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Transforming virgin nerds into athletic T sluts

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Tom and Daniel are best friends since they were little. Both boys were nerdy and got bullied a lot at school. When they were 15 years old Tom’s neighbour Sam encourage the boys to start working out at his gym. In the three years that followed the two transformed from 2 nerdy boys into two athletic studs. Tom and Daniel were inseparable and not very interested in making new friends. In their final year a new student transferred to their school called Max. When Tom first saw him he was mesmerised by this drop-dead gorgeous 19 y/o blond skater dude. When Max spotted the two boys he came up to them and asked were they worked out. Daniel told him that they worked out at Sam’s gym. “I’d like to be more defined like you guys. Is it possible to join you?” Max asked. Both boys looked at each other and then nodded. “Meet us at 7 pm in front of the Starbucks at Martin Luther King street” Tom answered. That evening both boys went to pick-up Max. When they arrived Max was already waiting for them. They went to Sam’s gym and after 3 hours of hard training the 3 boys headed to the shower. Tom had a hard time not to stare to much at Max’s hot tanned body. When they got dressed Max asked if they would like to chill at his place. When Tom and Daniel both hesitated, Max said “Dudes, it’s friday you need to relax more and have some fun!”. “Okay! Let’s have fun” Daniel replied while looking at Tom. Tom smiled and said “Count me in!”. When they arrived at Max’s place both boys could believe their eyes. “Wow!” gasped Tom. Max explained that he inherited a lot of money when his dad passed away. “Who want’s to join me in the jacuzzi?! Our muscles could use some relaxing!” Max asked. Both boy’s nodded and followed Max to the rooftop. “You don’t mind that i get in naked?” Max laughed. “No! You don’t mind if we do the same?” Daniel replied. They stripped naked and stepped into the warm bubbling water. After 20 minutes Max stood up and said “Are you both gay?”. The boy’s were surprised by this question and started to stutter. “I saw how you both looked at me in the shower, so…” Max continued. “I don’t know… but to be honest when i look at you i get a strange feeling inside” answers Daniel. Tom can’t believe what he is hearing and says “That makes two of us!”. Daniel looks at Tom and then looks back at Max. “Don’t you want to know?!” Max asks both boys. “I can help you explore your feelings” he adds. “I’m still a virgin” Tom answers. “Who cares!” says Max. “Good time for us both to lose it!” adds Daniel. Max sits down between the boys and moves his hands towards their dicks. He starts rubbing their dicks but feels that both boys don’t know how to act. “I have something to get more relaxed… wanna try?” Max asks. Both boys nod. “Follow me” says Max. Both boys follow Max to the living room. Max throws a few towels on the couch and tells them to sit. He walks to the kitchen and comes back with three Gatorade bottles and a bag. “Need to stay hydrated” Max says with a smile. When the boys start drinking Max gets a pipe out of the bag and starts to fill it with some crystals. He heats the pipe, brings the pipe to his lips and takes some deep breaths, after 10 seconds he exhales a thick white smoke. He offers the pipe to Tom but he shakes no. “Come on! For once relax” says Max. Daniel takes the pipe from Max and imitates what Max did. Max encourage him to take some more hits. Daniel offers the pipe to Tom again. Tom does;t want to be left out and takes the pipe. After 5 deep hits he returns the pipe to Max. After taking some hits Max loads the pipe again and offers it back to the boys. Both take some deep hits again before returning the pipe. Max sees that the T start to take over; clouding their minds. Max gets a remote control and with a push of a button the TV starts playing gay porn and the sound system starts playing Trance music. Tom starts watching the porn and after several minutes he realises that one of the guys is Max. He gives Daniel a nudge and points to one of the guys. Daniel is surprised to see Max on the TV. “Yes! That’s me… i make amateur porn.” Max explains. Daniel starts to get horny and begin stroking his cock. Max kneels before Tom and puts Toms dick in his mouth. Tom moans and begins to get hard. After 10 minutes of sucking Max moves to Daniel. Tom sees the pipe and can’t control the Tina induced urge. He takes the pipes heats it and takes a few deep hits before giving it to Daniel. After a few hits Daniel moves over to Tom and puts his cock in his mouth and starts sucking. Tom is in ecstasy after 20 minutes Max tells them to switch. Tom starts sucking Daniel and Max moves to Tom. After a few minutes Max tells them that it’s time to clean out and tells them to follow him into the bathroom. He shows both boys how to clean out their asses with an enema. After they are done Max leads them back to the couch and hands them a loaded pipe. When the both boys are busy with smoking he pulls Daniel’s ass towards him and lifts his legs exposing his ass. He gets a big syringe (without a needle) filled with a mixture of lube and Tina and squirts it into Daniel’s ass. He moves over to Tom and does the same. Both boys begin to moan about a burning sensation in their asses. He can see that both boys have enormous hard-on’s, so he quickly gets two laces and start tie-ing off the dicks so the blood can run back. Tom’s dick is 9.5” long and Daniel’s dick is smaller (8.5”) but thicker. Max sees how the Tina is loosening up their asses because Tom tries to finger his own hole. Max moves over to Tom and positions his cock in front off their hole. He takes a few deep hits from the pipe making him horny as hell. Max’s dick begins to grow to the full 12” and begins oozing pre-cum. He lubes his dick and begins pushing in the dick. Tom screams as his ass tries to resist but finally gives in and slowly the full length get buried inside. He pulls out but leaves the head in before plunging his dick back in. He increases the pass and the screaming turns into moaning. He grabs Tom’s hands and puts them on his chest and orders him to pinch and twist his nipples. Tom complies and the harder he works Max’s nipples the harder Max fucks his ass. Then he let’s out a loud roar as he starts to fill up Tom’s ass. He pulls out his cum covered dick and moves over grabs Daniel and rams his cock deep inside. Daniel screams and tries to get away. Tom sees this and climbs on top of him pushing him down, looks him in his eyes and says “Give in to it!!! Open yourself up!!!”. Daniel looks into Tom’s deep blue eyes and begins to relax. While Max begins to ram his cock harder and faster Daniel begins to moan louder. Tom grabs Daniels purple dick and slide it in his ass. Tom grabs Daniels nipples and start working them like he did with Max. Max sees this and grabs from behind Tom’s nipples. With every twist of Tom’s nipples he tightens his sphincter and starts to milk Daniel’s cock. The pressure begins to build up until Tom’s cock explodes by shooting out thick streams of cum. His orgasm tightens his sphincter so hard that it sets off a chain reaction. Daniel sphincter starts to pulsate while shooting his load deep inside Tom. With an enormous roar Max begins to fill up his second hole. The boys collapse onto each other. After 15 mins Max gets up get another bag and orders both boys to lay on the ground with their dicks side by side pointing up. Max hands the boys some lube. After lube-ing their cocks Max positions himself on top of the two dicks. He then grabs a strap, ties of his arm and slides a syringe inside a vein. He draws some blood before emptying the syringe. “This is going to be heavenly” Max says while removing the strap. He start to couch and with each couch his ass opens up some more. As the rush takes over Max’s body his sphincter relaxes. Daniel and Tom watch how he slides ball-deep over the two dicks. Max begins to ride on both dicks increasing the speed. Both boys see him ride their dicks as if it was a wild bull. Both boys feel the tension build up in their balls. “Shoot your loads in my ass” yells Max. The sight of this gorgeous blond skater boy with his tanned body covered in sweat is their breaking point. Max feels how both cocks start to swell up and start blasting huge amounts of cum inside his ass. “Wow! that’s hot… can’t wait until it’s my turn!” says Tom. “Me too.” adds Daniel. “That can be arranged” says a voice at the other side of the room. Both boys look up and see three guys standing in the room only wearing shorts. The guys where in their mid to late twenties and had ripped bodies. It took a few seconds before the boys recognised the three from Sam’s Gym. The black guy continued “I’m Dean, this is Andreas and he is Mohammed”. Andreas is latino and Mohammed arab. “We are the backup crew hired by Max to entertain you!”. Mohammed walks over to Max pulls him up and throws him over his shoulder. Andreas hands him a big plug. Mohammed forces the plug inside Max his ass and says “We don’t want to waste good cum”. Dean and Andreas grab the boys and lead them downstairs. They enter a dim lighted playroom with three slings. Mohammed drops Max in the middle sling. Max his eyes open up sees the guys and asks “Are the instructions clear”. Dean answers “Yes! They won’t leave before we converted them into one of us”. The boys were confused. Dean continued “It’s your turn now”. Mohammed and Andreas grabbed the two boys from behind in a neck-clamp. Then Dean began tie-ing off their arm and grabbed two prepared syringes. After he emptied them in side both boys he removed the straps at the same time as the guys let them go. They started couching. A warm feeling travelled thru their bodies and their brains got filled with horny thoughts. The guys picked them up and put them in the sling. The guys dropped there shorts revealing their massive dicks. Mohammed and Andreas dicks measured 12” and Dean’s cock was a whopping 13.5”. Dean was busy slamming Max. When he started to couch the three guys took their places; Dean with Max, Mohammed with Tom and Andreas with Daniel. They started to lube up the boys holes and started stretching them with their fingers. Then they pulled back the fingers and replaced them with their huge cocks. All boys let out a cry when the huge poles where jammed deep inside, but this quickly changed into moaning. “I want all of you to beg. Beg for our cocks. Beg to fuck us harder. And beg for our cum.” yells Dean. The boys started begging to fuck them harder and deeper. At one point you could hear Max beg to fill him with their toxic loads and to impregnate him with the Demon seed. “Do you see the tattoo on our chest? Do you know what that is? What it stands for?” Dean asked the two boys. The boys recognised the tattoo because it was the same as on Max’s chest. “This means that we are brothers. Brothers with the same DNA. Tonight you can become our brothers. If you want too… beg us to convert you… into our brothers!”. Both boys started to beg to be converted. Dean couldn’t hold it in anymore and exploded with a deep roar inside Max. Not long after also the other two filled up the holes of Tom and Daniel. They pulled out their dicks. The boys got straps around their wrists and ankles and got hooked to the chains of the sling. “Now it’s time to make sure that you become brothers!” said Dean. The guys began by lubing up their hands. Then they slipped two fingers in their asses, joined by a third one and a fourth. Their holes were stretch to the max, but were about to get stretched further. Then the thumb was added and the guys started to push their way inside. “We want to be sure you will convert into a brother, because tomorrow a friend of us is coming to mark you with the same tattoo as we have. So we going to fist our toxic poz seed deep inside you”. Both boys now realise what’s happening, but the tina laced lube is reprogramming their minds with raunchy and sleazy thoughts. Accepting their faith!”. The boys screamed as the fists ripped them open. For then next 40 minuted the boys drifted in and out of conscious while their holes got fisted brutally. At the end both guys could slide they arms in passed the elbow. Dean was fisting Max’s more experienced hole buried his arm in shoulder deep. The rest of the night the boys were loaded once or more by all the guys. The boys passed out and when they woke up they both had a tattoo on there chest. Finally they were brothers… Blood brothers!


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Love it!.. would love to read about more about these adventures as blood brothers... nicely written!

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I would like to see the bullies from their school get tricked and breed.  Every bully should have a reckoning.

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