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  1. Thanks for the like on my post

  2. Ass is clean and open...please add dick and semen!

  3. Weekend started--let the loads flow!

  4. Sperm--would love some for dinner!

    1. backpackguy


      Agree...lick, lick, slurp, slurp...The Breakfast of Champions!!

  5. Sperm--would love some for dinner!

  6. clean n ready 4 seeding!

  7. Tops who LOVE sucking dick, turn on or turn off?

    best head ever was from a guy who sucked my balls empty, then drooled my cum and his spit into my mouth as he fucked me with his 10''...then comes that awesome moment when my entire body surrenders to his cock ...sometimes he'd get me to shoot again just fucking me before he unloaded way up inside me
  8. MAL whos going?

    I'm a DC local--possible to get a pass to wander the hallways and find some action?
  9. hey there . . .lets get together.

  10. A Word of Warning

    It's all true man, don't tell me NOT to do something.....and that original addictive quality, too damn true!
  11. love to eat n fuck your butt, boi!

  12. Hosting TOPS in Bethesda

    Baby, am ready to eat n fuck your ass, work those pretty nipples...feed you cum at both holes
  13. Alexandria BB Fuck Party

    definitely would like to join.
  14. The only condom most of you pigs will appreciate

    that tip is sure to push the cum out of me during a good deep hard pounding!

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