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    NASTY/PIGGY/KINKY men and boiz...1 on 1...3ways....groups...fullblown tops move to the front of the line

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  1. thanks for the follow!  😉


  2. Another Toontastic tale!
  3. evilqueerpig

    Ready for Piss

    Buy a yellow jock and/or armband and just go for it...keep us posted.
  4. evilqueerpig

    I think I'm ready to try WS but I"m nervous

    Your desire to try ws is not about to go away...bring it up with the bf and maybe it won't gross him out or if it does, he might allow you to do it with somebody else.
  5. evilqueerpig

    FRIEND(S) who are PORN STARS???

    Over the years, I've been with quite a few men who have the looks, equipment and skills to do porn, but when I'd suggest it, more often than not, they say when they fuck or get fucked it's because they want to be with the guy.
  6. evilqueerpig

    What will make you say no to a hookup?

    Nobody has mentioned it yet, so let me be the first...condoms!
  7. evilqueerpig

    How Do You Know?

    If you decide to go through with it, you need to stop PrEP and make sure it's out of your system...also discuss it with your friend to see if he'll wait to go on meds...not meant to influence your decision, just a bit of friendly advice.
  8. evilqueerpig

    Kiss His Ring

    Another Toon Masterpiece!
  9. evilqueerpig

    Weirdest Fetish

    For me it's uncut, cheesy cock...the riper, the better. Living in the US, uncut men are rare and those willing to get ripe are scarcer than hen's teeth. I had a dear friend with benefits who had what he called "extreme overhang". He'd ripen 2 weeks for me and when I'd get to his place, the stink was strong and I'd go right in for a sniff before inserting my tongue into his foreskin and licking it clean...followed by drinking his morning piss from the tap. DAMN, I miss that man!
  10. evilqueerpig


    Been there, done that...gives new meaning to the phrase "word of mouth"
  11. evilqueerpig

    Tell about your first BB experience (18 yrs+)

    I was 17 when I had my 1st man. This being 1977, bareback was the norm. On the day of my 18th birthday, we both arranged to work a half day, met for lunch and then, off to Greenwich Village for my 1st visit to a gay bar. Back to his place, where we 69ed, then an early dinner and a cleanout. He told me it was time to try my wings and the best place to do that was the baths. After telling me what to expect, as a birthday present, he gave me lube and a bottle of poppers. More excited than nervous, I asked the guy at the front desk for a room, got buzzed in and the attendant handed me a towel and escorted me to the room. Stripping off, I wrapped the towel around my waist and set out to explore. In some rooms, guys lay in bed, stroking their cocks, while in others, guys were ass up, waiting to be fucked. Locating the maze, hands reached beneath my towel to feel my ass or cock, but I wasn't ready for anything. Back on the main floor, I checked out the steam room, sauna and showers. There was walk through orgy room with mattresses against the walls and a sling in the middle and I made a mental note to give that a try sometime. At the hot tub, I saw HIM, relaxing in the water and I stopped dead in my tracks. He was a handsome, thin black man with a bushy mustache. Instantly, my cock got hard, causing an obscene tent in my towel. "Mind if I join you?" I asked. Patting the edge of the hot tub, he said, "Honestly, I'd be disappointed if you didn't join me!" Dropping my towel, I stepped into the hot tub and he extended his hand, guiding me to sit next to him, our legs touching. "This your first time here? I live only a few blocks away and this is my hangout! Believe me, I couldn't forget such a hot man!" "Yea, it's my first time here." I confessed. "Actually, today's my 18th birthday and I'm here to celebrate as a legal gay man! When it comes to hotness, the surface of the sun has nothing on you and yet, there's something cool and soothing in those brown eyes of yours! By the way, I'm Eliot!" "Happy Birthday, Eliot!" He said, putting an arm around my shoulder. "Jim, here, slim Jim to my friends, and I'd like to be friends with you. Of course, at 42, I'm old enough to be your father!" "Slim Jim, I wouldn't take you for a day over 30!" I said. "At the risk of being forward, what are my chances of taking you? I know I come on a bit strong, but my 1st man gave me some pearls of wisdom. First, always be yourself. Second, sexy comes in all shapes, colors and sizes and you're living proof of that!" Jim grabbed my hand, placing it on his huge, throbbing hardon. "Flattery will get you everywhere!" He said. "Your chances of taking me are a sure thing as long as I get to take you! I'm usually the one to make the 1st move, but with you, being on the other side feels good! Here it is your birthday and you're making me feel special! Did you make a birthday wish? What do you like to do?" Grabbing Jim's hand, I placed it on my own throbbing cock and told him, "Sitting here with you, I don't need to make a wish! Certainly not for something sweet! I like to do pretty much everything, sucking, getting sucked, fucking, getting fucked, eating ass, getting my ass eaten! I love to kiss and with that sexy mouth of yours, I'm hoping you do, too!" "That's music to my ears! I like everything you do and I also love to kiss!" Jim exclaimed as he planted his mouth over mine. I parted my lips, giving Jim's tongue complete access to my mouth. Minutes later, the roles were switched and it was my tongue exploring Jim's mouth. Breaking the kiss, I said, "Jim, you're an expert kisser! Let's head up to my room!" We both got out of the hot tub and it was then that I saw Jim's cock in it's throbbing 9" glory. "No need to wrap our towels, hard as we both are!" I led Jim up to my room, both of our cocks swinging. Closing the door behind us, I gently pushed Jim onto the bed on his back and jumped on top of him. Our cocks rubbing against each other, precum flowing from both of us, Jim asked, "Well, birthday man, what's it gonna be?" "First of all, I wanna suck on that huge cock of yours, big as it is, I won't be able to get the whole thing in my mouth, but I'll handle most of it!" I confessed. "After that, I wanna taste your ass and as my birthday present, I want you to fuck me!" Jim sat up and said, "Go for it!" I grabbed his cock by the base and licked it, savoring every ridge and vein. Damn he tasted sweet. Minutes later, I took him into my mouth, using my tongue and heavy suction, managing 7" of that beautiful cock. Needing a breather, I pulled off of Jim's cock and licked on his plum sized balls. "Ooooh!" He moaned in pleasure. Having gotten my second wind, I got back on his cock, sucking like crazy. After 5 minutes, Jim pulled me off his cock and said, "You had me too close to cumming and I know you want me to fuck you! Damn, what a mouth you have!" Laying next to Jim, I kissed him on his cheek and said, "Hell yes, I want you to fuck me, but before that, I need to taste your ass! Sit on my face!" As requested, Jim sat on my face. His butt was mostly hairless, but there was a patch of black curlies in his crack. I licked up and down his crack for a few minutes and then I stuck the tip of my tongue in his pucker. That was likely the moment I developed my love for eating black men's ass. Gradually, I inserted my tongue deeper, savoring the sweet ass juices, while Jim's butt muscles expanded and contracted in response to my ministrations. "Mmmmm, that feels wonderful!" Jim said. "No man has ever got his tongue this far up my ass! Let me have a taste of your ass before I fuck it!" He repositioned himself, putting my legs on his shoulders, burying his mouth on my ass! "Fuck, that's one tasty ass!" "Speaking of fuck, that's exactly what I want!" I said with a chuckle. "There's lube and poppers on the ledge! I'll stay on my back so we can kiss while you fuck me!" Jim squirted lube on 2 of his fingers and squeezed the into my ass. "It's your birthday, but I feel like I'm getting the present!" He said, handing me the bottle of poppers. "You'll wanna take a hit when I go in!" Watching as he applied a generous coating of lube on his cock, my eyes went wide in anticipation. "Take a big hit!" He said, lining his cockhead up with my crack. I inhaled deeply and with minimal pain, Jim penetrated me. "Your ass is so hot and tight!" Another hit off the poppers and all I felt was pleasure as Jim got more of his cock in me. Truly a skilled cocksman, Jim knew what he was doing and before I realized it, I felt his balls meet my buttcheeks. "I'm all the way in! How do you feel? Do you want it fast and rough or long and sweet?" "There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how I feel! Wonderful would be a huge understatement!" I said, smiling from ear to ear. "Slim Jim, I want it like your cock, long and sweet! Kiss me!" His tongue in my mouth, Jim longdicked me, fucking me passionately. There was no pain, only blissful pleasure as Jim's cock filled me as I'd never been filled, my butt muscles responding. Our kissing only intensified the pleasure. After 10 minutes, Jim held me tightly. "Ugh! I'm cumming!" He grunted as I felt his cock spasm, spewing his seed deep inside me. Collapsing on top of me, Jim said, "You have the hottest ass I've ever fucked in years!" Gradually, his cock slipped out of my ass. "Now, it's my turn!" He applied some lube to my cock and before I could utter a word, he lowered his ass onto my cock and started to ride me. Up and down, Jim rode my cock and I thrust into him, establishing our own rhythm. Jim's ass felt like warm velvet, enveloping my cock with his butt muscles. All too soon, I felt my impending climax. "Fuck, Jim! I'm cumming!" I roared, spewing my jism deep in him, as I pulled him close for a kiss. Out of breath, I pulled back. "That was unexpected and fuckin amazing! Your ass fucks as good as it tastes!" I exclaimed as my cock popped out of his ass. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Jim said, "I can say the same for you! When you first approached me in the hot tub, I thought you were sexy, but you're so much more! For tonight, you've spoiled me for other men, so I think I'll head home. Not even gonna shower because the smell will remind me of you! Happy Birthday, Eliot! I hope I'll see you again!" He said, kissing me passionately. At the door, we hugged tightly before Jim left. That was my 1st bareback as both bottom and top at the age of 18 and Jim would become a friend with benefits. Of course, that's also the night my slut gene kicked in and it hasn't eased up in the least.
  12. evilqueerpig

    What is my place as a bottom?

    The role you describe sounds like a "submissive bottom"....if that's the case, embrace it and seek out "dominant tops"
  13. evilqueerpig

    Suddenly Situationally Aware

    HOT start!
  14. evilqueerpig

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    Sidewalk in front of Island House...Key West
  15. evilqueerpig

    IS there a NAME for an ANAL TAT???

    Written INvitation?

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