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So Sampson hasn't told his cousin yet. With only a few weeks to go before they winter in Lyndhurst will he come clean. Marlon's reaction may decide if Sampson will choose to go to Lyndhurst or stay with Mike. Who knows.. maybe Marlon will opt to stay with Mike too. How will Marlon react if he finds out about Sampson's submissive side. Throw Allan into the mix and the two cousins may have a very interesting winter break from traveling.

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Part 10 - Back To The Beginning


Sampson laid in Mike's arms slowly stroking his chest that Sunday afternoon, the sun already hanging low in the sky for the time of year. Glancing at each other and smiling they had come along way in their strange relationship, a kind of love and bond had grown between them. Not the kind of love that makes a relationship, just one of greedy self-indulgence that satisfied them both. Sampson had to come clean to Mike admitting that he was a gypsy and they were moving on to Lyndhurst at the start of December, partly concerned that his admission would in some way cause an over reaction on Mike's part and it sort of did. Instead of looking down on him in disgust he flung Sampson over on to his stomach and pounded him hard wrapping his arms around Sampson's chest holding him even closer. Working himself in to a sexual frenzy Mike bit on Sampson's ear lobe and whispered 'My emerald gypsy boy', the words stuck and was how Mike referred to him from that day. In truthfulness Sampson thought that his moving to Lyndhurst to wait out winter would see a pause in their assignations, Mike however made it clear that his emerald gypsy boy was to be at his place at 7pm every Friday and leave on Sunday. It was certainly not a choice Sampson was allowed to make and he smiled happily to himself, his hand was stroking Mike's semi hard cock and his finger rubbed around where the foreskin neatly kept the head hidden. His finger pushing inside the foreskin feeling the sticky precum mess already congregating, Sampson moaned feeling his head being pushed down towards Mike's cock and feeling it expanding rapidly in his hand. Sampson moved quickly knowing he probably had at best 1 minute to suck on it before Mike would take over and get inside him.

By early December Sampson sat in his caravan looking out at the commune site sipping his coffee before the day started. It was only Wednesday but the void was big and he relied on his imagination going over the past weekend, it was only two days until he could see Mike but the emptiness left during the week was killing him inside. Being so close and busy with Mike for so many weeks meant he missed the birth of Marlon's son last Saturday, questions and rumours were flying around the commune about Sampson and his weekend disappearances. With Marlon so busy in his own world now Sampson only got to see him during the week when they were working, even more annoying was that Marlon ceased calling on Sampson nowadays. Part of him so desperately wanted Mike to love him and be with him but even that was now dwindling with the appearance of Allan. The closeness in age and body suited both Mike and Allan and what played out was Allan paying less and less attention to his man back at home, it forced him to take a long hard look at his relationship with his husband and how it differed to Mike who was both exciting and varied in his sexual pleasures. The writing was written on the wall and it didn't take long for Allan's husband to throw his hands up in the air in defeat and walk out. The actions paved the way for Allan to turn his full attention to Mike and the result was a blossoming romance.

Sampson got in to his 4x4 not giving a dam as to who might be watching, he slowly drove off the site at 5pm and headed to Banbury. Nick slowed down seeing the 4x4 pulling out and turning on to the main road, instantly he looked over to where the 4x4 had just pulled out of, his heart skipping several beats seeing the gypsy site full and people milling around. Desperately he wanted to stop and see if it was the same group of travellers but thought better of it for now and continued on his way home. His mood cheering up and constantly thinking if they would be back on his estate touting for work again. By the time Sampson pulled up outside Mike's he recognised Allan's car parked in the driveway. He sat there watching the house for several minutes feeling the stabbing pains of jealousy throughout his entire body. Adamant this would be the last visit he slowly walked up to the door and knocked and waited. 

The front door opened and Allan stood there "He is yours for weekend I need a break" he said.
Sampson looking at him. "Don't keep him waiting" Allan said pulling Sampson inside.

With that Allan left closing the door behind him and Mike appeared from the kitchen dressed in his jock strap and boots. The sight was too much and as usual Sampson melted and immediately forgot everything, Mike was on him locking in a sensual kiss whilst undressing Sampson frantically until he stood naked except for his socks. Mike stepped back and smirked picking up the harness and strapping it over Sampson and guiding him towards the stairs, thinking they were heading up to the bedroom Sampson stepped on the first stair when Mike grabbed the back of the harness to stop him. Already feeling Mike's hard cock hanging out of the jock strap he was forced on to all fours half up the stairs. Suddenly Mike's cock rubbed up his crack gradually it went deeper and Sampson moaned with such an exquisite sound that Mike pulled back and angled it against his hole pushing in to his emerald gypsy boy in one slow smooth movement until he could go no further. Sampson raised his head moaning loudly as his body accepted Mike, his hand instinctly moved under until he could feel the tightness of Mike's ball sack stretched up against his arse. Mike rolled his head back purring in delight being inside the arse he had trained, his hips wriggling to savour the warm tightness holding his cock. Placing both hands on the harness holding Sampson deep on his cock he began to fuck in long slow movements and immediately releasing a succulent amount of precum in his excitement. Sampson pushed back each time he felt Mike pushing in to him, letting out a loud noise between a gasp and moan when Mike bottomed out in him. Mike had never been more turned on by Sampson and knew he was not going to last, his hands yanked the harness back and the loud slapping of his balls hitting against Sampson's arse filled the air, grunts emitting from them both. Faster and faster Mike went and the slapping sound changed in to an applause, his knuckles turning white from holding the harness so tightly. He was already orgasming through his body yet trying to hold back from releasing his load as long as he could, the yearning and need to breed was overwhelming. Finally collapsing forward and securing his arms tightly around Sampson's waist his hips bucked harder than ever driving his cock deep in to Sampson and releasing his toxic seed. Sampson's body quivered in his arms resulting in Mike's hips exerting all their pressure against Sampson's arse. His arms held tight around Sampson's waist and his head rested on the back of his neck panting and coming down from an almighty orgasm, hips still bucking away forcing his seed deeper. 

Mike bit down on Sampson's back gently he had never fucked him as hard at this and wondered if he had taken him too far this time, the body in his arms was making no movement or noise, like it was in a state of shock. Mike raised his head and leaned further forward to check Sampson was okay. He didn't know what to make of it at first staring at the cream carpet of the stairs, his body completely immobilised in Mike's arms and sent to hell and back in an incredible journey. Slowly Sampson turned his head to look at Mike then kissed him gently on the lips 'Holy shit!' Sampson muttered as a smile grew on his face. Mike smirked and jabbed his still raging erection 'Again?' he asked quietly, Sampson chuckled and kissed him tenderly again 'Bring it on' he replied. Mike raised himself up and grabbed the harness again, his second orgasm reached and he slowed down just a little to let his load out then started fucking Sampson for a third time. 

Sampson collapsed on the bed "Dam! You really made my arse sore" he complained.
Mike laid next to him "Shouldn't be suck a cock tease then" he replied still panting away.
Sampson turned his head to look at Mike "I never teased, you just took" he said giggling.
Mike chortled "And you are complaining because?" he asked with a big smile on his face.
Sampson leaned up "Is this coming to an end?" he now asked Mike.
Mike glanced at him curiously. "You and Allan now being together" Sampson clarified.
Sampson ran his fingers along Mike's muscled arm "It feel like it is" he said softly.
Mike watched Sampson "No it is not ending, you still float my boat emerald" he replied.
Sampson half smiled in an unsure way "But not enough to want anything more?" he questioned.
"I like you a lot emerald, but being in a relationship would ruin our dynamics" Mike replied.
Mike sat up and looked at him "Did you expect more from me?" he now asked.
Sampson shrugged "Sometimes I wish there was" he paused, "But this is just as good".
Mike pulled Sampson down in to his arms "I made you a condition of being with Allan" he said.
Sampson smiled and kissed Mike on the lips. "Get down there and blow me" Mike demanded.

The words were still coming out of Mike's mouth when Sampson already felt himself being pushed downwards. Sampson began working the cock slowly with his lips and tongue. Mike rolled his eyes and moaned in pleasure and allowed Sampson to control the situation until he was brought to orgasm. Keeping his eyes focused on the ceiling doing his best to ignore that is was Sampson, he knew if he looked down at Sampson he would cum straight away.

Sampson drove back to Lyndhurst late Sunday afternoon, despite his sore arse from the fucking on the stairs Friday evening Mike still had his way with Sampson all weekend, he wreaked of stale sex and it a smell that Sampson loved to enjoy on his drive home. It was dark, wet and windy when he arrived back at the commune and parked up outside his caravan. Getting out of the 4x4 and locking it he turned around and jumped back coming face to face with Marlon who certainly didn't have a happy look on his face.

"Fuck Marlon!" Sampson said loudly his heart pounding in his chest, "What is the matter?".
Marlon stared at Sampson "What the fuck did you do to me?" he asked in a quiet angry tone.
Sampson gulped fearing the worst "Come inside" he nervously said unlocking the door.
Marlon followed him inside the caravan and closed the door "Well?" he asked.
"What is this all about Marlon?" Sampson asked believing he could evade the truth.
Marlon pushed Sampson angrily "You gave me that gay disease" he said pushing him again.
Sampson backed away "I only found out I had a few weeks ago" he tried explaining.
Marlon stood looking at him nearly crying. "Have you told anyone else?" Sampson asked.
"No, but when I do all hell will break out" Marlon replied raising his voice.
Sampson sat on the bed "I'm sorry Marlon, I really didn't know I had it" he said.
Marlon shook his head "I will give you a month to decide what you are going to do".
"What do you mean?" Sampson asked looking up at his cousin.
Marlon turned to leave "Face up to it or leave the commune" he replied looking back at him.
Marlon opened the caravan door and looked at Sampson "One month!" he repeated.

Marlon spat at Sampson and closed the door leaving him alone. The worst insult of all had just happened, when a gypsy spat intentionally at you it was a sign of dishonour and intent. Sampson felt a tear trickle down his cheek, in a few short minutes his entire world had come crashing down. He could have argued and laid the blame squarely at Marlon who came begging for cock but that just wasn't his way of dealing with things. Sleep didn't come easy to Sampson that night his thoughts running over and over of how could he evade the whole thing and what was he going to do if he got banned from the commune. Either way he knew he couldn't stay as life would be hell and he would be picked on continuously until he was finally driven away. Tired and exhausted Sampson drove in the van with the other guys to start work, Marlon keeping his distance and hardly muttering a word to Sampson. At lunchtime his phone chimed with a reminder of his appointment the following day at the sexual health clinic in Southampton that he had discreetly rearranged since arriving in Lyndhurst. After returning from a days work Sampson got in his 4x4 and drove in to the New Forest, he just couldn't bear being on the commune, he parked in a car park and just sat there for several hours trying to figure out what he was going to do. He couldn't stop thinking about Mike and the words echoing in his head that a relationship would ruin their dynamic. He was the only person Sampson had ever got so intimately close with. Sampson woke after dozing off, it was 2am and he was in the middle of nowhere and he stopped outside of his vehicle in to the cold damp air to wake himself up properly before driving back. Remembering the sovereigns his mother had given him explaining that they were valuable he knew he had to get them valued to see if they would help him forge a new life outside of the travellers community.

Nick had put his past to bed and was now undetectable, the past year he had turned over a new page in his life deleting all his devious profiles from the hook up apps he was happy to play the upfront person when arranging meets. Always telling them that he never met to fuck a guy using condoms and that he was hiv positive but undetectable. It had paid off in more ways than one as bottom guys seemed to be more interested in trying to dodge the bullet with somewhat risky sex. In fact Nick was never short of safe sex only guys wanting to bareback. Driving for his 2pm appointment he detoured past the gypsy site glancing over and wondering if they were going to come knocking on his door any day now, weekdays were no good since Nick was at work so he had no real idea if they had already been. Normally there were rumblings in the community about where they were working but it had all been strangely quiet and no one at the car dealership knew of their whereabouts, he just couldn't get those delicious green eyes out of his head and exquisite body he had enjoyed playing with. Nick parked his car and walked in to the clinic and took a seat waiting for his check up and medication.

Sampson arrived at the clinic and waited in his car until five minutes before his appointment. Walking in to the reception he went through the formalities of confirming his contact details and took a seat in the waiting room. His eyes wondered over to a couple of guys already sitting in the small waiting area, a little alcove between two consultation rooms that contained only six chairs so Sampson took one on the opposite side to the two guys sat there. He could feel a weird vibe of stolen looks going on in his direction from the other guys. Taking their chances to get a look at Sampson and it kind of made him feel uncomfortable but also aroused by the little game. Doors opened and closed down down the corridor and a little laughter and a voice that Sampson thought he recognised but shook it off when the doctor appeared calling our for Eric who stood and walked in to the consultation room closing the door behind him. A doctor appeared from the corridor calling Sampson who stood and followed her down the corridor. A door to the side opened and Nick walked out just as Sampson looked him in the eye briefly. Nick stopped in his tracks but the guy didn't seem to immediately recognise him and carried on following the doctor. Confused and in a little state of shock Nick wandered back to the reception to make his next appointment carrying his bag of medication, his focus though was down the corridor but the guy had disappeared from view. Nick walked to the car park and got in his car sitting there for a moment, his stomach in knots and feeling all flustered, the result of those green eyes staring back at him for a moment had sent him in to a complete dithering mess. Literally he was unable to drive away and instead he waited, for what he didn't know right then but those eyes had brought memories flooding back.

Sampson watched the nurse drawing blood but his thought was elsewhere, it took him a moment after seeing him but he knew that face, the body was definitely a little more muscled up from what he remembered, but yes it was definitely him and he was anxious to be done and go find him. Crazy as it was he thought that maybe this guy was going to be waiting for him, well he did seem to acknowledge who he was. Sampson walked up to the reception glancing at everyone who was milling around but he couldn't see him and immediately giving up any hope, in fact he didn't even know why he was looking for him. Picking up his appointment card Sampson walked outside in to the car park towards his 4x4. Nick caught sight of him walking across the car park and got out of his car locking the door he walked cautiously in his direction.

It was like Sampson knew he was there and turned round "It is you!" he exclaimed loudly.
Nick stopped "You are back" he replied nervously, "I didn't expect to see you here".
"It is because of you I am here" Sampson said strangely without any bitterness.
Nick was a little stumped for words. "Did you do it deliberately?" Sampson asked.
He nodded "You didn't protest" Nick replied with a tang of arrogance in his voice.
"You don't even regret doing this to me?" Sampson asked amused by his upfront behaviour.
"I don't have regrets, well maybe one" Nick replied suddenly realising he wanted him.
Sampson shook his head "You have sent my life out of control, ruined it in fact".
Nick stared at him for a moment "Your on meds how bad can it be".
"How bad?" Sampson spat the words looking angry, "I infected my cousin, I have to leave".
"Leave?" Nick asked looking confused.
Sampson looked at his bag of meds "They will drive me out if I don't leave".
Nick moved forward "Where will you go?" he asked expressing concern with his voice.
"Fuck knows" Sampson replied, "I will have to sell the caravan, I am an outcast now".
Nick couldn't let him go again "Can I help?" he asked out of desperation.
Sampson shook his head "You have done enough" he replied unable to to take his eyes off him.
"You can stay at mine" Nick blurted out, "You know lodge in my spare bedroom".
Sampson could definitely feel the heat between them "Why would you put a gypsy up?" he asked.
"I have never forgotten our time together" Nick replied, "I can't forget it".

The months of anger he had felt and wanting revenge on this guy were being washed away the more he looked at him. He was feeling strong emotional affection, like he had with Mike but this one seemed to be connecting more intensely and was falling head first. He was good looking, arrogant, self assured and confident, traits that Sampson couldn't deny made him even more sexier. He knew that the sex they had was good and on an even playing field. But moving in with him was something that had never crossed Sampson's mind.

"I won't pay you" Sampson suddenly replied, "If I move in, you owe me for what happened".
Nick was taken back for a moment "I want to have sex with you though" he replied.
Sampson scoffed "I ain't your lover" he replied baiting and wanting him to bite.
"You will be and I think we both know that" Nick replied confidently.
"Full of yourself aren't you" Sampson replied now putting on his cocky tone.
Nick laughed "Stand there and tell me you don't want this as much as me?" he asked.
Sampson watched him and could see the intention in his eyes "Sampson, that is my name".
"Nick" he replied and stepped closer to Sampson "So Sampson, you want to be my lover?" he asked.
"Like proper lover, as in a couple?" Sampson asked and Nick nodded, "Alright then".
"Want to get a coffee?" Nick asked.
Sampson looked at him "Why are you asking dumb arse, of course I do" he replied laughing.

Their meeting up again was never planned to head in that direction, fate definitely paid a part that afternoon. When Sampson returned to the commune after dark had fallen he quietly hitched up his caravan and was about to get in to drive away but Marlon grabbed his arm. Sampson turned to face a crying Marlon, he put a finger to Sampson's lip then kissed him good bye and made him promise to keep in touch. Sampson agreed and showed no emotion leaving a devastated Marlon standing there crying. Sampson drove the directions Nick had given him and he parked the caravan at the back of the car dealership Nick now ran, there it would remain until he could sell it. Sampson collected all his belongings and the trinket box and drove behind Nick to his new home. He was going in head first without any indication of where this was taking him in life. A slight smile on his face parking up behind Nick's car, Sampson knew deep down he had been infatuated with this guy ever since their first meeting that day. He got out of his 4x4 looking at the house waiting for Nick, he remembered the first time on the doorstep where Nick had flirted and propositioned Sampson so blatantly and how he had agreed without a second thought. Tonight though he was entering this house as sort of Nick's boyfriend, it filled Sampson with an enormous amount of pride and happiness. He would never have to hide his feeling again and could live a life he had secretly wanted.

Sampson kept in touch with Mike but no longer did he yearn for Mike's approval, he could clearly see the difference between a desire to be owned and a desire to be loved, Nick was who he loved without a doubt. The years ahead would change Sampson in so many ways, growing in confidence with Nick constantly by his side. Both of them never short of men vying to bed them, but their total commitment to each other never faltered or strayed. Sampson was a natural at fixing things and set up his own little handyman business with Nick's help and earning a very decent wage and profit. Marlon would often come and see Sampson every winter when the commune was back in Lyndhurst, he couldn't believe how much Sampson had changed having the stability of a job and lover. Sampson wold often laugh at his visits seeing that mischievous glint in Marlon's eyes whenever Nick was around.

Two weeks after moving in Sampson finished showering and walked in to the bedroom where Nick laid sprawled out naked, Sampson climbed in to bed next to him then rolled on top in between his legs, Nick giggled and lifted his legs up wrapping them around Sampson's body, 'My green eyed man' he said softly between Sampson kissing him. Sampson grinned and ran his tongue seductively along Nick's neck and face 'Completely yours' he said softly feeling Nick's body react and wriggle the deeper his cock pushed inside his lover.

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Didn't expect Nick to make a return to bring the story full circle. I'm guessing it's reached it's conclusion but Marlon's outcome was left unresolved, leaving me feeling that there was still a bit more mileage in the tale.

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