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The Trinket Box

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Part 1 - The Collector


Everyone is out to get us, they hate us and what we stand for. Always remember that Sampson, our lives are so much better being free to roam and settle down wherever we like, whenever we like. It is what makes us unique, better together and stronger in protection. Never let anyone tell you that you are worthless and as you grow up learn to make your own mark on your travels and never let anyone stop you. Sampson smiled at the note his mother had written for him, he folded it up carefully and put it back n the black trinket box running his hand over the soft leather covering. It contained the note and 4 gold sovereign rings that were his mothers and she told him to look after them as they were valuable. His mother had been a formidable woman right until she passed away 6 years ago. He had been born out of wedlock and brought up by his mother until he was sixteen, the funeral was big by gypsy standards with groups of families descending from all over the country to pay their respects at the loss of one of their own. Traditions were always upheld so long as you were never casted out of your family or community, Sampson was only related to his mother's brother Devon and his wife and five children. They looked out for him but Sampson was doing just fine after being handed the caravan by his mother along with the 4x4. Today if you saw Sampson out in town you would never guess he was part of a gypsy community, he hated the bulky gold pieces of jewellery that was their sign of standing in the community and also the sometimes gregarious clothing. Instead he blended in perfectly as a five foot ten inches 22 year old, one thing Sampson did learn leaving his teen years behind was how much of a eye pleaser he was to girls and boys alike. The trimmed jet black hair framing an olive complexion that accentuated his soft facial features and the emerald green eyes that almost sparkled, in fact they did sparkle whenever he saw something shiny. His two talents if you could call them that was his slight of hand and the generous talented cock hidden away that stood eight inches when erect and if fully aroused and turned on could easily reach nine inches when balls deep, uncut and with adequate girth it was a pleasuring tool that he learnt to use with great effect and advantage. Sampson took care of himself and loved his slender body that was tightly packed with muscles like a finely tuned swimmer. He had the gift of the gab and used as the scout for cold calling on houses to get work that ranged from window or gutter cleaning to roofing and driveway paving. His soft deep voice and looks usually won the housewives over within minutes proving that he was a successful asset of his travelling community, he was slowly increasing his standing since many of them now relied on his sales for their work. No matter what though the cast of being a gypsy was something that could never been thrown off, he found that out the hard way on many occasions where people scoffed and looked down their noses. What humoured him was those people generally had nothing more other than a roof over their head and an education, he would often take pleasure in squashing those people with his words telling them that working for them would be beneath him then graciously apologising he would walk away. 

Back in his community Sampson had one cousin he was very close to in both age and build and a little flouncy so to say. Marlon would often pop over in the evenings with a couple of cans of beer and they would sit and talk endlessly for hours. Marlon was engaged to a girl called Rosie and the soul of discretion, he loved fooling around and often gave Sampson a blow job before leaving. A couple of times Sampson had fucked Marlon and one occasion he did him a little to hard, it was then he found a love of holding Marlon down and giving it to him good. One drunken evening he even let Marlon fuck him, whilst it hurt at first he found it to be a massive turn on being a bottom for once. Sampson never considered he was gay, after all he liked girls but couldn't be bothered with all the chit chat before banging them so he never really went out of his way to find one despite being a suitor for several of the girls in the community. After all when he was horny any appreciative recipient for his cock would suffice.

During the cold dark January days Sampson had just turned 22 when the community arrived on the outskirts of Lyndhurst in the New Forest. Sampson drove his caravan on to the field and parked it up, he would only detach it from the 4x4 after a few days since there would be the usual outcry from the locals about them putting down illegally in the field. But when a gate was left open it was squatters rights until the owner could get an injunction and law enforcement arrived to move them on. Some owners would just come and speak to the community chief asking how long they would stay and if they kept the place clean they had no problem with them being here. Those owners were rare and usually only did it annoy other people in the vicinity. For now though it was a waiting game to see what would happen. Some of the places they set down in had specific areas set aside they could use as a way of preventing them from illegally setting up a commune. Sampson took his phone and set off in the biting wind to find some business. Unknown to him as he walked towards the housing estate his time here would be one he never forgot. After a normal day getting a few odd jobs to do he handed the details over to the chief who told him that the owners of the field had been kind enough to let them stay for 2 months. The only condition was not to leave anything behind, of course the chief assured the owner that despite other travelling communities they were at least responsible and took their rubbish to the tip. Sampson unhitched his 4x4 and offered to do the first tip run in the morning before he went out scouting for jobs. Sampson liked this place, it was a very pretty with the frost glistening off the gardens and the peaceful surroundings, it was an affluent area in some parts and he was hitting the houses in one of those areas today. Already getting a few jobs Sampson stood on the pavement sending the details by text to the chief with dates and times. Nick was out on his morning jog after hitting the gym and noticed the tallish young lad texting on his phone. Running past him the guy did not even look up from his phone making Nick step off the pavement on to the road to run past him. Naturally Nick looked back over his shoulder just in case, the guy was still texting so Nick turned the corner in to his road and headed for home to shower. Sampson put the phone back in his pocket and cupped his hands blowing in to them to warm them up before moving on.

Nick stood six foot with mousey coloured hair and brown eyes, average looking but never short of guys due to his physique. A tower of strength at 24 years old with a pretty good muscular build but way off a six pack, an accountant by training that he did in his spare time privately, his real love was his day job working as a business manager for a car dealership a few miles away. His other profession as he called it was gifting, weather through chasers approaching him or stealthing, either way he didn't give a dam. As long as he got his load in some arse he was happy and it was always a bonus if he got loaded as well. He always made it clear to chasers that he would happily fuck them until they converted and then they were on their own as his job would be complete. He had been warned on his last visit to the clinic that he needed to think about going on meds soon before the virus started spiralling out of control. A decision that he had already made and accepted that his few years  were nearly over as a gifter, he would start meds on his next visit in a months time whilst they would still give him a few weeks to get a few more guys knocked up. Most of his sexual activity took place in Southampton or Bournemouth areas, far away from where he lived so that he didn't have to run in to any of them again. He was also getting to the point in his life where he wanted something more stable and perhaps controlling his HIV might bring him some love, well if he was less picky he thought to himself, he was not desperate for love and one day he would find that person. One thing Nick loved trawling through was the social media application Flutter, it provided hours of amusement seeing all the desperate piggies posting and boasting about taking a poz dick or bragging about being a chaser. Refreshed and warmed up Nick put on some shorts and finished drying himself off. 

Sampson looked at the house and walked up the pathway, nicely kept garden he thought to himself approaching the door and knocking on the frosted window pane. Nick stopped drying his hair and stood listening and again heard the gentle knocking on the front door, with the towel in hand he walked down the stairs and cracked open the front door a little to see who was there. With most of his face hidden from view Nick smiled seeing the sexy stranger standing on his doorstep, almost too good to be true that the guy he had ran past was now standing there.

"Morning boss, your guttering looks a bit clogged and loose" Sampson said glimpsing part of a face.
Nick opened the door a little wider "And how did you come to that conclusion?" he asked.
"Years of experience and I can tell by looking at it" Sampson replied confidently but amused.
Nick laughed "Years of experience?" he questioned, "What are you 20?" he asked grinning at him.
Sampson smiled "22 actually if you must know and yes I have years of experience" he replied.
"Is that so" Nick said opening the door wider. "What do you want to do with it then?" he asked.

He had deliberately opened the door wider to have a proper look at the guy and let him take a good look just in case he swung the right direction. Nick could tell straight away the guy came from the gypsy camp that arrived a few days ago, strangely though he was nothing like what he had seen before. The jet black hair was a giveaway along with the way he spoke, it was the eyes that drew him in though. A pure greenish colour that you could stare at all day in bewilderment. Sampson found his eyes wandering down the body in front of him quickly then back up to his face, sensing the guy was checking him out in a different way. He considered it for a brief moment and decided to see how things played out, after all his cock was twitching for some action.

"Can do you a good price cleaning them out and securing them" Sampson replied going serious.
Nick folded his arms trying to gauge the guy "With your years of experience?" he asked smirking.
Sampson chuckled liking this guy "You want to test my experience?" he asked teasing him.
Nick cocked his head to one side "Depends how much you scream when I test it" he replied.
"I was talking about your guttering" Sampson said nodding upwards playing the game.
Nick smirked again at him "I wasn't" he said clearly getting a subtle vibe from this guy.
Sampson liked the guys cockiness and forwardness "So no interest in the guttering?" he asked.
"Maybe" Nick replied leaning against the door frame waiting for the guy to make a move.
Sampson rubbed his hands from the chilly wind "How do I change the maybe to definitely?" he asked.
"Hmm" Nick smiled, "By feeling how comfortable my bed is when getting fucked face down?".

He went for broke deciding they had been playing long enough and he was getting cold standing at the door only wearing shorts. He watched the guy get his phone out and turn it off then putting it back in his pocket. He stepped back a little unsure if the guy was about to hit him for being so upfront with his offer to fuck him.

"It better be comfortable" Sampson said stepping inside pushing past, "I don't have long" he warned.
Nick closed the door "It won't take long" he replied hinting for him to go upstairs.

Sampson climbed the stairs a little nervous but glad to be in from the cold, looking up ahead of him he suddenly started second guessing himself. He had never been picked up on the doorstep, what was he thinking he said in his head and almost backing out. His feet though continued carrying him forward and up the staircase, I have done this before and well a fuck is a fuck and I need to empty my sack he told himself. Reaching the landing at the top of the stairs he waited and followed the guy in to the bedroom, Sampson wasted no time and quickly undressed kicking his trainers off and leaving his socks on. He climbed on to the bed and laid face down waiting. Nick whipped his shorts off and smiled thinking this was going to be such an easy pozzing, he reached over and grabbed the small bottle of lube and applied it down the crack of guy who gasped in surprise feeling the cold get pooling between his arse cheeks. He was already getting hard when he felt the bed move with the guy climbing on and pushing his way between his legs. Nick grabbed his already hard cock pulling the foreskin back then rubbed it between the soft cheeks of the guys arse coating the head of his cock with the lube and guiding it towards the hole. Sensing he found the entry point he pushed a little feeling the tightness and instantly knowing this was a guy who didn't get fucked much. Sampson gasped and tensed his body in a natural reaction, the feeling was much slicker and he seemed to cope better than when Marlon fucked him. He mustered all his effort to relax and not cry out from the pain, he could feel his arse opening wider the more the guy pushed his cock in. Something he had never experienced before since he was always juiced up on alcohol that must have numbed the pain. Nick was going as slow as he dared feeling the tightness gripping around his cock, it was proving a job to get inside this cute guy. Slowly but surely he was inching in and moved his hand away to allow his hips to take over driving his cock inside. He could feel the body tensing and relaxing each time he pushed more of his cock inside, breaking past the barrier the last four inches glided down deep inside. Sampson let out a whimpering groan his hands grabbing the duvet from the sharp pain then the body weight of the guy coming to rest on top of him. Sampson slightly raised his head 'Argh fuck' he said loudly feeling several deep strokes of the cock in slow succession, his arse suctioning on to the cock almost pulling it back inside. The strokes coming steady and continuous with Nick moaning softly enjoying the feel of the tightness gripping around his cock from every angle. Precum already seeping out coating the inside making Nick stop for a moment and wriggling his cock around, the body under him tensing again from this new feeling. Sampson felt amazing at the careful and delicate way the guy was fucking him, he never imagined he would enjoy this so much or even that his moans that came so soft and erotically was driving Nick wild and he was holding back from giving him an arse wrecker of a fuck. Nick pushed his hips down harder and ground at the arse and slowly he began to pick up the speed and drawing further back each time, the moans under him getting louder. The familiar jump of his cock signifying another bout of precum being released and with that his pushed down again grinding his cock, the body no longer tensing, it was all the indication Nick needed to know the guy was now receptive and prime for breeding. Nick leaned down and kissed the back of his neck catching Sampson by surprise. 

Intimacy was not on Sampson's agenda and he didn't really like that fact the guy kissed him, fortunately he was enjoying getting fucked so much he let him off. With his hips attached to the arse Nick moved in to breeding mode, balls deep he started slowly but quickly picked up speed using his hips to deliver the thrusting and lowering his body on top of the guy securing him in position to receiving his toxic seed. The familiar light tingle starting to build in his balls that tapped away at the arse with his thrusting. The tingling growing in intensity the moans under him coming quicker as if the guy knew it was about to happen. Sampson could feel the changes in the body laying on top of him, the cock relentlessly probing and fucking him deep inside causing him to react strangely by pushing his hips up meeting each thrust and relishing in the intensity of their sex. Sampson raised his head slightly moaning louder almost in pain as the cock stiffened even more. Nick suddenly groaned loudly and pushed his hips down harder than ever, looking ahead his face expressing his pleasure with what he was about to do. In his head he knew he was about to curse the guy under him and those thoughts shot from his head straight down in to his cock. Unable to hold his excitement back his cock pulsed gripped firmly by the guys tight arse at exactly the right moment, Nick let out short moans reaching his climax. The rush of toxic seed from his balls and along the shaft fired deep in to this sexy guy's body, his hips forcing the guy's arse down on to the bed to wait until he had finished breeding him. The air filled with Nick half grunting in the rush of wild excitement, desperately wanting to shout out that he was fucking him up for ever and infecting him, he was fighting it and kept his vocals down saying it instead in his head. Sampson grimaced and moaned at both pain and enjoyment until he felt the body of the guy dead weighting on to his back pinning him to the bed. Safely delivered and the guy was now inseminated deep the rest of the job was now up to his toxic seed to get to work. Sampson closed his eyes he could feel the hot breath wafting around his neck in perfect time with each painful deep thrust that continued long after the guys orgasm. Sampson oblivious to the act and unaware that the guy was deliberately pushing the seed deeper and rubbing it against his anal lining. The grinding was pushing Sampson harder against the bed giving the toxic seed time to seep deeper. A slight smile now adorning his face from the incredible pleasure he just experienced, Sampson now waited to be released but the guy showed no sign of wanting to take his cock out. Instead he continued with his slow grinding adding to the increasing pleasure Sampson was enjoying. Sampson felt the weight on his back easing then winced with the cock making its gentle withdrawal.

Nick lifted off and pulled the arse cheeks apart and smiled in satisfaction, not a single drop had leaked out and no evidence of the arse just being bred. He rolled on to his back breathing heavily and happy at how perfect he had become at dropping off his poz load. Sampson kneeled up and grabbed the guys legs twisting him on this stomach since he now needed a turn to sow his oats. The guy moved easily in to position and Sampson straddled across aiming his cock and pushed, 'Wait' Nick called out stopping him 'put some fucking lube on first' he demanded. Sampson squirted a large dollop between the guys cheeks and threw the bottle on to the floor then aimed again, he rolled his eyes at the slickness and ease of how it entered. Nick looked back 'Jesus fuck how big are you?' he asked before throwing his head back down and moaning as Sampson pushed the entire length in deep until he was up to his balls. Nick was struggling to take the cock and was about to tap out from getting fucked and soon found out that the guy was not letting him have it all one way. Sampson rested his forearm across the shoulders effectively pinning him down. He was by far from aggressive but he certainly didn't want this guy slipping out before he got some gypsy baby juice up him. His deep strokes were erratic by any means but strangely Nick found it enjoyable since he never knew what was coming next. One thing was evident to Nick right now and that was this is an amateur fucking but it was getting the job done. Sampson was moaning in delight having his cock so deep inside someone that he couldn't stop himself and had to drain his nuts for fear he might explode. Leaning up above the guy his hips trying to copy what the other guy did rained down with fast hard thrusts. Without skipping a beat for almost five minutes Sampson carried on until his body tensed and he moaned loudly holding still releasing a large quantity of his cum in to the guy. Nick banged his legs on the bed moaning loudly clearly enjoying himself, the guy knelt up his cock still half buried in Nick's arse 'Needed that' the guy said before pulling the rest of his cock out. 

Sampson hopped off the bed and went to the bathroom and wiped his cock with some toilet paper. Nick rolled on to his back dazzled by what he just got from this guy, he was not experienced at fucking but when he found the stride he went for it and he was good. Sampson strode back in to the bedroom and smirked at Nick then started getting dressed.

"When do you want your gutters done then?" Sampson asked putting his top on.
Nick sat up "Tomorrow okay say 4pm?" he suggested.
"Sweet, £50 should cover it" Sampson replied sitting on the bed putting his trainers on.
Nick nodded "Better make a good job of it" he said putting his shorts back on.
Sampson turned his head and smirked "I will come and collect the money tomorrow evening" he said.
"I get back from the gym at 6pm" Nick said.
Sampson stood up and put his coat on "6pm it is then" he said holding his hand out and knowing he was going to fuck him again.
It felt a little weird after what they had just done but he shook it "Okay" Nick replied
Sampson walked towards the door then turned "Oh and I am going to fuck you again" he said.
Nick laughed and walked to the door "After I am done breeding you" he said moving in to kiss him.

Sampson moved his head out of the way avoiding the kiss completely making it very clear that this was a point and fuck nothing else. Sampson walked down the stairs and out the front door closing it behind him. Nick just got the bottom of the stairs and walked in to the lounge watching him turning his phone back on and walking of without even looking back. Nick smiled 'You are getting more than just a fuck' he said to himself sounding smitten. In fact it turned out just that, Sampson returned six more times over the next four weeks to empty his sack. Little did he know that each time he got fucked he was getting another dose of toxic seed. Nick delivering each time with deep and deadly accuracy ensuring each time it was planted good and proper. He was finding this whole thing more curious every time they met and how it ran the same way, fuck and get fucked or the other way round depending how desperate the guy was to unload, the guy always turned up announced late in the evening with no small talk, it was undress and just do it then leave. The only thing he really wanted was for the guy to fuck him on his back so he could look in to those bewitching green eyes and kiss him passionately. Nick knew this was not how their meets were going to pan out and so he kicked back and enjoyed the flip fucking.

Sampson was securing everything in the caravan for their move to Banbury and wiped his forehead feeling a little warm despite the cold weather. After arriving Sampson was laid up for several days with what he thought was either a bout of flu or him being worn down. As the weeks rolled along and they moved on to Cambridge he was laid up again for a week suffering similar symptoms, it passed and he went on about his life. Sampson had no idea he was was now HIV positive thanks for the numerous toxic loads he took from Nick. Using one of the fake ID's he went along to a doctors surgery who passed him off after some checks advising him everything looked okay. Normally he would just fight things off but for him to be ill twice in such a short space of time was unusual and he wanted to make sure there was nothing serious wrong with him. The doctor agreed to do some blood work and afterwards Sampson left the surgery completely forgetting he had given them false information and contact numbers. A few days later when the doctor was contacted with the results he straight away tried to get hold of the patient without success. The doctor looked the results over again concerningly since the virus was already showing 50k copies making him infectious enough to pass it on if he unprotected sex.

Two things had changed within Sampson since his foray with Nick, one he was now infected and the second was how much he had enjoyed sex with a relative stranger, no questions, no conversation, no intimacy it was just exciting to do it on the spur of the moment.

That night he downloaded one of the gay hook up applications and created himself a vague profile and slowly began trawling through profiles, he looked at their descriptions and pictures before going back to his own profile. Deleting it and creating a new one he called himself 'StraightFlipFuck' and in the description he typed 'Straight 22 year old hung and horny, quick discreet flip fucks no intimacy and no top only guys, versatile and bottom guys please'. He took a picture of his cock and posted it on the profile. He looked through the numerous pictures of his mother then reached under the bed getting the trinket box she had given him. Running his hand over the soft leather cover he suddenly smiled with an idea forming in his head.

The Collector was born. To others he would be known as #PozThief a name he wouldn't know yet earnt it over the year to come.

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So good to have you back bud! When I started reading the first paragraph, I was transported back in time to when I moved into a newly built house. Within a few weeks of moving in, a squad of travelers offered to tarmac my driveway. I hadn't much money and thought the price was very reasonable so I agreed to have it done the following day. They did a great job and at the end of the day a young guy came to collect the money. He looked very similar to Sampson and couldn't have been  much more than 20 himself. I grabbed my cheque book and as I wrote the cheque,  the guy leaned in so close to me that I could feel his breath against my face. He had a gorgeous quiff of dark brown hair which fell against my face. It was all I could do to refrain from kissing him. It took no more than 20 seconds to write the cheque but we made eye contact about 10 times. He lingered at the door for about another 10 minutes chatting and gave me a business card in case I need other jobs done. I didn't want to risk a smack in the mouth if I had misjudged the situation, but it did feel like the guy was interested in something more. His handsome eyes came to mind for many weeks afterwards. It's almost 28 years later and I'm surprised that the driveway has lasted pretty well in that time. I often wondered if the years were as kind to that handsome face.

Thank you for such a lovely chapter a bringing back very fond memories. I truly hope that this is another one of your beautifully crafted tales that extends to many chapters. Will Sampson encounter Nick again or will become a ruthless gifter himself? Can't wait to find out.

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Part 2 - The Silver Ring


Sampson put himself head first in to getting jobs around Cambridge over the next few days and picked up quite a few that kept the other commune members busy and earning them quite a bit of money. They still had their struggles with other trades people who got annoyed since they did really good jobs and word was spreading about the price and quality of work. People were now even coming out of their homes and approaching them when working on a house in the same road. Sampson was sitting on the wall at one of the houses the guys were working on and he discreetly opened the app, almost gasping that he had 20 messages from all types of guys. He spent the next half an hour going through each message then checking their profiles and pictures if they had any. He had to double take one picture thinking it was the guy from Lyndhurst, the face looked almost the same but the body was skinny in comparison. One thing he did notice was that guy definitely looked rough and cheap and therefore probably had nothing of value. He opened the profile of 'Shameless24' and read through 'Versatile and hiv- and no std's', he was beginning to see a pattern that when a guy put his hiv status it could very well mean it was an open invitation for no condom sex. He wasn't adverse to wearing condoms if needed although he preferred it without as the sensation was completely different and heightened his sexual pleasure. 

"You going to be on that phone all day or help?" Marlon asked tugging at Sampson's leg.
Sampson quickly closed the app and put his phone away "Are you done here?" he asked.
"Yeah we are waiting for you" Marlon replied smiling.
"Sorry, was checking the map to see what area here would be good to hit next" Sampson said.
Marlon looked up at Sampson "You feeling better now?" he asked.
"Yeah, think I must have got a cold and couldn't shake it" Sampson replied.
"Good, I got some beers if you want me to come over tonight" Marlon said smirking.
Sampson jumped off the wall "Yeah excellent, could do with a drink and some other stuff" he said.
Marlon still held his smirk "Like the idea of the other stuff" he replied quietly.

Sampson went up and spoke with the owners who checked over the work and paid him the money shaking his hand thanking them. He got in the van and they drove just over a hundred meters down the road to the next house, he sat there and opened his phone again going back to the message and reading it this time 'Nice piece of meat, luv to meet up. Face pic?' Sampson looked up quickly then back to his phone attaching the picture he had taken deliberately in low light so not to emphasise the colour of his eyes knowing it was a dead giveaway with the unusual colouring. He quickly typed a reply 'Here you go, when you free and can you accommodate?' then hitting the send button he quickly closed the app. This one didn't matter too much as it would be the first and make a good trial run to see how things went. Forgetting about it for the moment Sampson went off to get sandwiches and drinks for the guys then spend the afternoon scouting around other houses in the road for jobs to do. When he returned he opened up the profile of the guy and read through in more detail. He was 24 years old, nothing to look in fact just an ordinary guy but he had a nice trim body and on the face of it looked quite laid back. He looked up watching the guys working on securing some guttering, smiling to himself that actually a few guys in his commune were pretty okay and sexy looking. It was something he had never thought about before and he knew most would say it was his bisexual side showing itself, although Sampson didn't even think he was bisexual he only saw himself as greedy and liking to fuck anything within reason. He definitely was swaying more to the male side finding their bodies more intriguing and beguiling. He got a little aroused thinking about a few weeks ago when Marlon had kissed him accidentally, it was a sweet tender kiss that Sampson enjoyed and well he wasn't about to push Marlon away. What he loved about Marlon was he didn't give a dam and sex was sex no matter who it was with. His cousin was using him as a pleasure toy but so was he and he didn't mind at all. Marlon outside was just a normal man but in private with Sampson he was a total beast, despite the little flouncy part of him he could hold Sampson down easily enough and power fuck him in to the bed when the mood took him.

Sampson crashed out on the bed after returning home knackered from working all day and needing to chill out. He did a quick check but there was not response from the 24 year old, the more he looked at the picture the more he wanted to deposit some gypsy babies in him. His thought interrupted with a tapping on his door and Marlon poking his head in.

"Are you decent?" Marlon asked sniggering and stepping inside.
Sampson sat on the bed "Not when your around" he replied leaning over and closing the curtains.

Sampson put some music on and Marlon locked the door and handed him a can of beer. He hadn't even got to open the can before he felt Marlon undoing his jeans and dropping to his knees. Sampson grabbed the back of Marlon's head rubbing it in to his underwear, Marlon sniffed deeply and moaned with his sense of smell filling with the scent of a man who had done a hard days work, sweaty and a faint odour of stale piss that got stronger when he pulled the underwear down. Marlon leaned back a moment admiring Sampson's semi hard cock and the foreskin covering the head, he leaned back in and sniffed the balls running his tongue along the shaft until he reached the opening of the foreskin and he sniffed again. Marlon's cock sprang up so quickly he struggled to undo his jeans to relieve the pressure, the unwashed scent of Sampson was how Marlon liked him, proper gypsy man that smelt like a man and driving Marlon insane. His lips surrounded the hidden head, his tongue lashed at the opening until he licked the tip of Sampson's cock, his taste buds immediately rewarded and moaning in sheer ecstasy. Through the foreskin pre-cum massed then dripped out in a long fine stream to the floor from Marlon's cock. Sampson moaned and took a swig of his beer looking down at his cousin eagerly devouring the head of his cock and using his tongue to push the foreskin back, Marlon's moans getting all the more erotic, Sampson knew it was time and placed his hand behind Marlon's head aggressively pulling him forward and watching his face go red. All the time Marlon tugged at his cock until Sampson released him. Marlon breathed heavily a thick sticky stream of saliva hanging between mouth and cock, his eyes watering looking up at Sampson who took the cue putting his beer down and using both hands he yanked Marlon's head forward again pushing his cock deeper into his throat and holding his head firmly in place, adding a couple of deeper thrusts stretching Marlon's throat. He could feel the resistance building in Marlon, his eyes streaming and face going red suffocating at the mercy of Sampson's cock until he released and Marlon quickly drew back gasping for air. Marlon wiped his eyes and laid on the bed cock in hand and his head at the edge mouth open ready. Sampson leaned over slipping his cock into the warm moistness of Marlon's mouth and slowly started to fuck his mouth, the lips closing tight around his shaft and Sampson knew he wouldn't be able to hold off since he was bursting to cum. Marlon pulled his foreskin back and began masturbating furiously, every time the cock delved deeper in to his throat he could smell Sampson's muskiness driving him crazy. Tapping at the back of his throat the occasional deeper push causing his back to arch off the bed and angle his throat for easier access. All Marlon could see was Sampson's balls hitting his face with solid smacks, when Sampson pushed deeper the ball sack smothered his nose and suctioned on to his nostrils when he tried to breath in. Sampson picked up the pace feeling the familiar signs of his orgasm approaching. Marlon only glimpsed the ball sack contract slightly and heard Sampson moan deep in his chest as he pushed his cock deeper. Silky thick warm fluid coated his throat and started sliding down to his stomach, the cock twitching in his throat spewing larger spurts of cum. His own cock held firmly in his hands began erupting sending a large stream of cum high in to the air and hitting Sampson's chest before dripping back on to the owners body. Finally Sampson pulled his cock out far enough to allow Marlon to swallow properly before pushing it back in for him to clean it properly.

Sampson stood upright looking down at the quivering mess that was Marlon, he smiled and leaned down kissing him lightly on the lips and pushing his semi hard cock back in to Marlon's mouth and taking a swig of beer. Marlon giggled and moved his head away sitting up, grabbing his t-shirt he wiped the mess off his and Sampson's chest, lingering a little and unable to resist he kissed Sampson's chest and nipples. Sampson pushed him away laughing and laid on the bed then allowed Marlon to continue kissing and licking his chest. So maybe he wasn't going to get to fuck Marlon tonight, still he had the the most intense orgasm with him that fulfilled his need for now.

The following day with another round of jobs Sampson sat in the van and opened the app seeing a reply from the guy 'Defo up to fuck with you, free tonight if you are. Gav' the message included his mobile number. Sampson though kept the messaging through the app rather than give his number out and after a banter of messages back and forward in which Sampson called himself Sam they had agreed to meet up at his flat at 8pm. Sampson almost walking around the rest of the day with a skip in his walk. Leaving the site at 7pm he made his way cross town to a rather run down series of small blocks of flats. The people he passed went about their own business ignoring Sampson and often paving a bigger gap between them as they passed. Sampson checked the messages again and found the block of the flats then messaged Gav to let him know he had arrived and on his way up. Standing outside the door a very faint waft of smoke hit his nose, it was unusual and Sampson knew straight away it was pot having seen some of the guys on the site smoke it and ending up stoned and passing out. He tapped on the door gently waiting for it to open, he could hear the shuffling of feet moving closer and the door unlocked and opened. Gav smirked opening the door wider to let Sampson in, it was definitely him he thought to himself looking at the face which appeared much better in real life than on the photo. Gav only wore only boxers and socks, his pearly white skin ran tight over his body displaying a couple of tattoos on his chest. A chunky silver chain around his neck and bracelet on his left wrist that was exactly the same as the chain around his neck. Sampson stood there watching Gav close and lock the door again before turning to him.

"Want some pot before we get down to it?" Gav asked picking up a joint and lighting it.
Sampson shook his head "Nah mate, I have to be able to get back after" he said laughing.
Gav laughed looking him up and down "Get undressed mate I am fucking horny" he said.

He lead Sampson to the bedroom which at best could only be described as a bomb site except for the futon bed that laid in the middle of the bedroom. Gav had already taken his boxers off displaying his growing seven and half inches of chav baby making cock, laying down on the bed he continued smoking the joint with one hand and holding his cock massaging it gently with the other. Rolling the foreskin back and forth over the head that was already glistening with small amounts of precum seeping out from his horned up state. Sampson quickly took his clothes off at the same time looking around the room for anything shiny. Gav was too busy in his own world getting higher on the pot to even notice Sampson's eyes darting around.

"Who is going first?" Gav asked putting the joint in the ashtray.
Sampson knelt on the bed "Get on your stomach" he demanded.

Gav smiled and rolled over on his stomach grabbing a bottle of lube that was by the bed and handed it to Sampson, he looked at the skinny beautiful arse this guy had. The cheeks perfectly small yet packed full and so incredibly soft whilst also being firm to touch, Sampson ran his hand around the cheeks grabbing each one with his hand. Gav looked over his shoulder smirking and moved his hand grabbing Sampson's cock 'Fuck yeah!' he said massaging it quite roughly watching the foreskin roll back, Gav looked up at Sampson's face and smiled turning back to get ready for the penetration. Sampson flipped the top off the lube and applied it liberally around the hole. Placing his legs on top of the guys and looming above he moved his cock in to position rubbing it against the lube and moaning softly at the sensation. The guy under him was responding pushing his arse up in time with Sampson's movements, gradually drawing it further back until on his next push forward the head of his cock met the guy's hole. The gasping cry was loud with Sampson slipping his cock in with some force, ignoring the cries below him he continued pushing until he had him firmly nailed deep on his cock. Gav cried in pain at the penetration that literally caught him off guard though he soon found the pot magically absorbing the pain, pushing his arse up again it felt like his entire insides was stretching apart greedily to take it. Sampson moved his hand placing them either side of the guy's head touching the top of his shoulders to prevent him from moving forward. Slowly he began to push his hips down then drawing back slightly, just enough to ensure the guy knew he was getting fucked. Gav moaned and tried to turn his head but he could only see the forearms either side of him, instinctly he moved his hand and grabbed hold of them stroking and gripping at them with each deep penetrating thrust. His moans being swallowed up by the slapping sound of Sampson's balls against his arse as he quickened the pace and power of the his thrusting. Gav's eyes almost rolling in to the back of his head feeling the incredible intensity of each thrust delivered in a continuous manner with no signs of stopping, his pleasurable moans and grunts growing louder each time the cock bottomed out in him with voracity and relentlessness. The thrusts tearing the deep causing small fissures in the moist tissue lining of the guys anus, Sampson grunted several times feeling his balls preparing themselves 'Oh fuck' he cried out jabbing harder with his cock. The feeling of his orgasm began spreading through his body with determination to breed the guy with his gypsy seed, he had no way of knowing he was also about to deliver a hybrid toxic gypsy version that was contaminated with his strain of the virus running out of control in his body. Gav sensing the change in the guy's fucking pushed his arse up ready and held it there, his movement wrenched his hole tight around Sampson's cock. Sampson looked down and and grunted long and hard ramming the arse harder then holding still enjoying the pleasure of his orgasm. Ribbon after ribbon of his silky white hybrid seed flooding in to the guy 'Hmm nice' he said continuing with small meaningful thrusts now his orgasm had subsided. He cold have stayed like this for ages, it felt so good being inside this guys arse. Underneath him the guy was getting twitchy moving around 'I want to fuck you' Gav said hinting for him to finish. Sampson smiled and slowly withdrew his cock, the damage was done with the virus already absorbing through the tiny fissures.

Sampson moved to allow the Gav to move kneel up "On your back" Gav said.
"Sorry?" Sampson asked looking at him.
"Lay on your back" Gav said again.

He felt a little nervous but he did it anyway and Gav pulled his legs up resting them on his shoulders then applied some lube fingering it in. Sampson wanted to protest and found himself unable to as the finger worked gently inside his arse with more lube being applied, the action was arousing him again and his partly flaccid cock jumped around and grew again. Gav put the bottle of lube on the bed and hooked his arms around the legs, his cock finding the jewel easily teasing it open and sliding in a bit more feeling the tightness surrounding his shaft, taking his time and slowly easing it deeper in to the guy. His body moving over the guy bringing his arse up higher until his cock slipped the rest of the way inside. Sampson moaned and grabbed the guys arms, desperately trying not to make eye contact with him feeling the warm breath close to his face. He could sense the guy was about to try and kiss him and deliberately he rolled his head to the side. Sure enough the lips touched the side of his face sending a shiver down his spine in unwanted attention, at the same time the guy above him started fucking him. He could smell the remnants of the pot from the warm breath caressing his face each time the guy hit a downward thrust. Gav felt a disjointed person who wanted this over with, disappointment coming across him that he was getting nothing back from the guy he was fucking. Gav raised his head and quickly sped up his fucking 'Fuck you' he muttered than hammered hard in to the guy feeling the fingers digging in to his arms in agony. The moans were in no way from pleasure and the fingers were almost digging against his bones. Gav didn't give a fuck and went even harder continuing until his ball sack tightened them slamming in one last time as hard as he could he began shooting his load inside the guy. No sooner had he stopped cumming his pulled his cock straight out indicating he was finished. Sampson laid there with his arse on fire not even the cum could douse the pain he was feeling, he heard a lighter spark up and Gav kneeled there smoking the rest of his joint.

"Thanks" Gav said handing Sampson his jeans and top.
Sampson sat up taking his clothes "Can I use the bathroom?" he asked.
"If you must" Gav replied pointing where it was without a dam.

Sampson walked in to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, his arse was on fire and wondered if this was how it felt after being forced in to having sex which is what he had literally been put through. He knew it was down to his reluctance to kiss or look at him and the guy had just used him as a fuck in an aggressive way. Sampson took a piss then slipped his jeans on. Going to the sink to wash his hands he noticed on he shelf was a thick silver band ring. He reached for it and checked it over then slipped it in to his pocket. His heart beating hard in his chest he quickly pulled his top and trainers on then slipped out the flat heading away quickly back to the campsite. Sampson closed the caravan door and reached under the bed for the trinket box, sitting on the floor he opened it and put his hand in his jeans pocket pulling out the silver ring, placing it in the box he closed the lid and pushed it back under the bed smiling.

Gav had already fallen asleep and woke the next morning, putting the kettle on to boil he went to use to the toilet then washing his face and drying it on the towel he noticed something was out of place. He stood scratching his head for a while before realising his silver ring was gone. Thieving bastard he said to himself angrily, raging he picked his phone up and sent the guy a message through the app. Sampson was already at work and during a quiet few minutes he opened up the app and saw 3 messages from Gav. The first one he opened and read 'Where the fuck is my silver ring arsehole?', Sampson looked up then deleted each of the messages without reading the other two. Putting his phone away he stood up and went about his daily business. Gav didn't stop and continued sending message after message until Sampson found he could block the user. Still venting in anger Gav went to send another message to tell him he was going to come and find him, then got even more angry when he found the message icon was disabled for that user. All Gav knew was the guy called himself Sam and had black hair and green eyes, he spent the next few nights going to all the gay bars in town seeking him before eventually giving up. The only thing he could do was shame the guy publicly put a note on his own profile 'Watch out for StraightFlipFuck the guy is a thief, calls himself Sam, black hair, green eyes'. He might have given up but he would stay vigilant when he went to work in town in case the guy was wandering around during the day. No one got the better of him and certainly no quick shag, the ring meant nothing to him really but he liked wearing it as it matched his chunky silver chain that he wore with his football shirt and baseball cap, it all completed his rough dominant appearance to gay guys and it was annoying more than anything.

Three weeks later Gav went for his routine appointment and test, despite a slight sniffle and feeling grotty for 24 hours a few days ago he was his cheery self with the nurse and left the clinic to go home. Whenever he drove anywhere in town he always maintained that vigilant look at the pedestrians in case he came across Sam. A few days later the clinic phone asking Gav to come back for a further test. Sitting in the waiting room he subconsciously knew the news was not going to be good, he had never been asked back before and this time his appointment was with one of the consultants. Unsure if it was this Sam or one of the other fucks he had a few days before, he knew there was always the element of a deceitful one and the only person he could put in this category was the thief Sam.

Angry and upset at everything Gav drove around the town numerous times every day, then in to the residential areas hoping to find the thief.

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Part 3 - The Golden Buddha


Sampson finished his conversation with the commune boss and the decision was made to head off to St. Albans in a weeks time with the hope there would be more work. He returned to the caravan and made some dinner then sat down to eat, whilst eating he opened the add up and scrolled through the messages deleting ones that only contained the words hi or hello.  Putting his fork down with attention drawn to a messaged from a guy calling himself 'Dirtyfucker1', the message was short but unlike the others the words jumped off the screen 'Nice body, would look even better in my bed!'.

Sampson clicked on the link to the profile seeing he was a 36 year old who described himself as tall and handsome with a beard and an eight inch arse rearranger. The pictures on the profile showed an average body with a hairy chest trailing off to where the picture finished just shy of revealing the cock. The face picture of a man with dark short hair wearing sunglasses on a tropical beach and a trimmed neatly kept beard. Sampson studied the pictures in depth and decided he wanted to try this one out since he had never been with a man who had a beard or hairy chest. Going back to the messages he opened it up and sent a reply initiating protocol to meet and fuck. Sampson wasn't one to mince his words even though the man in the profile was 90% top it still gave him a shot at fucking him and he wouldn't take no for an answer. He couldn't decipher why he was beginning to feel this way, in the last few weeks he had felt the urge more than ever to fuck men recklessly until he emptied his balls and this one would be no different despite what he claimed on his profile. Sampson type a quick response 'My body would like to be in your bed after I fuck you as well if you are up to meet'. Almost laughing at his cheesy response hitting the send button. The reply popped up within minutes whilst Sampson was still going through some of the other profiles and eating his dinner, he eagerly went to the reply and opened it reading it thoroughly 'Hi, sure I am up to meet. When do you have in mind? Are you clean and do you go bareback?'. Sampson couldn't grasp what the message meant and naturally assumed the guy was asking if he took drugs, he looked at the time and tried his luck sending his reply with a face picture 'I am free now and yes I am clean and bareback, shall I come to you?'. Sampson sent the message and didn't have to wait too long with the reply coming back within a minute 'Meet me at Magdalene Bridge in one hour'. Sampson checked the map app on his phone and found he could easily walk there in half an hour, he sent a reply to the guy 'Okay, I am not in to having sex outdoors though' typing the words he literally embarrassed himself at the thought of having sex in a public place. He had to wait almost five minutes before the guy responded 'That is fine, I just want to meet you somewhere public, you know make sure you turn up. David', Sampson sent a quick reply 'Be there in one hour. Sam'.

It was a nice evening when he stepped out of the caravan quite casually as if he was just going on a walk and slowly ambled his way through the commune. Marlon was returning from speaking with the commune boss and just spotted Sampson walking behind a hedge before disappearing out of sight, he stood there partly annoyed as he was about to head over and see him for a quickie, his girlfriends voice pulled his attention back and he went over deciding he would have his way with her instead. Sampson took his time enjoying the lighter evenings, summer was definitely his favourite time of year, warm and so many hours of daylight to be outside in. Walking past the shops along the river until he reached the bridge and stood in the middle watching a few little pleasure craft gently moving down the river and under the bridge.

"Sam?" David asked standing and leaning back against the bridge.
Sampson was taken a little by surprise and turned to look "Yeah, David?" he asked.
David nodded then smiled "Glad you turned up" he said looking Sampson up and down grinning.
Sampson stood nervously unsure what to do. "Shall we?" David suggested indicating to follow.

Sampson too was having a good look at David, his build looked more muscular than the photo showed and his nerves soon faded as David engaged him in very light pleasant conversation during the short walk back to his house. Once inside he lead Sampson up to the bedroom and told him to strip. David already wrestling himself out of his jeans and underwear until he was naked and already sporting a pretty firm cock from his excitement at landing such a rugged young twink looking guy. He watched Sampson undress and loved his tightly packed smooth body, his eyes though instantly drawn to his perfect arse. David stepped forward pulling him closer and pushing him down on to his knees in a sign that he expected Sampson to suck his cock. Sampson had never been pushed in to doing this before and was a little unsure how to, before he could even think twice his mouth was slapped by the head of David's cock and pushed against his lip half slipping in to his mouth. Remembering how Marlon had done it he tried copying slowly and began working on the thick cock that seemed to get harder as he sucked lightly on it. David leant over reaching to Sampson's smooth arse rubbing his finger against the dry hole, massaging around the outside to stimulate the nerves and relax the muscles. Sampson moaned at the sensitive nature his hole was being worked on and he actually stopped sucking on the cock unable to concentrate. His mouth pressed up against David's stomach all the time releasing soft moans. David quickly wet his finger and began to slowly probe opening his hole up tenderly. David groaned from the tightness as the muscle contracted and opened again. Under the spell and like putty David moved Sampson on to all fours on the bed with his arse hanging over the edge, all the time his finger worked loosening the hole. Sampson had never felt such delirious feelings and loss of control of his actions that lead him to feel the cock pressing up against his hole so quickly. David dribbled a long stream to saliva and his aim was perfect landing at the tip of his cock that was positioned against the slightly ajar hole. He pushed the saliva in with his cock and repeated the task slipping more of his cock inside. His hand gripped around the lad's waist holding him in position with his cock already half buried inside. Sampson let out a low agonising moan like he was being ripped in half 'Breathe' David demanded from above pulling his arse back forcing more of his cock inside.

David wriggled his hips and started a regular rhythm of pressure letting the teasing thrusts entice the hole to open even more. Sampson moaned nearly collapsing on his elbows the more his arse stretched open, there was no pain now just an overriding sense of pleasure. He whimpered and then moaned loudly as David let his cock slide in deep until he could go no further. Holding it inside he silently started rocking back and forth very slowly at first to allow the young lad to get use to it before he got gradually more adventurous. Sampson's tight hole was firmly gripped around the cock, David pushed the young guy's his arse forward then back slightly harder each time until he took over rocking his own arse on David's cock. David moaned deep and long as the amazingly warm and smooth inside caressed his entire head and shaft, gradually moving with ease and gliding in and out as Sampson fucked himself milking the precum out and smearing it around his insides. Sensing he was ready to get fucked David started moving his hips in rhythm with his arse, the effect having the desired outcome as the lad melted and lowered his body. His hands gripping hold of Sampson's hips increasing the power of the thrusts in long strokes and hitting hard up against the sweet arse surrounding his cock. The long strokes started getting shorter and David shifted his position moving closer and keeping more of his cock deep inside him. Sampson felt his legs shake almost going to jelly with the consistent steady fucking, his whole body appeared to be tuning in to the pleasure inside his arse moaning louder and soon found himself begging to be fucked. David looked down at the stretched hole and his cock effortlessly now sliding in and out, a sheen of sweat glistening on his forehead. The sight of this perfect arse taking his cock stirred his balls and building his orgasm up, shifting closer again his balls began slapping away at the arse. David let out a groaning gasp feeling his cock become fully erect, he pushed in deeper, his thrust executing in rapid succession sending ripples across the smooth arse cheeks of the lad. Sampson could feel his own cock hard as nails that swung freely and frantically between his legs and slapping against his stomach, the stream of precum oozing from his cock flying around with no telling where it was landing. David shifted his hands around the lad's hips painfully gripping him harder and pulling him back then he let out a loud grunt and fucked even faster then held still for a moment before grunting and pushing his hips up harder against the lad's arse. Sampson grimaced in pain feeling his arse being pulled back so hard and providing no means of escape David held him clenching his arse muscles and with each shuddering contraction his seed was released breeding the young lad. With the last of his orgasm receding David moved to gentle and tender thrusts trying not to dislodge the seed now deep inside the young lad but also getting maximum satisfaction before his cock went too flaccid. Taking his time pulling out little by little and still pushing back in each time until the head slipped out, David looked down at the pink hole shrinking closed then slapped the young lad's arse 'Perfect' he said letting go of him. Sampson collapsed forward on to his stomach exhausted from the battering his arse just took, yet quietly satisfied.

Sampson felt the bed moving as the man laid down next to him, his hand running along Sampson's back for a moment before he turned over and grabbed his still hard dick waving it in the air. Despite the man still being in a post euphoric state from his orgasm Sampson moved and positioned himself in between his legs and lifted them up resting them on his shoulders. The man just grinned and Sampson couldn't believe how big his dick was even in its soft state. He picked up the lube liberally coating the his hairy hole then shuffled forward aiming his cock and driving it in. David cried in pain of the quick penetration trying to push the lad off him, Sampson leaned further forward pinning David on to the bed. Sampson started fucking him hard, his balls already slapping hard against his arse 'Oh fuck! Stop!' he cried out pleading at first and gazing up in to the young lads emerald green eyes, his own eyes glazed over mesmerised by the wicked eyes staring down at him pushing him in to a transient state of lust, his hands grabbing hold of Sampson's thighs and the resistance muted in to moans, desperately trying to lean up and kiss the lad who kept his face just out of reach. Straight to the point and sensually turned on from just getting an amazing fuck off him, Sampson was already at boiling point. His hips delivering shattering thrusts that turned the man on even more and his cock started swelling again. Sampson raised his head staring ahead at the wall concentrating on delivering his load, something inside of him urging him to fuck harder. As he sped up he felt the man's hands gripping his neck and trying to pull him down wanting to kiss, this was not on the agenda and Sampson quickly grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head so he could get on with the job. So riled up in a sexual state he quickly resumed fucking the man hard and fast manging no more than 20 seconds before releasing a low deep moan from his chest. He could feel ejaculations coming yet he couldn't stop fucking, aggressively his cock spewed the toxic seed in to David's body instantly the virus attaching itself to the smallest tear and seeping in. David struggled to free his arms wanting to kiss the lad badly, instead he could feel the lad was mid orgasm yet he was still fucking him like crazy, fast and hard like he was never going to stop. Sampson knew he was finished and the sweat was dripping off his chin on to the man under him, he slowed down panting heavily even though his cock was still hard. His work was done in more than one way and he collapsed forward releasing the mans arms and landing on his chest. Immediately the arms surrounded him, the legs wrapping around his waist trapping and rolling him on his side, his cock still impaled up the man's arse Sampson worked his hips grinding his cock away gently. The warm moist lips of the man kissing at his neck slowly working around towards his mouth, using his free arm he hooked it around the man's neck holding him close and stopping him getting to his mouth. Drawing breath through his nose he smelt the man making his cock still twitch in satisfaction, the musky and soapy odour smelt all man and had a very calming effect on Sampson. Laying there together and smelling the man he couldn't help himself and his hip grinding morphed in to a bout of slow deep thrusting. The arms tightened around his body in response and Sampson worked steadily until he orgasmed again burying his head deeper in to the man's neck moaning as his body tensed pumping more toxic seed in to him. His body so relieved of sexual tension let its guard down and finally David kissed Sampson, he tried to pull away but the arms and legs held him firmly in place forcing him to endure the kiss.

The kiss lasted less than a minute but it was long enough for the effect to travel down to his cock that stiffened again, David moaned softly feeling the erotic pleasure of Sam growing again. The hips started moving and Sampson chuckled patting David's back, he had to take his cock out otherwise he would just lay there doing this over and over but the arms and legs wrapped around him prevented him from moving. He wriggled trying to escape but David was having none of it and kept him firmly held in place, he was enjoying holding the young body next to his and getting some dick out of it as well. The dark chest and stomach hair rubbed coarsely against his own body and gradually Sampson managed to extract his cock putting an end to their summer evening antics. The arms and legs releasing allowed him to move away and roll on to his back and sliding to the edge of the bed. Sampson picked up his clothes.

"You don't have to go if you want to stay" David said sitting up and stroking his back.
Sampson shrugged his hand away and stood up "Your okay but I should get going" he replied.
David put on his underwear. "Can I get a drink of water please?" Sampson asked.
"Of course" David replied, "Sit in the lounge and I will fetch it for you".

They finished dressing and Sampson followed him down the stairs and in to the lounge, his eyes immediately zoomed in on the shelves and the statues of numerous mini buddhas in various sizes and colour, it was definitely an intriguing collection and his eyes dazzled.

"Are you in to all this?" Sampson asked as David reached the door.
He turned to look and chuckled "Went through a phase years ago" he said walking back over and stood next to him.
David picked one statue up "This was given to me by the monks in Chang Mai" he said.
Sampson looked at him with a dumb expression. "A place in Thailand" David said putting it back, "I spent two days with them on a quest" he said laughing.
"Sorry my manners, I will get you a glass of water" David said leaving the room.

Sampson moved his hand over the collection and quickly picked up a small golden Buddha that felt weighty in his hands and slipped it in to his pocket, quickly he then rearranged the spacing so it looked like nothing was missing. He sat on the sofa just before the man returned carrying a glass of water and Sampson downed it thanking him. His nerves on edge now and desperately wanting to leave he made a move to the front door.

David stopped him "Just a minute" he said causing Sampson to go pale, "Can I have a kiss?".
Sampson pecked him on the cheek quickly "Sorry I don't kiss" he replied clearly.
David chuckled "No, but you stick your dick quite happily in arse and fuck it" he retorted.
Sampson opened the door "Yeah I know and I will do it again if you want" he said leaving then looking over his shoulder and winking.

He could hear the man chuckling closing the door, Sampson walked calmly until out of view the picked up the pace heading back to the commune site and feeling the statue in his pocket. Arriving back at his caravan he quickly pulled the trinket box out from under the bed and took the small statue out of his pocket placing it in the box then back under the bed. It was a couple of days after and David had returned from work and was tidying the house up when he looked at his collection that didn't seem right. There was an odd number of Buddhas on the left side of the central one. Comparing the left and right he noticed one small golden Buddha was missing, not any Buddha it was actually one that was coated with pure gold and expensive. He was angry with himself knowing that the shag he had round a few nights ago was alone in the lounge for long enough to swipe it. He went to send Sam a message only to find he was blocked, he was so angry that he took to Flutter and posted a pic of the Buddha and a link to Sam's profile in a damming post asking the gay community to keep an eye out for him and to Flutter him if anyone knows or sees him. 

By that weekend David was feeling under the weather and running a temperature, laying in bed he was trolling through the hook up app as something to take his mind off things when he came across the guy he had spent an very rough evening with many months ago 'Shamelss24', he attention was caught by the note at the bottom of his profile about being ripped off by this guy called Sam. David sat up in bed reading it over and over then sent a message trying to rack his brains for his name but he couldn't remember it instead he typed 'Hi, met this guy and stole from me as well'. Within the hour David was talking on the phone to Gav and telling each other their stories, Gav also broke the news that not only did he steal from him he left with him with an unwanted gift in HIV. The revealing story had David panicking and suspecting it was behind his recent illness he went to the clinic on Monday and received a positive diagnosis two days later.

David and Gav agreed to meet up the following weekend in search of Sam, their fruitless search ended that weekend. Neither one of them knew they were three days too late and Sampson had already left for St. Albans. Gav was re-Fluttering David's post using as many hashtags as he could to ensure word would get out to the numerous gay groups on Flutter. Through this they became friends and pulled their resources going on a witch hunt to find this Sam and checking out the profile every so often, one evening when Gav called David and told him the location had changed to St. Albans. Deciding there and then they would book in to a cheap hotel for the weekend in St. Albans and continue their hunt.

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