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Guest Saturn1

How Big Is Too Big?

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Guest hole4bbuse

I believe I was born a submissive bottom so I never refuse any size and just take it with appreciation. If they want to start face fucking I try to figure out the best way to take their cock balls deep in my throat. Then when they fuck my ass I and agile enough to take most and when a ultra thick one comes a long I just appreciate the experience because with pain comes pleasure. So happy to say bring you big, your long, your thick hard cocks and fuck me for as many hours as you want.IMG_9652.thumb.JPG.22696bd02e5689e6b75e6127eeb6e8d1.JPG





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On 6/16/2016 at 10:01 PM, Guest Saturn1 said:

I was talking with someone about Chandler of Corbin Fisher. Chandler has a 9 inch cock. The person I spoke with made a comment about guys not being able to take that 9 inch cock. I think that 9 inches is PERFECT! 8 inches is GOOD and 7 is okay. I like to be hit deep and 9 inches brings me joy and has me seeing stars. Once you get into 10+ inches...I don't know...SO! What is too big for you and what is perfect for you? Any 10+ inch guys out there have any issue with bottoms who can't take your sweet meat?

Its the girth that gets me. I would not have a problem with up to 10" , yet anything thicker than 5" of girth gets hard to take; I have recently been riding a dildo just to get up to 5" of girth. 

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So far, I have never failed to take a man’s cock. That doesn’t mean they were all easy to take, or pleasant - some were definite challenges, and a few have been breathtakingly painful. The longest I know for certain was no shorter than 11 actual inches, but I was surprised that I had no trouble with him burying it in me to the root. There was a 9+, however, that made me gasp with every thrust.

A year and a half ago in Indianapolis I took the thickest cock I have ever seen on a man. A bit bigger than beer can - I would love to have measured it. As it was, I just lubed and poppered heavily and held on for the ride.

He was neither slow nor careful. Worse, about halfway through, he switched me over to missionary to go for depth. I felt every centimeter of every thrust pass through the depths of my cunt, and when he finally (this was no quick fuck) came, I felt every single one of his nine(!) cum spurts pulse themselves the length of his shaft.

It hurt. But that fuck was a joy to me to take because of the bliss on that man’s face and the way his deep voice notched up an octave in his moan of pleasure when he pressed that enormous organ as deeply into another man as it could physically go and release its load. It doesn’t get any better than that for me, and if that’s what’s waiting at the end, no cock is too big. I’ll take it somehow.

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Girth isn’t a problem, and always appreciated. But usually anything over 8.5” is too much. Despite the number of miles on my ass, I’ve never been good about taking dick deep. No matter what I’ve done to try finding/training my “second hole”, if you’re over 8.5” you’re just going to be pounding the back and it’s going to be painful. And I don’t respond well to pain. If you’re 6”-8” you’re right in my comfort zone, so feel free to pound away.  As a matter of fact, I tend to politely decline offers from guys that are “too hung”. 

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I agree girth is never a problem.   I can take almost any length if the top has a clue how to use his monster dick.  If not its going to hurt.  Light pain can be good  real pain is not .

I have taken 11 uncut .  I think he was the longest.

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I started on a 8.5” thick cock so my pussy has always had the ability to take large cock. My gifter is 10” and bred me daily for years.  I thought after him and my dad that I would only need a large cock to feel anything. I have had some smaller men that really know how to work pussy.

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I use a fat dildo before taking an occasional top with the biggest cock I believe i've taken which is slightly bigger than the dildo. I see him as a challenge but any bigger wouldn't be worth the inevitable and painful skin tears. He's a big guy and gets me to ride him which helps as I can take him at my own pace and slowly work up to getting his whole cock in me which is a good nine inches but we're talking fat here. Nice big balls too so you know it's going to be a decent load. Don't think I could take that size being hammered really hard though, least not straight away or unless i'd been well fucked at an orgy first. There is a limit to everything and besides, guys like a reasonably tight fuck hole. But at least i've thankfully never had a hookup where I haven't been able to take their cock.      

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 Everyone is different, but in general I’d say many guys don’t know how to relax enough to take a large dick, or don’t have a diet conducive to taking a large dick without hours of prep.

but for example I’ve played with this guy multiple times and have had zero issues taking his meat, and he def isn’t the largest I’ve ever had. 

[think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bastiansass-fucks-makingubust-42210231

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