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    looking for fun with all types of guys. I can host, live alone. Love 3 ways and groups, love water sports and kink.
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    Vers here, looking for fun. been more bottom lately, love taking Poz and undetecable cum.

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  1. sportsfan

    Chicago Pride??

    Steamworks will be busy the whole weekend, and I'd expect fairly high pricing on the parade sunday. Pride Fest and Market Days are almost identical. Market Days tends to be a bit more gay, I assume that's because there's so much else going on in the city during August weekends.
  2. sportsfan

    Planning ahead...

    I'd get into the city and hit steamworks. I highly doubt you'll find anyone in Hoffman Estates unless you luck into another guy staying at the same hotel. I assume this is a business trip, if not, change the hotel and stay in the city.
  3. Anyone been to one of these events. The host hotel is the Ritual hotel which seems to be an all gay hotel and has their own sauna as well. I was thinking of going for 4 days and then heading up to Madrid for 3 days or so.
  4. sportsfan

    Getting Fucked by Someone Who Was Not My Type

    Just a few months ago, I was in a hotel room with about an hour until my train, didn't really have time to do anything. A guy who wasn't my type messaged me on one of the apps and happened to be in the same hotel. I figured may as well play, it beats watching tv for an hour. Turned out he was a pretty good fuck and i don't regret it at all.
  5. Look who it is. LOL.  I guess I haven't asked you on BBRT whether you were on here or not. 

  6. sportsfan

    anonymous hook up vs interaction

    It really depends. Obviously, anon if we're at a bathhouse or cruisy bar. Same if it is late night on Grindr and it's either hook up or JO and go to bed, But, at other times I don't mind some interaction, particularly if the person has an interesting profile on the apps.
  7. I've been on PrEP since 2014. I'd continue to play raw, but probably search out undetectable guys like i did before PrEP.
  8. I live in Chicago and plan to have as much fun there as possible this year.
  9. Before the mobile apps, A4A and Manhunt were the sites I used most often. Lots of game players, but also had a decent number of hookups. Now, I rarely log into A4A since Grindr has kinda made it obsolete. Plus, A4A seems to spam daily with emails.
  10. sportsfan

    Vaseline for lube

    I remember using vaseline in college. It wasn't like lube was sold everywhere and vaseline was cheap. But, wow, it can stain the sheets requiring washing in hot to get that stuff out. I've stuck with gun oil most of the time, although a few years ago, I met a hookup in a hotel and we had to resort to lotion. It worked and I'm sorry for the hotel maid.
  11. sportsfan

    condoms or no condoms?

    I haven't used a condom in ten years. I can't imagine using one again.
  12. All sites and apps have time wasters and flakes and just odd people. No way around that, it is just like a gay bar. i live in boystown so Grindr occasionally works, I always tell them up front that I"m BB only, although I can't put that in my profile. There's some nut nearby that enjoys flagging profiles that mention BB. Admittedly, a lot of the guys I meet on Grindr are just looking to either suck or get sucked, and depending on my mood, that's ok. BBRT has been hit or miss every time since I've been on it starting in 2011. Because it isn't as well known, there are fewer guys on there and in a city as big as Chicago, they can be quite far away. I get increasingly annoyed with too many ask me's in the profile. At least I know the sex will be BB and no one there is going to lecture me. Scruff tends to be the best app as there are very few 25 year olds that are only looking for twinks. It's main annoyance is that you can't go back to read the whole conversation. While I don't usually have long chats on there for a hookup, i'm occassionally on there at work and setting up something for later. If the guy and I end up chatting for a bit, then I can't go back and read the first part where he tells me what hotel he's at
  13. thanks for following.

  14. I've had it twice and it is awful. The first time, I was traveling overseas and saw these bright red spots all over me. I thought it was allergies. That was my first trip overseas and I was so looking forward to having sex in another country. It also made me extremely tired and not able to walk for long periods of time so I had to cut a lot of places off my sightseeing list. When I got back to the USA, i showed the spots to a friend of mine who immediately told me to get my butt to urgent care for the penicillin shot. The second time was really weird. The red spots appeared on my face, inside my ears and as bumps on my head. I didn't initially think syphilis since my previous time the spots had been confined to my arms and chest. Once I went to urgent care, they again identified it as syphilis, lectured me, and I got the penicillin again. It also caused tensions at work, because I had to delay getting a new portrait picture taken since the red blotches on my face took forever to heal.
  15. sportsfan

    Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I'm open to all, but I love Asian tops. One of my fantasies is a three way, me with two Asian guys.

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