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  1. evilqueerpig

    Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV..

    It's ironic how I happened upon this post today, 19 years ago, I got my poz diagnosis.
  2. evilqueerpig

    Ever since I was diagnosed with HIV..

    Normal is what's normal for you.....own it.
  3. evilqueerpig

    Earning the right to my Masters DNA

    HOT start!
  4. evilqueerpig

    Bajan Love Affair

    Looks like another losolent masterpiece!
  5. evilqueerpig

    My First Anonymous Load

    Embrace your inner cumdump and if the risk is too much, get on PrEP.
  6. evilqueerpig

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    I spent the night of my 18th birthday at the baths and within 30 minutes, my slut gene kicked in on overdrive and I knew monogamy wasn't for me. Years later, I was in an open relationship with another slutty guy, but eventually, I embraced my kinky side while he remained 100% vanilla. After 8 years, he was just a body in bed and 2 years later, he did something that broke my trust and that was the end. The breakup left me a bit gun shy, and while I won't rule out another open relationship, the guy would need to be my piggy equal and he MUST earn my trust. It's like the old song, "So many men, so little time!"
  7. Biggest was 11" uncut, a skilled Latino who took his time and there was no pain, only blissful pleasure when he was ballsdeep, hitting all the right places in my ass and we came at the same time. Had a sweet Black fwb who had 9.5" and from our first time, he just slid right in and with him, it wasn't fucking, but making love. Damn, how I miss that man, may he rest in peace.
  8. evilqueerpig

    Fucked in the woods

    Now we know that bears do it in the woods!
  9. evilqueerpig

    First time experience at a dore alley party

    Seeing your man in his slutty bottom element and being proud of him is a sign of true love.
  10. evilqueerpig

    Question about twins

    I've been with 2 sets of identical twins, 1 set was each other's firsts and the other set wasn't, but both sets frequently have sex with each other. With both sets, I could tell one from the other by the taste of their butts.
  11. New here in WilMa

    1. evilqueerpig


      It's a gr8 gayborhood!

    2. rickbare66


       Going to a FF party this Saturday

  12. evilqueerpig

    36.5 inches of black dick on a Sunday afternoon

    I envy you!
  13. evilqueerpig

    Does anyone fuind being a pig a drawback!

    If it works for you, own it!
  14. evilqueerpig

    Dad and Son dilemma

    If you can't deal with the incestuous aspect, don't do anything you're uncomfortable with...just my 2 cents.

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