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    Mid 20s bi guy from Israel. Very pervy, in to almost anything except the extremes (young, blood, scat etc). Love dominating, humiliating, fucking rough and at the same love having a good cock in my mouth.
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  1. perv/taboo chat

    Horny as fuck perv here, in to incest, yng, public, bb, any nasty perv shit you can think of, wickr mike2020
  2. perv/taboo chat

    Nasty kinky perv in to almost anything. Can talk about anything, no limits, wikr: mike2020
  3. As I'd there is anything bad about persecuting faggots.
  4. perv/taboo chat

    In to almost everything with little limits, PM me if you wanna chat about your sick and twisted taboo fantasies
  5. Getting fucked by parents

  6. Getting fucked by parents

    Have you ever fucked or got fucked by your parents? Did you ever wish you dad would just face fuck? Or maybe getting in to bed with mom and dad and fucking both of them? Discuss!
  7. perv/taboo chat

    Got a shitload of fantasies, kinks, fetishes and what not, in to almost everything taboo! Send a PM if you wanna chat
  8. So what is the best age to start sucking cocks and milk them from cum? When did you start doing it? Discuss!
  9. perv/taboo chat

    Got Kik again, hook me up! In to almost anything z the pervier the better! Kik: Steve_1933

    If anyone feelin' like chatting about any taboo shit than hit me up! Very open minded!
  11. perv/taboo chat

    Perv bi guy, in to anything taboo and incest, love nasty stuff Kik: Steve_1933
  12. Conservatism

    I meant traditional conservatism, basically early to mid 20th century.
  13. I was wondering how differently people finish sucking a good cock. Do you suck it dry? Do you jerk it and let him cum on you? For me, the favorite thing is just sucking the cock for a good period of time, and when the guy is about to blow I just let him fill my mouth with his hot seed until there is not a single drop left. In this case, I either swallow the load or I keep it my mouth and then kiss the guy with all his cum in me, letting it just drip on both of us from our kissing so we could lick each other like some cum hungry sluts.
  14. perv/taboo chat

    Willing to chat about any kind of pervy taboo stuff, yng, incest, cum whoring or whatever else. Telegram is Marcus494 or just PM me
  15. Recommendations for good encrypted message apps

    The only well secure apps I know are Telegram and Signal (which is considered even more secure than telegram). Try them, they are very easy to use.

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