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18 hours ago, breedmeindy said:

Supposedly one is cumming to Indianapolis soon... if it does my ass will be bent over or in the air!!!

It was this past weekend at the Works. I didn't go, but it was listed as a party ad on BBRTS.  Should also be listed on the CumUnion website for the next few months.

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Nothing more wonderful than being in a darkroom ... or sleazy setting with lots of anonymous cocks which want to enter you ...where it is a joy just to indulge in that sensation what it is all about ... RAW BBreeding ... having FUN.

The combination of being in this seedy place where you can smell PURE RAW SEX - the sweat, the poppers, the cum and piss - and hearing others enjoying it as much as you yourself ... the sound of hard pounding, the slapping of balls against naked asses - hearing the gagging of cocks being shoved deep into throats while others use the ass - knowing that they all take it raw and deep... that none is refuses ... to hear the moans, groans and screams of BLISS ... 

YES CUM UNION is the total thrill, as we all know why we are there and every cock is welcummmm - especially when you eventually feel all those loads dripping from your well used and abused cunt ... I LOVE ❤️ it !!!



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Cumunion is like Disneyland for slutty cumdumpster faggots like me. i really learned what i am and why i exist at those bareback parties.i was always a very slutty bareback whore but going there and taking 30,40 or more loads from anonymous strangers in a single night really showed me  i was born to be a fuckslut and a public cumdumpster for any and all men that want to use a cumdump like me to get off.i love getting in the public sling blindfolded and take anonymous loads all night.but i also love taking loads on the darkroom fuckbench so i can blow guys while other men fuck me


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First CUMunion Party at the Works in Indianapolis was great.  I think the next one is February10th.

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I also went to a CumUnion party in LA.. it`s was great having all those nice ass to breed!! It was like an ass self-service buffet!!! Had a great time!!

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    • By browsernmob
      I was visiting a Texas bathhouse, and what a disappointment.   I had taken 3 loads before heading over to get my hole good and lubbed up.  From previous experience, I was expecting to take 5 or 6 more loads.    When I got there, the crowd was mixed, which is to be expected.  As a cumdump, it's not about looks...just your load in my ass.   As it turned out , even the ugly guys didn't want to breed.   Everyone was moving around so fast expecting love I guess.   It's a bathhouse......men are there to breed and get bred.   After a couple hours, I did have a very hot young stud interested in fucking.    He kept his towel wrapped around him and acting shy.  That's ok, I invited him back to my room.   When we got there, he dropped his towel.  His cock was extra tiny, but I thought...grower, not a shower.   Well he never grew.    Dissapointed, I thanked him for the interested and parted ways.   Shortly after, I dressed and checked out.   Guess it's official....I am a size queen!  haha
      Better luck next time!
    • By hardix
      July 21st I will be in London and want some advice on the best location to find a hotel for bb action, or can anyone poinT me in the righT direction for other accommodation. I'm looking to get HnH and bred / used as much as possible, will probably go to Hardon but would prefer to find some group action where we can have proper sleazy ffun.
    • By Hijinx33
      I had hit a pretty significant dry spell as of late, one that even a few trips to the local bookstores couldn't break.  I decided to dig through my old emails and see if I could find a local guy to meet.  I don't usually want to top, but when the mood hits I get insatiable and horny until I get to fuck a nice bottom.
      I found a few old email chains from the days of craigslist,  oh how I miss those days.  I sent essentially a "you up?" Email, a few bounced back saying undeliverable.   I had given up hope but one went through and I got a quick reply.  We did a few messages back and forth, and set a time for the following day in the early afternoon. 
      I got to his place and messaged I was there, he said wait 10 seconds then come in.  This was our first daytime meeting, usually dark room at night anon meetings, so i wasn't sure how he would stay anonymous.   I walked up to his door, poppers in hand, and walked in.  I turned to my left and saw his ass up pointing my direction and the rest of his under a blanket.  Whatever, works for me.  I took a hit of the poppers and began to undress letting the anticipation build.  I played with his hole, it was prelubed, I would've preferred not lubed so I could rim without a nasty taste but he was prepared to get fucked.  
      I took a long hit of the poppers and pushed into him. I didn't waste much time, I gave him a few seconds after I entered and then began to duck him.  I built up speed gradually and was fucking him hard causing him to moan a few times.  I am not hung like a pornstar, but I made him feel all 6 inches and left him with 3 loads when I was all done. I gripped his hips and rode him only focusing on my pleasure and driving my sick into him as deep as it would go.  
      I got an email the next day thanking me for that and saying to get with him anytime in in his area of town when I want to drain myself.  All in all it was nice that craigslist sort of still gave me that hookup.  
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      Anyone looking to load up a sub bttm pup while my Daddy watches in Austin? We are going to be there Saturday and Sunday 6/30-7/1. No load refused love a good dump and go.
    • By Cumdumpboy
      I’ll be in a room in STL on 7/12. I have the kinkiest rape fantasy that I want to play out. I need some sadistic and kinky tops to tie me up, popper me out, and whore me out. Help me get raped. 
      I’m cumdumpboy72 on bbrts. 

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