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piss in ass

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If someone can't piss while hard, what is the best way to get piss into a hole? Speculums have been irritating and painful, is there an attachment to plastic bottles? beer bong type of thing? any ideas or things that have worked?

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I always like to piss right in there,  Sometimes I get hard when Im in and its a pain.  Who would think someone would want to stay soft, but thats Murphy's law.  Try to get him to put it in and relax.  But if you cant: Depends how long you have been fucking.   If the guys hole is opened up enough  and there is no enema available,  you can just use a soda bottle and just squeeze it once the head  of the bottle is in the hole.  Just be at a downward angle.  I sometimes would squirt it up in him with the bottle just to do something different.    Or when I had some old party stink piss saved.   A nasal aspirator is usually available at convenience stores believe it or not (small ones)  or drug stores (always).   The thing with the small ones is they don't hold a lot.  In a pinch a lot of convenience stores sell those single serve kool-aid squeeze bottles for kids.  Have him fill that up and give you a blast.    The home made shit is sexier and fun than all the planned shit,  although sometimes it can be time consuming and distracting.  Even in that pic I posted on my profile last week of me pissing,  I was semi hard so it was hard to angle it down in his cunt while he was siting in the shower.  But I got it in there.   Just had to have him spread it nice and far apart.  Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

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I just bought this: https://www.amazon.com/Doc-Johnson-Platinum-Premium-Silicone/dp/B00IQP7FOU/ref=sr_ph_1_s_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1528907634&sr=sr-1&keywords=doc%2Bjohnson%2Bplatinum%2Bpremium%2Bsilicone&th=1


And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! It is small, fits comfortably for long hours, easy to remove. The hole is big enough for piss...not a cock, just piss, or spit or whatever fluid you choose. I put this battery-[powered device up against the bottom and the vibrations: FUCK YES!!!


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We have butt plug that a funnel attaches to after filling up you take out the funnel and put the plug in and works great with chem piss.  

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This guy who enslaved me for a night took me to a house sex party and when we got there he took me right to the bathroom and put a piss gag on my face, tied my leash to the bathroom, put a butt plug with a drilled hole that housed a tube connected to a funnel with a stand to keep it upright, and made me stay there on all fours, all night. And no one used the traditional toilet of course, cuz they wanted to piss in me, even if they had to wait they did. I had so much piss up my Ass and down my throat. It was totally degrading and disgusting and I was hard and loved every moment of it. I kinda of lost count but I think I took like 12 piss loads. I wish he would do that to me again. I love when a guy treats me like that, made me lick cum off of the floor before the left the party too. I wanted to ask the guys there to send me the videos and pictures but I wasn't allowed to talk to anyone there. Cuz I would totally post it for everyone to see.

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    • By cumholes
      BBRT profile = cumholes87   
      true piss and cum slut here
      i have (regretably) only been once before, fairly recently on 29th April .. i have been meaning to go for years and finally got around to it.. and needless to say i fucking LOVED it and intend to visit as much as possible (i live in Manchester) ... it is absolutely my new fave place by a million miles
      so 29th April..
      i was one of the young ish guys wearing blue speedos trainers and sports vest and blue adidas jacket, decent looking.. anyway i got absolutely DRENCHED a few times over, a lot of guys saved there piss for me whilst i got into the swing of things and i am REALLY REALLY hoping that happens again!! (on knees begging) i sure made up for making guys hold their piss for me by rolling around the floor getting SOAKED by several guys.. my ULTIMATE fantasy 
      i loved it that much i actually started to write a story of what happened but haven't quite finished it yet, i will aim to finish it this coming week and post it on here... i hope any guys that are on this forum and remember me can tell me what they thought and tell me about them pissing on me etc? would love to hear...
      i am back down 2 weeks today... which means.. in exactly 2 weeks from now i will be leaving SOP (staying the whole day 1pm to 11pm) HOPEFULLY having got drenched all day, with a belly full of piss and an ass full of cum.. (not to mention a bag full of drenched clothes - i like to do a few outfit changes )
      my 2 fave things in the world are:
      including ANON loads... so i will not be refusing if someone is ready to shoot and wants to do it in my ass.. in fact please cum and find me before you shoot...
      i would also like to be written on ("cum/piss pig" or something) in marker maybe, and marked each time someone shoots in me.. anyone fancy helping out with this?
      looking forward to hearing from you guys
    • By seth1984
      PrEP has been universally acknowledged as a success in preventing the spread of HIV in the western world. New cases of infection are rarely being seen in developed countries. PrEP soon becomes available in developing countries with an end cause of eradicating HIV. Those living with HIV are living longer and stigma is less of an issue. Science marvels at it's achievement. Earth's population continues to increase and resources are finite.
      However the gay community is sceptical of this "cure", people are starting to disappear without a trace and no investigations are being undertaken...
      He stalks his prey like a lion. Standing in the shadows of the alley he can see the twinks delicate features. Blond, slender, a package that is barely contained in his skintight jeans looks ridiculous when attached to his frame, his rump perfectly curved and inviting. Another hunt is happening at the same time, the twink knows a musclebound stud is fucking him with his eyes. Through peripheral vision he knows the stud is what he needs. The twink bends down to tie his shoe laces, a perfect excuse to reveal the inch crack between his jeans and t-shirt. The glimmer of the peach fuzz twink butt is enough to let the stud know that the twink is up for it. He doesn't know what he's getting into...
      Harrison walks to his apartment slow enough that the twinky no name can follow him without issue and wonders whether this Hansel thought of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs... not that it would do him any good. Harrison had done this all before. For the good of the cause. He was one of the chosen, a breeder, a reaper, his weapon his cock, his cum it's bullets. His recruitment like all reapers wasn't planned but once the calling had come he knew he had to do his part. The recruitment came naturally... bottom turns to top, twink turns to muscle, prey becomes hunter and another death dealer rises from the ashes.
      All this passed through Harrison's head as his kitty behind him continued to follow this ball of yarn. At the door Harrison turned to the twink, "I don't wear rubbers, I don't pull out, I am in charge, these are the rules, if you don't like it fuck off and stop wasting my time". "I agree" "My name is..." responded the doe eyed twink only to be interrupted by the lion, "I don't give a fuck what your name is, get in". The twink was shocked but the tone of the stud made his cock twitch so he followed the stranger into the apartment. 
      A light switch is flicked and a bed comes into focus for the twink. On the bed is a latex sheet, the wooden headboard has notches carved into it. The twink can see groupings of 4 lines with 1 long line through the centre covering the entire headboard. "Can I have a drink please sir?" said the twink in a docile pleading manner. Harrison grabbed the slut by the bleached hair and dragged him into the bathroom. The twink is thrown into the shower. "Sure" says Harrison as he unzips his jeans and hauls out his 6inch soft weapon. Golden nectar pours all over the startled twinky slut. It wasn't what he was expecting but he likes being used and marked like a piece of property. He gobbles up the liquid for the first time in his sex life and grimaces but continues to try to impress the stud not knowing the stud feels nothing but contempt for this play thing.
      The flow subsides. "Have a shower, clean your cunt and I'll be waiting on the alter" says Harrison, "Alter?" confused twink, "Now! Faggot!" screams the stud. The twink is having the time of his life, he's always dreamed about this scenario but all the dom tops he's talked to on Grindr all talk a good game but when push comes to shove become gentlemen. He hurriedly cleans everywhere and dries himself. He opens the bathroom door and finds the stud laying on the latex sheets, his cock now 9 inches and a wrist thickness. It frightens him, he doesn't know if he can handle it... but he will try.
      (What do people think so far? Should I continue? The basic idea is the thought of the virus turning most to ash moments after you take the toxic load or you survive and have a natural immunity. Those who have the immunity are then mentored into the way of thinking of culling the population with their deadly weapons due to over population. The virus literally turns those they fuck into ashes that they then flush down the toilet. They then burn the clothes/wallets etc of their fucks and flush the ashes too... it's quite morbid but yeah. The other thing would be Harrison fucking someone whose immune and recruiting them to the reapers)
    • By new1eight
      This one time (also one my buggest turn on) was when I wore a diaper in front of another guy. And I would pull on the waist belt so it opens up, and the other guy pisses and jizzes in it. Then i am just in diaper soakes with his piss and jizz and it turns me on a lot, because i am covered waist down in his masculinity. Ill stand there covered in piss and let him watch me as dominates. It gets me going when I am under someone eles control. If you are not into piss play, then sorry if i grosses u out lol
    • By Giveit2meraw
      Brotherly Love
      Hi my name is Liam, I’m 18 years old and have a secret: I have worshiped my brother for as long as I can remember and whilst he is only 3 years older than me he, Ben, always acted and looked much older whereas I knew from early on that I am attracted to guys Ben ogling over shirtless men on TV, internet search men’s underwear pages and sneaking a peak in the school locker rooms.  Ben’s naughty boyish smile that got attention wherever he went and could have any girls or boys he wanted as they couldn’t take their eyes off him.  He always had a ready joke and was a prankster and clown at heart, always doing something to make himself laugh, usually at the expense of me.
      Sex was never spoken about at home, but I guess Ben realised my preferences as he always looked out for his nerdy bookish sibling when being called out “Gayboy” when being the last to be picked for school sports. 
      In my fantasy I suspected my brother maybe Bi, if not gay because when he had friends to stay they shared his room, the guest in his bed and Ben supposedly on a put-you-up alongside. When puberty hit my cock had a mind of its own and I discovered wanking…now it made sense what those sounds in the next-door bedroom were all about.
      One-time hearing tell-tale sounds from within I burst in the room on the pretence of retrieving a book I had lent him to find them in bed, the friend on his back and my brother on top…” Fuck’s up with you?” he shouted as I stood open mouthed, “Can’t you see we’re practicing wrestling?”
      I shot out of the room and never mentioned it again, too afraid to ask for rear of the consequences but when they went out to the Park to play football I darted into his room went straight to the laundry hamper and there it was, a balled up old T-shirt with the now soaked in evidence of last night. I covered my face in it trying to smell and absorb Ben’s essence through the material, but to my disappointment, all I could smell was the intoxicating scent of his deodorant and washing detergent so I licked the damp patch for a taste of his salty cum and got an instant boner!
      I grabbed the shirt tossed on my bed and covered it under the duvet to become my cum-rag trophy.  Throughout school and college Ben brought home a succession of girls but seldom for a second time and all dad said was, “That’s my boy!”  I tried to hide my sexuality but think mum knew as I always batted away the question of “do you have a girlfriend or someone special yet?” with an answer of “I don’t want to disrupt my studies.”  I got my thrills from catching Ben in the shower or bath and glimpses of him in his tight white boxer briefs that showed off his bubble butt and package brilliantly.  I could never be quite sure how if Ben made a ‘show’ on purpose or I was just incredibly lucky catching him naked or semi-naked so often.
      However, when Ben left college, got himself a good job and moved into a small house with a work colleague for a housemate we saw less and less of one another.  Occasionally Ben would come home for a good feed up and sometime brought Olly his housemate along too.  They were always fun together, easy and relaxed in each other’s company and I remember once when mum asked Olly if Ben was getting into trouble playing the field with the girls in the office he replied, “Don’t worry Mrs Hart I’ll keep him straight!”  Ben burst out laughing and behind mums back showed him his middle finger to Olly…but I saw it all.
      On my way to college I had to pass one of the skankier public toilets in town and quickly found out the joys to be had within as you could always get a good look at what’s on offer whilst standing at the urinal and being young I was always popular to be wanked or sucked off, never daring to going any further.
      One day on a free period I thought I’d spend the time in the cottage, but only found older guys who looked wolfishly at me.  I was scared and ducked into the one empty stall available…and found a largish gloryhole.
      Immediately as I unzipped and dropped my trousers my cock sprang to life before I even sat down…I saw movement from the other side as a gorgeous veiny 8-inch uncut cock is pushed through. A primal feeling took over. I dropped to my knees without a hint of hesitation, eager to get close. I brought my face as close as I could, feeling the heat radiate off it, the strong masculine scent that suddenly pierced the air.  The hard flesh moved lightly up and down with his breathing, excitement brewing as a pearl of pre-cum rose from the piss-slit and enticingly there was just enough space of the gloryhole for me to see some of his heavy shaved balls too.  I was in heaven.
    • By Powersubbtm
      Thinking about going to the event in July.  I know that all rooms at CCBC are sold out, so I’ll probably have to find another place. But I’m also willing to submit myself to a hot dom guy who would let me stay with him, even if I have to sleep on the floor. He could collar and leash me during the party, whore me out to his friends, take guys loads and piss, or other ideas that we can agree on together. I’m very open to a lot of things.

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