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My first time at the baths

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This is one of my favorite stories. I love reading about young bottoms learning to love poz cum converting them. Makes me wish I started chasing earlier.

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On 5/23/2020 at 4:13 PM, negbtm said:

This is one of my favorite stories. I love reading about young bottoms learning to love poz cum converting them. Makes me wish I started chasing earlier.

You an me both Stud

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    • By bihairy
      We've been chatting on one of the apps for a few weeks.  We talked online and promised we would connect. I wasn't sure if he was serious but when he sent me his pics my dick stiffened.  I sent him my pics.  I'm a dad guy. Bit older 6c hairy etc.  I'm always horned up and love breeding and seeding. I especially love son type guys from college age on up.  He said he was 40 but had a huge dad fetish and wanted to role play. 
      I agreed.  The set up was: he was dating my daughter and I was in the area and wanted to finally meet him.  He asked me to call him and role play from the start. 
      I arrived at his door and he answered.  HOT. My cock was already getting hard.  He said he was happy to meet "my girlfriends dad."  I asked how long they had been dating. He said 2 years but hadn't made a move on her yet. I explained that she really liked him but was concerned about the lack of intimacy.  He said "sir I'm a Virgin and not sure what to do."
      We continued the role play.  "well a dad's job is to teach his son all about sex" I said.  "let me show you how to kiss"   He acted hesitant and I encouraged him.  "its ok, this is why I am here. I just want to help you."  we moved in together and softly kissed.  I parted his lips with my tongue and he opened his mouth for more. Our lips and tongues were pressed together and we started kissing deeper and more forceful. We both were getting into the role play and getting more and more turned on.  My cock was hard as hell and I wanted him.
      I rubbed his cock through is pants. He was hard too.  Our kiss broke and he suggested we go to the bedroom for "more instruction."
      We moved to his room and on the bed.  We continued to kiss and started hugging.  Both of us moaning with the pleasure of the kissing and hugging.  I rubbed his back and he put his arms around me. We were side by side and our cocks were rock hard.  I suggested we "get naked so we can feel our bodies together."  "just for teaching purposes." 
      We both got naked and continued to kiss and now our bodies pressed together.  Both of us moaning and feeling each other's rock hard dicks and bodies pressed together.  We were really getting heated up.  His tongue darting around mine.  "Why don't you lean down and lick my cock, Son?"  He responded with a groan.  He moved over my cock and put it in his mouth.  "deeper boy"  "I'm showing you how to pleasure another."   He went balls deep on me.  I was in heaven.  Both of us responding to the role play and getting very turned on.  I put my hand on his head and pushed him down a bit.  "suck it son"  I said.  I was stroking his back and neck. I was so turned on. So was he!
      I gently moved him off my cock and suggested something else.  "there are other pleasure areas I can teach you about."  I said.  "Where?" he asked quietly?  I stroked his chest and reached to his ass and his hole.   "I've never done that before Sir." he said.  "it would mean you would know what it feels like when you fuck my daughter."  "Oh, that makes sense" he nodded in agreement. 
      I had him lay on his stomach and I started to rim his hole.  He bucked back and moaned loudly.  "Sir that feels so good!"  "I know, I'm teaching you all these new things."  I spit on his hole and got my cock wet too.  I played with his hole and rubbed my cock between his cheeks.  The role play forgotten for a moment, I slid my cock inside his well used hole.  It was wet and warm and felt so amazing.  I can not get enough of it. 
      I started sliding inside and out. Pushing my cock deeper and deeper.  It was such an amazing hole. I loved it.  He was gripping the bed, moaning and squirming with pleasure.  I kept fucking and fucking him.  Harder pounding.  "Fuck me Sir please deeper" he moaned.  Yes son, I'm gonna give you my cum.  I'm gonna breed you so you feel what it is like.  Do you want my cum inside you?
      "FUCK YES SIR"  "Please load my hole. Fuck into me. Breed me.  I need it, want it and love it!"  I fucked my cock deep inside that amazing hole and unleashed my load.  It felt like gallons as we both moaned and groaned in pleasure.  I slowed my fucking down and my orgasm passed. My cock was still hard and neither one of use moved.  I started to slide in and out again. Picking up my pace and fucking him again.  I didn't want to stop and didn't want to pull out.  He pushed back on my cock and we started fucking again.  After a few minutes of fucking I shot another load deep inside his hole.  We were sweaty and he was dripping.  We moved apart and kissed deeply.
      "Thank you for my first lesson Dad." he said.  "My pleasure Son."
      We began to dress and continued the role play.  "I hope you ask my daughter to marry you.  I'm willing to teach you all the fun things I know about sex."  "I might even take my Son-in-Law camping so we can continue the lessons.
      "Yes Sir!  I would like that Dad. Is it ok to call you Dad now?"  " Of course, Son.  Its our secret and I'm happy to teach you as much and as often as you want."
      We kissed again as I left.  I sent him a text to thank him for a great lesson and compliment him on being a quick learner!  He sent a text back that he can't wait for the next lesson. He loved the 2 loads I left in him and that it was the best role play sex he has had to date.  We agreed we would try and meet for lesson #2 next week!!
      I hope so as this guy is Hot!  BH
    • By tintedwhite
      I have to admit, I have not gone raw in a good while. Out of the blue, an old fb I had not seen in a long time contacted me. I should be seeing him this week, not presuming anything, but wish me luck.
    • By BBslave88
      So this top bbc who has been wanting me to come smoke, get crazy, and fuck till I'm super full of his sperm and piss, wants me to come over tomorrow for a couple days. Im am negative of everything, but only prefer raw, he is poz, and isn't undetectable.  I really want his cock unloading deep in my hole, and he wants to share me as well. I don't take prep, so i definitely would be a high risk to be infected. I love being a cum/piss whore, and i feel like this could be longterm, so should i have fun and let him claim my hole finally?

    • By Worknout
      Social distancing is killing me. I need to get fucked or swallow your cum.
      Come by wearing your mask, whip your cock out and feed me or breed me!
    • By travelingbi
      I've been in Covid lockdown for nearly 2 months.  I've never in my life gone this long without dick. So, I haven't had any new experiences to write about. But, my mind has been remembering some past experiences that make me anxious to get back out there.

      This experience happened several years ago. I had pretty much forgotten about it. But I actually dreamed about it last night. So, I thought I'd write it down while it's in my memory.

      First off, I have to tell you that I LOVE poppers. I've been using them for decades. I do miss the old poppers, which are illegal, now. You know, the little glass capsule, covered in gauze netting. You'd break the capsule, put it in the aluminum cylinder and sniff. Real Amyl. Damn! That was hot! The stuff out there now is nothing like it. But, I still do like to get the quick buzz, even if it doesn't last long. Anyway, I live in a city where poppers are readily available at the many sex shops in town. However, there was a guy here in town that advertised on Craigslist all the time. Offering poppers at a highly reduced price. He even sold some brands that were not available in town. Including one unnamed, unlabeled, little brown bottle that would kick you on your ass. It was twice the price of my usual brand. But, for special occasions, it was fun to use. 

      Anyway, this guy (I'll call him Brian) sold poppers out of a refrigerator in his garage. He was a tall, muscular guy in his late 60's. For a man his age, he had an absolutely amazing body.  He stood about 6'4''. He had a broad, muscular, hairy chest. Muscular arms and legs. He wasn't exactly beautiful of face. But his impressive build was a huge turn on to me. Even though Brian wasn't exactly a handsome man, there was something about him that I found incredibly appealing. He had that strong, silent, hypermasculine Marlboro Man look to him. In addition to being tall, his hands and feet were quite large. Making me wonder if his dick was as big? He normally wore rather tight jeans. And occasionally, I could make out a rather impressive bulge in his crotch.

      I began to purchase my poppers from Brian about 10 years ago. The transactions were always very businesslike. I'd send him a text that I needed poppers. We'd set up a time. I'd drive to his home. Park in front and text him that I was there. He'd text me to come in.  He'd open his garage door. I'd go it, pay him for the poppers and go. He was pleasant, but not much of a talker. It was always quick and businesslike, with little chat or small talk. I had no idea whether Brian was gay, bi, straight or what? I really didn't know anything about him.

      I'd been buying from Brian for several years. Normally just one bottle at at time. But one afternoon I told him I wanted 3 of my regular brand. And I wanted one of his "special" unlabeled bottles. As we made the transaction in his garage, he offhandedly said, "This is a big order for you. Have you got something special going on, on, or just stocking up?"

      "Yeah. I'm renting a hotel room tomorrow. I'm hosting an anonymous breed and seed party. The brown bottle is for me. It's not going to leave my hands and I'm not sharing." I said with a chuckle. "The other bottles I'll have available for the other guys that want to use them."

      "Damn!", he said with a sly smile on his face. "You never struck me as the kind of slut that hosts those things."

      I just laughed. "Oh, I'm a horny slut, for sure. I love taking hard dicks and loads." 

      Brian just smiled a bit from one corner of his mouth and put the 4 bottles in a small paper bag. Handing them to me, he said "Sounds fun. I haven't been to one of those in quite some time."

      "I don't know anything about you, Brian. Mind if I ask if you're gay? I've never been sure?"

      "Well, Dave. Not exactly sure how to answer that? I consider myself straight. I don't find men to be a sexual turn-on in the least. But, in my day, I've had many a man's mouth on this dick. And I've pounded many a load into a man's ass. Though I'm not really attracted to men, the sight of a nice ass, male or female will get me hard. So, most would argue that I'm bi. But, labels are just labels. I'm just think of myself as a horny fucker. A hole's a hole. I've never sucked a dick and don't care to. I've never been fucked by a guy or had anything up my ass, and don't plan to. But, if I need to get off and a man will take my load, I'm game. I've been married to the same woman for 40 years. We have grown kids and grandkids. I'm not attracted to men in the least. But when pussy isn't available a man's mouth and ass will do very nicely."

      "Damn! If I'd known, I'd have cleaned out and you could pound a load in me, right now." I said 

      "Yeah? Well, my wife is disabled. She never leaves home without me or one the kids taking her out. And I never leave her alone, unless one of the kids can relieve me. So, I don't get much of a chance anymore to fuck." he said. 

      "That's too bad, Brian. I'm going to be at the Day's Inn, just down the road tomorrow night. If you have any way to get out, I'd be more than happy to offer my mouth and ass for you to use." I said to him. 

      "Thanks. Doubtful that will happen. But, thanks for the offer. But, text me your room number tomorrow. And who knows?" he said with a sly grin. 

      I thanked Brian, paid for my bottles and left. So, the next day, I checked into my hotel room, got myself and the room ready for my party and sent my room number to all that had requested an invitation. So, in addition to all the others, I sent Brian a text with my room number. I told him the door would be unlocked, just come in. 

      Within an hour the first couple of guys had shown up and fucked me. As the 3rd guy was pounding me from behind, my door opened and closed. I glanced towards the door and saw Brian standing there. 

      "Hey! Good to see you, bud! I didn't think you'd come." I said as the other guy continued to fuck me.

      "My son came by. I asked him to stay for an hour so I could run some errands. So, here I am." he said as he began to undress.
      Brian was soon naked and he was an impressive sight, indeed. His muscular body was covered in thick hair. His cock was soft, but hung at least a full 6"s, hanging over a giant set of plump balls. As he walked towards us, the guy fucking me reached over to grab his dick. Brian moved closer to him and the guy stroked Brian's cock as he fucked me. Brian slapped my ass hard. 

      "Looks like a nice ass, Dave."

      I just smiled and took a drag on my poppers. 

      Brian walked over to my head. His cock was still mostly soft, but he lifted it and put it up to my lips. I sucked on his cock as his cock slowly grew and hardened in my mouth. I think the sight of me sucking Brian must have been a turn on to the guy fucking me. Because he now began to fuck faster, harder and deeper. The guy grabbed my hips and rammed deep. 

      "Ahh, FUCK!" he yelled as he held his cock deep in me, shaking, as he filled my ass with load number 3. 

      Without saying anything more, he pulled from me and walked to the bathroom. I heard the water running in the sink as Brian pulled his now rock hard cock from my mouth and moved behind me. His dick had grown about 2"s in length, to close to 8"s. And swelled in girth by a great deal. As the other guy came back into the room and began to dress, Brian stood behind me and repeatedly slapped his dick on my hole. Even though there was a bottle of lube laying by me, he spit on my hole and his dick a few times and began to press into me. I took some more deep drags on the extra strong poppers as he slowly slid balls deep into me. It was hurting a bit as I adjusted to his length and girth inside me. But the deep drags of poppers soon loosened me up. Brian picked up the other bottle of poppers I had laying by me and took a drag. 

      "Give me your bottle." he said as he put the cap on the other bottle and tossed it back onto the bed. 

      Brian took some deep drags on the no-named poppers. 2 deep drags in each nostril. And then a deep drag through his mouth. This guy was a pro at this. 
      He handed the poppers back to me and I took a few more drags. I knew I was going to need this. He was now sliding in and out of me. He'd go in balls deep, then pull nearly all the way out, before slamming back up into me. Thankfully, his spit and the loads I already had in me was adequate lube and he was easily sliding in and out of me. My head was spinning from the poppers, but I was loving this. I had been fantasizing about this man's dick in me for a long time. Brian was an aggressive top, for sure. There was nothing sensual about his fucking. It was pure, raw, animal sex. No talk, only occasionally I'd hear a grunt as he rammed into me. I'd occasionally take another drag on the poppers, then hand them back to him. He'd push me into other positions. Each time, trying to dig his cock even deeper into me. Finally, he had pushed me further up onto the bed. He was kneeling behind me and had grabbed tightly onto my shoulders as he ground his rock hard, monster dick into me. His fingers were digging into my shoulders, but he'd occasionally release my shoulders to give my ass a hard slap. 

      SWAT! "Like it?" he asked. SWAT! "Huh? Is this what you wanted?" SWAT

      "Yes! Fuck, YES!", I grunted, as he slammed into me.

      Finally he had pushed me onto my side and raised my right leg up to my chest. He as now ramming into me from an angle. This position got his dick even deeper into me. His thrusts were so hard and deep that I found myself gasping for breath. His pace was slowing a bit, but he was still ramming hard and deep into me. Each thrust produced a loud slapping sound as our bodies met. And I grunted each time as his trusts knocked the air out of my lungs. Now he'd trust balls deep. Hold it there a second, then pull nearly out of me. Hold it a second, then thrust hard and deep again. This pattern went on for a minute or two. Then the pace of his thrusts sped up again for a few moments before he let out a soft, deep growl. As he held deep in me, I could feel his cock throb in my ass. I used my ass muscles to milk his cock a bit. Then he thrust a few more times, before he collapsed onto me. Both of us breathing hard, trying to catch our breaths. After a few moments, he rolled off me, pulling his cock out of me as he rolled off me.  He laid on his back, with his eyes closed for several minutes, as his breathing slowly came back to normal. 

      He rolled off the bed and stood. He appeared wobbly as he walked into the bathroom to wash up. 

      "Wow! Those poppers are strong. It's been awhile. I forget how strong they are." I could hear him saying from inside the bathroom. As he washed up, I climbed off the bed. Feeling wobbly myself, I moved to a chair, sat down and took a few drinks of water from my bottle until my head stopped spinning. Those poppers were strong, indeed. I'd probably had over done it. But, I did need those poppers to take that big, monster dick of his. 

      Brian finally came out and dressed. "Glad you texted me, Dave. Like I said, it's been awhile. I sure needed it." 

      I truly had enjoyed it as well. But, to be honest, I was hoping I'd have a bit of a break before the next guy showed up. But as Brian was combing his hair in the mirror, trying to put himself into a presentable appearance before he headed home, the door opened and in came another guy. This guy was a middle aged, slightly chubby guy. As the new guy undressed, the door opened again and a younger, buff, black guy in his mid 20's came in and began to undress as well. Brian passed between them on his way to the door, saying to them, "That's a nice piece of ass, guys. Enjoy yourselves!", he said as he walked out the door.

      I grabbed my poppers and walked over to the 2 newcomers. Dropped to my knees and began to take turns sucking both of their dicks, getting them hard, before climbing back onto the edge of the bed, putting my ass up and opened for business, again. 


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