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    Thick, massive cock for balls deep, rough action. Bi.
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  1. Definitely a great place. Lots of tight young twinks to breed lately.
  2. Absolutely. What’s the plan? I host occasional chemsex parties if that’s of interest. In Oval/Kennington area.
  3. I’m heading to locker room tonight if anyone’s around. Been in Vauxhall chariots for a while today and it’s dead
  4. Going to be in Waterloo chariots this afternoon if any femboy wants raping
  5. I’m heading to chariots Vauxhall now if anyone wants a hard raw fuck. There till 730. I’m the one with a tattoo on right shoulder.
  6. Drop me a DM if you’re in London area
  7. I'm white but nine inches and thick if you need raping
  8. Hoist was the best sleaze put in town back in the day gone a bit downhill though in last few years
  9. I thought the Heath was dead now? Might be wrong as it's been a long while. Shame the public toilets in Soho is closed too. Getting harder and harder to get public action.
  10. if you're having to come onto a forum to ask, then there's a problem. Deep down you don't want it otherwise you'd have just said yes.
  11. Good thread. I'm a mere nine inches but anyone can take it balls deep within around 5 minutes of me being inside them
  12. Vauxhall Travelodge is fine but the local HI is much more gay friendly and the beds are more robust. The Travelodge ones are to creaky and flimsy for anything remotely rough.

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