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    Western Wisconsin
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    Work a lot, keep my "true" friends extremely close to me and those that know me say I have a weird sense of humor but once they get to know me that love to be around me.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Poz since 2005, knocked up a few pigs (oink) but now days I work a lot and don't spend a lot of time on myself and seriously need to change it before I am to old to remember anything...lol.
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    Did one jerk-off movie when I was 19 for some amateur private collection; took so long to get off the guy had to rewind the tape I think two or three times...LOL.
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    A partner would be nice but a nice like minded fuck is just as good for the time being.

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  1. ConversionPiglet

    What is your favorite bath house?

    Man's Country closed earlier this year.
  2. ConversionPiglet

    My 2 MOTTOS...Maybe YOU agree?

    My motto: "No pull outs, no regrets"
  3. ConversionPiglet

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Wickr - toxicpiglette Still seeking out my limits, nothing off-limits as of yet...LOL
  4. ConversionPiglet

    Who is this bottom?

    I agree 100% with BBLBTTBTM; any video by Knightbreeders is annoying and Mr, Silver is the entire reason.
  5. ConversionPiglet

    What Celebrities Awakened Your Desires?

    Rick Schroeder since I he started out in Silver Spoons and still have a major crush on him. If he ever comes out to be gay, I will fight anyone that gets in my way to his heart.
  6. ConversionPiglet

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

  7. ConversionPiglet

    Film "100 Men" on Netflix

    Could you please provide us a bit more information of what the movie is about and why we should see it.
  8. ConversionPiglet

    Check out my tumblr

    HOT....a few new videos to me that I haven't seen before. OINK
  9. ConversionPiglet

    Question for Bottoms at CumUnion Indianapolis

    Well I don't like to kiss and tell but I can't keep a secret so here we go. The guy that runs the music at these events to totally hot and cute. Mid-30's, totally bi and a stud. He chased me (non-Cum Union event) and he cornered me and (shit) he is a hottie. Great kisser and loves to take raw cock deep in his tight hole and amazing body. While we were making out I told him I am poz...he never batted an eye and actually got turned on when I started talking about taking my toxic bug loaded cock and load. Shit I blew my toxic bug load deep in that hole and while I am not in the area, told him I hope to be back soon and will fill his bi bug craving hole again soon. So if your older, not typical twink or gym body look, take your time, if he is interested you are in for a great time. Hope some of you vers. or top bug loaded pigs knock him up and share in that sweet bi (has a girlfriend) pig. If you do, share your experiences please. lol
  10. ConversionPiglet

    What Nationality Are You?

    American and 100% Wisconsin stud
  11. I wonder how does the author know this person is poz or are we assuming; or is this all a big game and the author knows who the top is after all?
  12. ConversionPiglet

    Poz tats in video

    Just stumbled onto this hot video with one of the guys sporting a large bio-tat on his hairy abs. Stroking to it now; enjoy pigs. Fuck and another pig has a scorpion tat on his side...shit, sure glad I stumbled onto this hot video. SHIT!!!! condoms used (lost a massive hard-on) LOL http://www.myvidster.com/video/120012328/Manhole
  13. ConversionPiglet

    Alternative to Craigslist?

    I wonder if it will cover the same smaller towns like craigslist did otherwise it won't be much help to us not located in some major city.
  14. ConversionPiglet

    Porn Sites and Credit Card Fraud

    Amateur videos are much more hotter and sexier anyway I find amateur videos much hotter then commercial porn anyway.
  15. ConversionPiglet

    Porn Sites and Credit Card Fraud

    This is why I don't pay for online video anything; I find it free or wait for someone to post it for free. Much more cheaper and safer then to deal with the bank and asking them to stop the charges and cancel and reissue a new card.

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