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    UK, Italia,France
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    Mostly straight but very very gay porn friendly & horny! Sexually, I am light bi, mostly into rougher & hardcore actions to pervy. I always top; no exception! Dads & men very welcum, twinky boys not really. 2 options for you: dominant Sir into dominating male subjects several ways & fantasies. BDSM studio available in Europe for live sessions. Option 2 and probably more casual. A usually nice, pervy porn admin to entertain hot fantasies & perversions. I am No Taboos, No Limits. I do have my preferences but will not judge you for your fantasies & will gladly share all of them. Follow my Twitter for hotness & updates. Facebook or Google+ addict? No prob,links are given bellow!
    I do have a gf. I am in no way looking for a relation or marriage. No matter how beautiful or rich you are; forget it. Friendships welcum
    Porn & sex. I love dads (men +40yo) Intergenerational porn (dadson) of any kind. Pervert/ pervy?
    Pervy to me means nice horny guys that are open to all fantasies & don't start bugging nor judging someone when seeing something they are not into themselves.
    Exactly the way I am & behave and just one more reason for me to like hot daddies. young innocent cutie teen boys? Those & related are words I use on videos & photos to describe young looking + 18yo lads. It is no way underage material
    Any question? Be welcum to message me. It may take a few days but I do reply every single message.
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    pretty easy, a guy to fuck the way I feel like. Things I like include you being my urinal, spanking,fisting. you worshiping my feet, rimming & more
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    fun & nice real people. Holes, human toilets & dads or men ONLY. Fakes, liars, pirates,spoofers scammers & spammers are NOT wanted= ciao. Twinky boys are welcum my web place. For pervy hot guys, dads & fun. My dick does NOT like young twinky male fuck flesh but I do share those for your hot fun. Same way as I gladly share all hot fantasies & perversions.

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  1. what makes your cock hard & cum is good & recommended. Let's have fun, your hot favourite ways;):cool:

  2. SirPhilippe

    Sorry, No Escort Anything Anymore

    I am no escort nor prostitute but I am shocked to see your Trump is bringing back the US in the 18th century instead of going forward in a open minded world that is nice & good for people, nature & all living beings (both animals & humans) What's next to cum, forbidding homosexuality back?
  3. SirPhilippe

    Touching Bottom's Cock

    when in dark rooms I like leading cocks to some guy's hole & push it inside. I basically don't care about bottom or top and condom or not. I want cocks to get in asses. For a quick fuck, shoot or a long intense fuck; cocks belong in male ass. I can't stand cock & hole not to cum together when in darkroom. Age, looks & role is not my prob. I love your body to be used for my sexual fun but whoever cums in you, remember I shoot first. No ass around but yours? Nope I don't feel the need of touching your cock except if it is a huge xxxl black one.
  4. What happened to hook up site bareback city? It's about the only one I know but can't find it online no more
  5. hello guys, I was wandering about that decision you ever took to have raw, unprotected natural bareback sex. What or who was it that makes you go for that option? Some boyfriend, some happening? Has it become your usual way to have sex for all occasions or only under certain circumstances?
  6. SirPhilippe

    Staring At Men's Dicks While In A Restroom?

    Indeed, pretty scandalous you did not hooked up with him but thanks for the lesson. We should never refuse a fuck when occasion is being given. I will remember that one
  7. could not add it on my reply to your message so here it is;)large.5957ebc08fbcb_KRYMNAKITANUDISTRUSSIANTEEN05..jpg.bb6db982d64ed8d34d5d365a170f2d47.jpg

  8. Exhibitionists are good guys but spying on all other boys & men always is right. Straight or not, eyes were made to see & watch;) Do yourself a favour & be pervy

  9. I love the last part of your name;)

    1. BosCloudyPerv


      thanks :grin:    love ur posts!!!

  10. are you nice,plain pervert or just horny? Friend me on Facebook & Twitter;)

    1. arseboy


      My twitter is spencer__uk (two _'s) although would love to meet up with you :@)

    2. Guest


      Definitely perverted and twisted

    3. toad2



  11. am I seeing dad? Question would be a nice vanilla one or a nice pervy hot dad?;)

    1. Topraunchdad


      If your asking are those pics me yes and I don't do vanilla 

  12. SirPhilippe

    Interracial fun

    getting blindfolded by a guy you do not know or hardly know the story itself is well written & pretty hot. I guess blindfolding is ok as long as you can remove it yourself but you should never have someone you are not sure of use handcuffs & related. Never like never. Especially on a quick fuck from an unknown guy you got to learn on some ad or profile. It does look obvious but too many guys forgot about this in the past for a tragic end as a result. Good occasion you are giving to have this rule repeated. I do not know your place & country but European black & oriental guys are known to be hot rather rough tops. Absolutely perfect for white bottoms & subs hole in need of a good hard pounding. I am as white as can be but I love those hot XXXXL black cocks to pound white holes & same for Moroccan rascals & bad lads using occidental white. I am not saying my very own white on white pounding is bad but theirs has a little something I love. On the other hand I totally dislike a white guy to fuck a black guy. Total turn off & same for cutie boy fucking a dad but those are just my preferences & ideas on interracial & intergenerational hotness
  13. glad you enjoyed my photos. be my guest to fuck & seed any cutie boy you fancy:) Especially if being a pervy hot dad.

    take care, be very naughty & have fun the way you like & want. Pervertly yours,

    Sir Philippe

  14. Dad's bareback punishment & watching porn can lead to a raw cock seeding your ass online for you to comment & wank on;)

  15. I am usually a poz bareback cumdump....but damn could I slide my raw dick into some of the boys you have pictured here/  Great profile.

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