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  1. Hawks and Entourage in Vegas are open. Lots of amenities are closed however (dark area, saunas, steam room and jacuzzis).
  2. Loaded up. I don't care so much about the hole, as long as its cummy and somewhat loose. I have big cock head and have to fight my way in tight bottoms; its a turnoff sometimes that I lose my hardon. Easy smooth entry is my favorite. The ass itself is more important. I like small tight to bubbly muscle, but not so much huge asses on heavier guys. I like feeling that bone when boning, not into the pillowy type asses.
  3. Spent a night in Las Vegas for work. I have a bottom fuckbud that I connected with and we decided to go to Entourage. I was super excited since COVID had me singing the bathhouse blues. Couple things, I had never been to Entourage before but because of the pandemic, the sauna, jacuzzi, a number of showers, and most of the dark areas were closed. Everyone has to get a room, no lockers, but they have a 4 hour deal for $20. We met up there around 7:30. There was a decent crowd, but not much action. My friend showed up and we immediately went to his room to plant the first seed. He sucked my
  4. Fuck yes, I love spit. I had an amazing bate session with a buddy where we slobbered all over each other and spit in each others faces. Not some dribbling. but hard spitting. Its so fucking intimate in a sick twisted way. We exchanged spit and made out for hours. It was a fucking mess. Never got an experience like that again. As a top, I mostly spit on bottoms faces, when they are into it. In that scenario, its dominating and humiliating.
  5. Wet, loose holes. Gets me hard and horny instantly. Also, verbal bottoms, being submissive knowing they are a slut taking anon loads.
  6. My first bathhouse was about 3 years ago when I was 29. It was at during a Cumunion event at the 1350 Club in Long Beach, CA. I had always read about the baths and fantasized about going to one but I chickened out, mainly because I was scared of STDs. A buddy of mine convinced me to go, and that I would have fun. I got there around 8, and rented a locker. In hindsight I should have gotten a room, it was early enough that were still some available. I took me a while to get myself oriented, but I was less nervous seeing all the naked guys in the locker room and roaming around. I enjoyed my time
  7. Its been frustrating on BBRT and other platforms when guys present themselves as a cumdump, but then are super selective. So how do you define or interpret these common tags? Cumdump Anon/Anonymous NSA FWB No Loads Refused Power Bottom/Top
  8. I really don't see the big deal here. Yea its a pain, and the reason behind it is no fault of your own, but sites like this, Grindr, Scruff, etc. are being targeted by authorities as ways for people to sell drugs. There is little tolerance for any type of this activity due to the potential liabilities involved, not to mention the entire site being shutdown if the owners don't take any action.
  9. Hey all, coming to Denver May 20-22. My hotel is near Midtown Spa, but wondering if its worth it or if I should travel to Denver Swim Club. Looking to top, but i like using the facilities too.
  10. Just dumped a load in a blindfolded cumslut. He posted on BBRT and within an hour met him at his hotel, lubed up and popped in. He was a deep popper huffer, my favorite, and had a beautiful hairy hole. Talked dirty while i fucked him ass up on the bed; he was such a slut begging for my load deep in his dirty fag hole. Shot my load in less than 5 minutes. He asked to clean my cock off, which i obliged. I was so horny i could have dumped another load but he was drunk and tired. Hes in town for a while so I plan to get more of that ass.
  11. I had a quick work trip in San Diego, and late at night found myself looking at BBRT, and saw a quick connect ad for a pump and dump posted by a hot, fit, white guy in his late 30s. I responded to the ad saying I wanted to play. He responded saying asking me to wait, as he was expecting another load. I waited about 30 minutes and again hit him. This time he responded saying I should come over, giving me his address. It was a 20 minute drive to his place. For the entire trip I was rock hard. Arriving at his apartment, he greeted me at the door, making polite small talk as we stepped
  12. What kind of music do you listen to during sex? Hook ups? Long sessions?
  13. I was in Vegas a few days ago and hit up BBRT, finding a cumdump who was hosting at Planet Hollywood. We went back and forth a few times when he finally made it clear he wanted me to fuck him anonymously. I went over to his hotel at 2:00 AM, and, as he had promised, the door to his room was unlocked, so I walked right into a room which was so dark I could barely see him kneeling at the bed, wearing a jock strap, as well as wearing a blindfold over his eye. I stripped and presented my musty cock, which he unhesitatingly sucked. When I was hard I throat-fucked him a bit. Although he gagged
  14. Thank you! I know I could count on my porn experts!
  15. Hey guys, need help identifying the name of the movie of this clip: http://pozitivebreeding.tumblr.com/post/153449088464/biohazardboi-pozchempig-biohazardbugfuck I remember it from a while ago, and want to find the whole thing. Thanks.
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