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    Sharing loads of loads with loads of like-minded men
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    Ass-eating, dick-sucking totally raw equal-opportunity flip-fucker who revels in the joyous abandon of #bbbh
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    sweaty, semen-swapping sex, breeding!

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  1. ☣ Fuckin' Oink~! Pervs like you make visiting BZ fun. Please share your pix & adventures. Wood love to swap 🦂 Cumholez too. Thanks for following me too. X☣️X

  2. rawbudddy

    How Do You Know?

    Don't know if you need a psychologist, but definitely you need multiple opinions, which you're sure getting here! Like you, I was turned on with bareback, excited by the risk, and conflicted about converting. Even took poz loads and didn't convert. And when I thought I was ready, the gifters I knew seemed to disappear! But eventually, I got it. And after a really miserable fuck flu, I'm back, cocked, and loaded with silver poz bullets! It seems my dick's harder than ever, my balls work overtime producing more seed than ever, and am having awesome sex--including some guys who want my toxic gift. Is it psychological? Is it the virus replicating? Both? Maybe? All I can offer is my lived experience--and my semen, if you want it! 😉
  3. rawbudddy

    Unproductive bb sex

    Honestly, sex is best when seed is spread! Have to admit that I'll pass on wearing a condom, but have found almost no one passes the opportunity to fuck me raw. It can take a little coaxing, he might do the "Oh, I'm going to cum" when I'll clench my ass walls around his dick rather than ask him to pull out. Some, though, have to pull out--that's when I'll take a nice hot facial--love the smell and feel of cum as it dries on my face and some drips into my mouth! And, if you get together again, you might find him to be a bit more of a bb eager beaver! For me it's about everyone having some fun--it's just the deed is more fun with seed!
  4. rawbudddy

    PrEP and Sex Drive

    Agreed--life without PrEP or condoms is a total aphrodisiac! Since I went off prep in October, it seems I have more kinds of sex, more often, with more types of men. Twinks and otters hit me up more to play daddy and I get into more piss play. Is just because I'm living my "best, bad boy life"? Is there a psychologically-driven testosterone boost? Don't know, but I'm loving it!
  5. rawbudddy

    Missing Craigslist in Maryland

    Agree on barebackrt. Guys there are pretty straight up and seldom flake. Have started to meet guys thru here, too!
  6. rawbudddy

    breeding and seeding porn

    we could make some, bihairy!
  7. Hey> your profile is so HOT and you yourself even HOTTER!!!

    so happy to hear you stopped your PreP



    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. cardoc49


      Thanks for your very kind words....

      to know you have my HIV babies is so DEEP and PROFOUND!!

      you want to let them LIVE?

    3. rawbudddy


      fuck YES and to share them with others!!!

    4. CaliBugChaserSD


      I gave real poz babies to a slut I used to use. She was a hot, drug addicted cum rag that had zero self respect or esteem. She was poz and so was I. She got pregnant by me once. Shes had other children born with HIV. She really didnt care. Needless to say she wasn't allowed to keep any. Oh Steph i miss u. You and that how I miss your loose cunt and always willing to spread legs and lips. 

  8. rawbudddy

    My ass.. hairy or smooth?

    LOVE your fuckin' fuzzy butt!
  9. Just wanted to say Hi AND thanks for The Follow! :) 

  10. rawbudddy


    Still can find loads of bb vids on Xtube as well. Some amateur vids require you to have a profile, but it's easily created....
  11. work and live in Bethesda, near Grosvenor-Strathmore metro
  12. Thanks for following me @barebackbuddy😍

    1. rawbudddy


      My pleasure, man--you're a BB Rockstar! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the like on my post

  14. Ass is clean and open...please add dick and semen!

  15. Weekend started--let the loads flow!

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