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    bareback, pozzing, BDSM, rape, kidnap, few limits, slam, chems
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    none. Willing to try
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    kinky sex, with a lot of (toxic) cum and chems

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  1. Slut, 43, from Belgium. I will be in Cologne / Köln from 17 till 20 april 2015. Looking for real dates with nasty parTy PIGS and tips.
  2. BB slut (43) - in Berlin from 09 till 12 March 2015. Looking for real dates and fun! Few limits & taboos Will be staying in an apartment with playroom. belgian.bbslut on skpe
  3. Slut will be in Berlin 26 - 30/11/'14 Looking for loTs of fun. Few limits.
  4. 2 (versa)-Tops (BLACK 26-176-74-22 & WHITE 40-172-72-17) offer you a bare slut on Saturday 29/03 from 21h00 in a Hotel in Antwerpen (Antwerp, Belgium). Only few limits. If you are top and/or versa and you want to join our party all night long, send a message!
  5. hot story! And indeed, hope there is more to come
  6. I love this story! It's so hot.
  7. Yeah, it's great as lube. And I love it when someone spits in my mouth or face. Especially without asking first...
  8. nice hole to breed with toxic spunk

  9. Had been talking to a guy on a (European) BB-website for some days, and went to his place this afternoon. While I'm writing this, I still have his cum in my ass...
  10. I prefer to swallow everything, till the last drop

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