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This is a tale about me, Logan Ball and my journey from innocent newbie in the theatre biz to a seasoned pro spreading more than just my talent and love of theatre. This first chapter is how my eyes were opened to the amazing opportunity I had been given and the gift I received from an unlikely source.

Chapter One - Alma

I wasn’t out of college yet when I got cast in my first non-Equity tour of an old Broadway show. We were finishing up senior showcases in New York City and I decided to try for a cattle call audition and I got lucky! Eighteen years of dance and voice lessons had paid off! My 6’ 2” frame and lithe build didn’t hurt, nor did my shining green eyes and auburn hair. I would get to graduate and move straight from my apartment in Michigan to out-of-town tech rehearsal in the heart of Arkansas for a month before we hit the road and I would get to travel and be paid to do what I loved. Dreams were coming true and prayers were being answered!

My enthusiasm was slightly tempered when I saw the accommodations: I would be sharing a room with another chorus boy in a mediocre hotel just outside the town. I told myself that I shouldn’t mind too much — I would be working in the theater and rehearsal rooms all day, so I would only be there to crash. My roommate turned out to be a fun guy who had been on the road before with a few shows. We bonded over gin martinis that first night and decided we would be friends.

The rehearsal schedule was intense and we were constantly thrown between music rehearsals, choreography sessions, blocking rehearsals, wig and costume fittings. . . you never felt like you were in one place for very long. In the background the set was beginning to take shape onstage and we were moving toward our technical rehearsals. The one thing left to decide was who in the chorus cast would fly. The show required one member of the cast to fly across the set in three places during the show. Once, just zooming across, and two more times doing some rolls and flying in zig-zags. I had volunteered (having had tumbling experience) but was a bit worried because of my height. Our first day of tech came and the director came over to me, “Logan we need to get you fitted into the flying harness. I thought Max would be up for it, but he’s afraid of heights.”

“No problem!” I responded, trying to keep my boyish excitement under control. I trotted over to the stage left wing and grabbed the stage manager, “where do I go for the harness?” The stage manager didn’t even look up from her prompt script, pointing toward the shadows upstage. I heard the director call for an hour lunch break as I started back toward the dark corner where the road cases which would transport the set were stored.

As I approached the cases an older guy walked out from between two large trunks and walked up to me. “Are you Logan?” His voice was rough, sounding like he had been drinking a bottle of whiskey a night for as long as I had been alive. As I got closer I noticed he wasn’t really that old. Maybe mid-forties, but he had a drawn look about him as if he hadn’t had a good meal in awhile. His eyes were mischievous, but he was still a handsome man.

“Yes, that’s me! I am supposed to see someone about getting fitted in the flying harness for the rehearsal this afternoon.” I stuck out my hand to shake his. The man looked me up and down before grabbing my hand. “My name’s Johnny. I’ll be the flight coordinator on this show and will be getting you clipped in and out of the harness every time you go up. Come back here and let me get you fitted. I’m sure we have something that will work for you.” He gave me that curious sweep with his eyes as he yanked my arm forward to follow him.
We retreated back to the box fort of boxes where he had set up a little station full of carabiners, rope, flying wire, rigging wire, and several different harness types with various attachments. “Strip to your undies, man.” I started a bit. Actors aren’t really repressed people; we change in front of others all the time, but I guess I didn’t expect to be down to my Calvins in front of this old guy. As I started to strip, I looked at Johnny a little closer. He was wearing the requisite black work shirt that technicians on the tour were wearing, but instead of slacks he was wearing a black kilt with tons of pockets. I thought that was kind of an interesting choice, but it accentuated his thin torso and gave his hips some flair.
I stripped off my shorts and cute shirt that I felt accentuated my twink frame. Johnny walked around me, taking in my bubble butt and bulge in my steel-banded Calvin Klein briefs. I normally wasn’t shy about my body, but something in this man’s gaze made me feel like I was being looked at for the first time as a man instead of a boy.

“Okay, I think we’re going to have to have two harnesses. One is going to be your regular harness for the first flight just straight across the stage. We want to make sure your chest and groin are both supported since they want to get you going at some speed.” He continued to look at me critically, “and the second harness is just a harness around your groin and hips that allows for some acrobatics. The problem is that you’ll have to strip off your costume each show so we can swap the harnesses out under your clothes.” Johnny leaned in and started to feel up around my shoulders, “You have okay muscle tone, but we’ll work on that during the tour.” His hand slowly slid down across both my pecs before it continued down my abs. His hand left a wave of goosebumps wherever it passed. Johnny leaned in and looked me straight in the eyes, “we’ll get you in perfect shape to use this,” he grabbed my bulge firmly and I noticed for the first time that I had gotten hard being objectified by this man, “to do its job.” He squeezed with a little more pressure and my breath caught in my throat.
After a moment of intensity when all I saw were his eyes and I felt I couldn’t breathe, he shuffled back to the harness selection and picked up two models. “Okay boy, let’s get you fitted.” Once the intensity of the moment wore off (and I was able to convince my brain to breathe on its own again) we spent half an hour getting in and out of the two harnesses, correcting all the various straps and ties to fit me snugly. He even hooked me into the fly system and raised me up a few times to check the counterbalances and make sure it would all work. I continued on with the rest of rehearsal that day with a little bit of fog in my head. The crotch grab and intensity of the old man’s stare wouldn’t leave my mind and I knew I was hooked, on what, though, I didn’t know.

* * * * * *

That night after we were finished with our crazy 16 hour day, I walked backstage to grab my bag and head to the bus to get back to the hotel when Johnny came up to me. “Logan I need a few more minutes of your time to check one more thing before we fly you around in rehearsal tomorrow.”

“Okay, I just don’t want to miss the bus back to the hotel.”

“Don’t worry about that, I can bring you back in my car. This might take another twenty minutes or so.” I shrugged, grabbing my bag and following him back behind the boxes for the second time that day. “Strip,” was the command he gave and I immediately started to obey. As I was shucking off my shorts again, I noticed the front of his black kilt bulging out. I felt my eyes go wide and was sure my pupils dilated. . . My hormones were off the charts. When I straightened, his eyes were boring holes into my own. “Do you want this?” I nodded. “Be warned, it has a stinger.”

I just knelt down and lifted the front of his kilt, exposing his freeballing 9” cock with a beautiful foreskin covering a bullet-shaped head. I tentatively licked his slit and felt his slick precum on my tongue. My college experience had seen me suck a few cocks, but this was by far the biggest I had seen in real life. I grinned as I thought how slutty I must look — rehearsal-ruffled hair, shining eyes, and licking the head of this old guy’s dick like it was the sweetest treat in the world!

The licking didn’t last long before Johnny really took control, grabbing my head and forcing his cock down my throat. I wasn’t expecting as much aggression, so I more or less immediately gagged and dry heaved. “Yeah, bitch, there’s more than one reason that I made sure you missed lunch today.” He drove his cock back down my throat as I sputtered and choked around it. “You’ll be fine, you just need to breathe.” By this point, he has done this five or six times and I am starting to leak mucus out of my mouth and it is coating his cock and balls. “That’s it boy, get my dick nice and slick. It is going to be in your hole in a couple of minutes.”

My eyes flew wide at that pronouncement. “But Johnny, I’ve never taken anything in my ass before, and you’re huge!” Johnny just laughed and impaled my head on his cock again. I had always imagined that I would put my career first for a few years then meet some young twink straight from college and top him for my first experience. I wasn’t a submissive, so why were my hormones not letting me tell this man, ‘hell no’?

Johnny pulled all the way out of my mouth, with just a line of spit leaving an arc connecting my lips with the head of his cock. Johnny pulled me to my feet, spun me around, and ripped open the back of my underwear in what seemed like one smooth motion. Before I could even think of protesting he pushed me up against a trunk and slid his saliva-slicked member up my crack, teasing my hole. I had never felt anything like it before. His chest pressed up against my back as he continued to slick my crack and I could feel his breath on my right ear. “I’m going to open you up and change your life, Logan.” He took a nibble of my earlobe, making me moan. “I could tell that you are a top the moment I met you, but you’re young and need an elder to teach you how to treat a boy.” His head started probing my still-tight hole. “Before this tour is over I am going to show you the pleasure you can give your partners. . .” I felt him start to enter me ever so slowly as I tried to relax. “. . . you are going to bestow on men something that will change their lives, just as I am going to change yours.” The pressure was growing now, and I started to feel a little twinge of pain as his head seemed to pry my hole apart by force. “I’m going to show you what your dick can do, and you will submit to me, your ultimate father.” My hormone-drunk brain thought that was peculiar, but I had the distraction of his head completely popping in to distract me. I let out a hiss of air as I hadn’t been breathing. “You’re going to take this cock every day until the end of your contract next year and you will see just how much difference a year can make.” With that, he knocked the back of my knees with his hands and I fell onto all 9” of his cock at once.

I screamed, cried, and blubbered in the next thirty minutes as Johnny tore up my ass. What had started out as just pain when I took his entire length at once became pleasurable as we found a rhythm and he fucked me senseless. At one point he spun me around and with strength I didn’t know he possessed, grabbed my legs and lifted my back against the roacd cases. “Logan, look me in the eyes as I cum inside you. This will be a moment you will never forget.” I did as I was ordered and saw his pupils flash as I gave my body totally over to ecstasy. With a final mighty thrust that I felt in my lungs, I felt his cock expand as warmth spread through my abdomen.


Part Two coming soon! Let me know what you think and feel free to reach out with any suggestions!

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I'm kind of hope that the second harness was not really related to enabling Logan to fly. I'm hoping that it's a chastity harness that our clueless dancer is wearing. Perhaps he will be convinced that he needs to wear it for the duration of the tour 😈

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Here's the second of three parts to the first chapter of this story. Hopefully you enjoy where this is headed!

Chapter One Part Two - The Aftermath

Driving back to the hotel I could feel the cum leaking back out of my hole. I tried to close my hole, but the muscles were too exhausted and just slackened back open and a fresh trickle of fluid seeped out. Johnny drove to the back entrance of the hotel and used his keycard to get me inside. I started to head up the stairs to my room when he grabbed my shoulder saying, “kid, you should come back to my room and at least shower. Not gonna lie, you look like hell.” I turned obediently and followed him down the hall. I didn’t really know his comment meant until we passed a mirror in the hallway and I got a quick glance at myself. I was flushed, my hair was drenched with sweat and saliva from the facefucking I had gotten, and my eyes were bloodshot. I was walking funny and there was a half-crazed expression etched on my face.
We arrived back at Johnny’s room and he silently went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel for me. “Go ahead and use the shower. I think some hot water will do you good.” He walked past me toward the bed and I crossed into the bathroom and closed the door. The steaming water soothed my muscles a bit, but did little to quiet my mind. My ass was so tender I could barely touch it with a washcloth, but the one time I went down there I noticed a slight pink tinge to the goop that was stuck there. I hoped that wasn’t serious — I mean, I had been an anal virgin, but I was gay and had heard of fissures before. As confused as my mind was, my cock had a mind of its own. . . When I brushed my nipples it would jump. The inside of my thighs: jump. Behind my ears: jump. I had never had a trigger-happy dick before, but this was kind of fun to discover! I still hadn’t cum yet, but I decided I would wait until I had some more time for myself to get in a proper edging session.
After cleaning and delaying the inevitable, I walked out of the shower, toweled myself dry, and wrapped the towel around my waist. After all, I didn’t really have anything to hide, and while I wasn’t a body builder, I wasn’t cast in a dancing ensemble for nothing. One last critical look in the mirror admiring myself for a moment before I opened the door confirmed that I was still at least “cute.” I shut off the lights and turned toward the beds. Johnny lay on his bed without a stitch of clothing. While it shouldn’t have shocked me, it was seeing him fully naked for the first time that made me pause for a moment. His malnourished look was more pronounced when he was laying down. His cheeks slightly sunken and some extra wrinkles on his body gave him the appearance of someone older than he was. I noticed a few tattoos here and there, an intricate line drawing that looked like a tree, a beautifully detailed scorpion curled around his navel, and a list of dates written in spidery script over his heart. He didn’t look up when I entered; he kept focusing on a silver ring that he was working through the slit of his cock and out the bottom.
“What is THAT?!” I asked a bit aggressively. He looked at me for a moment and burst out laughing. “This is my PA — Prince Albert. I had it pierced a long time ago, but I don’t usually wear a ring when I am meeting new boys for the first time. I think it is intimidating for the uninitiated. I guess you didn’t see the extra hole hiding under the foreskin.” He patted the bed next to him. “Come over here and join me. I sent your clothes down to be laundered so you don’t have to go back to your room looking like a total cumdump.” He chuckled a little as I sat down, still keeping my towel wrapped around my waist, albeit with the occasional jump from my groin as my dick swelled looking at this man.
“Let me see what you’re working with,” Johnny cajoled. “You felt respectable when I grabbed you during lunch, but I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on in your underwear when we were fucking.” Hearing him say that so matter of fact-ly made me blush like a schoolgirl, but I dutifully opened my towel for him to see my half-engorged 10” cock. “Holy shit, kid, you are hung!” I smiled at that.
“Yeah, I didn’t know how unusual it was until I had to start tucking my flaccid dick back under my balls at school so it wasn’t swinging down one leg. Trust me, wearing dance belts is a bitch, though.” I tried to bury my anxiety underneath some fake bravado. The truth was that I was self-conscious about how big I was and was worried I would never find a partner who could take something like mine. It was a little thicker than a Red Bull can, but the head flared wickedly when I was hard and pushed. Johnny began slowly stroking me, feeling my manhood grow under his fingers. “You have no idea how you are going to change the lives of everyone you sleep with.”
Assuming he wouldn’t mind, I grabbed his dick, now with a heavy metal “O” sticking out the piss slit and began stroking him to erection. We locked eyes for a moment before I saw the command in his gaze. I lowered my neck to worship the manhood that had just an hour ago blasted through my sexual barrier.
We took our time — I wanted to explore this glorious dick and this strangely aggressive and kind man. He wanted back in my hole again. By the time there was a knock on the door announcing the return of my now clean clothes, I was bouncing on his pierced dick, taking a fresh load of cum and a distinct beating in my hole. When he finally began to shrivel inside my hole, he laid me back down on the bed, walked over to one of his duffel bags and pulled out a little plug. “This is one of my gifts to you. If you choose to accept this tonight, you’ll be mine during the tour. We’ll go our separate ways once our contracts have finished, but by taking this plug you will be tied to me. Do you accept this?”
The little orange silicone plug seemed harmless enough so I nodded my head. Johnny came over and slowly inserted it into my guts. I hissed as it expanded my worked-over hole without lubrication, but once it was nestled inside it felt like home. I smiled up at him and simply said, “thank you.” He crawled in bed behind me, nestled himself next to me and fell asleep.
After a day of so many new experiences and so much mental turmoil, it took me awhile to get to sleep. The plug in my ass kept me feeling full as my brain tried to reason with everything that had changed. After an hour or so of contemplation, I resigned myself to the choices that I had made. Not worth regretting when you’ve already committed to another person. That thought made me smile. Boys had given me gifts before to get on my good side, but never men. And by the looks of things I wouldn’t be getting bored anytime soon.

* * * * * *

Thanks for your support and reactions! I read every comment and genuinely appreciate your responses. They keep me writing and enjoying this community!

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3 minutes ago, onlyraw said:

Great start- looking forward to part 3

And then maybe as an encore  you will write about Logan’s next tour- when he finally gets to show the gifts his 10” dick can give the new boys

You’re reading my mind! Chapter One is just Logan and Johnny’s relationship during the first tour. After these first three parts we catch up to Logan on his next tour. More to come soon!

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38 minutes ago, PozTalkAuthor said:

And the other one, "starting a family"?

Are you planning to finish it?

Be careful, don't make my same mistake - starting two and then leaving one incomplete because you care most about the other!



I am planning on finishing the first story, I just wrote myself into a corner and needed a break to try to get through the next chapter. Hopefully I will have another post up next week for that. 

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