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  1. Someone post a link. I think we need to see what he's talking about
  2. Such a hot scene. The way Rocco Steele fucks in it is amazing.
  3. Agreed. Conventional wisdom is that most new infections are from guys who don't know they have it. I've been barebacking for years and I'm still neg. But I'm planning some road trips this fall, so that may change. Any viral guys reading this should message me.
  4. On or off camera? By the actors or the crew?
  5. There is a local couple who want to develop a poly with me. I'm interested but what holds me back is that I don't think they have that happy a marriage. The older guy has good relationship skills but seems to spend a lot of time and effort managing the younger one (neither is young) who had a rough childhood and still has a lot of issues. And that's another reason - the younger guy is somewhat volatile so I feel like I have to be careful around him. Maybe I just haven't spent enough time getting to know them yet, but sometimes I feel like it's walking into a minefield.
  6. Where is the best place to get a good set of those?
  7. Hot conversion scenario. If anyone else is into a scene like this, PM me.
  8. I saw this in passing but didn't catch the name of it. By the end the btm's hole is leaking red. Does anyone know what the vid is called??
  9. I think it's happened to me a couple of times. I was vaguely aware of something being a bit off but it wasn't until afterward when I replayed the event that I realized that's what he was doing. Unnerving, because I'm not an extrovert, but when it comes to anonymous hookups risks go with the territory.
  10. If you can get a prescription locally, go to the GoodRx website and use their coupon code for your pharmacy. It's pretty cheap this way.
  11. If anyone has any tips for Indianapolis or Columbus, hit me up.
  12. Not clear on the title of this story. "My Daddy's" what, exactly?
  13. Not quite 50 yet but I volunteer.
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