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    San Diego, ca Hillcrest
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    Poz, On Meds
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    When I was 15 I would walk around my neighborhood and pray a while van would swing in front of me, have 3 masked men jump it, put a bag over my head, throw me into the van and drive away forever. Then I would be their fucktoy and I'd get raped and used and treated like trash everyday and I'd still love them and want to please them forever.
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    Just home movies, some on VHS
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    Alpha Men, who get off on using a hot hole as a place to dump their loads. Love a guy who gets off on using a fag like me. Hoping to find a group to pimp out my hole to or find someone who will get a group of men to use me. I'd love it if there were ugly, nasty, even homeless men to use me as their personal fag cumdump.

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  1. You are a fucking God @BoyStrangler. You are so right with everything you say, I want to fucking be a worthless Faggot for you to use beat hurt, wreck my fucking hole till its pink lube, then you beat it somewhere until it's bleeding dumping me spit on my face but I'm sure that angry looked at you have and then you know I would just take my rectal and go to the bookstore or anywhere else that I could find someone else to use me more. I would want you to start though
  2. I need someone like you @Faggotuser in San Diego to be used and abused but, to service and constantly in my ear reminding me of what a subhuman piece of trash I am.
  3. Spitting in my face like you hate me after using me is all the thanks I would need. It's more than generous
  4. A letter to daddy about his next gang bang... Daddy, Please let me be it! I'm what you have in your looking for according to the ad, I want to get gang banged with all kinda of toxic bugged up top men, pump me full of ghono, clamidia, make me lick a syphilis sore on some strangers dick before ramming it into my mangled, beat down hole. I would be the best little AIDS slut ever. Please daddy! I want the most wasted, homeless, full blown AIDS guys dumping their death seed in me, i want them to laugh at me begging them to fuck me harder. When they see their dicks turn pink I know they will get bigger inside me and blow more cum.. I need this daddy! It's what you said I was put on this earth to do! So let me show you you're right! Then, at the end of it all, ram a tooth brush deep in my cunt. Twist it, jab it , and fuckin destroy me and my faggot hole before slamming a dry rubber butt plug in the cavernous place that was once my hole. Then throw me in the back of your pickup and dumping me on the side of the road somewhere so i have the best walk of shame home. I would walk through the homeless camps and beg all of them to fuck me more daddy.. Just Please pick me!! I won't disappoint
  5. Idk the bathhouse here you'd have too many bottoms pissed you were talking all the dick. I need to travel somewhere slutty nasty twisted and where I can just be trashy Faggot without the rest
  6. I was proud and loved to show off for him. Other than San Diego and I feel like it's a city of prudes. Everyone's so afraid of judgment or he supposed to do "pimp you out " guys here say that they don't care what they look like but yet they'll say no to everybody cuz they're not attractive or young or healthy. And I'm just rock hard wanting them to put everything they have inside me.
  7. @LittleCumSewer I had a friend like that. I miss him Soo much. He's the one that would make men suck him and point to my ass, and one after the other I just felt dick, load, dick ,load, and he held my head looking at him and called me names , commented on how sick the guys looked and spit in my face every once and a while. GOD I miss him
  8. @HornyInDP when I tried that maybe I looked to nervous it something. I think I kept looking back when they walked in which they probably thought I was scared they walked in. do you look back at all? Or just look forward? I mean I really don't have to see who it is. 100% strangers cum drives me into a faggot frenzie!
  9. I'm in love with you. Where were you when I was growing up. 

  10. @BoyStrangler I've been reading your post and I'm OBSESSED work your attitude and the way you think. I'd have you watch me take trolls cock and cum then watch me let who ever use me while I'm blindfolded too then hopefully have you have fuck me, spit on my face, dump your toxic load up my pathetic faggot ass while strangling me, then finish it off marking me in your piss. You should check it the true stories of my nights slutting myself in parks and online. You'll see what kind of whore I am
  11. These are the kind of things I'll ask or tell people online. People must think I'm the trashiest whore in San Diego. Alot of It to me is role play, but some of it I want for real. This guy told me he has an unmedicated load for me, I relied Oh FUCK yes!! Please!?! 🙏 I would love to have you dump your toxic load, fuckin no meds, god that's my favorite, let me know when you come back. Been searching for someone who would get a bunch of twisted ugly unmedicated full blown Aids guys who are wasting , skinny, but death stick full of bugs to just got town in my hole till it's destroyed and full of their loads. If the cum isn't slightly pink when u push out a little, then I put my fingers up my hole and scratch the fuck out of my sides so i feel the burn off all that biohazard infectious waste entering my pathetic faggot body. In the meantime tho, I'll take all the loads I can get . Fuckin infect me with your stain! Too much? Don't care, I'm hard as a rock right now
  12. If anyone needs a hole to use hit me up. I'm a no Loads refused BBottom that will drop everything to blindfolded myself and bend over to take all your load you

  13. Me too! I love when they put their stomach on my back while fucking me
  14. I'm from Boston originally and Live in San Diego where I've become a no load refused CUMDUMP. FRom Homeless to Ugly fat and old, I'll take any and all loads. Where can I go to do this when I visit May 2nd thu the 9th. Is the fens still a thing? Anyone wanna host and line up strangers to cum and use my faggot hole and give me their DNA and all they have to give my faggot ass. Want to find someone twisted that will get off on watching a hot fit bearded man taking loads from nasty fuckers , hot fuckers, old, ANYONES load! Help me out!
  15. I had to update my phone number and doesn't know how to do I just reposted it... With new pictures

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