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Halloween:  the night when all the freaks come out, and I decided, as I usually did, to join them.  Usually I go as the sexy pizza boy or shirtless lumberjack. I get a lot of grabs and looks from the boys at the bars, all in the name of harmless sexy fun.

However, this year I decided to go as the Dark Knight Batman: a little dark, totally anonymous with the face mask, and I get to let my inner nerd out.  I also decided that since I'm 26, I don't have to be treated like an object at every costume party, at least this year.

I live with my parents close to the local college which my younger brother attends, now 21 and in his junior year.  He is almost always out at parties or bars, he just sleeps here.  Sometimes.  Anyhow, since around here Halloween gets very noisy and disruptive, my parents went on a weekend get away, leaving the house in my care.  


On the big night, I prepared myself for the festivities, dressing in flattering torso armor, armored tights, half mask, utility belt, phone, keys, cash, my ID, and a couple condoms and couple lube packets- after all, a superhero is prepared for all forms of combat.

A couple of my boys wanted to meet up at the local leather bar rather than our normal hangout. Since Halloween is a Saturday this year, the bars are going to be packed. The leather bar usually has fewer people, but it has surprisingly good music and a small dance floor. Drinks are cheap, too, so I'm looking forward to the party, and to get fully in the mood, I made myself a couple of vodka tonics, and down them just before I left the house to await an Uber at the end of the driveway.  


As I stood there, I could feel the vodka kicking in, I must have poured them stronger than I thought, it's going to be some night! The driver could tell I was drunk by the time we got close to the bar. There was utility truck and a small crowd, so he had to drop me off down the street. I stepped out, thanked him, to which he replied, "Looks like you're going to have a lot of fun! Stay safe!" I laughed.

I felt sexy, I was solidly buzzed, I loved how the tights clung to me. I still had my runner's body from college. I was giving myself a hardon, and I chucked: the plastic codpiece let me sport full mast and no one was the wiser.

As I approached the bar building, I heard a guy beckon, "What's got 'ya grinning, Batman?" I turned and looked, and saw a beautiful specimen in a snake-scale body suit and had a cobra half-mask with open hood around his neck standing the entrance to the alley leading behind the bar.

"Whoa..." I stuttered, "y-you do." I suddenly gained my composure and pretended to play cool. I glanced down and saw an unsupported bulge in the spandex pants and I licked my lips. "Hot costume. Looks like you're a very big snake!" I stepped closer to him and he stepped closer to me.

"You're too kind!" he said, pretending to be bashful, placing a hand on my chest. "But you see, I'm cold blooded. I grow a little as things heat up."

"Really?" I stepped closer and started to lean in. "Sounds like we need to heat you up and get you all stretched out. You must be all cramped up." I could feel my heart begin to race. I'm never this quick and obvious, but the vodka and my concealed erection were speaking on my behalf, and it's working.

The cobra guy suddenly puts a hand behind my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. Our masks just barely let us kiss. I lean in entirely into his body, minding my codpiece and moved to the side slightly, allowing his slowly growing cock to press firmly against my thigh. A couple guys whistled as they passed behind us, one even grabbed my ass, pushing me into Cobra a little more. I felt a cold spot soak through my tights: a precummer, sweet.

We continued to make out for a minute and I had to have him. It was clear for the moment, both of us looked around, grinned devilishly and Cobra grabbed my hand and pulled me deeper into the alley. Barely turning the corner, we continued to make out with abandon.

My hand ran down his body suit and to my relief, found the waist of his tights. I grabbed his bottom lip with my teeth and felt around with my other hand to find the waist at his other hip. He laughed as I pulled on his lip and started to lower his tights. His cock sprang out as soon as it was free from the spandex. It was a nice seven and a half inches, thicker than my own, uncut with loose foreskin. I was a little jealous- I remember as kids my parents explaining they changed their minds about circumcision when I saw my brother's peeper was different than mine. Ever since, I had foreskin envy.

Seeing that uncut beauty, I immediately dropped to my knees. One of the plastic knee pads jabbed under my kneecap and made me jump and readjust. It's ironic that these armored tights hurt.

"Are you okay, Batman?"

"Yea-" I gulped as I slid my mouth as far down that cock as I could go, pulling that supple foreskin with my lips. I felt my Snake's body shudder as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I wrapped my tongue around as much of the shaft as I could and started to swallow all my drool and all his precum that started gushing out.

"Oh, God!" he yelped. It sounded like he was holding back tears. He gasped slightly every time I slid down his cock, brushing my tongue and lips across his foreskin. It sounded like he never felt a real blowjob before. I'm glad I was giving it to him.

He took a deep breath and came down from his small piece of heaven, placed his hand under my chin to gesture me to look up. When I made eye contact with him with his dick still in my mouth, he started talking, "It's been a couple weeks since I've been able to sink that fang you're sucking on into something tasty, and I'm starving. Can I take a bite?" I nodded.

All this character talk would normally be cheesy, but it made me even hotter. I slowly stood up, letting his dick pop out of my mouth in one smooth motion. I reached into my utility belt and found the lube packets and set them on the lid of a trashcan next to us. I reached back into the pouch, trying to feel for the condoms when I felt Cobra's hand unsnapped my belt and pulled my own tights down.

I stuttered, "wait a-" when I felt his hands bend me over and his tongue slide in me. Getting rimmed while drunk is amazing, I instantly relaxed and moaned as his spit started to invade me. I put my hands on the wall in front of me, pushing my hole on his tongue.

I felt him stand up and felt an equally wet cockhead against my hole, and I instinctively pushed back and wiggled to help get his rod into me. He was a little thicker than I was ready for so I stood still for a second. Cobra knew why I stopped for a second and I felt him squeeze another lube packet onto his partly-inserted dick. I took a deep breath and he took that opportunity to slide the rest of the way in. I grunted and moaned when he hit me balls deep. He impaled me breathless. He was the perfect size to stretch me to capacity without pain.

He held there for about twenty seconds. I felt his cock twitch in me, buried to the hilt. He was sharing this heavenly moment with me. His cock pulsed in me again, and my prostate tingled, causing me to involuntarily shudder. He inhaled rather forcefully and whimpered, "Damn..." as pulled his dick out slightly and pressed firmly back in.

This brought me back down to Earth and awakened a cock frenzy I never felt before. I slid back and forth, almost letting Cobra's cock slip out of me slamming my full body weight back onto his dick. He grabbed my hips tightly and took control back from me.

"Damn, this is the finest meal I've ever sunk my fang into!" He exclaimed as he gave my ass a slap. His breath heaved. "I recently charged up, been waiting almost a month for prey like you to try my potent venom on!"

"Oh ye-yeah!" I grunted. "This feels too good, this is perfect!" as I succumbed to being my Cobra's meal. My hole started pulsing around his dick as he sent me into an anal orgasm and I moaned uncontrollably.

Five minutes of constant solid pounding, I felt Cobra's body begin to shake, I knew he was close. He leaned over and spoke in my ear, "My fang is in you. It's toxic. It's about to shoot. Can I shoot my poison in you?!" By the tone of desperation in his voice I knew he had only a couple seconds before cumming. I clumsily nodded with my Batman mask teetering on my head, I pulled my ass as apart as I could and surrendered my hole.

He tightened his grip on my hips and started full-force slamming into my ass. After the tenth thrust, he pulled my hips into him and held me there, neither of us could breathe. Five seconds later his cock started flexing in me and a torrent of cum was unleashed. His cockhead swelled with each jet which actually hurt. His dick went from the perfect size to swelling into something I could not fully handle. My hole disagreed and tightened and pulsed to match the spurting of his dick in me.

We were startled by the sound of clapping. Two guys deeper in the alley watched the show without either of us noticing. They were a shorter muscle-built Latino and a taller black man. The Latino had his dick out and was fully hard. He was probably stroking for a few minutes as we unknowingly put on a show.

Cobra laughed which made his dick throb in me. Being stimulated and embarrassed, I could only blush and look down.

"Can't let any of that POZ load go to waste!" The Latino proclaimed as he started to walk up.

"Nope! Go for it!" Cobra agreed as he pulled out of my hole, volunteering it. The Latino's cock was already underneath Cobra's dick to catch any cum that might leak out. I felt an ooze forming when I felt Latino's dick pressed against my hole. "That monster of yours and my load, this piece of meat has no chance!"

I started to panic and pull away when the black man stepped up and pushed me down. I started replaying everything. I thought it was character talk, not him trying to poz me. I couldn't find the condoms in the utility belt then forgot about them.

Latino started to push in. His cock was thicker than Cobra's. "Wow, that's one wet mess in there, he must've cum a bucket!" Latino just kept pressing in farther. I stiffened up. "Relax dude, he already filled you up, I'm just going to make sure it stays in there."

Latino wasn't even as deep as Cobra was in me as I felt impossibly full- all of that really was cum. Latino chuckled, "Now for the fun part!" He pushed firmly but slowly into my hole. "Lee, for my next trick, I'm going to pop this boy's 2nd ring cherry!" He commented to his black companion.

I heard a cell phone bloop as Cobra somehow produced his iPhone. "Damn, I wanted to watch this, but I gotta go!" Cobra tucked his cock back in his tights and straightened his costume. "Make me proud!" He laughed as he hurriedly marched out of the alley.

"Yessir!" replied Latino. He pressed deeper into me and the pressure was getting intense. Lee was holding me down and Latino kept driving into me. My ass flexed and twitched on the inside, I felt a gush deep in me... My hole clenched Latino's cock again and I felt another gush. I now knew what he meant by popping my 2nd ring cherry.

Latino moaned each time my ass clenched which made him push harder. Then he hit a spot and couldn't go deeper. It hurt. Latino spoke up, "There's that 2nd ring! I felt that other dude's load squeeze in there so it's nice and lubed up, but I gotta push the rest in. It's gonna hurt at first, but once my nine and a half is balls deep, you'll want to marry me."

Latino could feel me panicking, my legs were shaking and Lee wasn't letting me up.

"It's okay, take a couple deep breaths." I followed his instructions, knowing I had no choice. He felt me relax, "There you go, baby, this isn't bad. This sounds a little complicated, but grip my cock and push out when I tell you. Now breathe... Grip and push!" Latino leaned his whole body into me, my inside muscles started throbbing. I started yelping and Lee had to muffle me. All the pressure gave way and I felt Latino's pubes starting to scratch against me.

I groaned involuntarily as my second ring was learning to relax around this thick cock which was now fully impaled in me. I somehow got fully hard and was on the edge of an orgasm. Latino grunted, "You're damn tight! God!" He started thrusting deep in me, "I can't hold back!"

Within seconds Latino started to cum. The load shot deeper in me than anything has ever gone in me. His cock flexing in my second hole started to make me cum. His dick hurt but felt incredible. I shot a spurt onto the ground. Lee was able to catch some of it and fed it to Latino. Latino was coming down from his orgasm and snorted in laughter, "Sweet like a virgin!"

Latino started to pull out- I shuddered as he extracted from the second ring and let out a gentle moan as each inch tugged out of me. He had two inches left in me and he commanded, "Tighten that hole!" To which I complied. He suddenly jerked the final two inches out to a 'pop' like a wine bottle being opened. I sighed in relief.

"Good to the last drop?" Lee teased Latino.

"Always!" as Latino slapped my exposed battered hole.

"Cool. It's my turn, yo!" Lee unzipped and let out his seven inches. Latino moved to my shoulders and Lee moved behind me and slid all the way in me. I offered no resistance, my hole had no resistance left, Lee was able to pump into my hole at will.

Bending over me and whispering in my ear, "I love a worn out hole. I only fuck sluts like you." Lee continued his pace for another minute and unceremoniously ejaculated in me. "Last deposit of the night!" And pulled out. Lee zipped up and patted Latino on the shoulder. "Time for drinks!"

They walked down the alley laughing, leaving me with my armor tights at my knees, already forgotten. I pulled up my tights, sat on a crate next to the trash can and took off the Batman mask. I'm amazed it stayed on the whole time, it nearly fell off a couple times.

I looked down at the ground. Two wrapped condoms. They must have fallen out as I was looking in my utility belt.

My utility belt... Some superhero I was... I couldn't even work that right.

I opened one of the pouches on the belt and found my phone. A couple text messages were sent about ten minutes ago- friends wondering where I was, saying the dance floor was amazing tonight. I texted back, "Srry. Feeling Sick. Staying home."

I sat there for ten more minutes and recollected myself. I stood up, put my Batman mask back on and walked out of the alley.

A taxi was chilling just down from the bar entry. I walked over, hopped in and ordered him home. The cab driver said, "Great costume- done partying already?!"

"Yeah. Kinda not feeling well."

"Aww. That's too bad. We'll get you home quick and you can get to rest." The rest of the cab ride was silent. I tossed him a twenty, almost double the fare and hopped out without a word.

I got in the door, stripped my costume off as I started climbing the stairs, threw it in my room and walked naked to the bathroom, where a cool shower greeted and comforted me. I dried off, put on a pair of boxers and went back downstairs to watch TV in the living room.

I woke up about an hour later to the front door unlocking. My brother came in the door and carrying a couple bags. I got up to greet him, "Rick, I'm surprised you're home tonight. I thought you would crash at one of your bud's." Rick put his bags down next to the living room stairs.

"Yeah, but I gotta come home sometime, this is where I keep my clean underwear." We laughed.

I glanced at him- tank top and basketball shorts. He's usually commando in those so yep, home is where your undies are.

"Thought you'd be out with your boys at one of your gay bars. No Slutty Starbucks Barista this year?" Rick asked.

"Nah, got dressed, went out, started to feel sick, came back. I started prepartying, didn't sit well."

"That sucks."

"Did you go out?" I asked Rick.

"Yeah. A few of us got in costume, went around some of the Houses. I'm not as wasted as I should be!"

Rick peeled off his tank top and threw it on top of one of the bags. "Tomorrow's laundry. Gonna turn in, absolutely drained, you know." He looked at me with a naughty glint.

"Oh, really- deets then bed!"

"Just some bar skank, met passing in front of a bar, wandered into a back alley, didn't get a name... Costumes and all made it one of the hottest hookups ever. Like I said- drai-ained! K, night!" Proud of his account, Rick promptly ran up the stairs and abruptly closed his bedroom door, shaking the handrail, knocking over one of his laundry bags, spilling its contents. A cobra mask rolled out.


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It's at a tipping point: a damn good story which could be the opening chapter of a series. The story stands perfectly by itself, especially with that final twist, but extending it into a series to keep the pace up might be more work than you're prepared for. Why not set it aside for a while, write a couple more stories and then decide if you want to explore this one further? I'm definitely watching out for the next thing you post, whether it's a continuation of this or an independent story...

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It's at a tipping point: a damn good story which could be the opening chapter of a series. The story stands perfectly by itself, especially with that final twist, but extending it into a series to keep the pace up might be more work than you're prepared for. Why not set it aside for a while, write a couple more stories and then decide if you want to explore this one further? I'm definitely watching out for the next thing you post, whether it's a continuation of this or an independent story...

Totally agree.

great story!

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Thanks for all the comments, reads and likes! I'm tempted to double dip in this storyline, but I'm not sure how to keep up the mind-tease and depravity to par.

I'm curious though, some of this has been edited, the first sentence was made into something choppy, one paragraph was completely inverted, seems to break up the way I was trying to foreshadow the ending. Not trying to be too much a diva, but who tweaked it?

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      I believe this and the following three chapters is the complete story as it was written.  Well done to the author wherever you are, I'm sorry I didn't think to get your name. 
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      I cleaned-up this story quite a bit. While it is, to the best of my knowledge, a work of fiction, I gotta say it makes me uncomfortable.
      My BF and I went to an interesting event tonight. A friend of mine throws bondage parties. He has a full dungeon built into his basement which includes both an interrogation room and a viewing room. The later contains a one-way mirror at one end like those police line-up rooms. He stages viewing parties for select friends. We were invited because sometime back, I was the 'victim' of one of these viewing parties. My BF and our friend got in contact, and as it became clear they had common interests, approached me to see if I was game for some kinky action. The idea was that I would be raped by the interrogator, and all the scene would be viewed by guests in the viewing room. It didn't take much for me to agree, and the scene was very, very hot. After the event, we all became friends and he invited us over to watch that night's show.
      The show that night was of particular interest because the 'victim' was a newbie. And yes, for those who are concerned about such things, the host keeps a file in which the 'victim' gives a signed consent to the night's activities. The disclaimer runs something like this: "You have agreed to a live rape scene to be viewed by various individuals. No condoms will be used, and the top who breeds you may be HIV positive." The 'victim' signs his consent, without knowing exactly when it would happen. The 'victim' also can identify any limitations (other than those express in the agreement) and the host accommodates.
      At the appointed time, my BF and I and our fellow viewers were in the viewing room, stroking our meat, awaiting the commencement of the nights revels. About 5 minutes later the door to the interrogation room swung open and a big guy, I would assume in his late 30, came in pushing a hooded person. The hooded guy's shirt was ripped and his hands were tied behind his back. The hooded person tripped and fell to his knees on the floor. The guy came up behind him and yelled something I couldn't understand but later made out to be something like "I'm going to teach you that you'll never feel safe to walk home along again you little faggot." He pushed the victim down to the floor, grabbed one leg and dragged him close to the mirror. The victim was kicking and trying to get back up. The big guy grabbed a fist full of the back of the hood and tightended it. You could see the outline of the victim's nose, mouth, eyebrows. He finally let it loose or else he would have suffocated the person. He pushed his head forward and it hit the mirror and bounced back.
      The big guy ripped the victim's shirt the rest of the way off him and picked him up by the back of the neck and pulled him over to a table that was set up and bent him over it. Attached to the table was a dog collar on a chain. The guy snapped the dog collar around the guy's neck so he couldn't stand upright and was now locked to the table. The big guy started rubbing his crotch, all the while eyeing the victim's ass. The latter was still flailing about and screaming something I couldn't make out through the glass. The big guy grabbed a flog and started flogging the victim. Soon enough the victim's screams died out and his legs started to buckle. About this time the big guy pulled-down the victim's pants and shorts. We all knew where this was going. I was not the only one who's cock was rigid.
      The big guy spent another minute or so flogging the hooded guy until it looked like his legs could no longer hold him up. His ass and back were red from the hits. The hooded person was whimpering and crying and was now buck ass naked.
      At this point the big guy started talking to the hooded victim. Basically declaring his dominance and said that he could do virtually anything to him. He reminded him that the victim had no clue where he was and that they were underground and the cell was padlocked so there was no way to get out. He asked the hooded figure if he understood the situation he was in. The hooded person whimpered a weak 'yes'.
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      The big guy just kept pushing and thursting in and out of the guy's ass. He screamed but being collared to the table and handcuffed, clearly couldn't do a thing. Finally, the big guy disconnected the collar from the table allowing the guy to stand upward, and he pulled off the hood. He swung him around to the mirrored wall and said "This is what it looks like when a real man takes what he wants you little bitch." and he continue to pound the guy's ass. I surmise the bottom was about 30 or so. He looked like he had been around the block more than once, and for his own reasons, felt the need to push his sexual experiences to a new level. For all of his cries, he had solid hard on.
      The big guy pulled out from fucking him, swung the guy around and pushed him down to his knees and shoved his cock into his mouth. He face fucked his rough for a good 10 minutes, manhandling the guy to serve the top's cock and ass. Eventually the bottom was laying on the concrete floor as the top pinned his head between his ass cheeks, all the while beating his thick bull meat.
      Not surprisingly, all of the guys in the viewing room were rock-hard, and were either beating-off or had already cum by this time. The big guy stood up, grabbed the bottom by his hair and shoved him flat against the mirror (which, from his reaction to the glass, must have been quite cold), twisted his head to the side and shoved his dick back up the bottom's ass. The was very interesting because we could see the bottom's cock sliding up and down against the mirror. He was very hard and leaving a pre-cum trail along the mirror. Fortunately the bottom was positioned in such a way we had a view of the big guy's cock pounding this bottom's ass.
      I was close to cumming at this point. I normally would be happy to suck off all the guys in the viewing room, but I was much more interested in watching the culmination of the rape scene. And so it was, soon enough the big guy started grunting. We could see cum running out of the bottom's ass. He likewise shot his load, albeit all over the mirror. For what it's worth, his pleasure was apparently tempered, as there were tears running down his cheeks.
      When the big guy finished blowing his load, he pulled out, and ordered the bottom to clean the cum off of both the top's cock and the mirror. The top then spat in the bottom's face, put the hood back over his head and dragged him back up the stairs saying he was done with him now and he's going to throw him back out onto the street with the other fags.
      Our host, who blew his load about this time. Smiling, he said he would ensure the bottom got home safely, and he hoped we all enjoyed that night's rape scene.
    • By nicktheslut
      Mum abanded me when I was a baby. Left me in the care of my uncle who I call Daddy John and his husband Steve. Or as I call him, Daddy Steve. They have worked hard to give me a good up brining; giving me the best education and a safe home to come to. But this is not a story about my up bringing… Well not that kind of up bringing… It’s more a story of my coming into my own true self. It’s a story about me becoming the piggy faggot boy whore that I am.
                  My daddy’s are very well off. Got a bit of money behind them. Daddy John owns a construction business and Daddy Steve is a real estate agent. So it’s no surprise that we live in a beautiful inner city modern home in the heart of Sydney, designed and built by Daddy John himself. I come to visit him at work from time to time and it is interesting to see how his employees stand straight whenever he is nearby. Daddy John is a unit for a 67 year old. 186cm, big broad shoulders, thick thighs, stone arms and a solid butt. He always wears jeans that seem tight on him, showcasing his huge bulge just below his leather buckle and he always tucks in his checked shirt in. Never wears a tie and leaves his top couple of buttons undone which opens up to his thick salt and pepper hairy chest. He keeps his rugged silver beard maintained, cropping his sharp jaw line, but doesn’t over groom it to the point it looks to show pony, and his salt and pepper hair neatly cut with a slight combover.
                  Daddy Steve on the other hand is 52 years old and he is always on the go. At home he would always be pace a hall on his phone conducting business or closing a sale, but he still always finds time to help me with my homework or have a general catch up about my day. He too is quite a masculine man. Not the big unit like Daddy John, but still fit a fuck. He looked a little like Frank Grillo. He works like every morning to maintain his shredded body and only wears tailored made suits. But when he has the chance, he likes to show off his assets. Always in his speedos taking a dip in the indoor pool. His washed board abs are coated in a fine coat of hair that tails up to his chest. He is so chiselled, the hair on his chest thickens around the top of his abs up through the middle of his pecs then spreads out right up to the top of his neck line. Grey hair is starting to show in his hair, like Daddy John and even though he does not say anything, I think he is worrying that he is getting old.
                  My name is Scott. I am 18 years old and like any other boy my age, I do all the teenage things. I go to school, play football, hang out with my mates when my Daddy’s allow me to, smoke joints, go off to parties. But something just did not feel right. I never quite felt like it was my scene, my life. I was floating through it waiting for something. But I just did not know what. But all this changed a few weeks after I turned 18.
                  You see, I never really thought about Daddy John and Daddy Steve having sex until I accidently stumbled across them doing exactly that. They did not know I came home early from football practice one Wednesday night, I walked into the kitchen and that’s when I saw it. Daddy John had one of his massive hairy hands wrapped around the back of Daddy Steve’s neck, his other on Daddy Steve’s waste while furiously fucking Daddy Steve in his ass. Daddy Steve looked like he was in pain, struggling with the invasion. 
                  ‘Take daddy’s cock you fucking faggot.’ Daddy John grunted at Daddy Steve and worked up flehm and spat it on Daddy Steve’s back. 
      Daddy Steve panted and moaned as Daddy John just fucked away.
      ‘Yeah, That’s it pig. Take that raw cock.’ Daddy John continued.
      Something inside me switched. I don’t not know what happened. I never considered myself as a gay. I never thought of myself as anything. But watching my Daddy’s fuck sparked something in me and I felt myself harden in my football shorts.
      Daddy Steve’s eyes were watery. He look like he was going to cry. For a moment I felt sorry for him because he seemed in pain, but then I saw his hard cock swinging back and forth from Daddy Johns thrusts. I have seen his cock before when I was younger, but I had never seen it like this. it had to be at least 10inches and as thick as a Rexona spray can. His balls sat nice a tight below his cock and I could tell that he manscapes by the shape of his pubic area.
      ‘You ready for it faggot?!’ Daddy John grunted. And before Daddy Steve could reply, Daddy John did one last hard slam into Daddy Steve’s ass and moaned out loud. It scared the shit out of me for how loud he moaned. It was like a lion roaring. ‘Take that load you fucking whore!’ Daddy Steve moaned as well. But it was more like a painful moan than a joyful one. This went on for what seemed like ages and then Daddy John spat on Daddy Steve again and pull his cock out. I watched as a stream of cum squirted out of Daddy Steve’s hole. It was like his hole could not hold onto all that cum. And I was jaw dropped when I saw Daddy John’s cock. I thought Daddy Steve was big, but Daddy John took the crown. From what I could tell it was at least 12.5inches long and easily as thick as the largest part of my forearm. It glistened from all the slick juices from Daddy Steve’s arse which highlighted the still pulsing thick veins webby down Daddy John’s shaft. Oh and his knob was like a firm purplish helmet an inch thicker than the shaft.
      He then pushed Daddy Steve to his knees ‘Clean up that mess you made, pig.’ And shoved his cock down Daddy Steve’s throat. I watch as Daddy Steve’s blood shot eyes bulged out his head as he choked on it. Daddy John did not care one bit that Daddy Steve was gasping for air. He just kept pumping hard down daddy Steve’s through. It must have been too much for Daddy Steve because his gag reflex gave in and coughed up mucus all over Daddy John’s shaft, matting Daddy John’s pubs.
      This was too much for me. I quickly raced up stairs before they saw me and hopped in the shower. I was both aroused and scared of what I just saw. The way Daddy John treated Daddy Steve was wrong. It was degrading and unrespectful, but it was so hot and arousing at the same time. My cock deceived me and it was rock hard again. I pulled myself off and blew the biggest load all over the glass shower door.
      To be continued
    • By heyzeus
      Somehow the fight started early in the morning. By 7 Trent was out of the house and driving vaguely downtown while calling hotels. 
      The nice places seemed booked up and he turned into a crappy motel right off the highway. Whatever.
      He got a room for a couple of nights and went in. Yeah, it sucked in every way but the bed was fairly comfy. Whatever. 
      He and Heidi had been fighting nonstop recently. But that morning had been another level. Whatever.
      He decided to relax. He got out his iPad and screwed around, finally going to a porn tube site. As he got more turned on he moved from teens to transwomen and finally to gay porn. He already knew he loved the 80s stuff.
      Without fully thinking, Trent took cock pics and then used the bathroom mirror to get his hole. He googled and then signed up for some hookup sites. "Tight bottom looking for sex this morning. Bring lube." 
      He got a decent response and invited the first 3 guys who responded. A couple of generic 40s white guys and a late 20s hispanic dude. 
      He figured at best one of them would show up. Instead 2 made it to the door at the same time and the third was there within another 5 minutes. Lol.
      They all brought lube.
      Trent was shy. He'd had gay sex one other time. An embarrassing incident during his honeymoon with Heidi in Las Vegas. She'd gone to bed long ago, he got picked up and went back to a guy's room to have a drink. Matt. Matt got aggressive as soon as they were back to his room. Trent was mostly blacked out but could remember begging for it. And getting it. 
      Trent staggered back to the honeymoon suite around 3. He secretly took an hiv test a few months later and pumped his fist at the negative result.
      The guys in his room at the Red Roof Inn egged each other on. Trent was constantly sucking cock. They were tough on him and slid fingers in him. "You do have a tight ass," said one of his new friends as he positioned himself behind Trent. He squirted a bunch of lube on his cock and slid into his asshole. All the way. Trent got fucked hard and relentlessly for about 2 minutes.
      "Oh fuck yeah bitch. Take my load."
      He stayed inside as he finished ejaculating. After he pulled out the men in his mouth came around behind him and slid all the way inside. It was embarrassing to admit but he loved being fucked by a stranger.
      The second guy started talking dirty as the got close. "You're a faggot now you know that right?" He pumped hard and then slid all the way inside Trent. 
      "Where do you want me to cum?" He asked. I only groaned.
      "Tell me where to cum." I still didn't respond. He fucked me faster and demanded, "tell me to cum in you."
      I did as I was told. I said I was a cumslut who would take any load in my tight ass. 
      That satisfied him and he emptied his balls while thrusting in me. 
      Fuck. I was overwhelmed. I asked the others for a minute and took a hot shower.
    • By FuckHardSF
      These two pigs are taking dick and loads from as many guys as we can find this afternoon/night (Thursday, April 29, 2021). 
      ROUGH TOP FUCKERS to the front! Both whores like to be used hard and bred deep. 
      Cum Dump 1: GWM, 34 5’ 9’ 135 Swimmers build - Loves to suck, fuck, rim hot hole, get fucked, CBT, J/O, Sounding, electro, sir/boy Looking for hung daddies who like their cocks worshiped and drilling holes.
      Cum Dump 2: GWM, 41, 6’ 1” 220, Cub - An adventurous bottom looking for tops who like using a cock hungry pig hole hard.  Likes sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/his), & rough/hard (give/take), verbal breedings. Into anon scenes & loads, pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, & fantasy exploration.
      +++ Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, truckers needing to get off come use us. But all hard cocks ready to breed appreciated!

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