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  2. Sex For Pay - Poll

    This poll is intended to accompany the existing "Sex For Pay" thread, which doesn't have a poll of its own. Please conduct general discussion there.
  3. Hi Charlie, I agree with most of what you say - good rant! (and I like your smile!) "Breeding" involves ejaculating in a woman's vagina with a real (or imagined) risk of her getting pregnant. Despite the fact that most pregnancy risk sex is only hype, lies to turn the participants on. Amongst Gay men the term has been borrowed to include in the first instance, raw sex with an ejaculation in a hole definitely immune from pregnancy; and in the second the same, with a deliberate attempt to pass on an infection, usually HIV, where infecting a partner is somehow equated to "knocking them up". Some of us "clutching our pearls" are enjoying the fun of "high risk sex", and can persuade ourselves that the risks are minimal! My girlfriend fucks a poz guy (vaginally) if we ever come across one, the risk is one in a thousand of her getting HIV. If she gets infected and I fuck her (vaginally) my risk is one in two thousand. Everything else can be fixed or lived with. We even research the stats to prove our point! People smoke, drive when they're drunk, and do all sorts of stupid things as you say. There are many "adult" sites online where much of their content gets right up my nose! The BDSM sites revel in beating, bruising and otherwise hurting women (consider ramming fifteen-inch skewers through her titts!) and fantasy rape scenarios. I could never do that to a woman - woman are Goddesses. I can't see it as anything other than a Hail Mary legal defence for criminal assault, battery and rape - "It's okay because it's on all those sites, everybody's doing it, and she's over eighteen". I just block the profiles with proudly displayed bruises. The Cuckold sites insist on humiliation for men, interracial sex because having your wife fucked by a white man isn't "dirty enough", caging, trampling on guys with high heels and kicking them in the balls. Sorry but pain would just instantly lose me my erection. The bug-chasing sites try to completely ignore the fun of taking calculated risks (or we think we're calculating them in our favour) and replacing them with equally unlikely absolute conclusions of instantly getting life changing diseases. Guys wank over persuading some poor, bullied, friendless, gay guy that he can join a big friendly poz family, where everybody will love him. Doms can persuade their Subs to share their life changing diseases and be murdered in their own beds with poz cum. Queers on here, can come onto the straight threads and gleefully offer to "poz up" our wives, girlfriends and favourite whores, just for the fun of horrifying us too! Our reactions to some of this stuff when we see it first, is horror, you can see that in the posts above and elsewhere. Our second is sarcasm, you can see that too, and logical argument which washe off the contributors like water off a duck's back. There is nothing left, but to do our own things, brag about them, and have a wank over the bits that turn us on, and ignore or block the bits which lose us our erections.
  4. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    All of those and pregnancy intentional or risk too
  5. A Question About "Daddies"

    I just turned 51. A guy in his 30s hit me up on Scruff a couple of days ago with a nice offer, but started it out with "Hey, Daddy". My pics are on here. They're me, they're current, and I am all about Truth In Advertising - I don't conceal my age; I don't pretend I'm a triathlete; I don't photoshop my pics even though I work with Photoshop for a living and could do it in a way that you could never tell. I have a full head of hair, a full mouth of teeth and, to use the generous words of a very satisfying lay from two weeks ago, "an ass that won't quit". So, you can call me bitch, cunt, slut, whore... just about anything, really... but not "Daddy." The reason is, I have a son. He'll be 21 in February. I'm his dad. I'm not your daddy. The thought of being fucked by my son is repellent to me. I know that for some of you, the idea of father/son sex is a fetish-y turn-on, and I'm not judging. Your fetish is not my fetish, etc. For obvious reasons, I hope it has remained in the realm of fantasy for you. If not, please don't tell me - I'm not a therapist. My question to you is, do you consider yourself a "Daddy"? Are you called a "Daddy" by others? Does it bother you, or not? Do you fly the Daddy Flag proudly? For the rest of you, is "Daddy" a net positive or net negative in terms of its connotations? What are those connotations - when you hear "Daddy" does it automatically mean something about the man's physique, his attitudes, his sexual attractiveness, desire, or abilities? Answer up, because Time catches up to us all...
  6. any guys from Los Angeles ever visit the Roman Holiday bathhouse in venice ?  I heard it’s daddy friendly 


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  8. Weirdest Fetish

    Hey Hoss- I'll have a cigar all ready for when you slide your cock in my ass raw to breed me. I love laying back, legs up and smoking, as a bear fucks me raw until he comes. And I'll be rubbing your belly and nipples the whole time, buddy.
  9. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Nasty verbal talk, making porn, being used as a sperm receptacle, 999, Demonic pervs, letting anonymous guys use my hole as a cum/piss dump, chems
  10. Sex For Money

    I escorted when I was a lot younger after I discovered men like hairless boys. Was naturally smooth into my late 20's so always looked a lot younger than I was. Most of the time we just got straight to sex but sometimes a man would hire me to be his "son" for an evening or a day or 2. In those instances we would go places and do things as father and son.
  11. thanks for the follow, Hail The One Master!!!!!!!

  12. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    Most of the time I get fucked anonymously and wouldn't want to change that. It's incredibly erotic to have no clue who has their hands on your body and is fucking you. A lot of times I never have or need a pic or stats ... If you have hard cock then you get to fuck me.
  13. I've been a cum dump since a couple weeks after first getting fucked at 13. Why would I change now?
  14. Today after working at a trade fair and getting zero trade, I got contacted by three guys, all who I have played with before, they came round one by one, thank god I am finally home! 1. Local black care worker with a tick 7" BCC, fucked me by pulling his cock out of his hospital uniform, eating my hole, pushing in and breeding me 2. Spanish guy, oral only, visiting London From Madrid, I gave him a full service deep throat blowjob, until he blew his load in my mouth, I then spat the load into a cup and syringed it into my ass 3. London based Spanish top with thick 8" fucked me using the last two loads of lube, sort a quick load, then fucked me really slowly and blew a second huge load into my ass.
  15. I've done a lot of slutty things but one that sticks in my mind was going to San Francisco when I was 18. Within half an hour of arriving at the hotel the desk clerk was fucking my ass raw and then he told others at the hotel about me so I spent a few hours naked taking cock after cock. A couple guys took it on themselves to show me around town and all the gay bars and places for sex. They paraded me around naked and whored me out at so many places in the week and a half I was there. One of them put me on a leash and just led me naked down the streets to wherever we were going and would have anyone fuck me on the way. It was an awesome time!
  16. Calling An Ass A Pussy...

    I follow the tops lead in whatever he calls my hole. I dont care what he calls it as long as he fucks my ass and gives me with load ... it's just really hot when he's verbal as he plows me.
  17. First Fuck Location

    I don’t remember which was first, but it was one of these two occasions when I was 24. I used to go in the back rooms of adult bookstores to watch porn and play. I got sucked off a few times and then switched to doing the sucking myself. Usually I’d go in one of the booths, strip completely naked, and open the door so I was fully on display. Then I’d invite any of the guys who had their cock out in with me and I’d suck them off. I was really into it one time and tried to have the guy fuck me, but even though I had lube and condoms, I just wasn’t ready for it and I couldn’t get his cock inside me. Probably if I’d tried to take him bare it would have worked out but I wasn’t doing that back then. Anyway, I went back to sucking him, despite the taste of condom on his cock and be shot a big load down my throat. The other time was a guy I invited to my apartment after chatting briefly on gay.com. In that case I was SO READY to get fucked. I’d been working my ass with my fingers and edging for hours already when he showed up. He wasn’t super well hung either, so he had no problem shoving his dick into me. We were on my bed, I was lying on my back with my legs on his shoulders and it felt so fucking good but he only lasted for like 2 minutes before he blew his load. I took the condom off and licked him clean but I was pretty disappointed that he finished so quickly. After that I started going to the bath house and the sex got better with more experience. A few years later I took my first raw cock which was mind-blowing and now I can’t get enough.
  18. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    love to be ganged and gang raped by hung HVL tops. K9 interracial
  19. Great night last night. Got fucked and bred by a bud who's been in me before. Discovered I get fisted and he wanted to try me out. He has really large hand so I was worried I couldn't take one. Much to my delight, his big paw slid right in me and I was grunting like the pig in ecstasy I am.

    1. AZRawPig


      Great knowing you are definitely enjoying 22018.Looking forward to seeing you in movie's. 

  20. I am your greatest fan. Keeping up with your adventures. 

  21. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Hardcore. Top. Guys. Looking for. Negative bottom. Guys. To breed
  22. Sexual harassment has been the big topic since Harvey Weinstein was exposed. And as more and more came out saying they had been harassed in their lives at some point, I stared to feel bad that it had never happened to me. I mean, I'm a good looking guy, fat pony meat, beefy accommodating ass. Why haven't I ever been harassed? Then I realized it's because I'm a slut.
  23. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Incest, gangbang and ageplay are my favourites
  24. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Oh yes 😉
  25. What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    ... and 'youth' breeding?
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