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  1. Gilead coupon card for truvada, google that if the link gets wiped out. https://www.gileadadvancingaccess.com/copay-coupon-card
  2. What a beautiful and tender hole you have!  


  3. Oakbrook Group meets every 2 weeks, meet today SBURBGROUP.COM
  4. Currently looking for a fetish room or dungeon, perfer sw burbs. Probably for 20-50 people Currently hold every other Monday naked fuck party in Oakbrook.... looking to expand to a Fetish Nite, once a month... wed 7-10p Not looking for extreme. Rent or split door fees..... negotiable current website, Sburbgroup.com
  5. tried it, made my load more watery but ya lots of volume
  6. I also use the product called PURE for men, I buy my on amazon, helps my shit basically slide out without discomfort. Hope this helps for someone
  7. try sburbnakedparty.com, they meet in Oakbrook
  8. biggest I took was a bbc of 11x7, worked it in nice and slow, poppered me up and then wailed on my white ass, had me screaming like a lil bitch. But dam my ass never felt so good, even like 5 days later it felt so good.
  9. chicago here @ steamworks party.... layed back on my back, legs spread jerking showing my cock n hole off. Black mature man stops in, leaves door open, fucks my ass and breeds it, leaves me with a creampie..... I can feel it running down my ass. Next guy was in love with the cum, leaking from my hole, fucks my ass and gives me another load and leaves. 3rd guy stopped by and asked how loads in that sweet pussy.... I said just 2, he ate my ass out while also fingering my hole. got up to 4 fingers in there and poppered me up and eventually had me shoot from all the ass play, licked that up... I went home after that, firgured I had my share...lol
  10. Love to be a cumdump.... swburbs here, can travel
  11. heres a link.... I run it thru my insurance, and pharmacy runs this cardp what the insurance doesnt pay https://www.gileadadvancingaccess.com/copay-coupon-card
  12. i just cant get past the thumb knuckle .... of who ever tries to fist me.... and there isnt enough poppers
  13. vers bttm here.... not a fan of lube, perfer saliva.... anyways when im in the baths laying down in my room, on my back knees bent legs spread showing off my hole stroking.... some guys come in and feel/finger my hole, some stay and fuck... others leave.... dont know if that is 'code' for looking for a bottom but want it either lubed or loaded up.... idk Clueless
  14. tell em that because military pay is so low you have to sell your ass on the street to make ends meet, and that involves exchange of bodily fluids that you are assumming are positive.
  15. I think your spawning and the butt baby is comming out

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