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Where did you get (or give) your last load?

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Sunday afternoon I went to the Boots in Antwerp for the regular Naked & Underwear party. I was wearing a blue jockstrap to let the guys know what I was open for. I got in the sling and was first tag-teamed by two guys. They left the door open so quite a crowd gathered watching. After they both shot their loads in my gut I stayed in the sling only to get well and fully stuffed by three other guys, one after the next. The cum was running down my legs when I got out of the sling but it felt great.

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Got a load yesterday afternoon, nice early 30's guy with a short nice average cock with lots of precum. He ate my ass then used the precum to slide in, fucking me for about twenty minutes before he bred me with his poz load.

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My BF had a couple of his bear friends come over last night for some fun. I was the designated bottom. Between them my ass must have collected eight loads. Could have been more but I needed some of the loads to go down my throat too.

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    • By dickluva
      Hooked up with dude with case of wasting, makes me drip & get a wide on when i think about his toxxxic cum in me. butt this time my dick was standing at attention & skinny dude was having difficulty maintaining, so i bent him over the bed, & ate his hole, for like 10 seconds, & spit on my dik, shoved in all the way. I held him down by this throat, while he made sighs of protests, & made him take my load as deep as i could fuck my jizz in him. bugged out.
    • By youngcumdumpboi
      just had three unmedicated poz tops unload in my bf then i rammed my cock in on their cum and added two loads. i told him they where all neg before we fucked
    • By learhat
      My last load was a couple of weeks ago. I played with a very hot pig at the end of a sesh that had been going on for a couple of days. He fisted my hole until it was spent and bloody - I was a desperate sick pig and wouldn't let him stop as his arm feel so good pounding me deep in my guts.
      He then shot his poz juice deep into to me after pounding my bloody raw hole with his meaty cock. He then proceeded to top that off by fisting his cum deep inside me. Very hot. I can't wait to get on it again with him, and to get his dirty seed in me yet again.
    • By westernsky
      This guy has been hitting me up on A4A for a few weeks. He has no pic, so I have not been too eager to meet up. However, since I have not been able to find a willing poz breeder to wreck my neg hole for the first time, I came up with a scheme. I told the guy I'd let him fuck me with a couple conditions: 1) he'd have to 'force' breed me and 2) he must pretend to be poz. He eventually agreed. This was the perfect solution:getting off on poz loads without the real risk of pozzing. Something even an ethical top would do.
      So,we met up last night. He arrived,and was 6'2, 200#, muscular; to my 5'8", 130# scrawniness. He immediately pulled his cock out and played his part well, telling me to suck his fat poz cock.
      He fucked me doggie on the floor, force feeding me poppers. Growling he was going to fill my little cunt up with poz seed. I was flying. As he picked up the pace and the talk, I could tellhe was going to blow soon. Then he stopped.
      He said,"You're wanting to play a twisted game that I just can't go through with." I was like, shit. He pulled out and said he wouldn't pretend to be poz. So, I reluctantly said "OK... let's just finish fucking then." He re-entered me and quickly picked up the pace. I felt him swelling inside me. He pushed me down to the ground with all his weight and started punding hard. He held my head down to the floor.
      Then, he leaned forward and growled in my ear."I'm not playing games, you twisted faggot. I'm gonna breed you though." I was like, yeah...
      As he started to cum, he whispered again. "And I am really poz, fucker. Here's your toxic load." Before I could even react he was shooting in me balls deep. Before I knew it, I nutted all over the floor.
      True story.
    • By bihairy
      Hey guys:
      Has anyone else encountered this issue?
      I am a barebacker. I say I fuck bb on my profiles for bbrts, squirt, grdr, and other sites.  If you want to hook up with me I want you to know I intend to breed and seed your hole. Otherwise, don't bother me.  Other than BBRTS (of course) I sometimes get nasty messages from guys that are angry at me because I want bb.  Today I got a response from something I had put online that I was an "idiot" "moron" etc. Why do these assholes find it necessary to make nasty comments regarding my preference for bare sex?  I wanted to tell this asshole to fuck off, but the message was sent anonymously.  To afraid to send it with his email.
      I happen to be on PrEP and old enough to know what I want.  I wish I could block these idiots to be honest.  BH

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