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  1. I've NEVER had a condom on/in me...see no reason to change.
  2. evilqueerpig

    Black guys - Am I missing something?

    My first man gave me these words of wisdom, "Sexy comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!" Just to add my 2 cents, nothing makes a man uglier than hatred and a bad attitude!
  3. evilqueerpig

    Do you use poppers only when it’s too big?

    Poppers fuck up my sinuses and give me a headache, so I prefer Maximum Impact. Incidentally, the old queen from Hollywood Squares, Paul Lynde died of a poppers overdose.
  4. Having seen what meth can do to guys, I only parTy on rare occasions and never more than I can handle.
  5. evilqueerpig

    Is oral necessarybefore anal intercourse

    Unless the top refuses, I ALWAYS suck cock before getting fucked and also lick it clean when he pulls out!
  6. evilqueerpig

    Hotel party

    Sounds like you were the official "party favor"...tbh, anyone who doesn't take loads isn't a true bottom, but you did yourself proud!
  7. evilqueerpig

    Alex in Wonderland

    "Never before had fucking a man so overloaded my senses." 'Greg, your ass is the closest thing to perfection! Tasty, tight, hot, juicy and so responsive! Slutty as I am, I've been with a lot of men, but you went right to number 1 on my top 10 list!' He rolled off of me. 'Let me lick your sweet cock clean before you felch my ass and we snowball!' As soon as he licked my cock clean, I buried my face in his sweet ass, thrust my tongue deep and felched my cum out. We spent the next few minutes snowballing my seed. 'If you're thirsty, I need to piss!' Taking him by the hand, I led him to the bathroom, where I sat on the toilet and put his cock in my mouth. Seconds later, his piss began, first a trickle and then a steady flow and I gulped and slurped, savoring every last drop until his bladder was empty. Rising from the toilet, we kissed, sharing the taste of his piss between us. 'My turn to feed you!' Greg sat on the toilet and practically sucked the piss out of me and once I was drained, I pulled him up to share it in a kiss. Hand in hand we walked back to my bedroom. 'Do you mind if I turn on my computer? There's something I'd like to show you!' 'I don't mind at all!' Seated at my desk, Greg stood behind me as I booted up my computer. The pics I sought were easily located and the first one showed a cock like Greg's, but it was that of a white man. 'Obscene overhang, like mine!' 'Wait, there's more!' The second pic showed the foreskin skinned back and a few flecks of cheese on the cockhead and a caption, "3 days". Next pic showed more of a cheesy buildup and the caption, "7 days, bit of a smell" and then "10 days, crusty, more of a stink", last pic, "major crust and potent stench, 2 weeks". 'It wasn't intentional, but I got like that! After the breakup, I didn't shower for 2 weeks. Of course, my body odor overpowered any other kind of stink! Does that turn you on?' 'Honestly, it's something I've been wanting to try, but I've never found a guy who was equipped and willing to do it!'
  8. evilqueerpig

    Politics of censoring online content

    Since this topic has strayed from online content, the ultimate censorship is voter suppression and it's no secret that it's happening only in Republican states. Let's also remember the DOMA laws that were on the ballots thanks to Dubya and Rove. As for shrinking KKK membership, I think 3,000 is way too low, though the alt right has absorbed many. Evangelical Christians railed against Bill Clinton, but turn a blind eye to tRUMP. With their divisive policies and maniacal adherence to "trickle down economics" which has been a failure since Reagan, I fear the GOP may go the way of the Whigs, which would be tragic because even as a staunch Democrat, I believe we need a principled opposition. That concludes my rant.
  9. Both my cock and ass have a political conscience and don't respond to repugs. As for Kanye, I wouldn't go near anything that touches a Kardashian!
  10. evilqueerpig

    Is being poz as exciting once you get it?

    You started this thread with the statement that you consider yourself a faggot, born to serve the desires of men, so are you entitled to have your own desires? I prefer to call myself QUEER, because it's "in your face" and the same can be said for my "POZ" status. As someone who's NEVER had a condom on/in me and rarely if ever mentioned status, you can say I wasn't consciously chasing HIV, but I did nothing to avoid it. My diagnosis didn't change me, but it did free me from wondering if or when. To this day, I live my life with no apologies and no regrets. Ultimately, you will decide what is right for you.
  11. evilqueerpig

    What was your 1st experience with WS?

    I replied to this in a similar topic, but here it is again. During NYC Pride, this hot Latino and I were literally thrown together. We wound up at his place and after a few rounds of sucking and fucking, it was agreed that I'd stay over. The next morning, I got up first and thought I'd wake him with a blowjob. His bladder opened a split second before his eyes, and while it was a shock, I was instantly hooked on the taste of his piss. At first he freaked out and tried to pull out but I sealed my mouth around his cock, not releasing it until I'd swallowed every drop. Both of us admitted to enjoying it and I drank from him 2 more times before I left. On my way home, I bought my 1st yellow hankie.
  12. evilqueerpig

    Gangbang disaster in London

    I wouldn't think you'd have any problems getting laid!
  13. thanks for The follow..... 🐖

  14. Call me a picky PISSPIG, but I prefer it from the tap!
  15. evilqueerpig

    The Replacement

    Bitch did Daddy and himself a favor!

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