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How many of you have fucked in the sleeper cab of a semi truck?

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When I  was younger,living at home with my family, we lived next door to a big paint factory thst was always busy.

 There would be trucks wagons overnight parked up and I would watch from my bedroom window that looked onto the yard part nesr the canal towpath..

One night there was this big hefty trucker, really tall with a bald head, very hairy with ginger pubes and chest, hair lots of tattoos with womens names on his arms, So I went for a walk, parents in bed and I was hovering around his truck as the cab lights were on, curtains closed.

I  knocked on his door, he opened window, I asked if he had seen my dog,  Anyway he hadn't,  but seemed to look at me intensly. 

I walked off following the path, bit later,  walking back, he was out of his cab having a piss on the canal towpath bushes, whilst he was pissing, cock in full view as I was walking towards him, he asked sarcastically, if I found my dog, No, he had finished pissing,  talking still, shaking his cock dry.

He asked if there was any loose women near by??? I didn't know what he meant, I was a young un,he said he needed sucking off, at this point he was wanking his thick dick, looking at me,  I was in awe of him, he waved his cock and said fancy it? I did, cocks were no stranger to me, I sucked him right there on thst path,  he cum in my mouth and gave  me a pound lol.

He told me to be here again next week, I was. 

Anyway as time went on, it progressed into him fucking me in his cab weekly, he always gave me things, like chocolate, cigarettes, this went on for about a year, then he stopped coming and I never seen him again. Eventually factory closed down. He was a rough bloke, but a sexy fucker and used to fuck me good in his cab.


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I have a few times had truckers send me messages that they were going to be close to me and wanted a fuck. so i go over and while they are resting at some placed parked i just go inside of their truck and they are already laying in the bed in the cabin waiting for me and i get undressed and suck them and get fucked right there. it as been great sex too even on a truck getting fucked.

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I've done it dozen or more times in my lifetime. Many years ago, the rest stops along the interstate road system was a good place to find a trucker in the rest room and then go back to his truck to suck him off or let him fuck me. Rest stops have mostly disappeared these days. And the remaining ones have been redesigned to make hookups not very easy. 

The big commercial truck stops try to keep the "lot lizards" off the property, to keep the prostitutes from bothering the truckers trying to sleep. But, with phone apps like Grindr and Growlr, I'll occasionally get hit on by a trucker spending the night at a truck stop. 

My favorite trucker experience was a few years ago when I met a trucker on Grindr that wanted to fuck. He told me where he was parked and told me that I could park my car directly in front of his 18 wheeler. I found his truck, parked and as I got out of my car, he pushed the driver's side door open to his cab. I climbed up into his truck cab and he was now behind the curtain in the sleeper section. He was pulling his shirt and pants off as he told me to lock the door and come back into the sleeper. I stepped in and he pulled the curtain behind me. It was now pretty dark, but I quickly undressed and then climbed onto the sleeping platform where he was stretched out naked. I sucked his cock until he was hard, then he told me to knee with my ass up. He poured some lube on my hole and slapped his big cock on my slick hole. He then slammed up into me in one quick thrust. He was all business and immediately began to slam and pump his cock into me. He fucked me for close to 20 minutes, before he finally unloaded in my ass. Once he came, I climbed off the bed and began to dress. I left through the same door that I came up in and I saw him push the door lock and close the curtain behind him. I'm sure he was heading to sleep for a few hours before he hit the road in the morning. 

As I began to unlock my car, I saw another trucker flash his parking lights a few times. I looked over in his direction, about 30 feet across the parking lot. I knew what flashing lights meant. So, I got in my car, turned it on and flashed my parking lights at him. He flashed back. So I pulled my car over to his truck and parked it in front of his. As I got out of my car, I could see him turn on a small light in his sleeper. I climbed up and opened his door and climbed all the way into his cab. He was sitting on his matress and kicking off his shoes. I locked the door and climbed back into the sleeper. I could finally see him. He was a nice looking guy in his late 30's. He chuckled as I pulled the drapes closed to his sleeper. 

"It's so dark out, that I couldn't tell if you were male or female when I saw you climbing out of that other guys cab? But, it was obvious you were there for sex. Hell, at this time of night, it doesn't matter one way or the other", he laughed.

He had stripped out of his clothes and was sitting on the edge of the mattress, naked and looking very hot. I quickly stripped and dropped to my knees. He was still soft, but my mouth brought his 7" cock to full hardness in several minutes. Once he was fully hard, I moved down to his balls and sucked on them. Then lifted his knees to his chest and ate his musky tasting, hairy asshole. 

"Damn! That's what I like about you fags. You're all so nasty!" he chuckled. 

He groaned as I ate his hairy hole. I sucked his rock hard cock again and he sat up again. This time, leaning over and rubbing my asshole with his finger. Great, he was ready to fuck. I stood up and asked if he had lube. The answer was no. But, I had a small bottle in my pocket. I pulled it out and then knelt on the edge of his mattress as I lubed my ass a  bit. I knew my hole should still be slick with the first guys lube and cum. 

This guy stood behind me and easily slid up into me. He really fucked hard and deep. He finally put one of his legs up on the bed, so he could ram into me from an angle. Giving himself some added friction. Finally, as he again stood directly behind me, he stood behind me and pulled my legs up so I could wrap my ankles around his neck. He grabbed me tightly around my thighs and slammed deep into me. Only about 5 minutes of fucking was all it took before he softly groaned, arched his back and unloaded inside me. He seemed to be coming and coming and coming. He must have had a several day load to unload.  I milked his cock with my ass as he filled me. Then I quickly dressed and left him to drift off to sleep. No words were needed or exchanged. We both got what we needed. 

To me, there's nothing so hot as getting a str8 trucker off. Truckers are getting rarer and rarer to find. But, they're always worth taking the chance. 

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First time was when I was 18.   Local driver came into the business I worked for during freshman year of college.   His "handle" was Porky (first real pig type fucker I ever was with).   He had an old but well cared for GMC "crackerbox"  cramped, but a classic truck.  Taught me to drive, back into docks.....and fucked the hell out of me.   A few months after my introduction to truck sex, he bought on of the first 10 GMC Astro cab-overs.....the replacement for his crackerbox....and GM's new version of a cab-over.   Nearly twice the size sleeper.....and he equipped it with plenty of toys....including something of a sling.   

Most recent was a couple years ago on Labor day.   Was working on the holiday due to some efforts to sell a bunch of small generators in front of an expected hurricane landfall.   Last truck in of the day was a brand new International/Navistar CAB-OVER.....getting very rare on the road, and even more rare to see on that looked new.   It was a hot fucking day, so I had a sleeveless shirt on......and my queer tats and POZ ink were on full display.   Driver came in as I started to unload.   Hot looking younger driver,   Very much a skin-head look and spoke with an eastern-European accent.    He gave me the docs, and I unloaded, but we did not chat much.    Somewhere I noticed he had disappeared....I supposed to get back into the truck airconditioned cab.

Took about 25 minutest to unload the generators and I was done for the day.   Signed his copy of the Bill of Lading and walked it out to the cab.   When I rapped on the door, he opened it up.

That well built, blonde, blue eyed skin-head was nude, except for his boots.  My eyes popped in admiration, hot looking guy, but normally out of my league.   But, I eagerly climbed in the cab to see what was happened.   In broken English he suggested that he was going to fuck me and proceeded to roughly grab at me.   He was a bit crude in his methods, but had a smooth body and shaved crotch that showed off a very erect dick.   He was uncut and not huge, but certainly nothing to ignore.  He roughly pulled my shirt off and started groping my eunuch tits.  Then he grabbed and struggled with my belt and could not get undone.   I gladly did the honors and exposed the rest of my castrated body and tats to him.   I have no idea if he understood or cared that I was a bit extreme in a number of ways.    He very, very roughly pushed me into the sleeper.

The sleeper was very clean and organized.   But, I had little time to notice things as he was forcing me face down on the sleeping pad.   I heard him spit a couple times and with only some grunting sounds he drove his meat into me without any effort to loosen me up.  His size was such that it was a short sharp entrance, but nothing I had not experienced many times.   In just a few strokes, he has hammering me hard, full stoke, balls deep in a fast pace.   I did not expect him to last long at that rate.  He never changed speed or depth.  He did not alter position.....he just fucked me hard and fast.   As you might imagine, he shot a nice load quickly and without any words spoken.  Only his breathing and grunting were give away indications his cum was soon going to be smeared up and down my pleasure chute.    

He only said one word after he pulled out.   Good!   So he must have enjoyed it as much as I did.   He finally let me up and I turned to face him.   I was intending to see if I could do an ATM as he seemed to like PIG sex.   Like minds met, as he grabbed the back of my head and forced my lips to his cum and ass juice dripping cock, then a bit soft.    By the time I had that skin-head uncut cock squeaky clean, it was at full attention.   His helmet shaped head fully out of his heavy foreskin and shinning.

Even more roughly than the first time he forced me face down, slapped the hell out of my ass and rammed it home again.   Deep stroking again, he did not hammer as fast this time.   Again, little technique other than deep strokes at the same speed.  No spit just his previous load for lube, it was a bit longer and for me more enjoyable.   But soon he groaned loudly, this time he spoke in his native language.....that I later figured out was something like "fuck you pig".     With no delay, he forced me to a position for another clean up, which I did with pleasure.

He seemed finished so I grabbed my clothes and was getting ready to get out.  He then showed me his phone.....and he had my grinder profile pulled up.    So, it seems my queer ink was a good advertisement.   He looked for me, saw a bit about me and knew I was a sure hole to breed.

And it my my alpha and current omega of truck sex unique in that my first and most recent truck fucks were both in cab-overs.

But more important, the were both damned good sex....and the truck atmosphere added to it.   Many time in between, but every time a truck fuck cums around, it is something you should try.   I know I do.    And don't forget, it pays to advertise.  That last truck fuck would have been missed had I not been showing my queer nature.    


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when I was in college I worked at a rest stop as a caretaker. I would leave notes in all the stalls with a glow stick. It they wanted sex put the glow stick on the dash. I had tons of guys. One thanksgiving I woke u and looked out the window to see 8 glowsticks. Best way to fuck in a truck is to grab the dash or sit on the guy on the bunk. 

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Never been fucked in a truck, but did have my first deepthroat. I’m still pretty shit at taking cocks down my throat, but this guy was long and thin so it slipped right down. I was so shocked I had done it that I didn’t want him to come out as it felt so good. First time I ever took a load in my throat. He must of thought I was so skilled ha ha

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I've been twice in the cab of a truck but as UK truck cabs are small it was a problem both times. I ended up taking them home and sessions there. Later I took them back to their trucks and I expect they slept well. I know I did holding on to the loads!


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Yes - I’ve done it a few times. There was a lay-by at Barton Mills in Suffolk which was notorious for trucker fucks. It was also near RAF Mildenhall - a USAF airbase - and it was also a popular cruising spot for US airmen stationed in the UK. I used to meet a guy from Chicago frequently there. This was back in the 80s/early 90s. I spent many a happy late night hour down there and had a few encounters. This being the UK though and the cabs being small, you ended up looking like Quasimodo as you shagged, but hey... A murder dampened activity down considerably. I’ve not been there for years. 

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