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  1. w2kiwi

    Best places where there is a fuckbench

    only place around London I know of is the Greenhouse Sauna in Luton
  2. I believe the negatives outweigh the positive. I seroconverted in 2004 and started on meds 2013 and never had any problems with side-effects. I'm 55 and I'm glad it happened when I was 42 as I never would have had the life I've had so far. I don't deny I've had some amazing fun times while high and met some amazing people. I've also had some pretty big lows and met some absolute low lifes. I could never have emigrated and there are restrictions on where you can work. Unless you are married to a citizen of the country you want to move to most countries will not take people with HIV. This not unique to HIV. The same applies if you are diabetic. HIV patients are some of the most commonly discriminated against in housing and healthcare. I work in healthcare and I've seen it firsthand. Nothing is ever said directly to the patient but they are left wondering why they didn't get the best treatment available or their operation/treatment on time. It's subtle and it happens. So on balance I believe the negatives outweigh the positives
  3. w2kiwi

    Essex Fuck

    dam I could've been near chelmsford given enough notice
  4. Best is locker room. With the exception of one guy who i think is on late saturday and sunday mornings they turn a blind eye to chems unless u are blatantly out of it / pass out on g.
  5. w2kiwi

    Breeding in vauxhall this weekend

    Yeah luv to when is there a spare slot (pun intended)?
  6. Hi w2 - Im so happy and privileged to meet with you here online - you are a very cool guy indeed



  7. Hi sexy man - thanks so much for following me:-) xx Carsten

  8. u seem a right dirty fucker.  In fact thinking about how sleazy u r has got me hard

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cardoc49


      Hey: Im so very glad to hear you - it makes me hard! being TOXIC definitely calls for increased sex life:-)

      you considering stopping meds too?

    3. w2kiwi


      I couldn't goes against everything in me as I'm a` nurse

    4. cardoc49


      I hear you - Im a doc:-) I really didnt think I was ever going to stop but I felt more and more uncomfortable - and I wanted to feel more authentic - hard to explain

  9. hello like  your  pic  am actually  from Feltham Middlesex  but  I don't  there now  thou  am not  really that far away form you  am in Leicester place called  Market Harborough I love to get to know you better if  your are interested ohh  if you are  I hope you like cute tight virgin arses  cos  that what I got name victor or vic for short 

  10. w2kiwi

    Hampstead Heath

    Also recommend the Heath. Lots of fun!!!
  11. PErsonally I like the Vault (139 Whitfield St) near Tottenham court Rd and the Locker Room sauna in Kennington. Outdoors head to Hampstead Heath
  12. w2kiwi

    London E3 Chem Fun Now

    Still looking?
  13. luv to fuck your slutty arse mate. Any pics?
  14. I think that you need to check your information regarding the sensitivity of viral load testing. My understanding is that the newest viral load tests that have been in use at major london hospitals can now detect viral load from 20 copies per ml o

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