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Would you film?

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I have a couple of very talented amateur fuck buddies who enjoying passing a waterproof camera back and forth.  They do POV stuff and so do I... then I edit it later to take out the 'jiggles' and 'camera shifting'.  I will often put on some videos of US fucking.... while we fuck.  It's kinda fun and a turn out to watch yourself get fucked and seeded - while the same guy is getting turned on by the scene and eventually loads you up.  Very hot!!  And these fuckers love filming it, so they get some cool angles and some incredible internal, external cum shots... whatever turns 'the tops' crank when he has the cam... and vice versa.  The sling is great for getting some good video.

I also realized... a lot of friends who will run the camera for this fun stuff almost always (LOL) get caught up in the hot sex and forget they are filming.... the camera is jerking or wandering cuz' they are turned on. Grin.  But some guys are really creative amateur porn film makers.  They video what THEY like to see.

I LOVE home made and amateur porn... the filming is the best (especially if you have a dedicated videographer).


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On 10/7/2021 at 6:38 PM, valleyvers said:

Since OnlyFans and others such as Flirt4Free have come to the scene there has been an uptick in amature (not to mention very sexy) gay porn. My question for everyone here, if you were talking to someone on Grindr, A4A, Scruff, Manhunt, etc and he mentions he has an OF, F4F, etc account and is looking for guys to film with would you do it? This would assume that he accepts any and all precautions you may have (face covered/not shown, no names/fake names, etc). 

Note: I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured bb porn would fit, if it's in the wrong category, I apologize 

I'm am available to anyone who wants to film themselves or anyone else using me as a cumdump.

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in a heartbeat. I would stare straight into the camera and beg a series of men to breed me like a cheap whore and then I would send that video to my daddies. the real one and the sex ones.

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