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  1. Woof. You're probably used to getting this, but this Asian bottom would love to have you use and abuse both my holes. You like having raw boypussy walls spasm to milk your shaft nonstop?

  2. I was in London all week on business and decided to stay over Saturday night and, for the first time, to attend Stable. Before the fucking started I saw a cute Asian mare, so when he came out I immediately grabbed him. After eating his young smooth hole for about fifteen minutes I fucked him deep and hard using a condom (as it was described as a "safer sex" party). As this was my first time at this event naturally I followed the safe sex rules, but after fucking for a while and watching the other guys fuck, I eventually realized that probably 2/3 of the guys were fucking bare and the bottoms were all begging for loads. I watched one old skinny guy breed the hot Asian so I decided he should get some real man seed in him so I shot all three of my loads last night up his little smooth hole, for which he thanked me. I also fucked four other guys during the night but each time I was near to unloading I found myself craving the young twink Asian hole, so I would seek him out and unload in him. See you at the party next month, boy.
  3. TwinkBreeder

    Central London Jan 11-16

    Will be in London Jan 11-16 on business with plenty of time to breed young smooth bottoms. Any scene, can host at my hotel near St Pauls Cathedral or travel to you or meet you someplace.
  4. TwinkBreeder

    Whats up with Hoist?

    Hoist website is saying its the last event.....is that last event for the year or for good?
  5. TwinkBreeder

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just bred a twink in a glory hole stall. Was out of town on a hunting trip and drove back home today. So horny I hadn't drained my nuts in a warm hole in days so I went to local bathhouse. Cruised for a bit and saw a little asian twink near the glorylhole stalls so I went in one and sure enough his mouth quickly appeared wrapped around my cock when I stuck it through the hole. Face fucked him for a few mens then he turned around and tried to take my bare meat in his hole but he was a bit short and tight for it to go in. After several tries I pulled out and left my stall and went into his, spun him around and slid my hard bare cock into his little brown hole while he screamed for me to stop. Once in though I grabbed his little ass and started fucking my cock with his little body until my seed was deep in his little gut. Eyes staring in at us from all the other glory holes in the booth.
  6. TwinkBreeder

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just back from a business trip to Asia where I breed over 30 asian boys in two weeks...Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta....amazing little asian muscle holes.....went to Babylon in Bangkok on Saturday for about 6 hours and probably fucked over a dozen boys and able to breed 4 of them.....they love my big white American sperm up their little smooth holes
  7. hot pic and posts - would love to go on the hunt with you and share some hot boy hole!!

  8. TwinkBreeder

    Bred 16 Holes This Week

    Started prep six weeks ago and for some reason this week I really decided to go all out and breed as many boys as I could. I'm into young college age muscle jocks and twinks. From Sun night to Sat night I seeded 8 different guys with a total of 16 loads. Picked one up at a bar, a couple were regular fuck boys, met some on Grindr and two were seeded at the local bathhouse. 21 yr old muscled black college boy: 5 loads (spent two nights with me) 20 yr old half asian/half white college boy: 2 loads 24 yr old fuckbudy: 3 loads on two separate days 31 yr old twink Asian boy (regular): 1 load (first time I ever seeded him...) 21 yr old white jock: 1 load 24 yr old Philipino nurse: 2 loads Bathouse slim latino laying on fuck bench: 1 load Anon ass fucked through GH at bathhouse: 1 load Hottest was the slim latino at the bathhouse. I watched him taking a load from a guy and then I got in line and seeded his cummy hole when the top was through with him. First time I had the nerve to do that.
  9. TwinkBreeder

    Daddy's Bug For Steamworks Boy

    Would be slightly more believable if he didn't say he came 9 times in one night......right...
  10. TwinkBreeder

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So last night I thought I'd give our local bathhouse a try-- even though I typically don't find any cute bottoms there and usually end up settling for a blow job through a GH--I was horny and in the mood to breed someone different. After I had been there for about 15 mins and realized that there weren't any of the type of boys I am into there (basically Im into muscled college jocks or twinks, smooth bodies and little firm bottoms), I was about to go back to my locker and change when this cute little boy walked by me, stopped and turned around and got his room key out and started jangling it in his hands. I followed him down a hallway and he opened the door and went in and as I walked by I saw him sit on the bed and remove his towel. He looked like he was about 18, small, cute and a tight smooth body just like I like them. I walked to the door and he reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me on top of him. He was a really sexy little boy and it was soon obvious that he wanted me to use him hard and treat him like a little slut. For the next two hours I choked him, slapped his face, pinned his face and hands down on the mattress, slapped his hole, and kissed him deeply and spit in his mouth all while pumping load after load into his little tight hole. I typically am the type that takes forever to cum and last night was no exception. We fucked for a full hour before I seeded him the first time and then for some reason I seemed to be cuming in short loads about every 10 mins after that. I used him in every position including picking him up and fucking him in my arms. But the weirdest thing happened as we fucked almost non-stop for two hours....we started kissing and cuddling more and more and this little fuck boy went from being an open hole that I just wanted to use to being a sweet and cuddly boy that I couldn't stop breeding. Left at midnight after exchanging numbers and happy to say by 10am today he was already texting me asking if he could come over and stay with me tonight for another round. I"m sure I will be seeing and breeding a lot more of him.

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