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I headed home with a well satified but sore hole. I could feel cum leaking out into my pants all the way. I walked into the house quickly and up the stairs to our bedroom. I took the pants off as the rear was pretty wet with cum and some was running down my legs also. I jumped in the shower to clean up. As I was washing my ass I felt the cum still oozing out of me and stuck a couple of my own fingers up me and it really poured out then, finally slowing and stopping. My fingers felt great in me though.

My cock had gotten hard as well as I ran my fingers in and out of my hole. My hole was sore as hell but felt too good to stop also. As I continued running my fingers in and out, my cock erupted again, spewing my cum against the wall of the shower.

I got out and got dressed and then grabbed my other pants I had had on earlier and took them into the bathroom to clean up some. I could see a lot of cum in them. I couldn't stop myself and brought them up to my face and stuck my tongue out and lapped the cum up. It was delicious. I then tucked the pants deep into the laundry so they would dry before being found.

I then went down to supper as if nothing were different, but my mind was on how to get away to get fucked more. I could not seem to think of anything else now.

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Please drop the Purple font. Difficult to read. And if anyone needs someone to edit their stories for grammar and spelling I can make suggestions. I'm not a pro but sometimes a little proofreading helps.


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The next day was a short day of work, done by noon. As soon as I could get there, I went to the park, again, I just plainly and simply needed more cock in me and it was a terrible need. Worse than any itch I had ever had before.


Upon pulling into the parking area, I immediately through off most of my clothes, leaving me in shorts and T-shirt only that I had worn under my regular work clothes. I got out of the car and headed down the path to that clearing and was hoping for action very soon there.


I had brought along a blanket, which I proceeded to spread on the ground. As soon as I had in smoothed out and ready, I took off my shorts and shirt, leaving myself totally naked and laid down on the blanket.


I had only laid down for a few minutes when I heard a low whistle behind me. I looked over my shoulder and a man was approaching me, stripping off his clothes as he came. He was soon between my legs and with no preliminaries, he just lifted my legs up over his shoulders and rammed his already hard cock into my hole. It felt like he ripped me wide open. Then with hardly a pause as he bottomed out, he started fucking me fast and hard. He told me I looked like the guy he was told to watch for and he was going to dump a nice hot poz load up my ass soon. Then I felt his cock vibrate and spray my insides with his cum.


He had only lasted about 3 minutes, but as he pulled his cock out of me, I noticed there were about 4 more guys standing around and all naked and hard. As he got up off of me, another took his place and then another and another. I was really enjoying this. My own cock exploded all over me about the third guy and then again, after a fifth guy was doing me. My hole was overflowing with toxic cum and I was loving every second of it.

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I had no idea what had come over me, I only knew I was enjoying every second of it. Gay cancer, who cared, my ass craved cock and cum and I wanted all I could get. I had no idea of any concerns. Fuck me and fill me is all I wanted.


I didn't realize my wife was getting suspicious either. No idea that she had decided to follow me and see what was going on. I didn't know how detached I had become at home and she was thinking I had another woman somewhere.


Before she had a chance to follow me though, I came down with a fever and what seemed to be a nasty dose of the flu. She helped nurse me for the 4 or 5 days it lasted. Feeding me, bathing me and making sure I was kept well filled with fluids.


When I was well again, I returned to work but then happened to open a paper and was reading about an HIV outbreak and some of the symptoms to watch for. I was immedidately concerned and called a free clinic nearby. I went, had blood drawn and a couple of days later got the news. I was Positive. Now what the hell to do?


What could I do, it had been a little over a week since my last load at the park. I needed some badly as my hole just felt way too empty. I knew now exactly what those guys were talking about but had only thought it would never happen to me, but did.


I headed to the park to cruise it and get laid little knowing my wife was following. I got there and immediately headed to the play area. There were a couple of guys there making out, but as soon as I dropped my pants and bent over showing them my ass they stopped and both dropped their pants and headed for me. I soon had a cock in my ass and one in my mouth.


Just as the guy in my ass gasped and told me he was cumming, I heard a loud gasp. I let go of the cock in my mouth and turned to see my wife standing there with a look of horror on her face. It soon turned to anger and she was screaming and yelling at me. Then she turned and almost ran out of there. I was mortified but thought, well she knows now, and turned around the second guy was soon fucking my ass hard and filling me up with his toxic load.


When I got home my wife started screaming at me again and calling me names and saying she wanted a divorce immediately. It didn't take long to get one.


My divorce was final, and I had closed on a condo and moved in. Now you know my story. I think about how it started ever so often, but hey, my as is getting filled and even once in a while I fill an ass to spread my DNA too. I am happy and everything will be ok for me.

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    • By SBB1984
      I don't know how this happened. I don't know why I decided to meet this guy in a public place; yes, I was sucking his boyfriend's dick for the past three weeks, but I didn't know he was in a relationship.
      Now I'm sat at the Tim Hortons in my own goddamn school, and this guy could totally out me. Fuck me. He's got this distant look in his eyes, like he feels beyond betrayed. I understand, but at the same time, come on. Assume your boy is gonna cheat on you, but hopefully he has the good sense to wear a condom. His guy did, though I don't think that's too helpful at the moment.
      "Look Alex, I'm really sorry. I had no idea Ryan was taken." "Whatever slut." Harsh? Maybe. But I am a slut. And I see an opening. "Hey man, if you can't be cool here, maybe you should come over, we'll talk this out alone. Away from all these people?" "Oh, you worried people might find out you're a cock- sucking faggot?" 
      I winced. I hate that word... "Please don't say that." His voice dropped down to a whisper. "So you can suck dicks that don't belong to you, but you don't like it when you get called faggot?" My voice was terse. "I'll explain everything, I promise. Just not here?" Alex relented. "Fine," he spat. "Where are we going?" "Just across the parking lot, I live on campus." "Whatever."
      We crossed the asphalt quickly; there was a light dusting of snow on the ground. I was already turned on, my heart was racing. I just hoped my roommate wasn't home. I stole a glance at Alex and wondered if he was as turned on as I was.
      We made our way up to the third floor of my building. I pushed into my apartment, and spoke "Hey dude, you home?" Nothing. There was a note on the dishes; Hey mate, gone to Calgary for the weekend. Figures the dick wouldn't clean up first... I turned to Alex.
      "So listen, I..." He grabbed me by the throat and shoved me against the wall. "Shut the fuck up, faggot!" "I told you!" I tried to pry his arm loose. "Don't call me that!" "Awe, does it hurt your feelings?" "No!" I gasped. "It's just not very sexy!" Alex loosened his grip a little bit. "What?" I exhaled. "You can call me lots of things, Alex. 'Your bitch', 'whore', my personal favorite 'slut'... Just not faggot. It's not a sexy word. We good?"
      I had my hand on his cock through his jeans. He was diamond- hard, and jesus did he feel massive. "I don't want to fuck you," he said. "Really? Because I want you to fuck me." "You stole my boyfriend." "Please, I sucked his dick without knowing you existed. Don't blame me because your man can't update a Facebook status. Besides,"
      I paused as I began to undo his belt, "I've been sucking him every day for the last three weeks. Don't you want to know why he kept coming back?" My face was very close to his now. His will to be angry was dissipating fast. "Because you're a whore..." he breathed.
      My lips brushed across his; there was the tiniest of flinches before he kissed back (though ever so slightly). "Yes," I smiled and licked my lips, and dropping to my knees. "But I'm a good whore." When his cock spring out of his boxers, it nearly gave me a concussion. The thing was eight inches long, and thicker than anything I'd ever had up my back door. "Oh baby," I said, "I'm gonna have fun with you." "Daddy," Alex corrected me. I paused. "What?" "This dick isn't your baby. You're my bitch now, slut, and I'm your daddy. Act accordingly." I was in love. "Oh god yes, daddy, anything you want!" I swallowed as much of his meat as I could, allowing it to fill my mouth and my throat.
      I began bobbing my head like a good slut, tickling his balls with my free hand. Alex moaned as I took him deep again, and then placed both his hands on the back of my head. I pulled off his cock for just a moment for some air; trails of spit went from my lips to the tip of his dick, and I gasped "Fuck yes daddy, fuck my face!" before I got another mouthful of his dong. He was skull-fucking me like a man possessed, and I was loving every second that I spent gagging on his manhood.
      After a few minutes of fucking my mouth, he withdrew and shoved me to the ground. "Pants off, bitch!" Gawd it was so fucking hot how demanding he was. "Yes daddy," I replied, in my sluttiest, faggiest, voice possible. "Are you going to shove your big cock up my ass now?" "Abso-fucking-lutely, bitch. Is that what you like?" I paused. "I don't know..."
      He was on me like a fucking jaguar. His fingers pressed tight around my throat and he pinned me to the ground. I wasn't this hard the first time I got fucked... I needed this stud inside me. "What don't you know? Are you even for a second considering denying me what's mine?" I licked his hand. "All I was going to say is, I don't know if my poor little ass can take all of you if you're wearing a condom, so you should probably just fuck me bareback."
      Alex's eyes widened, and I could see the hunger in them. I smiled sexily at him, and winked. "Stick that big bare dick in my ass, daddy. Fuck me like the whore I am." I rolled over and presented myself to him. I quickly licked one finger and began diddling my ass, desperate to be filled by that eight-inch monster. Alex knocked my finger away, and I felt his cock head pushing at the entrance to my ass. "Ooohhhhh gaaaawwwwd!" I moaned as he slid into me.
      He kept pressing forward for what seemed like forever until finally I felt his balls slap against my ass, and he stopped. He stayed still for a moment, letting my body adapt to his invasion. I looked over my shoulder and locked eyes with him. "Breed me," I whispered. Such a fucking whore thing to say. Guys have made love to me before; that didn't happen this day. Alex fucked me like I was his prison bitch, which is exactly what I wanted. I felt shitty for ruining his relationship, the least I could do is let him use me as a cum dumpster until he felt better. It hurt, I can't deny that. He was lubed up with nothing but the spit from my blowjob, but I wanted it to hurt. I deserved it to hurt. Finally, I could feel him tense up. "Cum in me!" I screamed. "FUHHHHHHHHHCK paint my insides white!"
      He kept slamming into me with his massive tool before he grabbed my hair and pulled my neck back so that his mouth was right next to my ear. "Take it all, faggot. Ryan didn't tell you but we are both Poz. Now take my Poz load !" he whispered, and let me go.
      I was stunned. I moaned like the bitch I was and the next thing I felt was his cock spasm; he was filling my ass with his sticky white  Poz cum. He pulled out quickly and a mess of white fell onto the living room carpet. But before I could comment, he stuck his dick in my face. "Clean me." It wasn't a request. I embraced the taste of my ass as I cleaned this stud's cock. When I was done, he put his pants back on. I still hadn't cum yet. "Feel any better daddy?" "Much." He still wasn't smiling. He turned to leave, but stopped with his hand on the door knob. "Hey look... Ryan moved out yesterday. You should come over tonight." Again. Not a request. He exited my apartment, and it only took three or four jerks before I exploded all over myself. 
    • By Swimfuck8908
      First let me say I am sorry for typos. I am writing this after everything happened. I am a 28 year old guy living in downtown Minneapolis. I am fairly decent looking, 6'ft brn hair and brn eyes, and a slim build. Think collegiate swimmer a couple years after graduation and that is my body type, not super muscular but not super fit anymore either. I don't know how to exactly start this story as it's still a blur to me but I think I'll start from where I think it all went wrong. 
      I started catfishing in college, I found this guys photos online on reddit. He was a 10 out of 10, absolutely jacked and everything about him perfect. So I started to create an online persona with him. I called him johnny and he would live out my darkest fantasies. I would use a geospoofer and put him in new York or weho and made his user name something like "taking loads" it was hot I would make up a whole new life every new place he went. From being a trust fund kid, to a traveling salesman, he had the life all while taking loads. 
      I also had my own actual profile that didn't get as many hits but was still fairly popular. I never thought anyone would collect the dots until I was catfishing in my home town. On my fake profile I had always had a conversation with this one guy who had a shit load of tattoos and I never saw his face but was always intriguing to me. He indulged my fantasies of being gangbanged, and having loads flooding out of my hole. 
      One day he messaged me on my actual profile too.  The conversation started off pretty normal. 
      Him: hey man what's up
      Me: nm just staying inside and avoiding the cold lol. What about you?
      Him: about the same just chatting up some guys in the area
      This went on for about a week, messaging him both on my real and fake account. On my fake account I divulged how I wanted to always be flooded with cum, have no choice in what I was able to do and to be a true faggot. He always encouraged this and would set me tasks to do on my "travels." Things like collect ten loads before noon, go to a bathhouse and rent a room and be ass up for 2 hours, and so on. Finally he said he wanted to meet me (fake me) next time I was in town a d I agreed.
      Meanwhile he did the same to the real me but with out the slutty stuff. We talked about our interests in movies, food and so on. Little did I realize he was tracking my movements on my real account too. 
    • By Bearhole4pole
      After spending some time posting Craigslist advertisements and the usual BBRT hookups, I finally got a couple regular fuck buds.  One in particular is this short black muscle head who works close to my house.  The way our schedules worked out, we played fairly regularly on Friday afternoons.  I had let him fuck me probably three or four times before I even bothered to ask him about his status.  It was a very easy and hot conversation.  
      "So not that it matters because I'm obviously a cum pig who barebacks, but what kinda loads have you been giving me, man?"
      "I'm positive.  Obviously I'm healthy and take care of my self but I've never been on meds or had any issues.  Of course I ain't even gotta ask about you."
      "Man believe it or not, I'm just an old school negative not on prep cum dump."
      Giving me a broad "That's fucking hot," he dressed and left.  The next week as we began playing, I took the chance and specifically asking him for his charged load.  He never said a word but simply pumped me harder.  Just knowing that I had been taking charged up loads from him made me want him to fuck me more and more.  
      The next week I found myself increasingly fucking horny, so in anticipation of my next play session with him, I collected my own cum in a jar for my poz fuck bud to use on my hole.  By the time Friday rolled around, and after confirming he would be able to play, I posted some advertisements to see how much cum I could actually get before he arrived.
      A really cute Mexican guy breed me around noon before my short muscle fucker arrived at 1:30.  I had frozen seven of my own cum loads into an ice cube, which he promptly inserted into my pig hole.  I was really surprised the cumsicle wasn't more frigid and uncomfortable than it was.  But he had an amazing time fucking all of that cum into my ass. 
      When my poz muscle buddy had breed me and left, I checked my BBRT and had an email from a hot older muscle Daddy.  He was a road worker and was in my area and asked if I wanted to fuck.
      "Fuck yeah, I absolutely want your load," I replied as I emailed him my address and phone number, suggesting "Why not cum get a piece just as soon as you can get away from work?"
      More than an hour passed before he arrived, during which time I had nine loads of cum in my ass, but good lord was it worth it as, no sooner had the muscle Daddy learned of the cum load than he announced he wanted to felch my cummy ass until it was good and oozing cum - before he slid his Daddy dick all the way in, presumably without any effort at all.  
      "Fuck, man, I love fucking a dirty loose whore like you.  I wish you were still negative so I could knock you up right now.  I'm cycling off my meds and it would be fucking hot to give you my dirty strain up your shit hole."  
      I groaned in ecstasy "I haven't tested poz yet Daddy."
      Sliding out of my ass, he responded "Wow are you fucking serious right now boy?"  
      "Yeah, Daddy, I'm a cum pig who takes loads.  I'm not specifically bug chasing, but then I wasn't doing anything at all to stay negative. Besides, poz Daddy cum up my ass is a huge fetish for me," I explained.
      "Bend your dirty fuck hole back over then, whore," he demanded. 
      When he slid back in I grunted "Ah, fuck, fuckin' give me that poz Daddy dick!"
      "No, pig, you know what the fuck you're getting.  Call it what it is, boy.  You're getting HIV cock right now, fucker.  Raw and fully charged right up your shit hole."  
      About three weeks later I was randomly out at a bathhouse and in the lobby was a table providing free test kits.  Taking one of the kits, I returned to my room, swabbed my mouth, and played with my dick for a full 20 minutes until my phone alarm went off.  The test was finished.  I had tested HIV+ sitting alone and naked on a dirty mattress in a bath house, feeling more horny than I had ever been in my entire life.  
      Unfortunately given how tired and tweeked-out most of the guys were, I ended-up jacking off and then going home, getting my dog and walking around Capital Hill all night thinking about how hot it was to actually be a dirty fuck whore.
    • By Hotload84
      These stories remind me of something that just happened couple of days ago.  I was watching this dude who had just turned 18 years old for several weeks, trying to figure out if he was gay or what.  My gaydar was going off the chart every time I saw him.  He was kind of the Frat looking college boy who happened to live in the same apartment building as do I.
      One night after I was undressed, watching TV which I always do.  It was around 9:00 P.M. and I heard a knock at the door.  I could not imagine who the hell it was, so I pulled-on a pair of jeans and answered the door.  It was that damn kid.  I just stood there with my mouth, open, probably.  It turned out he had lost his house key and wanted to know if I had a credit card or something that he could use to open his door as he didn't want to call the manager, thereby incurring the charge.
      "Sure," I answered, and, finding an old used up Wal-Mart card, handed it to him. 
      "Thanks.  I'll bring it right back.  Oh, in case you don't know, I'm in 209."
      Now I have seen him with a girl now and then but nothing looked too serious.  Needless to say, after shutting the door behind him, my hormones started racing, thinking of all kinds of things I could do to this boy.
      Now I had at least 20 years on him, but figured I could teach him a lesson or two.  I had no poppers or anything else, but did have plenty of cold beer so I worked-up a plan for his return.  My cock stirring and being a top, I was really thinking 'Hmmmm. Tonight is the night to get this guy, who I suspect is a virgin'.
      I have been poz for quite a few years and really never thought of gifting it.  I also didn't really give it much thought at the moment other then this boy's nice looks and slender body.  He must have weighed 135 to 140 lbs.  Well, I was as ready as I could be.
      He came back within a few minutes, saying he had opened the door, but apologized because the card was mangled.  Thank god it was un-usable anyway.  So I casually asked him to come in and have a beer with me. Happily he accepted my invitation, and sat on the couch with a cold one. I had a movie on that just started that I had pay per view. So he from what I saw was interested in the movie so things went smoothly from there. After he had guzzled down about 8 beers during the movie, he got up and went to take a piss. Not surprisingly he was a bit off balance some on the way upstairs to the bath room. "Hmmm" again I said to myself, "This might be my only time and should take advantage of it."
      Now this guy was as cute as they came. Being 18 he had his boyish looks and swimmers build, I could only imagine what was under those baggy clothes. He came back down and asked if I minded he had another beer. "Of course not!" I said cheerfully. The movie ended and was on regular TV and we just made small talk and he was slurring and telling me that it was his first time at really getting buzzed and it felt good. He was sitting on the couch next to me and I got up and got a beer also, But I was no way near drinking as much as was he. I came back and sat closer to him of course and he looked slightly tired and I just let things happen. I casually reached over and put my hand on his leg and asked him if he was ok. Sure he said. But I kept my hand on his leg. Half way from his knee to his crotch. He did not move and of course my cock started to stir. Maybe just maybe tonight was my lucky night. I had not gotten off in days so had a good load brewing. I got a little brave and took my hand off his leg and then said something funny to him and slapped him on the leg and my hand of course was a little higher up his leg this time and I kept it there. I was sporting a tent in my jeans as I proudly can say I am well hung, uncut, and thick about 9 inches and 6 inches in girth. So there was not much room once things started stirring, if you know what I mean.
      I decided then I would get up and go to the kitchen and get some chips and of course let him see me getting aroused. I watched him and his eyes locked right on my crotch. Brought back the chips and gave him a bowl and sat down next to him again. Now I could not tell with the baggy pants if he was getting hard or it was just a wrinkle in his pants but I kept a very eagle eye on it and kept reaching down to get chips from the bowl resting in his lap making the bowl move a little each time I did this. Finally I came to the conclusion this beer-induced lad was getting horny, so I went for it. No more playing around.
      I removed the bowl and reached over and groped his crotch and yeah, I was right he was getting hard. He did not push my hand away but he said that he was straight and if anything happened then I was to forget about it and that just got me going more. A straight boy! Either he was lying or he was being truthful - whichever, I had to get some of his ass! I told him to stand and we stood up and of course now I was bulging a big ol hard on and I took his hand and put it on my crotch. He said "Damn" and I told him to take off his shirt which he did in a flash. He was hot and bothered. Just the way I wanted him to be. Nice body, I just could not believe it. Nice and slim just the way I like them and very little hair above his belly button. I fumbled as I was kind of nervous with his snap on his pants as I was not sure how far I could go. And then unzipped him. His pants fell to the floor. He already had his shoes off as I make people take their shoes off when they come into the house. So only thing left was the boxers which was tenting beautifully.
      I reached down and squeezed his hard on and he kind of groaned. I then told him to step out of his pants and to follow me upstairs to the bedroom where the lighting was dim. He staggered up behind me still hard and I got him up in the bedroom and told him to sit down on the bed but before he did that to shed the boxers. Which he did. Out popped a very nice looking juicy cut cock with average shaft. But at the same time I saw his ass in the mirror, Nice bubble butt cheeks. Damn this made me really want it. So I slowly dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. He moaned and said he always wondered what that would feel like. I had me a pure virgin here. I asked him if he had been with any girls and he said "not yet." He was still too shy around them so they even though he was cute kind of stayed away.
      He was sitting down so I decided it was time to show my glory and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. I also had boxers on but it was very obvious I was horny. I then dropped my boxers and he looked at my uncut clean cock and said "damn" again. He said he never seen one that big only in pictures and I got closer to him and I said "taste it" He said "No, I',m straight. I replied "Look nobody will know but you and me and I really want you to suck my cock and I will suck yours." Of course I had other plans for him, but he didn't need to know that just then.
      So He got my root into his mouth and I pulled the skin back so he could get at the head. He could not take much of it as he would gag, so I got back on my knees and said "lay down and I will do yours." I sucked him for a few minutes and thank god for the beer, He was not a quick cummer. But I could feel the cum slowly filling his nuts and knew if I kept on I would get him off. Of course I was all in my glory as this is what I had wanted for months after he had moved in next to me. I told him to get on the bed and be doggie style and I would teach him a new trick. He readily did so asking why. I got behind him and slowly licked his back and down to his crack and then I got to the cherry. I licked it and tongue fucked it for several minutes with him saying it felt so damn good. He was glad that he was there but not to tell a soul. I promised I wouldn't.
      I had lube within reach which was baby oil, and I made as if I intended to give him a massage. He seemed to be keen on that so I dribbled some down his crack and slowly stuck my middle finger in. Not much but just a little and he bucked off. But I kept after him until finally he just gave up and let me put my finger up his ass. I did this until I could get 2 fingers up there and did not want to press my luck. I then without him noticing it lubed up my cum filled cock and knew damn well this was going to hurt. I almost felt sorry for him but I just had to have a piece of his ass. I got behind him and the skin was over my cock head again, but that was ok. It would move back when I did the deed. I took my legs and knees and slowly but surely spread his legs apart some more so he was really lined up. I then was ready. I put my cock head near his cherry hole and he felt what was coming and said "Hell no, You're not doing that." I of course knew all the tricks and replied "I need to get off all I want to do is put the head in and I will stop and beat off and shoot all over your back."
      After long moments I finally convinced him. More lube as this guy had no idea what was going to really happen to him. I stuck my cock head against his hole and slowly pushed in. He said "Dude that hurts like hell and you don't have a rubber. I said "sorry" and that I didnt need one as I was not going to cream up inside of him [Yeah! Right!] I again told him to just bite down and it would only hurt for a minute and I pressed on. I could feel my cock head slowly go past his pucker hole and the skin pulled slowly back as I went in. I just kept it there and stroked my cock for a few minutes and pressed a little more. It was like a "pop." The head was in and no protest. But I knew I still had to get the 9 inches into him and had a long way to go.
      I was where I wanted to be so I leaned somewhat on his back kissing and tongueing his back. He seemed to like it. Now I was ready for more and this was the end of the game. I did not want to hurt him or really rip him apart but definitely wanted all-the-way-in. I pressed onwards and sliding the shaft in. He protested, I said "dude, just hang on. Trust me - you're not gonna believe how great this will feel." You know those famous words. I then positioned myself so I could hold on to his somewhat bony waist and held on and I slowly but surely pressed on. I was half in and was fucking him with half of my cock and still he was protesting and that also I did not have a condom. I knew I was going to breed him tonight if it was the last thing I did. So with a quick movement his legs went out beneath him and on his stomach he went. I was still in him and was laying on his back with my weight on top of him. I was somewhat bigger then him so I had the advantage. I then said the hell with it. My cock head was in and about another 3 or 4 inches of the shaft. It was time for breeding.
      I then grabbed him around the chest and gave him a body hug, licked his ear and away I went. I sunk the rest of my thick cock into him all the way to the pubes. He let out a yell but that did not bother me. I just kept it there and let him get use to having it up his tight ass. It was hot. Here I was in a virgin ass with my thick pole. A piece of ass I have not had for some time. I then slowly pulled some out and put it back in. He just laid there kind of stunned at what was happening. His sweet ass was getting bred. I said the hell with it then and slowly pumped him until I was taking my cock out to almost the part of the head pulled out. I could even feel the foreskin go over the head a little and then I would slam it back in. It felt to a point that he was arching his back up in the air to take it. But it might have been my imagination. However this went on for what seemed quite awhile and he said "Don't cum in me" and I said "of course not." Little did he know.
      I had him right where I wanted him. I told him to slowly get to his knees as I wanted to make sure I was in to the hilt. He did and without my cock falling out. I then slowly picked up my speed as I knew I was going to cum pretty soon. This was too hot for me to handle. I reached around and made his cock hard and slowly stroked it with precum leaking out of it. Then the urge hit me. I pulled my cock out to the end for the last time and buried it deep into his ass up to the pubes of my bushy hair and felt my balls slap against his at the same time as I had low hangers but they were full. I was there, I shot my poz load deep inside of his tight ass. And I kept it there for a minute or so with him bitching that I had cum up his ass when he asked me not to. I was in no way getting soft and rested a minute and slowly started again. I fucked him hard and earnest for at least another 20 minutes and did the same thing and shot another poz load deep in his ass. Only he didn't know my cum was a special gift.
      I was done for the time being so let it get soft and fall out. It had a tinge of pink on it so I knew I had done some damage. I rolled him over and sucked on his cock and in no time he shot a huge load down my throat. He then just laid there as a rag doll, falling in and out of sleep. I cleaned up any goo that was left dripping down his sweet cock and told myself just one more load and I will be nice and let him go. I slowly turned him over and he did not protest this time. He knew it was coming and nothing he could do about it. I spread his legs and dipped my cock back into his pozzed filled cum hole and was off again. I did not need lube this time he had plenty of cum for that so I grinded my cock into him thrust after thrust and he said he was getting sore. That was ok, I thought and kept going. I put my hands and arms around his waist and lifted his ass up to my cock everytime I shoved my cock into him so he would get all that he could. I again shot another load. This was for some reason a long one. It was like I was never going to stop shooting. But of course I did. I pulled out and told him he could go home now if he wanted. He asked if I minded he just lay there for the night and I said hell no. We drifted off to sleep as he did not want to get off again.
      I woke up around 3:00 A.M. and had another raging hard on. And he was in the right exact position to get him again. I threw back the covers and lubed my cock and mounted him. He was sleeping but he woke up real fast when I shoved my thick 9 inches into him. I fucked him again for about 30 minutes and gave him his 4th load of poz cum. Then I reached over and felt a semi hard on so I toked on that until I got it real hard and sucked on it till he busted a nut. Then we fell asleep in earnest. Woke the next morning and he begged me not to tell anyone and I said "no way" but I wanted him to come over once in awhile just to play. He did not seem to keen on that but he did like looking at my swinging big cock.
      It was about 3 months after that I saw him going into the local ABS. He was not saying much to me, but even so, having broken him in, I would get him and his sweet tasting, tight ass. He was now 'one of the boys' so to speak. And if he did fuck some cunt then she was going to get pozzed. I suspect he he knew he was pozzed and did not want to tell me. I also think after I had de-flowered him, he had played around some with other guys. Otherwise I should think he would have come back to me and bitched me out about pozzing him. He didn't so that told me that he didn't really know who pozzed him, and I had done my job well. Even if he was straight, he still got bred, and had no more worries. After all, he was now one of the boys. In all shape and manner.
    • By CigarBear68
      I almost felt sorry for the guy. Here he was, a new join to our leather club, having recently moved to the area for his first job as an IT guy, and he allowed me to be his mentor. Not that I minded- he was short and beefy, had a bushy beard and a nerdish shyness still at 24. Most importantly, he was eager to be a part of our group, to find a family in this new location. I quickly took him under my wing, introducing him to the entire group, a mostly over 40 crowd still clinging to the old gay ways of yesteryear. No phone apps or hookup sites, just a weekly bar meeting and get togethers. Hell, I'm pushing 50 now, so I guess I'm in prime daddy zone myself. Anyways-the new meat stuck by my side during his first meeting, and I made sure the other 10 guys kept their distance. He seemed to like the way I looked in my leather harness, despite my hairy belly protruding and my middle age hairy tits. He commented on my nipple rings, and gently tugged at them as if he had never seen them before on a man. I put my arm around him, and we sat that way thru the boring meeting, only disengaging when he went up front to tell everyone a little about himself. As the men dispersed after the meeting and began drinking, I got me and the new meat some drinks, and walked us back to a darker corner of the bar. I took my pipe out and lit it, sending a cloud of smoke around the both of us. Meat seemed to like this, as he moved in closer and smiled at me. I nodded to him and grabbed his bearded face and pulled him to my lips. I exhaled more pipe smoke into his face, removed my pipe, and went in for my first kiss. He accepted my tongue, and our beards meshed together, his black to my salt and pepper. I took hold of his black T-shirt and began lifting it over his head. Once removed, my hand caressed his hairy torso, feeling the beginnings of his young bear gut and his flabby pecs. I could see in my mind's eye how he'd look in another 10 years- a nice fat bear with bitch titties, bald like me with the traditional bald man fringe. I pinched his nipples as I caressed him, continuing to engulf him in my pipe smoke. He responded to my advances eagerly, so easily seduced by this daddy bear in a new city. With my hand resting on his belly, and my pipe clenched in my jaw, I began telling him how the leather group was pretty close: our cookouts, weekend trips, movie nights. His eyes lit up, and I knew he was excited to be joining us. He expressed surprise there wasn't an apprenticeship to join the group, but I let him know we weren't like some of the more formal leather groups. He nodded and finished his drink, so I moved him in front of me as I sat on a stool, his back resting against my belly and my arms reaching around and holding him in place. He leaned his head back, and my pipe was right next to his face. He seemed to enjoy being so close to it, breathing in deeply and smiling. I began working both his nipples gently, and I felt them firm up as he pushed back into me. "You like Daddy's pipe, don't ya boy?" The meat responded by shaking his head yes, and I patted his belly and blew more smoke in his face. 
      "Let me show you something," I said as I released my grip on him. I walked him to a door across the room, and we entered the dark space. Closing the door, I flipped the  light switch and he saw the dungeon room in all its glory. Sling, fuck bench, chains with restraints hanging from the ceiling. His eyes grew wide and I embraced him, kissing him again and again as I unbuttoned his pants. "Since you're new, we need to get you dressed properly so you fit in with the rest of us. Take off your jeans and underwear, then put your boots back on." My prey offered no resistance, and I moved to the far wall and from a shelf removed an  item for our new member. I motioned and he quickly was at my side. Seeing him naked in only his black boots was almost more than I could take. Such a hot piece of meat, so innocent in his desire to belong, his 6" cock half erect. I handed him a leather jock strap, and helped him get into it. I could see he was turned on, but also a little embarrassed to be letting a man dress him . I pulled him in and kissed his lips again, gently patting his ball sack inside the leather pouch of the jock strap. "You like your new outfit, boy?". He said he did, but expressed concern there wasn't more of it. I assured him this was enough for now, and told him to fold his street clothes and place them on the shelf where I had removed his jock.  He did so quietly, and as he walked back to me, and grabbed his nipples and began twisting and working them. He winced until I stopped, then I pulled him in tightly and kissed him, fondling his exposed hairy ass as I did. I could feel his cock jump inside the pouch.  I pointed to a vest on a hanger across the room, its front showing years of wear yet still a beautiful piece. "That vest has been mine for 30 years. I got it when I first joined this leather club. Doesn't fit so well around my belly now.  It'll be yours by the end of the night if you want it". He seemed touched by this gesture, and was about to speak before I cut him off.  "Get on your knees and thank Daddy for your new clothes," I said, pushing down on his shoulders until he was on his knees in front of me. I unzipped my leather pants, and let my cock flop out. Gripping it in one hand, I squeezed it until a drip of precum leaked out the end. "Lick it off, boy. Suck Daddy's cock". My prey fully cooperated, engulfing my leaky 7" thick cock in his hairy mouth. I let him suck me a few minutes before pulling out and wiping my cock in his beard. I pulled him up, and again assaulted his mouth with my tongue. His cock was rock hard, pushing out into it's leather prison. "As President of this club, boy, I get to decide who's allowed to join. You sure you want to join? You can still leave if you've changed your mind." He didn't answer, he just began rubbing my cock, and put his head down on my chest. I knew he was mine. I guided him over to the fuck bench, and helped him place his hands and knees properly, and then strapped them in place. Once secured, I smacked his ass hard with my hand, intending to leave a welt. He was startled, but did not protest. I pulled a stool over, and sat between his legs with his ass in front of me. I pulled his cheeks wide, revealing the hairy insides of his crack and his pink puckered hole. My cock began dripping at the thought of taking this hole, making it mine to fuck and breed. To control. My tongue plunged deep, tasting his musk as it darted in and out, savoring the first taste of what was going to be MY hole from now on. Lost in my desires, I tongued him continually for 20-30 minutes, until I was unable to wait any longer. I stood, kicking the stool out of my way. I quickly filled my pipe and lit it, breathing deeply and inhaling as much as possible. I walked up to his head and grabbed his hair, lifting his face to look at me. "Take a hit of Daddy's pipe, boy." His look of confusion amused me. "Take a hit, and suck Daddy's smoke into your lungs. I want you to have the taste of it in your mouth as I fuck you. As I make you My pipe boy". 
      I held the pipe to his lips, and he pulled in a mouthful of smoke and inhaled, trying his best to not cough but failing miserably. I saw smoke come out his mouth, and his nostrils, and I grabbed his beard. "You did good for the first time, pipe boy. You'll do better next time." He nodded and I released his hair. Moving back between his legs, I began rubbing my cockhead directly on his hole, smearing my leaking juices onto the pink wrinkles of his puckered ass. I began pushing my mushroom head into his ass, then backing out and pushing in again. Each time coating his insides with more of my precum. He moaned with each entry, his hole still not lubed enough to not cause him discomfort. As I backed out the last time, I spit directly on his hole, and pushed in quickly, burying all 7" at once. He let out a yelp, and I leaned forward and put my hands on his shoulders. "It'll get easier, boy, just accept Daddy's cock." I began fucking in and out, and saw blood streaks on the top of my shaft. "You're bleeding a bit, boy, but that's ok. I'll add more lube." Again I spit on my cock, and shoved it back into the meat on the fuck bench in front of me. Soon I could hear the familiar sounds of sloshing and smacking associated with fucking. My precum was making it nice inside the boy's hole, coating his guts with my juices. To his credit, his hole never lost its grip. Each backward movement it grabbed my cock tighter, squeezing out more of my cock juice. My pipe was blazing by now, filling the room with hazy smoke, making even a lifelong smoker like myself dizzy from the nicotine high. I fuck into him harder and harder, his body rocking from my thrusts. "I'm cumming pig! You want my load?! You wanna join our club?!". The pig yelled yes, begging me to fuck and cum in him. I thrust more, eyeing my prey as I watched my cock move in and out. "You're mine, boy, all of you! Join Daddy's club!". My cock spasmed, shooting jet after jet of my toxic cum into his young hairy ass. But I kept fucking, moving in and out, from side to side, trying to hurt him, to tear his ass open with my cock. Until finally I stopped. My assault was over. I dropped to my knees, removed my pipe, and buried my face into his newly bred hole. Tonguing him passionately, I ground my beard into his newly initiated ass. I licked the juices from his hole, covering my beard with the remnants of this rough fuck- his blood, flecks of brown, my own cum. All of it. I wanted to claim this as my property, and I wanted to wear this in my beard for all to see. When I pulled my face away, I could see cum dripping from the edge of the leather jock the boy was wearing. He came from getting fucked, like a good pig. I patted his ass, and began undoing his restraints. I helped him off and over to a chair, where I sat him down and allowed him to lick my cock clean. I walked over to the vest, removed it from the hanger, and told him to stand. Without showing him the back, I helped him into his new vest, and told him how good he looked in it. "Ever better than I did back when it was first given to me", I added. He smiled at me. I then reached into my jeans pocket, and pulled a thick chain collar I had saved for just this moment. "Now that you're mine, boy, we need to let the rest of the group know, cuz I don't share my property with anyone". He stood still as I fastened the chain around his neck. Once it was placed, I kissed him again, fully embracing my new meat. We left the room together, our fellow club members noticing us as we approached. He was a sight to behold. A new young leather pipe boy, wearing his leather jock strap, black boots, and a well-worn leather vest, emblazoned on the back with a 16" bright red biohazard symbol, to show everyone he was a member of a club he didn't know he had just joined.

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