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  1. The 3% cited is based upon an estimation of conversions where PrEP contact is reported. PrEP contact is different than correct PrEP usage, as it also includes incorrect PrEP usage.
  2. Assuming you got tested negative before you started and 3 months after you started you should be fine if you don’t miss your doses. If you take your PrEP every day, it gives about 99,9% protection.
  3. Did you manage to find someone and do you mind sharing how it went for you?
  4. An old topic, but I love it when my husband gets fucked and bred by others. Love eating him out afterwards and deposit mine on top! Doesn’t happen often enough though but hopefully this weekend again at Wasteland
  5. Me the same.. Not bare, no fuck! I like to do it out in the open. As a top, I really get turned on as a crowd forms when I fuck bare!
  6. @paris_student: Thank you very much for your answer and the file! Do you (or anybody else who reads this) know of any studies about how long the hiv-virus survives outside the body in different conditions? Am thinking of warm, cold, dry, moist..
  7. Hi, I started on PrEP a week ago so I hope to start freely barebacking soon. I used to only top as I don't like to use condoms and a top has less risks of getting infected, but as that limit is being taken away, I hope to start getting fucked and take loads as much as give them. Now I've got a question about the risk for my partner who's not on PrEP. How much risk is there for a neg top when he bare fucks a bottom who has already poz loads in his ass from earlier hook-ups? As I love sloppy seconds and hope to do that a lot now, I'd like to know the risk for the other guys. For safe only guys it's easier to loose the condom when they have sex with a guy on PrEP so I don't want to give my sex partners a false feeling of security by accidentally infecting them thrpugh sloppy seconds. Thank you in advance for your response! Ps. Love hearing your stories on sloppy seconds (and thirds ect.) as well!
  8. Just "stealthed" a 20yo twink.. Met him on Grindr 'close-by so let's just meet' took him to some half secluded bushes, started kissing, sucking and rimming. Asked him if I could fuck him, he said ok, but only with rubber, so I opened the rubber, pretended to put it on, then he grabbed my cock (clearly without a condom) and put it inside his ass When I asked him where he wanted me to cum, he said 'inside' so I obliged Wonder who stealthed who though.. He felt up my cock before he guided it in his ass and there is no way he could have mistaken that for being wrapped Nice 20yo small slim twink, hot tight black ass and really nice cock as well
  9. It works exactly like this Just upload your pictures! Would love to see them.
  10. I love to fuck in public.. Went two Weeks ago to the sauna and fucked 9 guys of which 8 bare. All with an audience! Three of them I bare stealthed by slipping off the condom while fucking and one of them I actually shot my cum deep inside after I managed to loose the rubber and his tight bare hungry ass sucked my cock deep inside him. Never done something like this before and was tested neg a few weeks ago.. Just hope I still am when I test next time.. If not.. It was one of the hottest nights I ever had!
  11. Damn.. I didn't get in! Even though they say that probably some people whom subscribed won't participate, I seriously doubt if a hundred will cancel so I'm quite disappointed right now! Anyone ideas how to get my hands on PrEP here in the Netherlands?
  12. There are over 600 people who subscribed and only room for 370 participants. Next week I should hear if I get listed in, then the screening before the actual start can take up to 6 months.. I hoped it would stat soon cause my risk full behavior is getting worse and worse. I decided that if I get in, I'll go for the first option. If I ever get on PrEP, better safe then sorry, but if it takes so long, it might be too late anyway..
  13. In the Netherlands a new research project with PrEP starts soon. They are going to test two forms of taking PrEP and I wonder if anybody has any experience with the second form. 1) Daily PrEp: Every day, with food, 1 tablet Truvada. 2) Intermittent PrEP: Between 24 to 2 hrs before possible exposure, with food, 2 tablets Truvada, after possible exposure 1 tablet Truvada every 24hrs till 48hrs after possible exposure. (I don't know if it's the first pill straight after possible exposure, so 3 after exposure, or 1 after 24 hrs so total 2 pills after exposure) Since I subscribed for this trial (even though I haven't heard yet if I can participate since there are maximum 370 spots) and the participants can choose themselves which form they choose, I'm really curious if anybody has any experience or thoughts about the 2nd option.
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