigid, caustic shrew who knew less about pleasing a man than the butchest of diesel dykes.
      The other reason Pat insisted on keeping the motel room long-term is because he liked the seedy nature of it.  We fucked there often, making sure that people walking past or in nearby rooms could hear two guys fucking like animals.  He had gone from ‘so naive’ to ‘such a pig’, it made my head spin.  And my heart flutter.
      Despite the motel room, he basically lived with me.  All of his clothes were at my place.  That’s really all he took away from his marriage.  That and his truck.  And all of his tools.  He was a man who works with his hands and needs his tools to work.  He didn’t want anything else from the house.  His clothes, his truck, his tools, and his dignity.  What more does a horny single hunk need?
      With no bickering, his divorce was final after a month.  After that everything changed.
      Pat had really gotten to love having a pig at his disposal.  I literally sucked his dick anywhere he wanted, and bent over for a fuck anywhere he needed.  Basically any time we were in his truck, I was leaning over and sucking him off or slathering his balls.  We fucked beside his truck in a packed parking lot, and only one guy walked past us and grunted, “Faggots” at us.  He was smiling, though, so he wasn’t going to cause us any problems.
      He fucked me in public bathrooms, clothing store change rooms, adult book stores and bath houses, cruising parks.  Anywhere and everywhere.  I was a slut in HEAVEN.
      But with the finalization of his divorce, Pat took a turn for the darker.  He had started paying more attention to the guys around us while we were pigging out.  Mostly at the bath houses and book stores, he started to notice some of the men who he hadn’t seen fuck me yet.  Well, actually, we’d been fucking so much that he hadn’t told me to take any other cocks since those first couple of meetings.  Since we were more ‘together’ it’s just been us.  Until he started looking around at other guys who seemed to want in on the action.  The sick looking guys.  Skinny, wasting, gaunt, with KS lesions.  He started asking me questions about them one night as we lay in bed after a particularly satisfying fuck session.
      “They have AIDS, don’t they?” he asked me, his arms around me, holding me tight to his body while we spooned.
      “I’m sure some of them do,” I sighed.
      “Does it ever worry you?  You’ve let me encourage you to take loads from a few strangers and I never once thought about what it could be doing to you.”  We had already discussed we were both negative shortly after our first fuck session, so he had an idea of what we might be getting into.
      Although his concern was seriously sweet, it was also getting me royally horny again, and I couldn’t help but shove my ass back towards his cock, which I found, had begun to fill out once again while we talked.
      “I lived too much of my life worried about the consequences.  And I never had any fun,” I told him.  “That’s why I started going to the book stores and being a slut.  I know enough to know that it isn’t a death sentence, and the guys I know who are infected fuck like you wouldn’t believe.  I always felt like I was missing out.”
      “But those guys who are sick . . . they could die, right?  So it still could be a death sentence,” he pointed out.
      “Yeah, but some men who have full-blown AIDS have let themselves get to that point.  They love having the virus so powerful in their systems.  It’s a high for a lot of guys.”  I continued to rub my ass on his now-hard cock, hoping he’d take the hint.
      Pat reached around and grabbed hold of my own rock-hard throbbing dick, and he laughed. “Fuck, feels like you might love it, too.  Are you seriously this turned on because we’re talking about AIDS?”
      “I guess I am,” I replied, reaching back and lining him up with my already-cum-sloppy hole until he started to sink back into me.
      I was surprised to feel Pat get even bigger and harder inside of me, and he growled sexily in my ear as he began to ram me harder from behind.  Normally getting fucked on my side wasn’t my favorite position, but this was feeling damn good to me.  Intimate.  “Uh! It -feels like -uh! like you -uh! enjoy it too!” I managed to grunt out between his urgent thrusts.
      Pat’s grip around me got much tighter, as if he was trying to possess me, get as deep as he could into my greedy pig hole.  “Fucking right,” he grunted.  “Let’s do it.”
      “Do what?” I asked.  I knew the answer, but I really wanted to hear him say the words.
      “Get AIDS.  Ah, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he roared, squeezing me to him as his balls drained their payload into me.
      After we came back down and got our breathing under control, I rolled over so we were face to face, kissed him, and then just stared into his beautiful eyes.
      Pat reached up and caressed the side of my face and smiled at me.  “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
      “Get infected, you mean?” I asked, to which he nodded.  “I always expected it to happen sooner or later, so I’m fine with it.  I just wasn’t sure if it was something you would be okay with.”
      “It scares the fuck out of me, I’m not gonna lie.  But....”  He stopped and looked down towards his crotch and then back up at me and grinned.  “I think that says it all.”  I glanced down.  His cock as throbbing hard once again.  Clearly he liked the idea as much as I.
      “Okay, then.  Looks like we have a consensus,” I laughed.
    • By Ryeguy69
      Love jerking to vids of young men being sucked, rimmed, and piss/cum play....Please send a dropbox with the wildest thing you got.....Hit me up. No limits    real experience, 
    • By Marcus0451
      So what is the best age to start sucking cocks and milk them from cum? When did you start doing it? Discuss!
    • By lancguy14
      Part One: A Blinking Light
      A bump in the road snapped me back to reality.  It was nothing more than a gravel driveway, and I slowly navigated the darkness, the crunching sound of tire on stone and rock the only audible noise, heading for my destination.  My stomach lurched with every tiny bump and pothole I hit.  Yes, I was really doing this.
      My mind began to wander back again to our conversation just a few minutes previously.  I had been driving when the telltale flash of my phones status light told me I had a message, that distinct orangish hue indicating it was from Grindr.  I was in the middle of nowhere so I did what I shouldn't have and flicked open the app.  He had started simply enough with a "hey man," and little did I know it would be anything but simple from there on out.
      As I always do, I flipped to his profile to see what I was dealing with:  no picture, 46, 6'0", 145#, top, right now, positive.  My pulse quickly sped up with that last part.  It didn't say undetectable. Ordinarily no picture means instant dismissal but a guy on Grindr who straight up said positive was a rare find indeed!  Of course guys who say positive often mean undetectable, but still the thrill of his stats (that one in particular) had me intrigued enough to respond.
      "Hi there."
      "You looking for some fun sexy stud?  Slightly older guy here, but always ready to please."
      Slightly corny, but okay, I was still horned.
      "Depends on what you have in mind for me."
      Vague and elusive, I wanted him to give me more so that even if he turned out to be one of the thousands of flakes, at least I'd have something to beat off to when I get home.
      "Looking to slide inside a young buck such as yourself and ride him until I unleash my seed inside."
      A barebacker it sounded like, just my type of response!  But now for the real test.
      "Sounds hot, you got any pics to share?"
      My phone fell silent for a moment.  I knew it, he was one of those guys who probably hit up everyone in range just to amuse himself.  I set the phone back down and returned myself to the task at hand of driving, though I noticed with slight amusement that he had definitely gotten the blood flow going down there.  And then the steady pulsing of the notification light returned.  He had responded.
      Oh fuck!  His pictures took my growing uncut 7-inch piece straight to a solid state.  His first pic was a full body shot.  He was definitely rocking a semi-wasted look. He was thin with a hint of rib cage showing beneath his well-tanned skin, a nice but not too thick pellet of fur on his chest.  His face was slightly gaunt, a thick but trimmed beard and a buzzed head.  Thin, hairy, and veiny legs supported him, but his cock... my god, it was true what they said about wasting men--it makes their cocks more impressive.  It looked long, uncut like mine, with an ample shaft but a quite impressive head that definitely flared out under the hood.  It was the type of head, much thicker than the shaft, that would create that feel of a suctioning plunger inside an ass.
      There was a second picture, an even more impressive close-up of his wonderful monster.  Now clearly hard and pointing at an erect and upright angle the head looked solidly larger than the shaft as I had noticed from the first picture, and just the tip of his piss slit peaking through the opening of his foreskin with a succulent and substantial strand of precum dangling down.
      I was sold.
      I responded with a picture of myself and one of my ass, as clearly that would be the most interesting part of me to him.  I am a pretty good looking guy if you can get me to admit it.  I stand 28, 5'11", 179#, fit though not muscular or ripped, but well exercised from all the sports I play.  My chest is smooth, my skin a lightly tanned color, and my ass nice and firm--a slight bubble to it--and just a hint of fuzz on it.
      "Boy, I would love to be inside that beautiful pink hole, unleashing my seed inside you."
      "Fuck yeah man.  It sounds like you play raw and shoot positive seed, right?"
      Again my phone fell silent.  Had I perhaps broached that topic too quickly?  I'm not one for small talk usually, but maybe this time should I have held off slightly, let the conversation develop more? The flash returned.
      "Prefer raw here, boy.  My cock doesn't appreciate plastic.  Oh, and my seed will change you - if that's what you want."
      Fuuuuuuck.  It was.
      "It is, but your cock looks quite large, not sure that head will make it in!"
      "It's the hardest part to take, but once it's in, you'll never want it out."
      "Where are you?"
      This time there was no pause.  Up popped the little map clip with the marker.  Holy hell, he was just a few miles ahead.  I was on a state road, but at 11:00 PM it was all but deserted and dark from the thick woods on either side.  I had driven this road many times and had never noticed a house along my drive.
      "Looks like I'm driving toward you now and would arrive at your place in about five minutes.  Is that too quick an arrival?"
      "Not at all.  That cock pic is me - now.  I'm ready if you are, boy."
      "Then I guess I'll see you shortly!"
      "Fuck yeah boy.  Just be sure, 'cause I don't stop once I start, and once I'm in my head doesn't soften until it has unleashed its load inside you."
      Music to my ears.  "I want it."
      "See you soon."
      And now, just a few minutes later, here I was, his small house in front of me, deep back in the woods. I parked, turned-off the Jeep, and took a deep breath.  Last chance.  I opened the door and stepped out into the crisp, cold, late-night air of a fall evening.  Another deep breath and a pause.  I turned and walked to the door and knocked.  A few seconds later I heard footsteps approach the door.  A hand on the knob, and the door opened.
      "Come on in," a voice said from inside.  The room was dark, I couldn't see him in there.  One last deep breath.  I stepped inside.

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