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    BB sex, daddies, outdoor sex, oral, speedos, leather, groups, 1-1, WS, foot worship, jacking off, nipple play, Rimming, Men in uniforms, Exhibition - Voyeurism - Anonymous Sex - Married Men
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    35 year old South American guy, 5'7, 150 pounds, white skin, furry, brown eyes, light brown hair, 7.5uc
    Speak fluently spanish, english french, italian and portuguese. Learning Korean and Japanese. 100 % single.

    Planning to relocate back from South America to USA on 2017 or maybe moving to France or Germany to pursue a Master's degree on traslation or international relations.

    I supposed I am negative but I play mostly BB unless my counterpart doesnt want. I cant deny when i am bottoming i enjoy the sensation my ass produces when being opened up by a juicy and horny cock.

    I am highly educated not only intellectually but also sexually. That means I understand completely the risks that BB'ing leads but that doesnt stop me having fun.

    Also, I am educated in HIV and these three words dont bother me. In fact, if someday I meet a great guy and he is POZ and our relationship leads to something stable and serious, that wont stop me dating him. Moreover, I will be more than happy to take his gift as symbol of my love for him.
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    None yet but willing to perform BB porn with raw pevert daddies...
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    Raw BB tops or versatile men, 1-1, 3 ways, orgies, outdoor sex, massage swapping, video recording, bath house fun, ff, cock workship, nipple play, taking pics, leather.

    Looking for friends for hooking up over 25 years, but i focus my target on daddies. Also looking for a LTR with the appropiate BB man.

    I am eager to expand my sexual experiences with men-

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  1. plutonium239

    Neg boyfriend

    Well, dear friend.. you and my boyfriend are in the same hiatus.. The guy I am dating has been + since 2002 and with indetectable load (proven with papers) since 2010 and I am presumibly still negative, despite my growing interest in becoming poz. A couple of nights ago, as we were having bareback sex (He was on the top), we started discussing the issue . We both discovered that being both us +, would increase the union between us, in the sense that there wont be any secrets, he would be a part of me and i would become a part of him. And the most important thing is that me being pozzed would make both us to take care of each other in every sense. My secret dream has been to love and to marry my gifter. But you should know better each other in other to give this step and, obviously, to take into account your bf's opinion. Otherwise, you would be a selfish man.
  2. plutonium239

    How does PREP work?

  3. plutonium239

    Cheating and catching something

    There are two things they need to be distinguished, those are MONOGAMY and LOYALTY. The first one, for me, means: No sleeping and no having sex with anyone different than your partner. Te second: Allowing your partner to be himself, i mean, enjoying and explore one's / his sexuality with no emotional restraints different than the partner but taking into account that the relationship is first, and can count on the counterpart in good and bad times. I do prefer the second. As far as the topic concerns, if your relationship is closed and you have sex beyond your partner, it is unfair because you are breaking a deal you have with your partner. But if it is open like the only I have had , and it was with an American guy, we used to go 3x a week to Club Fort Lauderdale to have sex with other men either together or by our side. If i saw him fucking of he saw me fucking, we didnt make any drama of the situation. We only took precautions (by those times, i till used rubbers) .. But now, I am willing a meaning ful relationship, obviously, with someone engaging bareback. And I am eager to allow him to play by his own side so i can avoid cheating and idiot bullshit. I do prefer someone upfront telling me what he wants. The only thing i would allow is bringing bugs home (aka Hepatitis, Herpes or any other different STD than HIV).And i highlight HIV because one can prevent it with PREP and hepatitis handling proper vaccination. So, if my partner wants to hook up, i will even sponsor him to do so but take care of his health and mine.. My two cents
  4. For those who doesnt know me I am an avid visitor of bath houses and the ongoing action that uses to happen in these places. I use to look for men over 35 who are at least versatile, but my target men are really top with a decent endowment which will stimulate my inner male points. But three weeks ago, I went to the bathhouse i use to go because I was in really need of a mature dick up my ass, and as soon as i arrived and got my own bedroom, met a gorgeous man around his mid 40's and invited me over to his bedroom.. As soon as I got into, he unpacked a small plastic bag with a white powder inside and he explained me he used to sniff cocaine when fucking men. At first I was not feeling good with the situation, he started to sniffing but my curiosity lead me to ask him for some which I sniffed and sincerely, I enjoyed its side effects in my mind and body: I saw a gorgeous hard rock erection, i felt totally relaxed and ask him to fuck me (raw) with his hot thick sausage which he did in different positions till he dropped a huge amount of cum up my tight ass. I am willing to sniff again in other to get the same sensations but my question is : being barebacker means being a drug user or can you handle bareback sex without any substance? Looking forward to reading your comments Guilllermo
  5. plutonium239

    Swallow Your Own Cum

    Probably you can patent a new ice cream flavour
  6. Just taken my first raw dick.. felt SOO GOOOD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. plutonium239


      I barebacked for the first time in 2005 and it was with a guy i met in a trip to my hometown and was so good.. In fact we repeated next day for 3 more hours. I was first of all afraid of catching any std and i stopped. But it was not when i relocated to USA that i started barebacking more frequently,  and my first time in Florida was with a 50 year old italian bear who used to fuck me almost everyday, and obviusly, he dropped his seed inside my ass.

      Now that i am back in my country, i want to start prep so that i can free my true self and start taking and delivering loads with no fear of catching hiv

    3. Read1


      I'm on PReP too. As a daddy, I love giving raw hot loads mostly, but I will bottom if the chemistry is right.

      Have lots of fun!

    4. plutonium239


      Barebacking is the right way to enjoy human sexuality. I was never fond of rubbers but i used / allowed because my counterpart(s) wanted .. Unfortunately, science and healthcare systems are till obsolete in my country.. people dont knoow what prep is and dont know the greatest experiences they are missing.

      By the meantime, i have raw sex with a good guy i met and he, more than fucking me, provides the most wonderful m2m experience because he puts his heart and body in what he is doing.. So taking his nut is always my reward

  7. Just another weekend starts, with the expectation to be bred again by my dear 8.5 inch dicked buddy...

  8. Got some raw cock last sunday and ass 'till sores...

  9. Do you know your breeder's VL ?
  10. plutonium239

    Advice For Lube

    The best lube is ABSOLUTELY CUM... It feels really good and it allows you to take a big one really easy. But if you want the real think, my suggestion is for KY.. You can find it at any drugstore with no problems.. If you want a suggestion of what NOT to buy is RELAX Anal lubricant. I bought a 16oz bottle on Amazon a long time ago, the problem according to my experience was that it makes your dick sleep becaue it has Lidocaine 2% It is good because you dont feel a lot of pain when getting it inside but what about the top's dick??
  11. plutonium239

    Cut Or Uncut?

    I am 7,5 uc . I sucke Both but uncut must be clean.
  12. plutonium239

    Prep Now Available In Canada

    It is covered in my country through what we call "Plan Obligatorio de Salud" (Health Obligatory Plan) that is a list of the minimum of an insurance company has to offer to people and with no copays. But you have to be lucky enough in order to be prescribed by a physician. They only believe it is too treat AIDS / HIV not as a pre exposure profilaxis... My country is COLOMBIA
  13. Is barebacking a way to materialize suicide?

  14. Do you know why Barebacking and Cocaine are alike? Once you try them out, you cant never stop !!

    1. chubbybear


      Never tried cocaine but I can attest to the fact that once you try out barebacking there's no stopping. Haven't stopped since I tried it for the first time years ago.

    2. Rillion


      Tried cocaine once, don't have any real desire to do it again. So completely different to bb for me.

    3. SuccessfulChaser


      my nose runs and my ass leaks after doing each.....so that is kind of the same......bodily fluids coming out of an orifice

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