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    Mid 20s bi guy from Israel. Very pervy, in to almost anything except the extremes (young, blood, scat etc). Love dominating, humiliating, fucking rough and at the same love having a good cock in my mouth.
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  1. Daddy-Son play is seriously my biggest fetish. It started when I met this teen slut online who loved the fantasy bring fucked by daddy but couldn't have it in real life. After we talked for a while we realized we share almost all fetishes, except his is being pushed down and fucked like a whore by daddy, and when we met we did just that. I think even my neighbors heard him moan.
  2. Two popped in my mind actually "You fuck way better then the guy with the 10 inch cock!" "Your cum is delicious as fuck"
  3. Hey all, I'm Alex. Found this place today after some random gay googling, and I gotta say I absolutely love it here! I'm a bit guy, always wanted to suck cocks since I first saw a video of some young girl sucking a juicy dick back when I was 10. Been experimenting in my late teens, let a few dad's fuck me, sometimes in public (that's where I got the public fetish), but later on I found myself to be a full top who loves a tight boypussy around his dick. I got a teen fuck buddy who became my "son" who I occasionally fuck like an animal. Other than that I'm pretty much open to anything else except some extreme stuff. Guess I'll see ya later on, fags.
  4. I think it was about for an hour and a half. I met online this guy and he came to my house one morning, after chatting for a bit he laid on my bed and I started sucking and playing with his cock like a dog with a bone (considering it was as big and thick as a bone). After an hour and a half he was about to blow, told him to let it all out right in my mouth.

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