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The journey to the life I now lead began on my 19th birthday, in the tropical setting of the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. I was there for my gap year before university, and while I was mostly staying in cheap hostels on my trip, my family had paid for me to stay for a few nights at a luxury resort in the Whitsundays for my birthday. At the time I would rather they had just given me the money, but hey.  I had arrived relatively late one night, and after the best sleep of my trip so far, I had spent the day relaxing by the pool and on the beach, taking full advantage of the free food and drink at the all-inclusive resort.

That evening, as I sat by the pool and sipped on the champagne cocktail I had chosen to splash out a bit of extra cash to buy to celebrate my birthday, I kept noticing a couple of guys eyeing me up.  They looked to be in their 40s or maybe early 50s, they were both pretty rugged and muscled, and the matching rings they wore suggested they were a couple.  They would look away when I caught their eye, but each time their gaze would fall on me again shortly after.  It was clear they were interested in me, and the longer this went on and the more of the cocktail I drank, the more fervent the butterflies in my stomach got.

I was the popular kid at school.  Tall, athletic, and apparently good looking based on the interest girls showed in me.  My involvement in virtually every sport going, as well as a regime of training at the gym from the age of 16, had given me a great body that I continued to work on in Australia, even though I had to make do with lifting rocks at the beach rather than working out in an actual weight room.  My time in the sun Down Under had also resulted in a nice tan all over, and I continued to shave much of my body hair to remain smooth and allow my muscles to really shine.  My normally dark blond hair had lightened under the sun, and I kept it short and simply styled.

I had lost my virginity at 15, and had a steady stream of girlfriends until I left for Australia.  Indeed, I had also hooked up with quite a few women on my trip.  However, I did have a curiosity about guys too.  Not a longing or desire as such, but I did occasionally wonder what it would be like to be with a man.  As the older couple continued to leer at me, and the alcohol loosened my inhibitions, I decided to see where this would go so I could perhaps satisfy that curiosity.

To cut a not particularly long story short, before the day was out I was on my hands and knees on their bed, experiencing my first spitroast.  The two guys, Aidan and Peter, were energetic and just the right amount of aggressive in their regular alternation between my front and back ends, such that I was rarely without both their sizeable cocks inside me.  I loved it, and got to enjoy taking several loads from each of them up my arse and down my throat before dawn broke.

For the remainder of my time in the Whitsundays I served as their cumdump.  We spent almost all our time together, and I got to know them as kind and generous guys who had had to get creative with their sex lives given they were a pair of pure tops who had happened to fall hopelessly in love with one another.  I, meanwhile, explored this new-found passion I had for bottoming, and was basically open to anything they wanted to show me.  Double-fucking, bondage, fisting – you name it, we did it.  They had travelled to the islands prepared for whatever they found, meaning I could be fully inducted into the ways of mansex with all the supplies you would ever need.

We parted ways when my stay at the resort came to an end but with a promise that I would give them a call when I arrived in Sydney, which I had decided would be the city I stayed in for a longer period to find some work and earn some money before I set off on my travels again.  Sure enough, a few weeks later I got in touch with them as I prepared to leave Melbourne, and was pleased when they insisted I save money on a hostel by staying with them for a bit.  It wasn’t said directly but clearly implied that my rent would be paid with my holes, which I was absolutely fine with.  Despite not being entirely sure about myself after I left the islands, and continuing to sort of believe I'd get a girlfriend back in the UK at some point, I soon found that I had an almost unquenchable desire to be fucked again. I had therefore been happily taking cock across the country as I travelled around, using hook-up apps, bars and even the odd public park as my means of meeting men. Despite being barebacked by Peter and Aidan, I had played safe thereafter and made every guy who got inside me use a condom.  I wasn’t to know that I would never use one again as I boarded the bus to Sydney.

I ended up staying with them for several months, occasionally going off travelling for a couple of weeks at a time, but otherwise working in a couple of shops, hitting the gym regularly, taking in all the entertainment and amenities Sydney had to offer, and then getting loaded up at night.  Aidan and Peter enjoyed hosting parties, and I was soon one of the attractions on offer in their luxury apartment when their friends came to visit, often donning a skimpy waiter’s outfit over my increasingly muscular frame to notionally serve drinks and canapes to their guests but actually more so there was something for the various male visitors to rip off.  For some reason I never asked anyone to use condoms, trusting in Peter and Aidan to look out for me.  I even gained a sort of boyfriend in their close friend Jurgen, a Swedish ex-pat who lived nearby and had always been a regular dinner guest, and who now borrowed me on regular occasions to spend the night with him.  In essence, I had become a very happy and well looked after manwhore.

However, it was all too quickly the end of my time in Australia.  Given the fun I was having and the money I was earning, I decided to cancel my plans to head over to New Zealand for a month and instead just stay in Sydney longer and then head straight back to the UK from there in August, prior to starting my university degree in late September.

A couple of weeks before I left for the long journey home, Aidan and Peter let me know that they had organised a very special party for me to see me off, which I would ‘never forget’. They were tight-lipped on the detail, but I had to promise to keep myself free for the weekend, and be fully clean and ready by 8pm on the Friday so the festivities could begin.  

Friday evening came around, and at 8pm on the dot Aidan and Peter arrived home carrying a couple of shopping bags.  They ordered me to strip, and then gradually tossed me bits of gear from the bags to get dressed into.  By the end of it, I was standing before them in big heavy black leather boots, a tight-fitting pair of leather chaps, a black leather jock, a multi-strap leather harness, and a fat padded leather collar with red trim and matching cuffs.  They seemed pretty happy, and I had to admit I loved the look too, mentally adding “leather fetish” to the list of things I was finding out about myself.

We left the apartment and headed to their BMW in the basement car park, from where Aidan drove us for some time to an industrial area.  We left the main roads and entered the back alleys, and eventually parked up behind what looked like a warehouse.  There were a few men hanging around outside the door smoking, some in bits of leather but others dressed more casually, and they all turned and looked as I emerged from the car and walked with Aidan and Peter towards them, sizing me up and down as I approached.

“This the boy, Pete?” asked one of them as we got closer.
“Yes, ready and waiting” Peter replied.
“Cool” said the man. “Get him inside and then you can be on your way.”

I turned my head to Peter as Aidan urged me forward to the door.

“What’s going on?” I asked. “Where are you two going?”
“We’ll explain inside” Peter replied, not making eye contact with me.

I had been nervously excited on the drive over, but now just felt exclusively nervous as the night seemed to be taking a bit of an unexpected turn.  However, I trusted the two of them, so allowed them to lead me through the door and into the building, which was dimly lit and seemed to be deserted.  They led me across an empty warehouse space and through another door, beyond which I could hear some low thumping music and lots of muffled male voices.  Aidan closed that door behind me, and then they stopped and turned to face me.

“What’s going on?” I asked again.
“Well boy, this is how it is” Aidan replied.  “You are a cumdump.  A natural.  You didn’t know it before you met us, but there’s no going back, is there?”

I shook my head after a pause.

“So” continued Peter, “tonight we’re helping you to complete your transformation to what you really are.”
 “The guys here tonight will be taking care of your needs for the next few days” said Aidan,  “and then we’ll take care of you before you go home to London and start living your life the way you’re meant to.”
“What does that mean?” I asked, my voice slightly high and shaky.
“It means, boy” replied Peter, “that you need to be free of any constraints so you can get that perfect arse of yours fucked by anyone and everyone.”
“It means” continued Aidan, “that you will be taking loads tonight that will change you forever, and for the better.”

It started to dawn on me what they were talking about, and I felt a sinking feeling replace the nerves.  Peter and Aidan were intending to get me pozzed.

“You understand, don’t you boy?” said Peter.
I looked down and nodded.  “Yes sir” I replied, referring to him in a way I had only previously done during some evenings of role play.
“I think you want it” said Peter, “and I know you need it.”

After a pause I nodded again, saying nothing.  My heart was kind of breaking, and yet I couldn’t deny that my cock was rapidly hardening in the confines of the leather jock.  This didn’t go unnoticed.

“Thought so” said Aidan. “We’ve known a lot of cumdumps over the years, and can always tell which ones just need a little push to give themselves over to their true nature.  You, boy, are a classic case.”

I just stood there looking at my feet, my mind seemingly both racing while also going blank.  I knew I could just get out of there and stop this, but somehow I also knew I would be seeing this through.

“What you don’t know is that we’re both undetectable” said Peter. “In fact, pretty much everyone who’s fucked you in this city is.”
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“It means that we’re all on meds and shooting blanks” said Aidan. “The guys in here tonight are the exact opposite, and you won’t be leaving here until you’re riddled with the bug.” 
“But this is your last chance” said Peter. “If you want to back out now then we’ll take you home.”

When I said nothing, Peter smiled and patted me on the back, before turning and pressing a button on the wall.  Moments later, another door opened and the corridor we were standing in filled with noise.  I stood and looked towards it, until Aidan gently pushed me in that direction.  However, this time they didn’t come with me, and as I approached the door I turned to look at them.

“Have fun, boy” Peter said. “When you’re ready your bed will be waiting for you.”

I nodded, then then turned towards the door and walked through.

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It had been some hours since I was delivered to this place by Peter and Aidan, and I was starting to show signs of wear and tear.  I had stopped counting loads at twenty, and that was quite a long time ago.

When I had first walked in the room, I was set upon by a group of men of all shapes and sizes who swarmed around me and began groping and rubbing me all over.  One had eventually encouraged me to bend over a little, before a whole succession of them took turns rimming and fingering me.  Eventually I started to be given several huffs of poppers that got my head swimming, before I was suddenly pulled up, pushed towards a rig in the corner, turned around and lifted off my feet and into a sling.  Before I really knew what was happening my ankles were raised and pushed through some leather hoops, and then my wrists had been lifted and secured to the chains using the cuffs I was wearing.

The rimming had continued for some time after that, but eventually moved on to a lot more fingering.  I repeatedly felt them nicking my insides with their nails while they were doing this, causing me to wince and yell out until a big chubby bear turned my head to the side and stuck his girthy cock down my throat to silence me.  He didn’t pull it out until the first of the cocks had been pushed up inside me and the fucking had begun.

Every single man in the room had fucked and bred me while I was in the sling, ordering me to take their “toxic loads”, “hot loads” and “personal strains”.  I was strangely numb during all of this, just looking up at each of them as they pounded me hard.  All of them had tattoos of some description, including biohazard symbols, scorpions, skulls and crossbones, and one of them with a giant cobra winding down his torso to the snake’s flared, open mouth above his groin.  I concluded these were all markings to indicate their status as aggressive poz fuckers.

Once I had been bred in the sling by everyone, I was allowed a bit of respite and fresh air in a small courtyard out the back.  I chose to stand to get the blood back into my arms and legs, which invited several men to come up behind me and push their cocks into my sloppy rear end.  At some point a cigarette was pushed between my lips, and I happily stood there and smoked a couple while being gently fucked.  I had enjoyed smoking a bit as a teenager, and as I stood in this place knowingly having a deadly virus repeatedly pumped into my backside, my previous health concerns about puffing on cigarettes seemed to fade.

In due course I was then taken back inside, pushed onto a padded bench, strapped down and a blindfold put on me.  A pair of headphones was then put over my ears, blocking out almost all sound and pushing me into a state of sensory deprivation.  From then on all I could feel was the hard pounding I was taking up the arse, as well as the taste and stretching of the occasional cock pushed into my mouth and down my throat.  Based on the tang of blood and cum on some of them, I guessed they were fresh from breeding me.

This is how my night continued.  Time seemed to lose all meaning, so I never knew how long I had been in each position before I was released, taken back outside and allowed to drink some water and smoke a few more cigarettes.  However, the final time I was escorted outside (after having been on my knees on a mat taking a succession of double-fuckings) dawn had broken.  There were considerably fewer men present by then, and my final stint indoors was a more sedentary affair as I got on all fours and took a few low-energy spitroastings.

Once it was all over, I was hauled to my feet by a couple of hairy, slightly chubby guys in leather while everyone else remaining headed out and left.  The two guys had surprisingly gentle expressions on their faces, and took the time to check how I was.  They then escorted me through a side door to a filthy bathroom where I was able to take a quick shower while still dressed in all the the leather gear, and then once they dried me off with a raggedy towel they led me out of the building to a white van.  I was put in the back, which was fitted out with a dirty mattress, and then they climbed in the front and set off.

As there were no windows in the back I just lay on the mattress, braced myself against the sides and closed my eyes, passing out into a deep sleep almost immediately.  I therefore had no idea how long we had been driving when I was awoken by one of the guys opening up the back door to allow the fluorescent light of a garage to pour in.  I climbed out and then followed them into a house attached to the garage, which I was surprised to find was just an ordinary dwelling.

“Here you go” said one of the guys, “welcome to the Moulin Spooge.”
“The Moulin Spooge?” I croaked.
“Just a fun little name we have for our home” replied the other.  “Now, let’s get you to bed so you have some energy for this evening.”
“This evening?” I asked.
“Round two” he replied.

I sighed, too tired to even ask any more.  I allowed them to lead me into a bedroom, where I collapsed onto the bed face first.  I felt my legs being lifted and my boots removed, before sleep took me over and I passed out, not knowing what the evening would bring but knowing I would take it all.

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8 hours ago, suitslave said:

This one may not even make it to his first day of college.

That's what I was thinking.  He might decide to stay in Sydney where he's having so much fun.

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I awoke later in the day while it was still light outside, and spent a few confused moments wondering where I was. However, as I noticed the leather accessories I was still wearing and the ache in my rear end, it all came flooding back to me. Yes, I had really spent the night in a dingy warehouse sex club, taking load after load of toxic cum. My stomach churned at the thought, and yet my dick started to harden again.

I lay in the bed for a while, staring at the ceiling as I processed everything in my head. Although it hadn't entered my mind since I had arrived in Sydney and resumed my role as Peter and Aidan's personal cumdump, I now knew that all prospects for going back to my old life were gone. I was never again going to be the popular, hunky, athletic jock with a string of girlfriends and female suitors. I was never again going to be the alpha. But, I found myself wondering, did I really care? Was that ever who I actually wanted to be? Sure, I loved being athletic and sporty, and I seemed to be both comfortable and happy making lots of friends and being popular. However, maybe the girlfriends thing was me just playing a role. Maybe my ever-present curiosity about what it would be like to be with a man indicated that it was really a suppressed desire. The willingness with which I had submitted in the Whitsundays, the cock hunger I had exhibited as I made my way around the country, and the peace and calm I had felt while living with the guys in their apartment and taking several loads a day all seemed to indicate that my true nature had now been found.

After realising that I could still be the popular sporty guy if I wanted, but just one who lived a different kind of life to all the colour-by-numbers types who normally inhabited that role, I felt at peace and ready to face whatever the rest of the day was going to hold. I therefore hauled myself out of the bed, opened the door and wandered off to see what the rest of this house was like and who exactly the two kind-faced gents were who had brought me back here after participating in my gang-pozzing.

As it happened there didn't seem to be anyone about, but I found a note that had been left for me on a table by the front door. I was invited to make myself comfortable, eat or drink anything I wanted from the kitchen, and get myself cleaned up in the guest shower room by the back door whenever I fancied. A loose-fitting pair of shorts and a tank top had been left for me in there, so after having a couple of glasses of water I took up their offer and had a long, hot shower. Sensing that it was expected of me, I also detached the shower head and used the hose to get my innards cleaned out. Once all dried off and dressed in the clothes they had left, I made my way out into their little back garden to smoke a cigarette from the pack that had been left with the note.

I was sat at a chair in the kitchen eating some scrambled eggs on toast I had made when the two guys came back from wherever they had been, about half an hour after I had got up. They were both shorter than me and a bit chubby, with a range of tattoos visible on their limbs and each sporting a significant piercing or two. The one with a big nose ring introduced himself as Gus, while his partner with the chunky hoop earrings told me he was called Steve. They told me they were friends of Peter and Aidan's, and had been hearing about me since the other two had got back from Queenslands.

"I hope you're feeling well rested" said Gus, "you have a long night ahead of you."

"Yes sir" I replied, sensing I should maybe adopt the submissive role.

"Good boy" said Steve, "it's right that you should know your place now."

"Yes sir" I replied again. "What will I be doing tonight?"

"Tonight, boy, you're going alfresco" said Gus.

"Alfresco?" I asked.

"Yes boy" said Steve. "There's a special place by the river where you'll be the star attraction tonight."

"We've put a couple of little bootie calls out for you" said Gus, "and there will be plenty of others passing by who will want a piece of you."

I looked between them, and then down at the floor.

"Sir...will they all be pozzing me?" I asked.

Gus laughed. "I can't vouch for all of them boy, but the guys we've invited along are definitely very toxic."

"Plus you'll get a few more loads from each of us, and we practically have AIDS" laughed Steve.

I visibly winced at that last comment, while continuing to stare at the floor.

"Don't be scared boy" said Gus, coming over to me and rubbing my back. "From what Pete and Aid have told us, this is who you are meant to be. But that doesn't mean you can't go on meds when we've finally converted you, just like they have. You can be a perfectly normal, healthy jock, who just happens to be a poz cumdump."

I nodded again. "Thank you sir" I said quietly. "I think that's what I want."

"OK, good" said Steve. "Well, we'll focus on getting you pozzed, and then Pete and Aid can talk to you about the rest before you go home."

Despite all this talk of me knowingly and deliberately catching this disease, their comforting words seemed to sort out the muddle in my head, at least temporarily. We then spent the next couple of hours sat in the garden chatting, smoking, eating and drinking, and I found that I actually really liked the pair of them. I was actually feeling grateful that I got to be taken care of by them during this journey I was on.

Once night had fallen they decided we better get ready, which involved little for me other than another clean-out and then putting back on the leather jockstrap from last night to wear under the loose shorts. Gus and Steve changed completely so that they were back in leathers, and then they proceeded to spray me from head to toe with insect repellent. 

"We want you pozzed, not eaten alive" said Gus as he rubbed the stuff up my inner thighs.

"You'll also want to get some of this inside you" said Steve, handing me a tube of lube. "Once the guys get started on you later, you'll only have their loads to lube you."

I duly squirted some out and rubbed it into my hole, then pulled my shorts back up and slipped the tube into one of the pockets. I then put on a pair of flip-flops Gus threw on the floor for me, and headed out the door with them into what appeared to be a quiet suburb. This time they walked me to fairly conservative looking car rather than the van they'd brought me home in last time, meaning I got to enjoy the view out the window as we drove. Sitting in the back seat I was also able to quietly finger and loosen myself up, adding more of the lube to really get myself ready.

I didn't know Sydney enough to recognise anything for quite a while, so was still just as in the dark about where their house was as I had been the night before. However, at some point we were suddenly close to a big stadium that I realised meant we had reached the former Olympic Park, and from there it was only a bit more driving into increasingly quiet areas before we stopped at a giant, deserted car park and got out. From there it was a bit of a trek through some trees and fields until we arrived at a spot near the water that seemed to be completely secluded, with the only people around being three guys who seemed to be waiting for our arrival.

"Here he is boys" announced Gus, as he and Steve led me towards an old mattress that had a large barrel standing next to it.

"Get him over the barrel" one of the men said, which resulted in Steve urging me towards it. We stopped just in front of it, and he grabbed my shorts and pulled them down, encouraging me to step out of them. He left the tank top on me, and I bent forward to rest my hands on the barrel.

"OK boys" said Steve, "get to pozzing!"

So my night truly began...

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