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From Pastor to Pozzed Hole

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Part 3: What Will Wants

I checked the text message from Dominic to the apartment building I was parked outside of. It was a match. It was a nice building, proving that Dominic’s business must have been doing well if it allowed him to afford a place here. I rung his apartment number, waiting for a response.

“Hello?” came a voice.

“Hi,” I said, sounding like a kid trying to sell cookies. “It’s Pasto… I mean, It’s Will Ryder.”

“Hey, Will. Right on time. I’ll buzz you up.”

As I entered the elevator, I found myself feeling nervous. Was it my dream returning to mind? Was it the thought of beling alone with this man, this stranger? I tried to shake off my nerves. I knocked on Dominic’s door and waited, stepping back as it opened, and a nearly naked Dominic stood in front of me. His chest was bare with only a towel covering his lower half. I could now see all his tattoos and his hairy chest. I flashed back to the dream I had had, seeing him on top of me, feeling him inside of me, and I could instantly feel my cock starting to grow.

“Sorry,” he said, smiling. “I just got out of the shower when I buzzed you up. I haven’t been able to get dressed yet.”

“That’s no problem,” I said, trying to collect myself. “I go to the gym. It’s not like anything I haven’t already seen.”

“Glad to hear it,” he said, stepping aside and welcoming me in. “I’m about to start the steaks. There’s beer in the fridge. If you’d like some wine, I have some in the chiller beneath.”

“I don’t drink,” I told him.

“Really? Not at all?”

I shook my head.

“Well, there’s always water.” He told me, but I almost missed it as my eyes wandered down to his treasure trail where a tattoo was just hidden by his towel. “Is water okay?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I told him. “Thanks.”

“I’ll go and change and be right back,” he said, disappearing down a hall.

I wandered around his apartment, noticing drawings on the walls of what I assumed were tattoo ideas. They were detailed and showed a lot of skill.

“Do you like them?” Dominic asked, entering back into the apartment fully clothed.

“They’re great,” I told him. “You’re really talented.”

“Thanks. Do you have any tattoos?”

I shook my head. “I almost did when I was in college, but I chickened out.”

“Not a fan of needles?”

“I just wasn’t sure about doing something that would be so permanent,” I told him. “Plus, what would I get that I know I’d want for the rest of my life?”

“There’s always something,” he said. “You just haven’t found it yet.”

I turned to him and found him smiling at me. He tilted his head and looked me over, waiting several seconds before saying, “I’ll get the steaks going. How you like your meat cooked?”

“Well done.” I told him.

He snickered.


“Nothing,” he said. “I’m just on the opposite end. I like it raw.”

“Not too raw,” I told him. “That’s unhealthy.”

“A bit,” he said, opening the fridge where he removed a packet of steaks and a bottle of beer. “It’s still better.”

I’d never had a better steak in my life. We sat at his table talking, comparing our time at college.

“I left after freshman year,” Dominic said. “School just wasn’t for me.”

“College isn’t for everyone,” I told him.

“Did you always want to be a pastor?” he asked.

I waited a few seconds before saying, “Yeah. I did.”

“That didn’t sound convincing,”

I shrugged. “My dad is a pastor, so I always knew what I was going to do.”

“But did you really want to be a pastor?”

“I… I don’t know. I think so. I mean, I don’t have anything else I’m good at.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” he said. “Maybe there’s something you’re good at that you haven’t tried yet.”

“Like what?” I asked.

He took a sip of his beer, finishing the bottle. “I’m going to get another one. Are you sure you don’t want one?”

“I’ve never had a beer,” I told him.

“Well, now’s the time,” he said, taking out two beers. He took them to the counter and opened them. “Do you want a glass or just from the bottle?”

“I don’t know,” I told him. “Whatever you think, I guess.”

He came back with two bottles and handed me one. I smelled it and cringed. “It’s like vinegar.”

“You get used to the taste,” he said.

I took a sip and cringed. “That’s really strong.”

Dominic smiled. “Keep going. You’ll grow to like it.”

I took another sip, finding it easier to drink but still bitter.

“Are you dating anyone?” Dominic asked, taking another sip of his beer.

I shook my head. “Not since college.”

“Why not?”

I took another drink of the beer, finding the taste growing on me. “It ended so badly that I didn’t want to get hurt again.”

“That’s reasonable,” Dominic said. “What happened?”

“She cheated on me,” I said.

Dominic whistled. “That’s how it goes, isn’t it? They’re fucking someone else while they’re fucking you.”

“Not exactly,” I said, drinking more beer.

“What do you mean?”

“We never…” I said, trailing off.

“Never?” Dominic said. “Have you… have you ever fucked someone?”

I shook my head.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “How has someone that looks like you not fucked anyone?”

“I’m waiting until marriage,” I told him.

Dominic started laughing. “Are people still doing that?”

“I want my first time to be with someone that I love,” I told him. “It’s special.”

“Sex is sex,” he said. “It only carries weight if you want it to. I fucked a guy last night, and it didn’t mean anything.”

I stopped drinking the beer, nearing the bottom. “You’re gay?”

“I thought you knew that.”

I shook my head.

“Does it matter?”

“No,” I said, feeling slightly uncomfortable having walked in on him as he stood in a towel. Now we were having dinner together. “Did you think this was a date?” I asked him.

“No,” he said. He waited a moment before asking, “would it be awful if I had?”

“I’m not gay,” I told him.

“Not even bi?”

“No,” I told him. “I’m straight.”

“You could have fooled me,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked. I was starting to feel the beer as my head swam.

“I saw the way you looked at me when I opened the door.”

“You were in a towel,” I reminded him. “You surprised me, that’s all.”

“And all the other times you looked me over?” he asked.

I sat quietly, looking down at my beer. How did he know? I’d never had a gay thought about anyone before, and the first time I do, he somehow knows about it?

“I’m not judging you,” Dominic said. “I’m flattered. A hot guy like you staring at me is an honor.”

“You think I’m hot?”

Dominic nodded. “If it wasn’t for the whole, waiting until you’re married thing, I’d try to have you right here, right now. But, like you said, you’re not gay.”

I sat quietly, thinking about my dream and everything Dominic had said about me. I’d never wondered if I was gay before. It never occurred to me that I could be. Not until I saw Dominic did I start to have these feelings, feelings I wasn’t able to understand fully. Maybe Dominic understood more than I knew. Maybe he could understand what I was feeling and why. My head swam as I tried to figure things out. I finished my beer.

“How would I know?” I asked.

“How would you know what?”

“If I was gay,” I told him. “How would I know?”

“It’s not that complicated,” he told me. “Have you ever thought about a guy in a sexual way? That’s a basic clue.”

I stared at him for several moments until nodding.

“Really?” he said. “Who?”

I tried to take another drink of my beer, remembering that it was finished. “You,” I finally said.

“Me?” Dominic said, the word hanging between us. “You thought about me?”

“I had a dream,” I told him.

“When was this?”

“A week ago,” I said. “Tonight.”

He smiled. “And what were we doing?” he asked, standing up and taking my empty bottle. He went to the fridge and grabbed more.

“Do I really have to say it?” I asked him. “You know it was sexual.”

“There’s a ton of things we could have been doing,” he said, handing me a bottle. “For my own gratification, I want to narrow it down.”

“I shouldn’t be talking about this,” I told him. “This is wrong.”

“And yet,” he said, nodding down to my crotch.

I looked down and could see my pants starting to tent. I moved to cover myself, but I knew it was too late. Just thinking about telling him was making me hard. I could feel my heart starting to race, my skin feeling flushed. It was getting hot in the apartment. “We were having sex,” I told him.

“What kind?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ve got to have seen some porn,” he said. “Come on. What position were we in?”

I racked my brain for the name. “Missionary.”

“Missionary for the pastor,” Dominic said. “That’s fitting. Who was on top?”


“You really don’t know anything, do you?” he said. “Who had a dick in their ass? Me or you?”

I drank more of my beer, feeling hotter every second. “I did.”

Dominic smiled. “You dreamt of me fucking you,” he said. “The day we met. You dreamt of me fucking your hole.”

“Can you please stop saying that?”

“How did it feel?” he asked.

“It didn’t actually happen,” I reminded him.

“But how do you remember thinking it felt? Did you think it felt good? Did you like it?”

“I don’t know,” I told him. “I woke up before anything really happened.”

His smile faded a bit. “What happened? Why did you wake up?”

“I had a wet dream,” I said.

“Sounds like your subconscious is trying to tell you something,” he said, standing up from his chair. “Sounds like, even on our first day of meeting, you knew you wanted me. That’s hot. You’re a man who knows what he wants.”

“I don’t, though,” I stressed. “I don’t know what I want.”

“Your dick says otherwise.”

“It doesn’t mean anything,” I told him.

“But it could,” he said. He came around the table and stood in front of me. With his crotch nearly eye level, I could see a bulge forming in his pants. Without realizing, I licked my lips. “I know how to know for sure whether or not you’re gay.”

“And how’s that?” I asked. I must have been fuming as my body continued to feel as if I was overheating.

“Kiss me,” he said.


“Kiss me,” he repeated. “Kiss me, and if you don’t feel something, you can go home right now and forget all about me. I won’t see you again. I promise. But, if you do feel something, you have to see where it takes you. Deal?”

My anger was rising, leading to a hasty decision. Whatever reasoning I normally had was gone. I stood up and faced him, Dominic puffing out his chest slightly. He wrapped a hand around me, pressing his palm to the small of my back. He pushed me toward him, his other hand reaching up to my face, feeling my stubble. Our eyes met, and all my anger subsided. He brought my face toward his, his mouth opening to receive mine. My eyes closed slightly, but my other senses were heightened as I felt his tongue enter my mouth, tasting me and me him. Our bodies were pressed against each other, our growing bulges rubbing. As we kissed, my dream was awoken, playing again in my mind. Now I could feel him against me for real. I could smell his skin. It was intoxicating.

He leaned back and looked me in the eye. “So?” he said. “What did you think?”

Without hesitation, I reached out and grabbed his face, pulling him back in for another kiss. I wanted to explore every part of him. I needed him closer to me. I needed him to bridge whatever gap existed between us. I needed him… inside me.

“Fuck me,” I whispered, breaking the kiss.

“What did you say?” Dominic asked.

“I said, fuck me,” I told him.

“But we aren’t married,” he joked. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

I stopped and thought about it, really considering what it was that I was asking him. A week ago, I would have thought I was crazy saying that I wanted this man, a near stranger, to fuck me. Now, it’s all I wanted. “Yes,” I told him. “I want you to fuck me.”

Dominic smiled. “Alright,” he said. “But, if we do this, you have to listen to everything I say. Do you understand. Whatever I tell you to do, you do it. No matter what it is. That’s the deal. If you want me to fuck you, I’m in charge. Understand?”

“I…” I started, finding a moment of uncertainty.

“If you want this, there’s no going back,” he said. “You have to be sure.”

I shook my head, a rush filling my mind.

“Will,” Dominic said. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I told him, wanting my clothes off that instant.

“Then follow me,” he said, grabbing my arm and guiding me away from the table and down the hall. We passed a door on the right which was closed and then stopped at the room at the end where I could see his unmade bed. He led me inside and turned to me. “Last chance to leave,” he said.

I shook my head and started to unbutton my shirt.

Dominic smiled and then did the same, pulling off his shirt and revealing his hairy chest and sexy tattoos.

With my shirt off, Dominic reached out and pulled me close to him, running his hands through my chest hair and pinching my nipples. I gasped, never feeling something this erotic in my entire life.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded. “I’ve just never…”

“I keep forgetting you’re a virgin,” he said, smiling. He kissed my neck and then moved down to my chest, stopping at my nipple which he bit.

“What are you—”

“I said you need to do what I want you to do,” Dominic said. “This is a part of that. We’re going to do things tonight that will push you, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. By tomorrow morning, you’ll be converted. Is that what you want?”

I ran my hands over his chest, feeling his heart beating. His chest hair curled over my fingers, as if his body was pulling me into him. “I want you,” I said. “I want it. I want everything.”

He took my chin and pulled me in for a kiss. “You’ll get it,” he said.

I smiled.

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Part 4: Dominic takes Will

“Take of your pants.” He said.

I backed away and unbuttoned my jeans, kicking off my shoes. With my pants to the side, I ran my fingers along the waistband of my boxers, hesitating for a moment. I watched as Dominic removed his pants, revealing a jockstrap underneath. We stood almost naked taking each other in. I slipped of my boxers, revealing my cock and balls. Dominic smiled.

“How big are you?” he asked.

“I’m six foot,” I said.

“No,” he said. “How big is your dick?”

“I don’t know.”

Dominic turned and moved to his desk, opening a drawer and taking out a tape measurer. “Get hard,” he said, walking to me.

I reached down and started jerking my cock, though seeing Dominic in his jockstrap was doing enough on its own. With him standing so close to me, I could feel his warmth. It was intoxicating. “There,” I said, pushing out my pelvis for him to see. He kneeled down, holding the measuring tape out along my shaft.

“Eight inches,” he said. “Big boy.”

“Is that good?”

He smiled up at me. “That’s perfect. Just think, this cock was almost wasted on an ungrateful woman. Good thing I got to you first. Still, it also means that I’m still king.” He removed his jockstrap, revealing a semi-erect cock that took my breath away. “Ten inches and thick.”

“I don’t think I can take that,” I told him. Feeling once again worried about my choice.

“Don’t worry,” he said, kissing me again. “We’ll go slow… at first. Here, wear this.” He handed me his jockstrap.

I looked inside and found some stains. I assumed they were cum and piss stains. Normally, I would recoil, but now, taking it from Dominic, I wanted nothing more than to wear it. As I lifted a leg, he reached out and stopped me.

“Smell it first,” he said.

Slowly, I raised it to my nose and breathed in, my head spinning from the smell of sweat, piss, and cum. I wanted more. I breathed in deeper, pressing the fabric to my face. My tongue slipped out and ran along the fabric, tasting him.

“What do you think?” he asked.

All I could do was moan.

“Put it on.”

I hated that I wasn’t going to smell or taste him, but he wanted me to do what he said. I slipped it on, finding the pouch a bit larger than needed. He really was a big guy. Now with his jockstrap off, I could see the tattoo his towel had been hiding. It was a biohazard symbol, the type you see near fallout shelters. It meant to stay away. For me, I wanted to get closer.

“Kneel down,” Dominic said.

I did as I was told. He stepped closer, his cock in my face, hard as a rock.

“Taste it,” he said.

I opened my mouth and took in his mushroom head. I’d never tasted someone else. Not like this. Already my jaw was straining to take him in. On my tongue I could taste his precum. It was sweet.

“That’s it, baby,” he said, running his hand through my hair, holding on to the back of my head. “Take in a bit more.”

He pushed his cock further into my mouth, invading my throat. I started gagging.

“Don’t worry,” Dominic said. “You’ll learn to fight that. You’ll have to. How’s it taste?”

His cock fell out of my mouth, saliva dripping down my chin. “It tastes amazing.”

He slipped his cock back into my mouth, his hand guiding me further down. I gagged again. There was no way I could take him all. I wanted to, but I knew my limits. I bobbed on his cock, trying to keep my teeth away. I knew little about blowjobs, but I knew you weren’t supposed to use your teeth. I looked up and saw Dominic’s head tilted back.

“Is it alright?” I asked him.

He looked down at me, a wide grin on his face. “You’re a natural,” he said. “We’ll have my whole cock down your throat in no time.”


“Practice,” he said.

My cock was throbbing against Dominic’s jockstrap. I reached down and started rubbing, moaning with pleasure.

“A born cocksucker,” Dominic said, watching as I pleasured myself, trying to shove more of his cock into my throat. I was halfway. “Time for something new. Get on the bed.”

I stood up and followed him to the bed, crawling to the middle. He went to his desk again and pulled out a tube and small vial. “These will make everything easier,” he said, turning to the bed and climbing up next to me. “Spread your legs. Let me see your hole.”

I did as I was told. Several men had seen me naked at the gym when I went in to shower. That experience wasn’t new. Having someone else see my butthole was a new experience. I had yet to have a prostate exam, and other than the fooling around I had done days before, it had been an area unexplored. Dominic looked down and then at me. “You’ll need to open wide for me,” he said. “Pull your knees up to your chest. Show me.”

I pulled my knees up to my chest, stretching in ways I’d never done before.

“Beautiful,” he said, reaching down and running his hand over my hole. I flinched. “Sensitive,” he said. “Let me see what I can do.” He slipped off the bed and leaned down, bringing his face to my hole. “You’ll enjoy this.”

My body seized and I gasped. I looked down and saw only the top of his head as his mouth was open around my hole. I could feel his tongue licking. Is this sanitary, I wondered? Do I care? I’d never felt anything like it. My body shuddered, his tongue probing even deeper. I could feel him enter me. I looked down again and saw his eyes watching me. The same ferocity was in his eyes. He was eating me, devouring me. After minutes of this passion, he moved back and took a deep breath in through his nose. “You smell good,” he said, licking his lips. “You taste even better.”


He smiled. “It’s time to open you up,” he said. “Here, open his bottle. Close your one nostril and breathe in deep. Try to hold as long as you can.”

“What is it?” I asked him.

“It’s called a popper.”

“Is it a drug?” I asked him. “I don’t do drugs.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “It’s an aid. It’ll help you open up.”

I nodded and unscrewed the lid. I held it to my nose, held one nostril closed, and breathed in deep. I almost dropped the bottle as my head continued to spin. I felt light, a warmth rushing through me. At the same moment, I felt something push against my hole, forcing itself inside. I looked down and saw Dominic’s hand out of sight. His eyes met mine.

“One finger in,” he said, starting to move in and out. He took the bottle and squirted something on his hand. “Take another hit, and we’ll try for two.”

I did as I was told.

“Good boy. How about three?”

I was in another world. I took two more hits.


Another two hits.

He smiles at me. “That’s five, baby.” His hand pumped in and out of me, my hole open. “Looks like you cut yourself,” he says. “What happened there?”

“My finger,” I told him. “It… slipped.”

“Sure it did,” he said. “It might open up a bit. That’s not abnormal. Trust me. Sometimes there’s blood.”


“Don’t worry,” he says. “Don’t you trust me?”

My breath caught. “Of course.”

“I think you’re ready,” he said.

“Wait,” I said, arresting his attention. “Do you… I mean… do you have a condom?”

His face falls. “I don’t use condoms,” he says.

“But, don’t you have to?”

“If you’re afraid of knocking a woman up, sure,” he said. “But between men, never. There’s nothing like feeling skin against skin. That’s where the true connection exists, feeling your partner’s body, their most sensitive points and places. That’s what it’s about.”

“I’m just, I’m not sure,” I told him, my legs dropping from my chest.

“I don’t fuck with condoms,” he told me. “I can’t stay hard with one on. Real men don’t use condoms. If you don’t agree, you can leave. That’s up to you.”

I saw him leave the bed, standing at full height, his cock curving up, fully hard. Never had I seen anything as beautiful as the man in front of me. I wanted him. I wanted him more than anything. I thought of my dream and how much I had wanted it to be real. Now it was. Why would I lose this chance willingly? I grabbed my legs and pulled my knees back to my chest.

He smiled. “Alright then,” he said. “Time to take your virginity.”

Dominic crawled onto the bed and returned his hand to my hole, massaging it. “I’ll go slow at first,” he said, “but once I’m in, I won’t be able to stop. Understand?”

I nodded.

“Then here we go.” He lined up his cock to my hole. “Take another hit,” he said, nodding to the vial. As I breathed deep, I felt what must have been his entire hand pressing against my hole. “Almost in,” he said, smirking.

There was a searing pain, my body willing me to move away from this unexpected intruder.

“Don’t back away,” he said as if he could read my mind. “There,” he said. “The heads in.”

“Just the head?” I asked.

He laughed. “Let’s keep going.”

The pain increased as he pushed more in.

“Keep breathing,” he told me.

My hands were shaking, losing the hold of my legs. Dominic grabbed my ankles and held them steady, spreading my cheeks even more. His eyes closed as he continued to surge forward.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You feel so tight. It’s been years since I had a virgin ass to myself. Tell me, baby. Tell me your ass is mine.”

“My ass is yours,” I whimpered, still trying to push through the pain. I felt like I was being torn in half. My heart was pounding. How much more of this man existed that was still outside of me?

“Almost there,” he said, biting his bottom lip. “Just a bit more.”

For a brief moment, I thought I was going to die. A ten-inch cock was entering my body. How was anyone able to handle anything so big? I thought of my own cock, knowing it was only two inches shorter. Would someone feel this way if I fucked them, I wondered?

A new sensation met me as I felt hair press against my ass. I looked down and saw Dominic’s pelvis pressed against me, his pubic hair mixing with the hairs on my balls.

“You did it,” he said, smiling. “All ten inches. You’re not a virgin anymore.”

I’m no longer a virgin, I thought. There’s no going back now.

“I’m going to wait and let your ass grow accustomed to my size,” Dominic said.

“Alright,” I said.

“Daddy,” he said.


“Call me Daddy,” Dominic said. “Say it. Call me Daddy, Son.”

“Daddy,” I repeated, the word hanging in the air.

Dominic smiled. “What do you want your Daddy to do, Son?”

“I want you to fuck me,” I said.

He raised a brow.

“I want you to fuck me, Daddy,” I corrected.

He slid out of my ass and then slowly pushed himself back in, causing me to wince. “Who does your ass belong to?”

“You, Daddy.”

He pulled out again, pushing back in, this time with more force. “Who does your body belong to?”

“You, Daddy.”

Out and in. “Who does your soul belong to?”

“You, Daddy.”

“And who will you listen to and do whatever he tells you to do?”

“You, Daddy.”

“Who’s your master?”

“You, Daddy.”

“Who do you want to convert you?”

“You, Daddy.”

“That’s fucking right,” he growled, his pace quickening.

I could feel his cock all the way up in my chest, reaching for my heart. With every thrust, he hit a spot in my body that I’d never felt before, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

“You feel that, Son? That’s your prostate I’m hitting. Only the biggest dicks can make you feel that way, obliterating the spot that makes men quake.”

My hand was down to my crotch, reaching beneath the jockstrap, grabbing my cock and balls. I was the hardest I’d ever been. Precum was oozing out of my piss slit, collecting in my pubic hair in puddles.

“Let me see that cock,” Dominic said.

I pushed the jock’s pouch down beneath my balls, my cock springing to life. A drop of precum flew through the air and stuck to his treasure trail. Without missing a beat, he left go of my ankle and collected the precum on his finger, bringing it to his mouth. He moaned. “You taste so sweet,” he said. “So pure. So clean. Let’s see if we can change that.”

His pace quickened, the bed shaking beneath us. He started grunting as I moaned, my body unable to contain the waves of ecstasy flowing over me. I took hold of my cock again and started pumping, stopping as Dominic’s hand grabbed my wrist.

“Don’t jerk off,” he said. “I want to see you cum hands free.”

“Can I do that?” I asked.

“Only when a big cock is inside you,” he said. “You’ll see.” He pounded harder. His breathing started to quicken. “I’ve got a huge load for you,” he said. “I can feel it boiling in my balls. Tell me where you want it, Son? You don’t want me to waste it on your stomach, do you?”

“No, Daddy,” I said.

“You only want it in your ass, right?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Tell me that’s where you want it.”

“I want your cum in my ass, Daddy.”

“You want me to convert you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You want me to knock you up?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You want me to make you mine forever?”

“Yes, Daddy. Make me yours forever. Cum in my ass.”

“You’ve got it,” he growled, pushing as far into my ass as he could, his head thrown back as he cried out. “Fuck. I’m cumming. I’m cumming in your ass, Son. Can you feel it?”

“Yes, Daddy. I can feel it.” I could feel his cock throbbing, a warmth spreading inside of me. At that very second, my own cock came to life, shooting ropes of cum into the air, splattering down on my face, chest, and stomach. Taken over by the pleasure, I scooped up my cum and started shoveling it into my mouth, relishing the taste of my first hands free cum.

“I’m still cumming,” Dominic cried, looking down at his cock. His body was shaking with each pulse. “Fuck. It’s like it won’t stop.”

“Don’t stop, Daddy,” I said, still bringing my cum to my mouth.

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