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    Mid 20s bi guy from Israel. Very pervy, in to almost anything except the extremes (young, blood, scat etc). Love dominating, humiliating, fucking rough and at the same love having a good cock in my mouth.
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    Chatting, sexting, meeting

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    If anyone feelin' like chatting about any taboo shit than hit me up! Very open minded!
  2. perv/taboo chat

    Perv bi guy, in to anything taboo and incest, love nasty stuff Kik: Steve_1933
  3. Conservatism

    I meant traditional conservatism, basically early to mid 20th century.
  4. I was wondering how differently people finish sucking a good cock. Do you suck it dry? Do you jerk it and let him cum on you? For me, the favorite thing is just sucking the cock for a good period of time, and when the guy is about to blow I just let him fill my mouth with his hot seed until there is not a single drop left. In this case, I either swallow the load or I keep it my mouth and then kiss the guy with all his cum in me, letting it just drip on both of us from our kissing so we could lick each other like some cum hungry sluts.
  5. perv/taboo chat

    Willing to chat about any kind of pervy taboo stuff, yng, incest, cum whoring or whatever else. Telegram is Marcus494 or just PM me
  6. Recommendations for good encrypted message apps

    The only well secure apps I know are Telegram and Signal (which is considered even more secure than telegram). Try them, they are very easy to use.
  7. perv/taboo chat

    Hello CIA 😂
  8. Sucking Married Guys

    I think half of the guys I sucked we're married, some of them had their cocks balls deep in my mouth days after they got married and others wanted to do it on their family bed.
  9. Cum in the eyes

    Happened to me this week. I was wanting and edging for hours and at the end I ended up shooting a thick sticky load in to my eye and the rest of the face, took me 20 minutes to clean it haha
  10. What are the chances that someone here is from Israel? Probably near 0%...
  11. Molested as a kid

    I was never molested always wanted to be. Recently I have these day dreams about me being little again and having dad fuck my mouth and cover me with his cum, or having a bunch of family friends making me suck all of them and turn my mouth in to a cum dump. I'd be more than willing to do it now lol
  12. Conservatism

    Is it really that contradicting to be gay/bi and be a conservative or right/far right? I've had arguments/debates with people for hours and when I said I'm bi they simply couldn't believe or couldn't understand how it is possible. It would be interesting to see how others here view this topic, seeing how I've met others who are like me on the matter.
  13. Gay guys more picky?

    If fags are picky than I don't know what women are. I've had it ten times easier with men than women, at times I've even had a number of partners in a 24 hours period, while with women the chances of hooking up (for me at least) are at the bottom.
  14. I completely agree, can't stand drugs, always prefer to go full natural.

    I always end up with snowballing. Either him cumming in my mouth or I'm coming in his mouth, either way sex always ends for me with long sloppy kissing with mouths filled with cum.

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