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    Pembroke Pines, FL
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    SLUT with few limits
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    NASTY/PIGGY/KINKY men and boiz...1 on 1...3ways....groups...fullblown tops move to the front of the line

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  1. evilqueerpig

    How Rank Can clothes get.

    Sex should involve all 5 senses....including smells!
  2. Only you can decide if conversion is right for you, but until you make a definite decision, PrEP is the way to go.
  3. evilqueerpig

    Never made a decision just happened...

    They taught you well.
  4. evilqueerpig

    How to enjoy bottoming?

    For me, it's not just the cock but the man.
  5. evilqueerpig

    Want to be barebacked

    Don't deny your desires....but get yourself on PrEP
  6. Until you get a cock up your arse, you're still a virgin....get back to that pub!
  7. evilqueerpig

    Anyone recommend a tattoist

    Post pics
  8. evilqueerpig

    First ever BB load (from a bbc)

    Now that you know what you've been missing, ditch the condoms....decide if you want to go on PrEP and bb!
  9. evilqueerpig

    Want someone to join me at my HIV test

    concerned1 I got a call from my ex letting me know he tested poz and since I've NEVER had a condom on/in me, I knew what to expect and for me it was liberating. In the UK, you'll have access to meds and you can get to undetectable levels soon. Feel free to pm me if you need to talk.
  10. evilqueerpig

    Fuck days

  11. Fan-toon-tastic!
  12. evilqueerpig

    Bottom Regrets

    Having YOUR dick and ass would be GREAT!
  13. evilqueerpig

    Bottom Regrets

    No regrets and no apologies....I'm a SLUT....shameless n blameless!
  14. evilqueerpig

    My 12 Poz Lovers

    This needs to be continued!
  15. evilqueerpig

    Help! I'm A Bottom Trapped In A Tops Body*

    Aside from keys and armbands, you can buy a "catcher" t-shirt!

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