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He forces his way down your throat. Push him back? Or let him use you?

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I only fuck faggots, not interested in gay men. A faggots place is to take cock and his reward is my load. How i deliver it or what he needs to do (or endure, like getting throatfucked) to get me off does not matter. Only my pleasure and satisfaction does. 

I am not a politically correct Master. Never was, never cared for any of stuff. My sub is there to be used rough. Period. I will do just that. If he doesnt like it, he can go on to the next cock. 

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On 9/19/2017 at 12:25 AM, DaddysBoi said:

Say you were sucking a guy off when he decided to take it a step up (or in this case a few inches deeper).

He wants to force fuck your throat.

And not just deep and slow. I mean a really rough throatfuck.

Will you let him ravage your throat till he cums or will you push him off?


i would let Him keep fucking, i have done that, and will always

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Oh I enjoy sucking until my mouth is flooded. But force fuck my tight ass and let enjoy sucking your cock and deep throating as much as I can585af2f50f133_004(640x559).jpg.09084cdd4494f55c7b73e80759d6bee2.jpg  Force your cock here & raping me as you plunging deep!           RICk

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      How many of you enjoy a blow job from a toothless mouth? I'm not talking about 80 yr olds, but rather the 20-60 guys who for one reason or another wear full dentures. 
      My first one was from a 27 yr old trucker I met on AOL years ago. He was an awesome bottom man, and I couldn't even tell he was toothless until we kissed. He did have a beard so that helped. He could deepthroat without hesitation. Since then any opportunity I have had for a gum job I take it. I'm actually still surprised at how many guys actually wear dentures. 
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      So here I am sitting on the couch legs in the air my true master pushing inside me as I yelp begging him to stop not to poz me.  The sweat dripping off his brow the room filled with the sweaty scent of two pigs finally doing what they were bred for.
      It’s kind of a long story so let’s start at the beginning.
      Years before….
      I had come out of yet another long boring relationship, another relationship in which I ended up self-sabotaging to get out off and become single again only to get drunk fuck around make a few mistakes and within another short time find myself in another relationship.  Before my latest mistake which is how I ended up with my true master and cheating on my bf of 5 years, I was meeting my master.
      My master and I had been talking for years and I mean we had been talking since I was in high school and although our paths never crossed we would see each other online and talk and reconnect and it just felt so right but either he or I was in a relationship when the other wasn’t.
      So fast forward a few years and finally he is single and so am I.  We talk online for about a week and make a meeting for Friday night.
      He walks inside and we just smile at each other and it was on, we started out kissing and moved our way into the bedroom he laid me on my back and ripped my pants off as he yanked his down.  It was so fucking hot with the warm weather we were both sweating like pigs and dripping the bed sheets getting soaked. He forced my legs apart and without a question about rubbers he spat on his cock and rammed inside me.
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      Grunting as he thrusts deep into me I whine as he tells me to fucking take his cock.  Staring directly at me as he grinds his hips and forces his cock deeper inside me.
      He started fucking me harder his hands on my hips, my legs over his shoulders his face above mine dripping sweat onto me. I squeeze my arse down on his cock.
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      Suddenly my master throws his head back and growls as he unloads into me and I can feel my insides twisting and convulsing into knots as I swear I feel his cock unload his neg juice inside my neg cunt.  I jump up and my back arches as I shake my guts churning as I look up at my sexy master and see him grinning as I tell him what’s happening.
      He gets this confused look and asks if I have never had an internal orgasm and I instantly curl up into a ball and shake uncontrollably as he lays behinds me and fingers my sloppy arse as I yelp out and throw my legs out as I nearly kick him in his nuts.
      I couldn’t believe it I HAVE NEVER felt this before it was amazing my whole body was on fire and it only intensified every time my master touched me.  In the end I had to push him away to calm down.  It was amazing it felt like my first time and the look of satisfaction on his face was an immense turn on.
      Finally, after coming down from my first real orgasm ever we just laid there and looked at each other.  At the time I smoked and so did he so we went outside on the balcony in all our glory and just stood out there and smoked.
      And that was our first meet physically and emotionally we connected and bonded straight away.  My only regret is that I just wish we spoke and communicated what exactly we were both really wanting.  It could have saved us a lot of heartbreak.
      More to come
      If anyone finds this interesting I will post the next story.  This is all true and whilst it starts off with both of us NEG it does digress unto our true calling of being poz pigs.
      The photo attached is off our first meeting and breeding....

    • By ChainedBoy
      Normally, I suck cock with a singular purpose: To get it hard enough to fuck me. 
      But yeah, sometimes I'll find a dude that just wants to be sucked. Now, I'll do everything I can to get him wanna fuck..but if he's stubborn; I'll suck him off...but I better damn well get a load down my throat! 
      Now, unless he unloads deep down my throat - which ALWAYS works for me; I enjoy moving the dudes open hand onto my throat so he can feel me swallow. Nothing says, "Yeah, I'm a fuckin' cumpig", like looking a dude square in the eye while he feels me swallow his load.
      The reaction from the cum donor has run the gamut from disinterest to confused looks to HELLA TURNED ON. And that's fine...but this is one of the few things I do for me. I do it to wallow in the explicit and shameless act of "cum-sumption".
      Anyone else get off on either end of this scene?
    • By stretchme
      Hi! bareback bottom pig hosting at airport area hotel near lejeune and flagler. taking all loads. would enjoy long session with fun top(s) love to deepthroat and get fucked with big cocks and big toy. like groups and to feel used but in a playful way BBC is my favorite

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